Denise Richards, Sam and Lola Hit the Shops

12/01/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

IXOLA/Splash News Online

Denise Richards wasn’t about to let Black Friday deals pass her by!

The actress and Dancing With the Stars alum was spotted out shopping with daughters Sam, 5 ½, and Lola Rose, 4, on Friday in Calabasas, Calif.

Dad is Charlie Sheen.

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Sharon on

wow how much does sam seriously look like Charlie its scary ha and lola looks like denise!

JMO on

Sharon I thought the same thing! Can’t believe how big they got!

kmb on

Sam always looks miserable, even on Denise’s show that aired on E!, it makes me sad.
Anyway, Lola’s gotten so big! Such a cutie!

sad on

I would be miserable, too, if I had the paparazzi around all of the time.

mrsh on

Sharon – I was going to say the same thing!

Sonya on

They always look happy in Denise’s private pictures on twitter and such.

On another note, have we seen any photos of Charlie’s twins after the introductory shoot?

Amanda C. on

It always gives me the creeps that the girls look so unhappy/freaked out and Denise is always smiling and “on” in pictures. It makes me feel like she is not emotionally connected to her kids.

Annie on

These little girls (especially Lola)always look so unhappy to me (yes, I know the paps much be scary but 1. other celeb kids don’t look like this ALL the time and 2. you’d think they’d be a bit used to it). It just makes me wonder what’s up with them. Also, Denise’s HUGE smile next to Lola’s scowls make it seem even more prominent. They are beatiful girls and definitely Denise/Charlie minis.

Lisa on

I obviously do not know her personally, but from what I hear ever since she and Charlie have been on better terms I think from as much as I see they are happy kids. I don’t know about you but when I am walking outside I don’t normally smile ear to ear I’m just concentrated on where I am going. I think they actually are attatched to Denise both of them are holding on to her. Sam looks more shy than Lola but as people said on twitter the pictures she posts and her tweets about the girls are always great. She bakes with them, brings them fun places, watches movies, and posts pictures of them looking absolutly blissful. I also here they visit their Dad a lot and love the babies so don’t bash Denise. I’m actually not a Denise fan, I don’t like when celebrities have reality tv shows in general especially with kids but I think she has 2 beautiful and happy kids! They are dressed adorable! I like the headbands! They don’t look very similar I love when sam sex syblings look different!

Bb on

I love how she dresses her girls! They are both adorable.

mom to 3 boys on

I agree with one of the above posts. It’s kind of weird that Denise has such a huge happy smile while her kids look sad (or maybe scared of the photogs). Either way, I think children of famous people should be left alone. There are plenty of stars out there that do not let their children get in the spotlight. That’s how it should be. Family time should be family time.

Kristin on

I agree with the above posters, poor little Sam always looks miserable. I hsve no way of knowing what their home life with Denise is like but it seems like Denise sees the paps and smiles though gritted teeth. My heart goes out to these girls, I think Denise is extremely immature and superficial. And Charlie Sheen? That’s a whole other can of worms. The girls are adorable, I hope they ARE happy.

Mary on

Another thing to bear in mind when looking at these pictures is that this is a mere click of the finger, a second in time. Like others have said, I am never just vaguely smiling as I’m going around doing errands. If someone were to take ten pictures of me and line them up I bet I’d be scowling or unhappy looking in at least seven or eight of them, but I consider myself a very happy person, just not a smiley one.

Chris on

Lola is so cute!

Anna on

I think the problem is that Denise likes the paps and her daughters do not. So she stops and smiles for them and her children look unhappy. I think she could easily fall off the pap radar if she wanted too.

QT on

She wouldn’t fall off the radar unless she moved. Why should she have to do that? It’s crazy to judge if someone is happy by one second. I’ve seen plenty of pics of the girls smiling. The few times i’ve seen the show the girls were having fun & playing. People see negativity where they want to see it. If Denise was scowling that would make it better how?

Lola looks so pretty here.

Stephanie on

Look how chic she looks in her black clothes and shades. I like the simplicity of her style.

stephanie on

Pretty girls, i love how they are dressed!

sil on

Sam looks scared of the paps…and her mom has a huge smile and seams so happy to be photographed even if her girls are not that happy…weird.

Georgina on

Referring to the couple of people who said its weird that Denise is smiling and the girls, or at least Sam, look scared, and thats odd, I dont actually think it is. It seems more logical that shes trying to make the girls less afraid of the photogs by giving a big smile and making nothing of it. Wouldn’t it be worse if she freaked out or ran away or something to that degree, that would freak the girls out more. When mums are calm and not afraid that tends to rub off on their children, not that I’m saying Denise wants to be become the norm for them, but if it can become something that doesnt ruin their day, or scare them into not wanting to go to places, thats got to be a good thing.

Meesh on

This may sound odd, but I think Sam is just a “serious” looking child, and not necessarily sad or scared all the time.

Veronica on

Awwwww Lola is such a cutie, I love her beautiful hair 🙂

Jessicad on

How do you fall of the radar? Never leave the house? Right. That’s just ridiculous. The girls look scared to me and seem to be staring directly at the people that are probably screaming at them to get a picture.

luvmylife on

Neither girl looks unhappy to me. What do you expect from a 4 and 5 year old? Maybe they didn’t want their picture taken at that time or they just didn’t feel like smiling.

I could understand the comments if they were at a park on a see saw or a swing and they had miserable looks on their faces. But they’re just standing on the sidewalk!

I’m not a fan of Denise but her girls are beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

Georgina- I agree! Other celebs seem to do the same thing. Nicole Richie, for example, has said she sings to Harlow (and I’m guessing will be doing the same with Sparrow now) when the paps start photographing them, to help keep Harlow from getting scared.

Meesh- I agree with yo as well! I also want to point out that Zahara Jolie-Pitt usually isn’t smiling in paparazzi pictures, and both her parents are on record saying she is afraid of the paps (or at least she was as of about a year ago. It’s possible that may have changed a bit, and now she’s more annoyed with them than scared!). Yet nobody ever criticizes Angie and Brad for smiling in pap photos even when Zee is not, or asks why Zee rarely looks happy in pap photos. Why the double-standard?

mermaids614 on

Sam has that same face as her dad, uncle and grandfather! They always look like they are thinking really really hard about something! Surely Sam isn’t making that face on purpose. Grandaddy Martin Sheen just has some strong genes!LOL

Kitty on

Good point Georgina.

jennifer on

I think it’s terrible how judgemental some of you can be. Denise’s daughters don’t like the paparazzi and she smiles for them because they ask her if they can get some shots, I know her and have been with her when this happens. No she doesn’t like the paps and isn’t “on” when she sees them but she will take a few photos so they leave her and her girls alone. her daughters are very happy girls and love their mom and she’s a good mom. stop being so judgemental…

Emma on

Guys, Denise isnt looking at the girls, She obviously cant see their faces, i think one of the paps has asked her a question, or said somthing to her to which she smiled, and responded. Also, it dosnt matter how used to the camera the girls may be, they could still terr5fy them, they are only 4 & 5 afterall. My 14 year old sister is terrified of spiders and no matter how often she see’s them they still freak her out, maybe its the same sort of thing with Sam and Lola?