Amy Poehler Advises Working Moms: 'Do Your Best'

11/30/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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Good friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have more in common than their status as Saturday Night Live alums.

In a new interview with TV Guide, the 38-year-old Parks and Recreation star says that it is their role as moms — Tina to 4-year-old Alice Zenobia, and Amy to 13-month-old Archibald ‘Archie’ William Emerson — which keeps them bonded.

“We talked a lot about how we’re both working long hours with kids,” she shares before joking,

“Our emails and texts are mostly about formula and nannies.”

Balancing her hit show with the demands of motherhood can be tough, and to that end Amy says that approaching things “day-to-day” has been beneficial. “You just do your best and try to make it work,” she adds.

“Some days are harder than others. I mean, I’m lucky to have a great job and people that help me. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

Archie is her first child with husband Will Arnett.

Source: TV Guide

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mamanb on

formula and nannies? everyone knows breastmilk and a stay at home mom is best! i can’t believe these celebrities. disgusting.


James on

I wonder if the fathers of these children are making any adjustments to their routines, or taking it one day at a time. As a working father with a lot of concern for my children, I’d love to see some stories on fathers and the time they spend with their babies!

Me on

I’m sorry, but I cannot feel bad for celebrity mothers who continue to work. They have so much more at their disposal than the average person – nannies, flexible schedules, ability to bring your child to work, etc. Both my husband and I work full time and we don’t have a nanny to take care of our daughter when we get off work or in the middle of the night when she wakes up. I work from the time I get up until the time I go to bed, which I’m sure is more than what these celebrities do.

graciesmom on

Me, I don’t think Amy is looking for your pity.

I suppose because she’s famous she can’t admit that juggling work and a child is difficult. She clearly states that she appreciates the help she receives from other sources.

I agree with her completely, though. As someone who also works full time, sometimes the best I can do is take things day by day and not sweat the small stuff.

Jen on

I love that little baldy! Plus, his parents are hysterical.

mrsh on

mamanb – good one!

graciesmom – totally agree with you!

Also, I LOVE Archie’s face in this picture! So cute and funny!

Jen on

mamanb, I’m willing to concede to you that breastmilk is best…because study after study has shown it to be so. It’s why my daughter is still nursing at 13 months and has never had formula.

But a stay at home mom is not best for every child, and a working mother is not disgusting, celebrity or not. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t make you a better mother.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- Uh, read the last sentence of mamanb’s comment. She said she was kidding! 🙂

graciesmom- I agree with you, too! I also want to add to what you said to Me that we have no idea whether Amy uses nannies even when she’s not working. She, too, may not have anyone (other than her husband, of course), to help her take care of her baby when she gets off work! 🙂 Maybe, just maybe, she *gasp* takes care of her son herself when she’s at home!

madjanssen on

I think all of us mothers need to give each other a break. It’s tough on all of us, whether we’re working or not because each situation has their pros and cons. To say one is better than the other is self-indulgent because each family is unique. It certainly doesn’t help to judge another person’s situation and it’s certainly not fair to compare because regardless of how similar our circumstances are, we are all different individuals.

Perhaps there are mothers who do have it easy but so far, I have never met one and I’m pretty sure filthy rich socialites have their own sets of problems too – they’re just not in the same world as most of us regular folks are so I hardly think we should look to them for anything at all. We can just read and/or watch and/or listen and take a page for their stories and not let it get to us, whether positively or negatively. At the end of the day, yes, all we can do is try our best.

adri on

Jen, studies are just that, studies. In real life, BF is NOT best for every family for different reasons.