Salma Hayek and Valentina: Go Team!

11/29/2009 at 08:00 PM ET


Looking ravishing in red, Salma Hayek and daughter Valentina Paloma, 2, attend the Rennes vs. Le Mans football match on Saturday in Rennes, France.

The actress’ husband François-Henri Pinault is the owner of the football club!

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Meela on

Wow!!! So cute and she finally lost the blinky!! Yeah Valentina!!

Cece on

Valentina is a perfect combination of Mommy and Daddy. She’s really cute!

Liliana on

She’s adorable! Definitely resembles her father.

Brooklyn on

She’s adorable!
Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Selma & Francois-Henri were not together anymore? Was that just a false rumour or did they get back together?

Alycia on

Brooklyn, they are married now…

I love the name Valentina!

alice jane on

Valentina is getting so big! She’s adorable. Brooklyn, they were engaged, split up for awhile, and got back together and got married earlier this year.

Blackrose on

Brooklyn yes they got back together , they even got married..

Valentina is beautiful!

Mariel on

WOW, she doesnt look like a baby anymore!!!!
Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, is all her daddy!
Lucky Salma!

Crystal S. on

I love Sal and Val. That’s my nickname for them. Little Valentina looks so much like her mommy. They are a cute pair.

g!na on

Valentina has her daddy’s nose. Cute pic!

Natasha on

I think it’s great that Salma and Francois-Henri are back together. It’s always great when people can reconcile 🙂

cathy on

Valentina is adorable

Lisa on

She doesn’t look like a “baby” anymore. She is getting so big! 🙂

luciana on

Valentina is beautiful, grea mix of both parents. Her eyes, hair, and complexion are like salma, but her button nose is like her dad. She is so pretty, and Salma is gorgeous.

Kristin on

Oh my goodness, Valentina is adorable. She suddenly looks like a big girl! I wonder if Salma plans on having any more.

Sheryl on

Valentina looks like Natalie Wood now more than she did as a little baby. It’s uncanny!

Solène on

Wow, it’s weird, I live near Rennes! Valentina is a cutie and she looks like daddy with her mom’s complexion to me.

Dolores on

Valentina is really starting to look like her dad. Salma looks so happy!

janie on

beautiful child.

Allison (Well-Read Reviews) on

Valentina is growing up so quickly – and just as adorable as ever.

Brooklyn on

@ Alycia, Alice Jane & Blackrose – Thanks! I guess I must’ve missed that.

FC on

I can definitely see François-Henri in Valentina a lot more now, but she’s still got a lot of Salma in her too, especially in her beautiful dark eyes. 🙂

mochababe73 on

I have two sons and everytime I see a picture of a mother and her daughter, I get jealous. They are so cute together. Adorable pictures like this almost (lol) make me want to have another one.

mrsh on

Crystal S. – That’s cute, Sal and Val!

I love the name Valentina! It’s one of those names I love, but would likely never use (well, I wouldn’t at all because I’m done having children, but you know what I mean). Francesca is my other “fantasy baby name.”

Valentina is a gorgeous little girl! A good combination of both her parents.

luciana on

sheryl I can def see a resemblance of valentina to natalie wood, it’s the eyes and nose. I always thought salma looked like an exotic mix of natalie wood and ali macgraw, such a beauty, and so is her daughter. mrsh I love the name valentina, it’s exotic and different but not weird, Francesca is also a favorite name of mine, makes me think of a beautiful little girl.

adri on

The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was how much she looks like her DADDY. Wow, same eyes, nose, mouth, and shape of her face. The only thing she got from her mommy is her coloring except Valentina’s hair color is much lighter with reddish highlights.