Rodney Jerkins, Joy Enriquez Welcome Daughter Heavenly Joy

11/27/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Arnold Turner/WireImage

It’s a girl for Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and his wife, singer/actress Joy Enriquez, the music producer tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Heavenly Joy Jerkins was born Tuesday, November 17th at 9:58 a.m. at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Baby girl weighed in at 8 lbs. and joins big brother Rodney David Jr., 18 months.

“We never find out the sex of our babies,” Rodney, 32, explains. “It helps Joy push them out better because she wants to know what it is so bad!”

In regards to their new daughter’s unique moniker, the couple began considering the name when Joy was expecting Rodney Jr.

“When we found out we were pregnant, Joy said, ‘This is heavenly,'” shares the producer behind Lady Gaga and BeyoncΓ©’s “Telephone” and Janet Jackson’s “Make Me.” “I said, ‘Hey, there’s a name…Heavenly!'”

— Reporting by Anne Marie Cruz

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Sage on

I love this couple! But I am not to sure about Heavenly Jerkins.

Blue on

Heavenly Joy? *headdesk*

megan on

Congrats on the new baby. But sorry, Heavenly Joy Jerkins sounds like a dirty euphemism or maybe a porn star name : /

Sarah M. on

Cute name! Not something I’d choose, but cute none the less. Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence have a Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence. That is going too far, IMO. Heavenly Joy is much better!

Congrats to the new parents!

Erin on

I watched this couple marry on an InStyle Weddings special years ago on ABC. I’ve wondered what became of them so I’m happy to hear about their growing family! Congrats!

Jane on

a big fat ugh goes out to that name.

Sam and Freya's mum on

Awful name, ITA, poor girl!

Kate on

Ha ha aha ha ha haaaa! Heavenly Jenkins? Heavenly Joy Jerkins???
Ha haaa haaaa!
Sorry. I’m sure they’re lovely people but HONESTLY???

Kristin on

Heavenly Joy. Ugh. Bring out the pole. At least it’s not “Heavenleigh.” Parents, please. It just sounds so low class and uneducated. Go ahead and slam me for saying so but it’s true.

Jess from Ohio on

Way too “cutesy” for my taste, but congrats to them! I bet she is beautiful!

mrsh on

Wow, I don’t usually criticize, but that is a bad name!

fuzibuni on

while i’m cracking up at the comments here, and don’t disagree with the general sentiments…
If you look at the name without judgement, there is something very loving and innocent about parents giving their child such a name.
it’s sweet that they love her so much to give their little bundle of “heavenly joy” such a moniker…. although i personally would have gone a little more mainstream with a last name like Jerkins. Just me though.

Milla on

i think thats a cool name! michael hutchence daughter is named that πŸ™‚

Li on

I’m usually very open minded about names and I appreciate unique choices- but wow! What an awful, tacky name.

ladydau on

Honestly, I think the start of the name (Heavenly Joy) is fine, until you get to the last name (Jerkins). Seriously, were these people not thinking? Porn star to the max. Maybe Jerkins isn’t Rodney’s “real” last name?

Natasha on

I think it’s funny because Joy was on 7th Heaven πŸ˜›

JM on

oh my god. can you say “pretentious”? i mean, there is just no way i could take that name seriously. it sounds SO affected and as some people have mentioned kind of porn-star-ish. sorry, i generally say, if it’s just a normal name but one i don’t personally like, to each his own, it’s not my kid. but you have to think about her future and a teacher calling out “Heavenly” in a classroom. tell me she’s not going to get bullied. i’m sure they are nice people but i would have seriously re-considered with that name.

Ruthella on

LOLing at Kristin; “Bring out the pole” πŸ˜€

As an aside, I keep seeing people saying “Can you say…” on here (like JM, above). As someone from the UK, I think I’m missing something… Is it a catchphrase from a TV show or something??

Abby on

what a name fit for the holidays!

Ashleigh on

I didn’t even realize they had an older child.

In regards to the name, their child; their choice.

Nausicaa on

It amazes me how people don’t realize how many options they have with baby names. If they wanted to go off the “heavenly” theme, how about Angel, Angela, Grace, Faith, Hope, Charity, etc? Or even something simple and Biblical, like Mary? I can think of a ton of names that would have served the purpose they were going for. BUT nonetheless, this child is clearly loved, so I congratulate them on their blessing.

Rachael on

let’s hope she goes by “Joy” as she gets older… It’s a cute name, but I can only imagine the teasing she’s going to endure throughout her life…

Stella Bella on

Heavenly Jerkings. I mean Jerkins… I’m sure they’re nice people, but the name is built for the worst kind of ridicule. 😦

JMO on

Well I’m partial to the name Joy as it’s also my given name but yes it’s def. not my taste to combine names to make them what some would say unique (but what most of us would say is tacky). But then again it could be worse!

Priya on

Okay people, here’s the thing, the smut is in the mind of the beholder. If you frequent stripclubs/are a porno afficionado, and hence are familiar with the names of the business, then yeah, you’re going to slam this innocent newborn’s name lovingly chosen by her parents. I did not even know that “Heavenly Joy” was a moniker frequently taken up by strippers/porno actresses(and hopefully most decent people don’t)!!Not trying to be righteous here, just pointing out that “Heavenly Joy” should not be bashed, just because some people associate it with “low class and uneducated” (by the way, that’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, if you associate the said name with such places/movies, that just means that you have the “low class and uneducated” quality of being a seasoned user of said places/movies). If Mr Jerkins and his wife heard these comments about the name they chose with love and care for their newborn, I am sure they would be highly offended (I did think that that used to be CBB’s comment policy, don’t say something that you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to the person directly)

jacob black lover on

heavenly is ok but heaven is much better. love joy, though but heavenly jerkins. that’s something else.

Megan on

Priya, you need to calm down. And nobody has broken CB’s rules. I suggest you go read them. We’re allowed to be blunt and say what a name sounds like.

CelebBabyLover on

JMO- Considering who her parents are, she’ll probably be going to school with kids who have names like Apple, Bronx, Peanut, etc. So I doubt she’ll get teased that much. πŸ™‚

Elzbieta on

Priya I actually agree with you. I found the name to be silly, but I didn’t go into thinking it was a porn star name. That says something about your own level of class. I actually went to school with a girl name Precious Jerkins and Ashley Jerkins, neither got made fun of–because anyone who makes a joke like that is lame. Frankly. I dislike the name because its way too literal for my taste and it is so childish. I can’t imagine a 30,45,or 70 year old woman named heavenly joy. Or even just Heavenly. But Joy’s middle name is charity so maybe its a family theme.

Kadi on

I think that name would look horrible across the top of a resume.

Em on

It’s not that bad. Yeah, maybe a bit off the wall, but in todays world, that little girl will be able to hold her own.

Jody on

Maybe she’ll be a hairdresser! I have a theory that girls with “suggestive” names either become strippers or stylists. I’ve gone to Annie, Shannie, Casey, Angel, and Jenna for my hair.

True on

Priya, i agree with you 1000%

Patrice on

Wow, I ALWAYS wondered why all these singers reffered to “dark child” in the beginning and ends of their songs (I just assumed they were referring to themselves maybe), but now I get it!!! I didn’t even know Joy was married, but congrats to the copule. I’m sure she is beautiful : )

Jessi on

Not my cup of tea for the name, but I’m sure she is as gorgeous as anything! πŸ™‚ It does flow quite nicely, just too cutesy.

FC on

I don’t mind the baby’s name. I’ve seen/heard others that made me scratch my head. Anyway, many congrats to Joy and Rodney and Rodney Jr. on the new addition to their family. I know she’s loved, but I bet she’s adorable too. πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the name. I think the reason behind it is wonderful, since I can’t imagine anything in my life more heavenly than finding out I was expecting my own kids. I think it’s a sweet name, and she can certainly go by Joy later in life if she prefers. I can’t understand how someone can read a story about a newborn baby girl and automatically associate her name with pornos and strip clubs. Makes the people making those kind of comments seem a little…off, in my opinion.

Kaya on

I think its a great name for the baby, so whhat iif the last name do fit in to it, Its alot of people in this world walking around with names that do fit in to their names, do fit them and or it do got together so there for gyour alll need to get a grip a life. Besides its their child so they can name her what ever they what!! You goo Rodney and Joy… I luv you RODNEY πŸ™‚ LOL

jyazia on

l love you see what i put up here by jyazia