Meet Lou Sulola Samuel!

11/27/2009 at 05:45 PM ET
Courtesy Heidi Klum

Check out Heidi Klum and Seal‘s Web sites for the first photos of daughter Lou Sulola, 7 weeks.

The model and Project Runway host has posted three images of herself, husband Seal and Lou, while Seal has posted a photo of Heidi and children Johan, Henry and Leni with their new little sister.

Click her for yesterday’s cutie!

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Eve on

Beautiful baby! She looks JUST like me when I was a baby. She looks like a lot of my Nigerian cousins when they were babies. Beautiful girl, although I can’t tell who she looks like yet.

Bren on

So sweet! I love the one with all the kids laying around her.

Grandma2Three on

Gorgeous baby!

Anon on

Awwwwwww, she’s so cute!!! She’s got beautiful eyes

Lynn on

She’s adorable. I love the Samuel family.

stedine on

She is so cute!!!

Liliana on

She is absolutely beautiful! Such a stunning family.

Helen on

I can see she has Jonah’s mouth.

Jamie on

I think she looks a lot like Seal.

Larissa on

Awww, she looks loads like Leni in the close-up photo!

nettrice on

She’s a real beauty!

Kaitlyn on

Awww! I think she looks just like Johan.

Cece on

This is such a beautiful picture!!! Another beauty like Mommy…..

Alecia on

Awwwe, she’s a beauty…God’s precious gift to the Samuel family.

skipsie on

omg! so beautiful! what an amazing family

Iβ™₯CBB on

OMG!!! What a wonderful surprise!! YEA!!! She is GORGEOUS and looks just like mommy and Johan!!! The picture with her and Seal is PRICELESS!!! It truly melted my heart. Especially given his statement when she was born! I can’t wait to see more! I ♥ this family!!! πŸ™‚ on

Oh, she is SO CUTE! What a precious addition to a lovely family!

ZBP on

All i can say is AWWWWW!

Rebecca on

Shes Beautiful! Looks like Hiedi’s life is pretty chaotic, but sooo joyful! They are a beautiful family.

Jessi on


JM on

now if this isn’t a gorgeous baby, then i don’t know who is!! she is stunning!!

Ellen on

I do believe that child is without a doubt the cutest baby I have ever laid eyes on!!

Oh my. Be still my beating ovaries.

Julianne on

awww… she is sooo cute! πŸ™‚

crimpe on

Fabulous photos. Lou is a beautiful baby, and the pictures speak volumes. The family seems extremely close and loving. I’ve been so curious, as my daughter’s name is also Lou. I just couldn’t wait to see Heidi’s Lou! Thanks for posting.

Mari on

A beautiful baby…a beautiful family.

Congratulations to Seal & Heidi, Leni, Johan and Henry. πŸ˜€

JMO on

She’s beautiful. I think she looks a lot like Johan there! She’s def. gonna have some curly hair too!

Michelle Z. on

I knew she would be a beautiful baby, but that much cuteness in one little package just seems unfair!

Ashley on

OMG! She is a cutie!! I love the pics!!!

All Women Stalker on

Awww how cute!


Natasha on

She’s absolutely adorable!

selene on

She looks like a Lou.
Beautiful girl, stunning as expected.
I cant wait to see her grow Leni, Henry and Johan just get cuter and cuter as they get older.

Erica on

Beautiful photos, I especially love the one with Lou in her father’s arms. This little girl will surely have a blast with all those older siblings.

Debbie on

OMG she is gorgeous…. Health and Happiness always..

Kimberlee Chrisman on

This is one of the cutest babies EVER!!! I didn’t really care for the name Lou, but when I saw her, it just “fits”. What a beautiful family. Blessings

SAR on

She’s a doll! I love the one with all four children. The older three look thrilled to have a new baby sister. They’re a wonderful family. And like Heidi said on her website, Lou is their fourth child.

Seal isn’t Leni’s biological father but he’s her father in every way that matters. He and Heidi fell in love after Leni’s biological father walked out on Heidi while she was pregnant. He was at Heidi’s side when Leni was born, just like with the three younger children. When their oldest son was born, some journalist asked him how it felt to have his first child, and he said something like, “He’s my second child. Leni is my first. I now have a son and a daughter.”

Such lovely people, and so lucky. Warmest holiday wishes to them all!

Mia on

She is so cute, and looks exactly like Johan…meaning she is ALL Heidi, but with a mix of Seal.

Stephany on

Lou is beautiful! I love her chunky cheeks and the second picture, with Heidi, and all her children surrounding her is the best. It looks like she’s the calm in the midst of all their craziness! πŸ˜‰ Very cute photos.

Mrs. R. on

So adorable! Heidi is so blessed with a lovely family from her husband down to her tiniest child! What fun and love must fill that house!

southlyn on

Beautiful child… beautiful family… beautiful marriage… beautiful love.

J.D. on

Lou is absolutely beautiful and she looks just like Johan to me.

NikNak on

too early to tell, but I think she’s gonna look like Johan.

luciana on

Lou looks like johan and henry looked like babies, and a lot like seal, You can tell she is gonna have full lips and more of seal’s hair and nose. I don;t think any 4 of heidi’s kids look like her. I saw a pic of leni’s bio dad with his new pregnant wife yesterday, leni looks so much like him and the 3 kids favor seal a lot too in my opinion. Seal is gonna adopt leni by christmas I read, flavio agreed to it. His 29yr old wife is pregnant with his child and he is saying how excited he is to be expecting his first child. Sad for leni that one day she will hear how her bio dad wants nothing to do with her.

fuzibuni on

baby girl seems so alert and curious.
and she looks a perfect mix of seal and heidi.

Erin on

To be honest I doubt Leni will really care what Flavio thinks. Seal is the ONLY father she knows and loves. He has been her dad since she was born. Flavio is not in her life. These are the crucial years. I can see 16 year old Leni literally LAUGHING in his face if he tried to pull anything parental. I know I would.

The situation reminds me of Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell. While Kurt is not her biological father, she considers him her REAL father over her own biological father and he was actually somewhat in her life, unlike Flavio with Leni.

Anyways, Lou is adorable. She really looks like Jonah, who favors Heidi as lot. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Leni kissing Lou’s hand. I bet she is thrilled to have a baby sister. The house is all evened out 3 males, 3 female!

NZ Casey on

Aww she looks cute!! i cant actually view the rest of the photos idk why but she looks adorable!

Brooke on

Wow she is one of the most adorable babies ever!!!

Karen on

Lou is so cute. I think she looks like Johan. I think she will be darker than Johan and lighter than Henry but she will look like him. She looks like Heidi too me and more than Seal. Though she looks like herself. LOL..

Tif on

So…adorable, looks like a spitting image of Johan.
What a blessing….

Lauren on

how can i view the rest of the photos? :S
when i click on the link, only the one shows up.

Kimberly on

Oh gosh, I have been waiting for a picture of this kid!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

CJ on

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby girl and family!

Denise Briggs on

What a beauty ! Congrats to the family !!!

Dianne on

She is very sweet and you can tell Heidi is crazy about her. I think she has her daddy’s eyes!

Jane on

So cute!!

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- The photos are in a video slidshow when you click the link. πŸ™‚

Erin- I agree! Leni will grow up knowing Seal, and Seal alone, as her father. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Lou is a cutie. I especially like that black curly hair. I sincerely hope that, if Lou wears her hair au natural as she grows, just as her brothers do now, she will not face the same criticism that Zahara Jolie-Pitt does, and that her brothers do to an extent (I say “to an extent,” because their hair doesn’t get critcized nearly as much as Zahara’s is).

I recently saw a picture of Leni when she was a newborn, and Lou DOES look a lot like she does, as well as a lot like Johan. I’m surprised they didn’t debut Lou in a magazine, though, like they did with Henry and Johan!

Brianne on

PRECIOUS picture! I love it! Congratulations to Heidi, Seal, Leni, Henry and Johan on your new bundle of joy!!!

Philomena on

WOW.What an absolutely beautiful baby.I love the Samuel family so much. They are down to earth and have gorgeous kids. I especially love how Seal accepts Leni as his own daughter. It makes me teary when I hear or see pictures of then together. That family is so loving and want nothing but the best for them!

Winky on

How adorable is that baby! Congratulations to the whole family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

Hillary on

It appears they’ve taken down the link. There’s just the one photo.

robinepowell on

She looks like my cousin’s kid, who’s almost three months. Where’s the photos of Heidi’s other kids? I only see ones of Heidi and I think one of Seal, in black & white. πŸ˜‰

g!na on

what a cutie! she looks like Johan.

Bancie1031 on

Lou is very adorable!!!

Allie-Rose on

Oh my gosh! such a cutie!!

lauren49ers on

I can’t see the one with all the children, I see 4 photos but not the one with the other children.Where is it?

lauren49ers on

Sorry I only see 3 photos in the slideshow.Where is the fourth one?

Linda on

Lou ist precious!

Am I the only one that only sees three pictures of Heidi, Seal and Lou and not the one of Lou and her siblings?

ladyday on

Looks like it’s true, Seal is in the process of adopting Leni with Flavio Briatore’s consent:

littleredjasper on

Can anyone else not see the fourth picture with all the children? Only three show up in the slideshow for me.

H on

no, i can only see 3 pictures! where’s the one with all the kids?

Lisa on

Can’t see the pic with the whole family. Can someone post it?



Alexis on

Aww, she looks just like her brothers.

CTBmom on

I love this family! Lou is beautiful! She looks alot like Johan to me. I can only see 3 pics though. The one of Heidi and Lou, the one of Lou by herself and the one of Seal and Lou. The one with all the kids never came up =(

Kat on

Those big brown eyes and all that dark hair!! She’s just beautiful, just like her brothers and sister!!!

Danielle on

Such a beautiful family, and Lou is just adorable, another stunning addition πŸ™‚

dickieangenson on

Woah! Gorgeous baby! She looks just like Heidi and Johan! Too bad I dont see the one of all the children together. That must be precious.

Stella Bella on

Beautiful sweet baby! Congrats to the family!

nat on

The picture with their other children is on seal’s website.
beautiful family.

EB on

Cute, cute, cute. This baby looks the most like Seal of all of their children, I see a lot of African/Nigerian in her face, in fact, she reminds me of Kimora Lee and Djimon Hounsou’s son, Kenzo. Very pretty girl.

Kaylee on

Beautiful baby, family, hubby and mom! CONGRATS!

Natasha on

I heard Flavio’s girlfriend is pregnant and I wonder if in the future Leni would question why he chose to be a father to that baby and not her. Not saying she’ll really “care”, she has her Dad already, but I guess it’s the same question that some adopted kids would also wonder about their biological parents.

Either way, I’m so very thrilled that Seal is going to officially adopt her. Obviously he’s wanted that since the day she was born. *sigh* That man makes me melt.

j.U.d.E. on

I think Lou looks exactly like her mum, except for the skin and hair colour.

Whitney Sterk on

Yes – she looks similar to Johan who looks like Heidi but is dark like Seal…

Lisa on

anyone know where i can get that song that Seal is singing? I love it.

Torre on

How precious! Little Miss Lou was definatly worth the wait! She’s absolutly beautiful! And so alert. Heidi looks as though she’s overwhelmed with love, happiness and satisfaction with her “Charmed” life. They’re all so obviously blessed.
Oh, and Luciana(#42), I was dumbfounded when I read your comment that none of Heidi’s children look like her. In ways, they all do.
And just how can you see that Lou has seals hair? When have you or anyone seen Seals hair… he’s been completly shaven for years.

Jas on

Very pretty little girl. She looks just like her brothers.

LOL Good point, Torre, regarding the comment about Lou having Seal’s hair.

H on

lisa, the song is called ” a father’s way”, it’s from the movie “the poursuit of happiness”

Jennifer on

Oh she’s just gorgeous!! I’m so glad to see pics of her now. She has Heidi’s big brown eyes and is just so precious.

I think that all the kids resemble Heidi except for Henry, who I think looks just like Seal. I see more of Heidi in Johan. I think Leni looks like Heidi but has always thought that she resembles her biological dad, too.

The next baby pics I would like to see public is Ellen Pompeo’s little Stella Luna. πŸ™‚

Benigna Marko on

So lovely, just one word, beautiful!
Benigna Marko

Samantha on

Mariel on

Beautiful baby, she looks exactly like her brothers.

By the way, here is the fourth picture:

Julia A on

Lou is beautiful! I think she looks like the female version of Johan, a perfect blend of Seal and Heidi. All 4 photos are lovely but my favorite is the one with all the kids cuddling with Heidi, simply precious.

Luci on

She’s so cute it hurts!



TEDS22 on

What great photo’s! Love the one with all the kids on the bed-Thanks for the link! It’s great news that Seal will be officially adopting Leni.He was at her birth and has always referred to her as his daughter–so it should be official in case of emergency,school forms etc,it would be terrible if Seal could’nt authorise something b/c he was not legal dad.
Heidi looks so happy in the pics,she really found a fantastic guy when she met and fell in live with Seal

jacob black lover on

i have been waiting for this. i just can’t get over how gouragous that baby is. lou reminds me of my little cousins alexis when she was born the hair and everything. lou has the prettiest lips too.

Mandy on

Such a beauty! I bet Leni is already dressing her up and having so much fun with her baby sister.

robinepowell on

Now that we’ve all asked about the photo of all four kids together, CBB has updated their info to say that particular photo is on Seal’s site, not Heidi’s. πŸ˜‰

robinepowell on

Update: Seal’s site is not working at the moment, so if you haven’t seen the picture of all four kids, you’ll have to wait on that. πŸ™‚

luciana on

torre just like her brothers, lou’s hair looks like it’s gonna be curly, obviously that’s from seal, heidi has straight thin hair and so does leni. If you think all her kids look just like her, good it’s all opinion, I think leni looks like her bio dad and the three kids with seal favor him strongly in their features.

CelebBabyLover on

ladyday- I’m glad to hear that! I wonder if Leni’s last name will be changed to Samuel, then? I hope so, because then everyone in the family will have the same last name (as Heidi just recently offically legally changed her name to Samuel, at least for her private life. Her rep has not said whether or not Heidi intends to use Samuel professionally.). πŸ™‚

t. on

The 4th picture is no longer on her website but several other websites like JustJared and X17 still have the 4th photo

Elzbieta on

Its hard to tell, I honestly think none of the kids really look like Heidi, Leni included. They all take after seal and Lou looks mostly like seal too imo.

Karen on

Re: Luciana “torre just like her brothers, lou’s hair looks like it’s gonna be curly, obviously that’s from seal, heidi has straight thin hair and so does leni. If you think all her kids look just like her, good it’s all opinion, I think leni looks like her bio dad and the three kids with seal favor him strongly in their features.”

Truthfully, Lou hair looks just like Leni’s did and her brothers did at the same age. So, its too early to tell whether it will be curly though it probably will. Also, Seal’s hair is not like his Son’s hair either. The children hair is mixture of both parents so it’s equal to each parent. So, you are wrong when you say its obviously from Seal, its not. They are biracial children.

Also, like Heidi’s said all her children look the same as babies. Its true. Leni, Lou, and Johan all look very similar and Henry looked a litte different.

Karen on

I wanted to add the picture of Leni so people can see

eternalcanadian on

so cute! the one of heidi with all the kids around her is lovely!

Monique on

She is beautiful πŸ™‚ Heidi and Seal have such a beautiful family. Congrats and many blessings to them.

marie on

My mouth just hit the floor. A baby that just stops you in your tracks. Breathtaking!!!!

Patrice on

I am so excited to finally see her! Seal and Heidi are my idol couple and make me want that kind of love/family for myself one day. Lou is adorable and I think she looks just like Johan : ) Congrats to the happy couple on their beautiful baby girl!

Patrice on

That picture with Heidi and all of her babies stopped my heart! I am so glad this couple found each other : ) My goodness they are just about perfect! Gorgeous.

txgal on

Heidi and Seal always look happy and deeply in love. Those kids are lucky to grow-up around that and see a happy mom and dad.

brannon on

Four gorgeous children. Absolute perfection!

daniela on

She’s beautiful – just like all of her siblings!!!!

LPW on

Love it! Is it just me, or is there something transcendent about this family? I’m probably just a sucker. Anyhoo, . . .

R2M2 on

Adorable, Beautiful, Lovely!!! I ❀ this family! Heidi & Seal are amazing, I am so happy that they shared these precious photos.

BeckyPeaBody on

She looks a lot like Leni did as a baby. And for a child with two brothers, could there be a more wondrous Christmas present, than a sister.

Its funny–and not that it matters, but Lou isn’t exactly the name that comes to mind, when I think of beautiful girl names. But, after seeing the photos. I think that this child Lou, will bring beauty and grace to the name Lou, that will be everlasting.

Hadyn on

She is the cutest thing!!!!!!!!! she looks like seal and Henry! πŸ™‚

Julia on

Lou look like Seal and Henry. Leni&John look like Heidi

FC on

Little Lou is so darling. Those dark eyes and bow-shaped lips pull me in with each photo. :)And yep, she has pinchable cheeks! Can I have her? Her siblings too? πŸ˜€

I β™₯ the photo of her and Daddy Seal, too. So cute!

Beautiful shots of the entire family. πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Oh, how completely beautiful is she? What a darling, darling little baby girl. The photos are all so sweet. Many, many comgrats to them on the newest addition to the family!

DD on

She is just beautiful! Congrats to the family πŸ™‚

mermaids614 on

Awwww, She’s so pretty and soooo alert! I love Seal and Heidi! It’s like they were made for each other and I can’t say that about other celebrity couples!

m-dot on

She is beautiful! She looks like a black version of Heidi to me. I agree that she looks a lot like brother Johan. Such a cute family!

Lydia on

What a gorgeous baby! She is stunning. Those eyes are especially gorgeous. I wish I could give her a hug because she just looks so cuddly. I really like the name Lou Sulola.

Elle on

Can’t say I’m surprised, but she is gorgeous!! The name Sulola is beautiful and I prefer it to her first name. Although Leni and Lou sound super-cute together, Lou on it’s own makes me think auto-mechanic.

Laura on

Aww she’s adorable πŸ˜€ β™₯

Anisio Baptista on

She is so cute Well done Heidi and Seal

belle on

she is so little …so cutie… a little fairy !
lookin at her I remembered the song “twinkle, twinkle little star”
she’s a beautiful little flower!
Blessed be πŸ™‚

Billie on

Incredibly adorable!!! πŸ™‚