Levi McConaughey Gets a Lift

11/24/2009 at 11:00 AM ET


She may already be carrying a baby, but Camila Alves didn’t mind picking up son Levi, 16 months, for quick run to the bank on Saturday in Simi Valley, Calif.

Camila, 26, and Matthew McConaughey expect their second child in late December/early January.

See more photos of the family in their photo album!

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Sara on

Levi is adorable and tiny. I’m hoping baby número dos is a girl. Though another boy would be just as great.

shirab on

soooo cute!!!

LD on

People have said it before, Levi does look small for his age. But totally adorable!!

Amy on

I agree! He does look tiny. I have a 17 month old who is also very small. 21 pounds (8%) and 31 inches (40%)but perfectly healthy! Levi is so cute.

Casey on

cute but like everyone else is saying super small…i have a daughter that is ten months and she weighs 28 poundsand is 37 inches!!!! funny though because he looks like a lil person not a baby…too cute!!!!

Viv on

I know someone’s gonna say that why isn’t Levi wearing a sweater and Camila is.

R on

Btw is Levi pronounced Le-vi ( like debbie) or is it LEE- BYE ( like EYE)

Brandi on

I usually think Levi is all Camila but I see alot of Matthew here. They are adorable.

Lauren on

R, it is LEE-VY. (Like eye.)

Cheri on

OMG Casey I have a 2 1/2 year old girl that weighs 27 lbs and is 34 inches and is totally “average” on the charts. 28 lbs for a 10 month old is HUGE (IMO)!

JMO on

Levi is very very small for his age.

cali on

He is so cute. He looks like he has so much hair in the picture.
I don’t find him that tiny. He looks similar size to my 22 mos. old (people tell me she is tiny, but she is 6 mos. older than Levi)
He is cute just the same
Casey- You have a pretty big baby, 28 lbs at 10 mos. My three and half year old weighs 30 lbs.
Compared to your little girl, he probably would look tiny. It is neat how all kids come in different sizes!:)

stedine on

He has so much hair! It looks like a wig in this picture

Alex on

I think the reason people notice Levi’s stature more than other celebrity babies is because he has such diddy little legs, other than that he looks in proportion. I think it’s just that toddlers develop at different rates….I don’t think there’s anything else here. Levi is so cute, can’t wait to see the new baby!

Momta2 on

He looks like he’s wearing a lacefront wig! But he is too cute and adorable.

R on

Lauren, thanks 🙂

ez peze on

matthew has a tiny body too…very tiny legs like an oompa loompa

Jessi on

He isn’t too awfully small because I was much smaller than him. I also was bowlegged so I looked even smaller.

Though he does seem kind of tiny, but he is adorable as always!

Bancie1031 on

Casey – wow 28 pounds at 10 months seems big to me ….. but then again my daughter weighed that when she was 3 years old ….. wow people probably thought that she was super skinny 😦

LEVI doesn’t have shoes on!! How cute is that!! I know this probably sounds stupid but it’s nice to see that Celebrities think just like we do …. “I’m just running to the ATM, he doesn’t need shoes I’ll just carry him”.

Levi is such a cutie! Camila looks great!

Shannon on

My daughter is only a month older than Levi and she weighs right about 22 pounds. She looks about the same as Levi does as far as size goes. Her doc says she is in the 50% weight range for her age, so I’d venture a guess to say Levi isn’t small at all, he’s perfectly normal. I don’t know why people always seem to think a 1 year old should look bigger than they do.

Levi is a doll, I am loving his hair!

Jennifer on

As absolutely adorable as I think Levi is, I do think they should cut his hair. I like long hair on other kids- Ryder Robinson, James Wilkie Broderick- but it just doesn’t look right on Levi (it’s starting to overwhelm his face!). I think he would look much cuter with a shorter hair cut.

Maddie on

The more I see of Levi, the more I see Matthew in him, he’s such a gorgeous child. Camilla always look great, whether causally dressed or dressed to impress. I hope I can look half as good during my pregnancies, what a cute wee bump she has. This family is amongst one of my favourites! Can’t wait to hear this birth announcement!

Daisy1 on

I just don’t see it. My nephew is 19moths and in pics of him with my brother or his wife the proportions look the same as Levi with his parents. I really just don’t see the “he is sooooo tiny” theory.

Other than that he is definatley looking more like papa.

ritter on

He does look small, but Matt is small too. He has a very compact body with short limbs and a small shoulder width. Camilla looks so much older than her age, not because of wrinkles or anything bad, she just looks older. She is so pretty.

hcecilia on

Levi is absolutely gorgeous! Mixed race babies are like a grab bag, you just never know what’s going to happen.

Tee on

Who gives a hoot what race the baby is! (what an unnecessary comment…) ANY baby is a grab bag – duh… ANYWAYS Levi is cute and I’m sure he’s healthy too. I hope the 2nd arrives healthy too.

True on

hcecilia Says:
November 24th, 2009 at 8:05 pm
Levi is absolutely gorgeous! Mixed race babies are like a grab bag, you just never know what’s going to happen………….. this is not the first time you say this, this is the THIRD in different posts, i think u just change names and copy and paste your comments.

Olia on

i start to be bored of the comments that Levi is tiny boy. once again, he is 16 months, how tall you want him to be? for me everything is ok with him.
i just checked it. a 16 months kid should be 80-85cm. Camila is 1,75cm. look at the pictures and tell me again that he is tiny.
this kid is one halthy, cute boy. give him a break please.

Electra on

Why are people jumping on the people who refer to the child as tiny? Its not necessarily a bad thing, its how he looks. Hes adorable! Look at his little belly through his shirt. Its funny, he looks like a little mowgli to me. Probably because he seems to spend so much time out in nature with his parents.

Electra on

i meant to say how he looks to them*. I’m not sure how big he’s supposed to be, so I cant say hes tiny.

Peggy on

How exciting to see that Camilla is wearing our cardigan BATMAN. For more info see http://www.paulinamaternity.com.

CelebBabyLover on

Jennifer- At his age, he may not let them cut his hair! 🙂

Linda on

Levi is soooooo cute!