Katie Holmes Dishes on Suri's Love of High Heels

12/01/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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The high heels recently sported by 3 Β½-year-old Suri Cruise might have drawn the ire of some, but mom Katie Holmes says that all the concern is unnecessary.

“They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids,” the 30-year-old actress explained to Access Hollywood at the Dizzy Feet Foundation‘s Inaugural Celebration of Dance event in Hollywood Sunday night. “I found them for her and she loves them.” Katie adds,

“She, like every little girl, she loves my high heels.”

It seems as though Suri is taking after Katie in more ways than one, however. In a separate interview with Extra!, Katie revealed,

“She loves dancing and singing and she’s just a joy. She loves it all.”

Suri is the first child together for Katie and husband Tom Cruise, who is also dad to Isabella Jane, 17 this month, and Connor Antony, 14, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Sources: Access Hollywood, Extra!

— Missy

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Mary-Helen on

Aw…it sounds like Suri wanted dance shoes like Mommy!

annie on

Oh, it’s ballroom dancing shoes for kids – well of course that is not the least bit absurd…

mrsh on

Hmmm… okay. But, don’t you just wear ballroom dancing shoes while ballroom dancing? Not out and about?

lisa on

probably not if youre living in their world..most of us wouldnt know!But good for them and suri!!

mrsh on

That’s true, we wouldn’t know. I haven’t even HEARD of children ballroom dancing (I only know one ADULT who ballroom dances) so, maybe it is perfectly normal in their world of entertainment to wear ballroom dancing shoes out. Who knows.

sarah on

Ok so they are for ballroom dancing, but I do not understand how it can be good for the feet of a 3 1/2 year old. I think that’s where the parent needs to step in and decide what is best for the child, and not let them do whatever they want to. I can only see problems in the future as a result of this…

Mrs. R. on

Sarah – I totally agree.
Ballroom dancing shoes are not made to be worn on the street for days at a time.
I mean, sure lots of little girls love to wear their mommy’s shoes, but most parents have the common sense not to let their kids wear them all the time.

Dee on

I don’t see the problem, she likes the shoes whats the big deal. I’m pretty sure they are not going to let her feet suffer because of them.

Even when she explains the shoe deal (which is not our business) we still complain.

mimi on

Parental attitudes like Katie’s bothers me. When the advice of a podiatrist doesn’t hold salt, what does? Look, I don’t have a problem with her wearing heels occasionally. But this looks like Suri is running the show. I’m from the school that believes in sensible shoes for kids while their feet are developing so they won’t have problems later on. I just read that a friend of hers Victoria Beckham is having major foot problems from wearing stilettos. What does it take for people raising children to have common sense and do what’s in the best interest of the child instead of letting the child call the shots?

Annaliese on

I think there cute and don’t see a problem cause she isn’t mine. I wonder if they make them in newborn sizes…gonna have to get some for my future daughter, LOL. Eh each to their own and look at it this way..you don’t have to foot the podiatrist bill when the kid gets older πŸ˜‰

Ekaterina on

Ballroom dancing shoes should probably only be worn when ballroom dancing. I doubt they’re good for the feet when you’re not dancing. Obviously it’s their problem if she ever develops serious problems, but I’d rather not hear that other parents are taking her lead and thinking that there’s no problem with them.

Elizabeth on

I don’t believe that they make ballroom dancing shoes for toddlers. I just don’t believe that.

soon2bmomof2 on

I just have one question…… do all of you not realize that most kids shoes are not “good” for their developing feet? No one is complaining when little girls are running around in flip flops or ballet flats….. and ask any podiatrist….. those are both HORRIBLE shoes styles to wear for anyone’s foot because they lack any type of arch support. Heels are actually better for your feet than completely flat shoes are!!

I say leave the parents alone….. they are raising what appears to be a bright, happy, well adjusted little girl who has two loving parents, and all of her needs are met. She’s well fed, clean, clothed, educated, has access to all kinds of things us “normal” parents only wish we could give our kids exposure to…. and you guys are complaining about her freakin shoes!!!

Dee on

When the advice of a podiatrist doesn’t hold salt, Mimi where did you read that about the podiatrist advise? How do we know she wears the shoes on a daily basis, and where did you read that?

B.J. on

As a little girl, I had zero desire to wear heels. My mom didn’t make it seem glamorous or fun because purposely hurting your feet is neither! Now I’m 25 and I still think they’re uncomfortable and unnecessary. Give me sneakers any day!

tigerjen on

My daughter loves light sockets but as a parent I make the rules and I say she doesn’t play with or near them. But hey, that’s just me.

Forever Moore on

I knew they were dancing shoes…that’s rather obvious, I was just more surprised that she is wearing them while strolling around town, not while dancing. Good try in justifying, Katie but it doesn’t fly!

ang on

if suri’s wearing heels at age 3,i can’t wait to see what she is getting around in when she’s 5.i don’t agree with a lot of katie&tom’s parenting philosophies and i hope suri still turns out ok despite them and her probably warped idea of reality.

Ashleigh on

Katie doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s her daughter and she’s going to parent her accordingly.

I just find it funny that it personally irks people. Why go on and on about something when it’s none of your business? In every picture posted, people find fault so it’s not as if all the complaining is actually productive. We get it; you think Tom and Katie are irresponsible parents.

It all just seems unnecessary

JMO on

Of course they make kids ballroom shoes. There is a show on TLC about kids and ballroom competitions. I’ve seen little kids as young as five years old ballroom dancing. And I think heels are good for just that dancing and playing dress up but not to wear with your everyday attire! Not for a toddler!
But I do have to agree with soontobemomof2 – a lot of kids shoes are bad. In fact doctors recommend kids don’t even put on shoes until they start walking. Then they tell you supportive sneakers. But how many people listen? I see 3 month old baby boys in big sneakers and baby girls in little mary jane’s. Of course they’re cute what purpose does it serve to the babies feet?? Flip Flops, Crocs and Uggs are all very bad for kids feet. But you see kids in them everyday.
I do think Suri runs the house. Whatever she says it what goes. But that will be their battle to face one day when she’s the next Lindsay Lohan!

missy on

I think Katie has handled ths whole shoe debate very graciously. When asked about Suri’s shoes, she just politely explained why she lets her daughter wear them.
If I were in herposition, I’d be tempted to tell people to to shut the f*** up and mind their own business!

Jen on

I love how you people act like you know what the child wears 24/7. You don’t. You see a few paparazzi pics and you assume you know everything about this child’s wardrobe and life. It would be interesting to see the pics snapped of you and your children while you’re out and about and then have to be the one to face constant scrutiny and ridicule.

The kid wants to dress like mommy, not unlike many little girls who wear tutus and plastic high heel shoes they get at the store. The other day I saw a little boy dressed as Spider-man while I was at the store. In all of your holier than thou opinions, do you think a parent should step in there and stifle that little boy’s imagination?

Serioulsy, if your children had to abide by the rules and regulations you seem to want to lay down for Suri, I feel very sorry for the life they must lead.

Jessicad on

Right on Ashleigh. Why do people care so much how other kids are raised? Let it go and worry about your own children.

Iβ™₯CBB on

I agree with some of the other posters. It’s great that they are ballroom dancing shoes for children but then why is she wearing them on the street? If they are for dance please leave them in dance class.

Mira on

Have you seen toddlers ballroom dancing? I’m pretty sure toddlers can’t focus enough to learn to ballroom dance. What a ludicrous idea, anyway.

Cathy Jane on

Ballroom dancing shoes for kids do exist πŸ™‚


kristin17 on

You people are so ridiculous with your comments. WHAT do you care what someone else’s child wears EVER? Worry about your own kids, I’m sure a few of yours are messed up too.

mrsh on

I have a legitimate question (not being snotty): How can heels be better for feet than flats? Isn’t wearing flats similar to going barefoot? Or is it not? I ask because I love flat shoes like flip-flops, UGGS, Crocs, and I HATE heels. Heels always seem to hurt my feet so much. I just can’t connect flats (which don’t hurt) to being bad. So, if anyone knows how it works, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Catca on

Let’s be clear – ballroom dancing shoes for children do exist. That does not mean they are safe (it affects her body alignment which is not a good thing for a child Suri’s age). People judge what Suri wears because she is in the public eye which means she is a “trendsetter”, i.e. she has an impact on what easily influenced non-celebrity moms put on their own children’s feet. If Suri’s use of the heels is limited (i.e for short periods and not daily), it shouldn’t affect her development and is perfectly okay. We don’t know how often and for how long Suri wears the heels so really it is unfair to judge.

Leah on

MRSH – I think what that poster was referring to was the lack of arch support that most of those shoes have (I do have to say though, Crocs do have some support…why do you think so many of us nurses wear them?)

Personally…high heels in the playroom = cute. Heels out walking around? Not cute. When Suri breaks an ankle running on them (and ALL 3 year olds run…no matter where they are going!) will it be chalked up to a ballroom dancing injury?

R on

Leave them alone, it’s her daughter, and as far as I know kids high heels are not considered child abuse! We’ve all worn make up as kids, painted our nails, curled our hair, and carried purses! but just because they’re celebrities, it’s okay to judge their parental skills, and question whether they’re intentionally harming their children. Im sure we’re all perfect parents.

soon2bmomof2 on


shoes that do not properly support the arch of your foot are always considered “bad” for your feet. While I totally agree that my flip flops are MUCH more comfortable than heels, either style of shoe is not good for your feet on a regular basis. Any good doctor (whether a family doc or an actual podiatrist) will tell you that the best thing for your feet is to go get your shoes professionally fitted, to make sure that the arch support as well as the heel support and overall fit is accurate, is the best thing for your feet…. unfortunately, very very few brands of mainline shoes or shoe stores offer those services.

A good example of “bad vs. good” shoes. For me, I have extremely high arches, and narrow feet. If I wanted to “follow the advice of a doctor” I would need to special order all of my shoes to be specifically fitted for a narrow foot, and have an approximate 1.5-2 inch heel on them (I’ve been professionally fitted). Unfortunately….. that would mean I most likely would NEVER find a pair of shoes for my feet that cost me less than $100….. and quite frankly, I don’t have foot problems, so I wear whatever the heck I want. As long as my child(ren) do not require a special shoe….. whatever kind of shoe they want to wear is fine by me, and if and when it becomes a concern…let’s face it…. if a shoe is not comfortable, a 2-3 year old is going to complain about it like crazy!!

fuzibuni on

dancing in heels is no small feat.
i stupidly twisted my ankle dancing in heels at a wedding last year.
but more power to suri for being able to ballroom dance in pumps at age 3. that’s amazing. kid’s got talent!

sat on

Who knew a little girl could cause such controversy from birth?

Emily on

Good on you Ashleigh and Jen.

I think that there is a alot of fuss being made, and a lot of assumptions being made, about nothing. As has already been mentioned here, nobody knows exactly how often or for how long Suri wears those shoes. And let’s face it, even if she does wear them 24/7 – whose business is it? If other mums are going to be so influenced by Suri’s fashion and her shoes that they immediately run out and buy some without doing a bit of research first, then I think there are more concerns to be had than just what will go on their kids’ feet.

Katie handled it graciously and as somebody said, does not owe ANYBODY an explanation!

I’ve been lurking in CBB comments for awhile now. There always seems to be something to complain about. If Suri weren’t wearing heels and just “normal” shoes, people would find something else to say that was negative or a little bit holier-than-thou.

Finally, comments like “Suri runs the show” are really tiresome. Maybe Suri knows what she likes and dislikes. Maybe Katie and Tom allow her to have a say in where she goes, what she does and what she wears. Maybe they are trying to teach her to have an opinion or to be creative and imaginative. I don’t know – but neither do others in these comments. Has anybody met this child? I can’t judge either, but without knowing her personally I feel it is incredibly unfair to make such cruel assumptions about what kind of person she is or will become. She might be the sweetest, most loving child in the world and nobody would know because they’re too busy saying what a spoilt brat she is by looking at a few paparazzi pictures and stringing a few miscellaneous quotes together to form their own story!

Lauren on

They make pointe (next tep up from ballet) shoes for children too. Guess they should be walking down Newbury Street in those as well?

The reality is that, like soon2bmomof2 says, next to no shoes are actually “good” for your feet because the vast majority don’t provide all the support you need, though some are undoubtedly better than others-definitely a reason to invest in better quality shoes rather than buying ones made of cheap materials. There are two bigger issues going on here: The fact that Suri is wearing a style of shoe reserved most often for teenagers/adults and the fact that, putting two and two together it’s pretty obvious to deduce that what Suri wants, Suri gets. Not a kid I’d like to babysit, for sure. Then again, she could probably benefit from hearing the word “No” for once.

Meesh on

I think the shoes are cute and they can’t be any more dangerous than crocs which make all ages trip!

mrsh on

Thanks soon2bmomof2! So, basically, any shoe that we would buy off the rack is not “good” for our feet? Unless you happen to have the “generic” foot type that the shoe is modeled after, I suppose. I couldn’t imagine buying custom shoes! I, too, have narrow feet and a fairly high arch. I have a really hard time finding comfortable shoes. 😦

lori on

Its not like the child wears them 24/7, and if she did thats her parents choice to let her. i dont see where anyone can compare a child liking a “light socket” to wearing heals? for real…thats not even close to the same thing. if you dont like seeing her wear heals then dont look at the pics of her on here when she has them on its that simple.I seriously doubt they let her wear them so much its gonna harm her feet. Plus is it anyones business actually? no ones a perfect parent, you may do something that someone else dont like with your child, but does that give them a right to judge you? or make acquizations that your doing wrong or not being a good parent? NO it doesnt…we all raise our children different in lots of ways but it dont make any of us better parents then the other ones for the way we raise them.

Karen on

I just wanted to thank the person who wrote this article (Missy?) for not referring to TC’s elder kids as “adopted”. I don’t think I’ve seen this before anywhere else and I really appreciate that you wrote simply that they are his children with his ex NK. Thank you.

Stella Bella on

Totally agree with Emily (#35)!!! Very well put.

Meesh on

How do you all feel about pediped and robeez soft leather shoes? I have seen both featured and mentioned on CBB MANY times. I see children old enough to walk wearing them all the time. I have never seen these shoes in person so I don’t know how thick the leather soles are but they don’t seem very protective of the child’s foot.

soon2Bmomof2 on

You’re welcome mrsh!!!

That was my whole point all along…. who are we to judge this little girl and her parents, when 99% of shoes on the market are not “good” for our feet!! For that matter…. going barefoot isn’t good for our feet either, so I suppose I’m a horrible mom for making my child take his shoes off once he’s in the house and staying inside for any length of time!

JMO on

My mom currently sees a foot doctor twice a month for her plantar fasciitis. I can tell you all about feet I’ve heard it all lol. Going bare foot is NOT good for you!! However it is recommended for infants because their feet/muscles are still developing. But as an adult it’s actually not best to go bare foot. More or less people should always be wearing shoes with support and a good arch. Asics, New Balance, Nike, Clarks etc are all very good supportive shoes for your feet. Skechers, Converse, Crocs, uggs, flip flops and other shoes without good arches are very bad!
Of courese any of those “bad” shoes can be worn in moderation. But none of them offer long term support. I am not sure about heels I would think theyr’e not very good or supportive. In fact Ik now some women who wear heels so much that they have aching arches when they try and wear regular sneakers! I know from my personal experience heels hurt and I refuse to put myself through the pain! I do enjoy my uggs and flip flops but I can also tell you that after hours of wearing them the arches in my feet start to hurt a bit.

Me on

WOW- as a mother to a toddler, I’ve learned to pick my battles, and shoes like those is not one I am willing to fight. Simply pack a spare pair of shoes that are more comfortable and go about my day. My toddler, like most others, want to fight about everything. You live and you learn and you figure out which battles to take on and which ones to leave alone. I don’t see why people are so upset about Suri wearing heels – I’m sure she’s said a few times that she was tired of wearing them. If not, oh well. In the grand scheme of things, this seems so petty. I DOUBT she was walking THAT long. This whole “debate” is just ridiculous in my book.

cammie on

I could care less if Katie has Suri in heels 24/7 or just an hour a day, when she happens to get photographed. If it causes foot issues or not, it really is NONE of my business. She is not my child, and any spinal alignment/ foot issues are not my problem. I am sure Katie knows what is ok for her daughter. The rest of us should concentrate on our own lives and kids.

jen on

I remember when I got my first pair of tap shoes. I would have been 4, maybe 5. I wore them every chance I got, and that includes outside dance class. I would have worn them to bed if I wasn’t convinced that my feet needed fresh air while I slept! I guess my mom and dad should join the parent hall of shame for allowing me to wear dance shoes outside of dance class.

Erika on


I think Suri is cute, although it does seem like she runs the show! But who am I to judge, and I think the heels look cute.

alyssa on

Thank you so much for saying Isabella and Connor, Tom’s children from a previous marriage. Instead of feeling the need to point out the adoption thing. They are Nicole and Tom’s children, it doesn’t matter how they came to be. Thankyou!

Annaliese on

@ Erika (48)how precious are they? I showed my fiancee and he agreed that we will have to get a pair or two when/if we have a daughter, lol. My friend is actually having a girl and I may have to order her some =) Thanks for the link as well!

JM on

I’m a physical therapist and I treat a lot of people with foot and ankle problems. I can tell you that human feet were not originally designed to require a shoe as the shape of the foot is dynamically supported by muscles, ligaments and tendons. As we start wearing and relying on shoes, it is easy for the arch to become dependant on external mechanical support as the intrinsic muscles of the foot have to work less and less.

Having said that, it is not untrue that some people who have flat feet and some people who have high arches do better in an appropriately supportive/corrective shoe and/or orthotics. There are LOTS of factors that play into this including activity level, overall fitness and weight, whether you’re standing on concrete, etc, etc.

For a normal foot, it is both healthy and therapeutic to go barefoot when practical (i.e. around the house).

Flip-flops are not good because of the way the toes have flex slightly (thus distorting the normal way weight is disributed) to awkwardly keep the flip-flop on the foot. It’s not the ‘flat-ness’ of the shoe that makes them ‘bad’. Conversely, high-heels are not ‘bad’ in and of themselves. The human body is much more dynamic than we give it credit for and can accomodate for different shoes and be just fine. Moderation is the key unless you truly have a ‘foot problem’.

For toddlers, barefoot or Pediped and Robeez-style flexible shoes are the best for the developing foot, especially indoors. It’s not the walking that requires a thicker or ‘more supportive’ sole, it’s the debris underfoot (i.e. stones, piece of glass, etc.) that could be stepped upon, particularly when outdoors. A moderate heel on a 3.5 year-old will most likely be okay if it’s not an all-day or frequent habit.

Just wanted to bring some firsthand scientific balance.

Sarah on

I agree with #9 (Mimi) and wanted to add…yes it seems they are letting Suri run the whole show. She wears heels all day, doesn’t wear coats on a cold day, and doesn’t want to put a clip/barrette/headband to push her long bangs away. What’s going to happen if they have a 2nd kid? It’s my opinion they should instill a little discipline sooner rather than later, so she doesn’t grow up to be a prima donna. And for goodness sake, we don’t see her playing with other children either! Howcome we see so many celebs out in the park with other kids, but not her? Sorry, I got off-track from the original topic of her shoes, but I just feel strongly that Suri might grow up to know nothing of the real world of regular everyday people.

Hannah on

Does it matter what Suri wears or how she’s dressed? She’s Katie and Tom’s child! No one elses. I think her heels are cute and good on Katie for finding well made ones. I constantly wore the cheap pink plastic ones from a chain store when I was 3 and my feet turned out fine! She’s like any other little girl let her enjoy dressing up.

Erika on

Annaliese- I know! They’re kind of pointless, since babies can’t even walk, and expensive, but so cute!

JM- That’s a good point. Flip flops are really bad for your feet (I suffer from ankle and foot pain all summer long because of them, but still wear them because they’re so cute) yet nobody really complains about how bad it is when we see pictures of kids in them. Although if Suri was in them, maybe we would…

Patricia on

I find it hilarious that people can just say that Suri ” runs the show” just from pictures…a small second of a moment caught in their day. Can someone please point out to me what exactly it is that they see in every Cruise/Holmes/Suri post that shows this? I don’t see it, I see a normal, imaginative, energetic 3 year old with her loving parents. I find it hilarious that people can be so judgmental over a picture and just assume that. Pretty silly if you ask me…

I feel like no matter what Suri wears, people find a problem with it. From those J. Crew kids flats that were, like, $98 dollars that people had SUCH a problem with to these ballroom shoes. Everyone is always going to have something negative to say, if you don’t like the shoes then just don’t buy them for your child it’s that simple.

Basically, Katie was nice enough to tell us about the shoes even though it’s NO ONE’S business. Her explanation should be more then enough! Get over it!

Sorry about he long comment, by the way, I find those shoes adorable πŸ™‚

cb on

While Tom & Katie are the parents and can allow their child to wear high heels it still seems like a bad idea to me. I won’t be surprised when she has foot problems later on. Sounds like all the experts who’ve commented don’t think it’s a good idea.

mazzie on

i’m not going to lie – i think it’s bad. i mean just because your child loves something doesn’t mean it’s good for them. my daughter loves happy meals, but i wouldn’t let her have one every week, despite the all thankful smiles and “i love you mummy”s i get when i do give in. because i am her mother and i am there to be the primary guardian of health and well being as long as she lacks the ability to think objectively about what is and isn’t good for her.
i can’t judge anyone elses choices as a parent because it’s the hardest job in the world to get right, nearly impossible – but heels aren’t something i would chose for my baby.

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- I couldn’t agree with you more! How people deduce from paparazzi pictures that capture just a snapshot (no pun intended!) of their day, that A. Suri “runs the show” and B. That she wears her heels all day every day is beyond me!

Leah- Uh, you can break or twist your ankle in ANY type of shoe. As I’ve said before, I once sprained my ankle badly as a child (it took ages for me to be able to walk normally again)….and I was wearing regular old sneakers. In fact, all the people I know who have sprained their ankle at some point were either barefoot, in stocking feet, or wearing sneakers at the time!

Bottomline: I’m pretty sure Suri is fine…and if Bella and Connor are any indication, she’ll turn out just fine when she grows up. πŸ™‚

Allie-Rose on

While it’s not my prerogative to tell Katie what to do with her daughter, I can’t help but worry about Suri. While I think it’s OK to let her little girl have fun with heels once in a while, I have the feeling Suri’s in them pretty often and that, I think everybody knows, is not good for her feet, knees and back. I’m 29 and ruined my back and knees years ago from heels – if wearing heels on a regular basis is not good on a adult, it certainly can’t be good for a 3-year-old

sallysue on

wearing shoes that actually fit her, however ‘bad’ for her feet they are, are much safer than her wearing her Mom’s ones where shes more likely to trip over or twist her ankle etc. At the end of the day we all have opinions about the subject but im sure that Suri has chosen and likes to wear them, like katie said ‘She, like every little girl, she loves my high heels’.
There are parents out there who do far worse to there children than let them wear unsensible shoes, and some of you guys really need to chill it, most of us will never know what its like in their fame bubble and in the grand sceme of things its not that big of a deal, they’re only trying to make her happy.

Hea on

“When the advice of a podiatrist doesn’t hold salt, what does?”

Did Tom and Kate take Suri to a podiatrist and then ignored said podiatrists advice?

Sara on

Frankly I’m more bothered by the fact that Suri is still drinking out of a baby bottle while cradled on Mommy’s lap than the fact that she’s wearing heels!

My daughter loves her princess shoes that have about the same size heel. She would wear them out, but they’re a little big on her.

Shannon on

Sarah #52-There have been plenty of pics of Suri playing in parks and playgrounds. And I’d be willing to bet good money that Tom and Katie set up plenty of playdates for her with other kids in thier home, where they can’t be seen and photographed byt eh relentless paparazzi. Seeing as we have no clue what goes on beyond the prying lens of a pap’s camera, I think it’s a little unfair to say she NEVER plays with other kids.

Patricia #55-let it go about the J Crew shoes. If you had actually read the comments, you would know that I wasn’t complaining about the shoes themselves, that I simply would not PERSONALLY pay that much for MY kids shoes. I’m getting really tired of that whole thing being brought up now every time Suri walks out of the house.

Emily #35-right on! Completely agree with everything you said.

mrsh on

JM – That was a great post! I’m learning so much about feet on this board! πŸ™‚

Sandra on

But she’s ONLY 3 1/2 years old! She’s just a child, she does not need to wear high heels outside of the house. Do her parents give her any limits?

Olva on

I agree with Emily (#35) and Patricia (#55). Have we ever seen Suri do or say anything (besides her attire) that would indicate that she is a brat or “runs the show?” She actually appears pretty well behaved going along on shopping trips with her mom. For all we know, Suri’s parents may be sticklers for manners but not so concerned about forcing her to wear a coat when she is hot.

Meesh on

I personally do not like the heels on her; I think they’re too grown up looking. However, I don’t think she’s necessarily wearing them for long periods of time. Usually when you see pictures of her wearing heels, you will see pictures on the same website of her in the same outfit wearing sneakers or flats. So Katie is obviously keeping a change of shoes available for when Suri tires of the heels. I think people just want to find fault with Suri, for whatever reason.

Kat on

I get the whole ballroom dancing shoes for kids thing… but I also wonder… if her kid loved tap shoes, would she wear those all day? No… so why is this treated differently.

I’m sorry, I still think they should be dance class/special occasion/dress up shoes… not what you wear out in public

Kari on

It is sad to see 68 posts over a little girl wearing high heels. They are not stilettos, they are just little heels for kids. My 6 year old cousin wears my high heels all around the house and would love to have a pair like Suri’s. I used to enjoy reading this board, but anymore every story is turned into some complaint or obsession with breastfeeding. Maybe you all that think you know so much about raising kids should do just that with your own kids and mind your own business.

Amanda on

Of course it’s not any of our business seeing as how none of us are Suri’s parents but the comments section on this site allow us to partake in discussion with other readers regardless as to whether we have the same view or not. Why are so many people so quick to jump on people who disagree with something?

Personally, I wouldn’t put my daughter in heels. But that’s more because of the way, at 3 years old, this kid is being held up as a fashion plate like she’s a grown woman. By her own parents no less. Heels are not for kids. I guess I just feel like we’re giving kids less and less of a childhood these days and turning them into little fashionistas is another way to shorten that.

Mary-Helen on

Does it really matter? So Suri wore some high heels a couple of times. Big freaking whoop. Sometimes kids need to learn from experience. Maybe she put up a fuss and Katie said “fine, but your feet are gonna hurt” and then when they did, Katie changed her into sneakers, like we’ve seen in pics. Either way, there are worse things in the world than a 3 year old wearing heeled shoes because she wants to be a dancer like her Momma.

Elle on

I think it’s so sweet that Suri wants to wear heels like her mom. She always looks adorable in her girly little dresses and fancy shoes.

Thanks Erika, for posting the Heelarious link — I remember seeing these a while ago but couldn’t remember what they were called. I am so going to buy a pair for my 6 month old for Christmas – her chubby feet will be so cute in them!!

Jessicad on

Kari I agree with you, it’s ridiculous. I keep checking the comments on that picture of the Obama’s to see if anyone even notices the PRESIDENT and his family, especially after that important speech last night and the cute dresses the girls are wearing. But no, still arguing over Suri and how she controls the universe and will end up in a wheelchair because of these heels. I’m trying to stop myself from reading comments under Suri and other posts like the bottle prop, it makes me sick to know that moms are judged like this.

mrsh on

Jessicad – Just so you know, the comments section to the Obama post are closed, so that’s why there aren’t any. I’m guessing CBB didn’t want a political debate, since it’s not a political site. They just want endless debates about shoes and bottle vs. breast. πŸ™‚

I’ve learned to find all the differing opinions pretty amusing and interesting, for the most part. I only get fussy when someone is overtly rude to another person without warrant. I just can’t get down with rudeness.

Jessicad on

Thanks mrsh that makes me feel sooo much better!

Patricia on

Shannon #63: Did you think my comment was directed toward you specifically? Because it wasn’t, I was commenting to EVERYONE. If anything YOU should let it go. I have no problem with what Suri wears or what her parents buy her. I simply brought up the J. Crew flats because it was another hot topic with her shoes. That’s it. Get over it. πŸ™‚

miaow on

Ummmm if you can’t see that a 3 yr old wearing high heels is “off” I am very very worried for you. Honestly, I worry about America and what seems to pass for ok over there. Let children be children, Katie stop clinging on to your child like she’s a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic and the sharks are circling…get some friends your own age to go to Beyonce concerts and restaurants at 11 pm with you, work on your marriage if you are unhappy, but please, stop treating Suri like a dress up doll/little sister.

Lara on

Ummmm miaow nobody is saying it’s great, but people ARE saying to let these people dress their kid how they want. Yknow, the way the rest of us do? We may not like how she dresses but a lot of us don’t have a hissy fit at every article of clothing the kid wears.

To be honest one should worry about how much some of you you seem to care. Especially people from other countries who nitpick what other countries do. πŸ˜‰

TracyG on

@77 Miaow…

So if Katie kept Suri at home all day with a nanny would THAT suit you? OMG…how very rich of you to tell a mother NOT to do anything with her child! How DARE Katie take Suri out with her!!! No, of course she shouldn’t…Suri should be locked in a closet at home and never brought out in public because *YOU* think Katie spends too much time with her and “clings to her like a life raft”

Wow, I’ve read some really stupid things on this site regarding this family but this must take the cake! God Forbid Katie love her daughter so much that she spend time with her. Yeesh, what a HORRIBLE mother she is!

As far as the shoes…who cares. I’m so sick of seeing every little detail of this girl’s life ripped to shreds on this site. I wish CBB would just stop posting about her anymore. And before you tell me it’s “just our opinion” or “you don’t like to hear it because we don’t agree with you”, save it….this little girl and her family have not done anything to deserve this constant daily bashing and you will never convince me otherwise.

Stella Bella on

Totally agree with you TracyG.

miaow on

I don’t care about the coat issue or lots of other things they do but this is one thing that is clearly over the line…and I worry baecuse I have daughters around Suri’s age and I can just see all these 20+ women thinking “how sweet” and getting them for their daughters in 5 years time and its the thin end of the wedge. I worry because I have spent lots of time in a professional capacity with young women, and what they DON’T need is to be subtly pressured into focusing on their looks before kindergarten even starts. Sorry I don’t buy the “its their child line”. It takes a village to raise a child, and that child because she is the focus of the international media is essentially in (or influencing) my village.

I’m all for spending time with kids.Beyonce concerts? At 3? Come on…thats not mother-daughter time. Take a friend, love.

Anyhoo, I’m off…have a lovely day.

But I am sorry for saying the American bit…I meant the craziness of LaLa land not all of the US.

CelebBabyLover on

Sara- It actually isn’t that often that we see Suri with a bottle, and I have kind of a theory about why, on occasion, we DO see her with a bottle. I think that maybe they just play “baby” every once in awhile (in otherwords, let Suri pretend to be a baby).

As long as Suri has her bottle only occasionally, and it’s water, juice, or cow’s milk in there (at her age, I DO agree that it would be strange if the liquid in the bottle was formula), I see no problem with it. If she only drinks from a bottle occasionally, it’s not going to harm her teeth. πŸ™‚

Considering we’ve seen her drink from sippy cups, and even, about a month ago, a regular cup of hot chocolate, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that she doesn’t drink from her bottle on a regular basis!

Shannon- I agree completely! That’s the other thing I can’t understand how people deduce just from pap photos….that Suri NEVER plays with other kids. We rarely see other celeb kids playing with other kids either (even in the photos we see of celeb kids playing in parks, they are usually either playing by themselves or with their siblings or parents/grandparents/other relatives, rather than with other kids). Yet no one says a word about that. Why the double-standard?

Like you said, Shannon, I’m sure Suri has plenty of playdates behind closed doors (I’m willing to bet that she and Brooke Shields’ daughter Grier have playdates when the Cruises are in LA, and Ben Stiller’s wife has also spoken about how her kids have had playdates with Suri. Suri has also been seen with the Beckham boys, and I’m sure she has at least a few “regular” friends as well. :)). πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Patricia, seeing as how I was the one being attacked like crazy over the $98 shoes, it does sound like you’re directing those comments at me. I don’t usually say anything, because it’s not like it really didn’t bother me that badly, but after what, a couple months now of this being brought up over and over again, things do start to grate on people. What can I say? I’m human. I hate that every time the kid walks out of the house, I’m going to have someone else bring up the fact that Om ridiculous or something because of that one article. Sorry to take the frustration out on you. Have a good day!

PS Dude, Googled kids ballroom dancing shoes, just to see what would come up, and seriously, very first page of google images, was the exact same pair of gold heels Suri was wearing! LOL

Shannon on

*not like it really bothered me* Man I can’t get my thoughts straight this early in the morning!!

Patricia on

Shannon: I honestly don’t even remember that article! I just remembered the shoes and the mass comments about them, lol. I certainly didn’t mean to make you or anyone feel attacked by my comments. I’m sorry if it was taken that way. πŸ™‚

correen on

I think the heels are quite ridiculous and impractical for a toddler. BUT, has anyone noticed all the pictures of Katie all bundled up for the weather and Suri has no coat on??? SMART!!!!

florie on

I dont see anything bad in suri wearing high heels or whatever, as long as she is not crying dat the shoes hurt or something and Anybody that condemns another person is jealous,the paparazzi is making there money on somebodys expensive and the masses are reacting on it,everybody should just mind there business.

Sandy on

Not appropriate. Period. What’s next? Dora thongs and eyeliner?

deedee on

I aqree with an earlier comment, flip flops are much worse for children. First of all what this little girl wears is none of our buisness! Second have any of you worn dance shoes? I have danced all my life and started ballroom dancing at 4 around Suri’s age, and I can tell you I could wear my dance shoes to bed their actually the most comfortable shoes i own. Even as a child I never had foot problems, that’s crazy. I guess kids shouldn’t wear kleets, skates or even roller blades!

Sheri on

I don’t understand why anyone cares what Suri Cruise is wearing on her feet, especially since one incident of something isn’t proof of much, if anything. My daughter is almost the same age as Suri and she wants to do lots of weird things. Sometimes she wants unmatched shoes. Sometimes she wants 3 ponytails. Sometimes she wants blue fingernails. I stop her from doing truly dangerous stuff, but these little fashion things aren’t a big deal. Sure, if Suri is wearing heels all the time, it MIGHT have an impact on her feet (just like so many more common kids shoes might as well such as the flip flops and ballet shoes already mentioned which are terrible for your feet), but I don’t see any evidence here that she’s constantly wearing heels nor that there is any damage to her. One picture can just as easily be interpreted as a little girl wanting to play dress up for the day out with Mommy.

Jenn on

Where do people get off telling someone how to parent. Would you love it if someone told you how to parent your child when not asking for advice? You actually don’t have enough to worry about in your lives that you really care and have “problems” with what and what not Katie Holmes does with her child? Grow up.