Gisele Bündchen and Jack's Waterfront Walk

11/24/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Ian Nolan/Splash News Online

Staying warm in cozy sweaters, an expectant Gisele Bündchen takes a walk with stepson John Edward Thomas, 2, along the waterfront in Boston on Saturday.

Gisele, 29, and QB husband Tom Brady expect their baby, a delivery surprise, next month.

Jack is Tom’s son with actress Bridget Moynahan.

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melrosegirl on

Jack is REALLY growing up! He looks soooo much like his father! What a cutie!

Elizabeth on

It’s cute that they’re spending time together. Jack is very tall for a 2 year old.

Just K on

He’s getting to be such a little man! And he looks a lot like Tom. I can see some Bridget there too, but throw on a Patriots uniform, and Tom’ll have a mini-me.

Brandi on

Cute! Agree he is a Tom mini me.

Amelie on

So those rumors about them expecting a girl are false then…I read somewhere they were having a girl and that they had chosen a nautical theme for the nursery!

Karen on

She looks gorgeous, and he is so sweet.

steffi on

Jack/John was to hear talking in Toms Interview on ,that was so cute. Tom said Jack loves to throw him the football.

Cindy on

Jack is so sweet looking. He always looks so happy. He sounded so cute in the background on the radio. He’s got Tom’s chin cleft, I see.

sil on

Giselle looks A M A Z I N G!!! can’t believe she is 8 months pregnant! gorgeous woman.
Jack is too cute!

C on

Seriously. People go on and on about how its not possible to “bounce back” after a baby quickly, but I daresay Gisele leaves the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans. Some people just have those genes. Pregnancy or not, they’re going to be tall and thin. She is stunning.

Lau on

I’m never going to understand how the name John becomes Jack as a nickname. Anyone care to explain? Maybe it’s something I’m not aware of.

That being said, she looks amazing as usual.

Sophie on

Gisele looks amazing, that baby will be a stunner for sure.

Lau I’ve never understood that either, but i have also never understood how dick is short for richard, some things you just accept.

Lila on

He is a cutie!

I never understood the fascination with her. I think she is pretty, but not gorgeous. Out of all the VS models, she was always my least favorite.

ErykaWynter on

God I wish I was tall! I am only 5’0″ and I am due at the same time as Gisele and my belly is twice her size!

ana on

loove gisele!
> brasil =D’

anonymous on

Amelie- Gisele said in an interview (with a Brazilian magazine about 2 months ago) that they’re going to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex. So all those rumors about it being a boy/girl are false because not even Tom and Gisele know yet.

Boy or Girl, that kid is going to be a cutie just like John.
That part of WEEI interview with John was so cute!

mrsh on

Well, she is lucky to be so tall, but I doubt she’ll be wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans out of the hospital. Your uterus still has to contract, so even if you lose all the weight you gained, you still have this big, pouchy cavity that needs to shrink first. But, I’m sure she’ll be back to normal by 6-weeks, when everything shrinks back down. Most models have good genes, obviously.

Erin on

The nickname thing is from back in the old English days. Common nicknames are Jack for John, Hank for Henry, Bobby for Robert, Jimmy for James, Ted for Edward, Molly for Mary, Peggy for Margaret, Sadie for Sally, etc.

Less common these days, but I you still come across them. My cousin is a James/Jimmy in fact.

sam on

molly for mary? now thats is close as strange as jack for john. maybe its rather categorical but i don’t understand why to give kid name you don’t intend to call him at all. bob for robert sounds normal but hank/henry ar jack/john is completely different names. that beeing said, john is such an adorable boy and really looks just like tom 🙂

Courtney on

She looks great as usual and Jack is a cutie there’s other common nicknames you forgot for instance Joey for Joseph Joanna Joanne Johanna & Josephine granted I only remember Joey is used for Joanne as my favorite actress is Joanne Woodward whose family and friends have called her Joey from childhood

L on

Gisele looks amazing, great to see them spending so much time together!! Jack is definitely Tom’s mini-me, which isn’t such a bad thing!

janie on

Gisele is beautiful. Jack is a handsome boy.

fergette on

Goodness she’s tall!

Jessica on

Lila. Thank-you for saying that. I completely agree with you. Gisele is a pretty woman, but there are many other models that give me the Ohh and Awww factor. My friends and I were just talking about that very thing this morning. We don’t get it. Bridget is a stunner to me.

And Jack, What a doll. Such a cutie patootie!

Elizabeth on

Polly as a nickname for Mary is perhaps one of the most random examples I can think of – I can only think that it comes as a variation on Molly? I think the most common names in history seem to have the most amount of nicknames, and the nicknames that don’t make much sense, because people obviously needed to distinguish between the many Williams, Johns and Marys that were around.

Anyway, Gisele looks amazing and Jack’s very cute.

MJ on

Ally on

Why does it seem like there are always Gisele-Bridget comparisons? You know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

julia on

how is this woman 8 months pregnant???

JMO on

“delivery suprise next month”

dang she’s tiny!

marina on

Gisele may not the prettiest model out there, but who had the chance to work with her or to talk to someone who have worked with her would understand why she’s Gisele Bundchen, the biggest top model, the ubermodel.

(sorry, I don’t speak english in a long time and forgot most of it.)

lana on

i don’t get the fascination with her either. sure, she’s pretty. sure, she’s tall. so is bridget [MUCH prettier, in my books, at least] and so are a LOT of women – hollywood stars especially. adrianna? she’s gorgeous. miranda’s also better-looking than giselle, according to me. alessandra? heidi? all stunning, imo. anyhow, john/jack, is a cutie, for sure! He’s grown so big. i wish we got to see pics of him with his mama but bridget does an amazing job of keeping him outta the spotlight.

Bugs on

Following some of the comments here, i insist that if it wasn’t for her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio in the first place, the media wouldn’t have paid so much attention to Giselle. It had a lot to do with that in my opinion, because she doesn’t even have a striking personality like Cindy Crawford or Heidi Klum. She just doesn’t, at all.

It’s not always the case, but there are models who earn their stardom for who they’re with and not necessarily for themselves. They get involved with a big name, and more people notice you and the rest is history. I think that’s her case, because i don’t see the appeal in her. I just don’t. She’s got the figure, the height, but i’m sorry, she’s no Cindy, no Heidi, no Tyra, no Rebecca Romin, etc.

Lauren on

I think Gisele has a lot of sex appeal and many people find that attractive, for example angelina jolie. I think Bridget has the classical beautiful face. Who knows what went on in their relationship, maybe gisele treated tom a lot better than bridget did, maybe bridget wasnt “the one”, who knows…

True on

OMG there are some JElOUS PPL Here, and the GISELE/Bridgette comparison is unnecessary, u all jelous becoz TOM and GISELE are working out, and TOM did not go back to Bridgette even though they share a child, and the fact that Gisele and john/Jack have a good relationship makes you ppl jelous of her more, MAY I REMIND YOU THAT GISELE IS THE HIGHEST PAID MODEL IN THE WORLD,even though she’s not “PRETTY OR GIVES YOU THE WHOA” c’mon ppl, just comment on the photho of a son and his step mother, and live the comparison out of this.

Rye on

I disagree with some of the postings about Gisele’s supermodel looks. I find her stunning. I think she is gorgeous and she has amazing features. I am not sure why some out there are saying she isn’t as beautiful as other supermodels. I disagree about that!

I also can’t believe how tiny she is for 8 months! She is pulling a “Nicole Kidman” and carrying small through her entire pregnancy.

Would love to see her have a girl but I’m really, really thinking it’s a boy for some reason.

Jack/John (two different names=makes no sense to me) is adorable and is going to make a super cute big brother!

CelebBabyLover on

sam- I agree. I don’t see anything wrong with Jack for John, Dick for Richard, etc. However, I DO have to admit that Molly for Mary IS a bit strange. I mean, “Mary” is one name that doesn’t really need a nickname. It’s short AND easy to pronounce. And if a nickname IS going to be used for Mary, I think that “Mar” (pronounced like Mary without the Y on the end), as some Marys that I know (and I happen to know quite a few Marys!), makes much more sense than Molly. 🙂

Getting back on topic…Jack is adorable, and yes, Gisele is definently pulling a Nicole Kidman! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Whoops! I meant to say, “…as some Marys that I know (and I happen to know quite a few Marys!) use as a nickname….”

MiB on

The transformation of names into nicknames, like John to Jack and Mary to Molly, is actually quite fascinating and has medieval (and even earlier) roots. Basically the British isles were invaded by the Normans who either brought new names that were mispronounced by those who already lived there or mispronounced old british names, thus variant name forms and nick names came into being. Jack is for example derived from Jankin/Jackin, the medieval German form of John, Molly is a medieval mispronunciation of Mary that has hung on, both as a nickname to Mary and as a name in itself.

Erin on

My college roommate was a Molly/Mary nicknamer. It confused me when I went to move in because our door had our names all pretty and cutout and I read “Erin & Mary”. LoL. She then explained to me that Mary is her birthname but she goes by Molly.

Billy/William is another classic nickname.

As for Gisele and Bridgette — why does one automatically assume someone is JEALOUS when someone doesn’t like a person. Not saying that some aren’t, but it is so juvenile to always jump to that conclusion. People are allowed to not be a fan without the “jealously” game being played. Crazy concept… I know.

Sarah Van Sanden on

Yes, there are loads of women all over the wordl who are far mor prettier than Giselle. But there’s an argument to be made about how models grow to their fame. Heidi (Klum) wasn’t that big in Europe until she got pregnant by Flavio Briatore. Claudia (Schiffer) got high paid gigs in Europe when she was linked to Prince Albert of Monaco and David Copperfield. Cindy (Crawford) got big in Europe when dating Richard Gere. Carla (Bruni) got famous because she dated a bunch of famous men. The only supermodel that made it to fame on her own is Naomi, because she was the first black model on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Joanna on

Bugs: to say that she became who she is because of DiCaprio is absurd. She was big before him, and she remained in the limelight through the on and offs of their relationship, while he didn’t. If anything I would say he was “Giselle’s boyfriend” and not the other way around. A very good actor, sure, but he would’ve fallen off the radar a lot sooner if it weren’t for her.

Adriana, Heidi, and Giselle are the most beautiful VS models by far, in my opinion. Alessandra is sweet in that girl-next-door way, but not in the same category as them.

Bugs on

Joanna i disagree completely about DiCaprio. He’s one of the most versatil and respected actors of his era and gimme a break, that is no thanks to Giselle. Now that’s the oddest thing i’ve heard about him. He changes gf’s like changing socks and believe me, he’s still Leonardo DiCaprio. And i’m not even his fan. Bue seriously there’s something wrong with you if you say he’s what it is because of Giselle!! I mean, Hello?

fuzibuni on

Saying that Gisele is not beautiful is a bit like saying “I’m not into architecture” whist standing in front of Chartres.

Also, keep in mind that modeling does require actual skill. You need to have talent and personality. It’s akin to acting, but in still images, and it’s not enough to be merely gorgeous.

As marina wrote earlier, if you’ve worked with her, or know anyone who has, they will tell you why Gisele makes all the money.

This aside… I will admit to being jealous as well… her entire pregnancy wardrobe has been a lesson in maternity chic. She looks flawless, has a great husband and a darling step son. Plus she’s rich and beautiful. It can be a lot to swallow!

Ally on

Bugs & Joanna both are wrong. Its dumb to say they got famous from eachother cause he was already a famous actor & she was already a top model. Then they got even more famous from Titanic & Victoria Secret.

Kristi on

There is also Betty being a nickname for Elizabeth. And I have a uncle named James who’s nickname is Chip(I’m not sure if that is common or just a family thing with us).

cassie on

i wish i could look that good with one month left

Bugs on

Ok, it’s fine, i’ll give Giselle good credit for her fame. She’s got the looks, i still have a problem with her personality and charm that other models have. But damn she’s got the looks, i’ll give her that. But please, don’t say that DiCaprio is where he is because of her, cause that’s really laughable.

amee on

I saw a few mentions of how “Jack” is for “John” and other ways names change… and I’ll just throw in a lot of the names change because it was so common (still is) to have duplicate names in a family, i.e., the father is John and so is the son, so you go for something different, but similar. Ditto with Sarah and Sally, or Margaret and Molly. It just made it easier to tell the difference between family members with the same names.

Autumn on

Wow I would never have guessed Giselle’s as far along as they say she is because her baby belly is so small! (LOL! Does anyone remember when Bridget was pregnant with John and her baby belly stuck straight out, like a footall? lol! I think she even went to the gym a few days before she gave birth.)

Ally on

People, a fashion model has nothing to do with a comercial model. VS models usually are comercial, which means stunning beautiful and tha’s it. A fashion model has to be extremelly beautiful but has to know how to act, how to be a different person in every add, how to correnspond to the expectations of every designer, and so on… That’s why some of the greatest top models can be considered not that pretty.
But in my opinion, people say Gisele is not that pretty not beacause of that
But beacause, on her everyday, she dress like a mortal, doesn’t put on some make up, and barelly goes out, so we can see her dressed up…

Kasee on

ErykaWynter, if it makes you feel any better I am 6’0 tall and yes, very skinny, but I also am very limited as to where I can buy pants, and you get to wear the cutest shoes! More than a 2″ heel and I feel like Godzilla attacking Tokyo…

Anyways, I think that Giselle is gorgeous, BECAUSE she looks different. There are many people with classically beautiful faces, especially when enhanced with makeup. She is striking looking, and that is why she stands out. And trust me, I have seen many a great looking guy with what most people consider to be an “average” looking girl because, shocker, they actually love who that girl is on the inside!

All Women Stalker on

This is a wonderful photo. They should frame this. 😀


CelebBabyLover on

Kristi- Good point. That reminds me of two other examples of a nickname that doesn’t sound like the name it’s a nickname for: Bessie and Betsy for Elizabeth (granted, Bessie and Betsy sound a bit more like Elizabeth than Betty does, but they still don’t sound THAT much like Elizabeth!). 🙂

Jennifer on

She has NO thigh and a$$ weight at all…grrr! So jealous! Wish I looked like that pregnant lol. She’s beautiful!

dawn on

My daughter is named after my grandmother and it was actually HER who suggested Sarah for Sally. And Jack is adorable, I just wish that they had respected Bridgette a little longer. She said in MANY interviews while she was pregnant even, that she didn’t want Jack to be raised in the media. That being said, Tom IS his father and has the right to do things with him that Brigette may not always like. Great picture of them, though.

Sage on

I love Gisele so much and can’t wait to see the baby! She is just so awesome with Jack.

I know Bridgette didn’t want Jack to be raised in the media. But the fact is Tom and Gisele are more famous then she is so that is a little hard when they are with them. The Paps are going to follow them more.

CelebBabyLover on

Sage- I agree completely! I mean, what are Tom and Gisle supposed to do? Keep Jack indoors all the time when he’s with them? They can and should be allowed to go places with him when he’s with them! 🙂

Laura on

Jack is SO CUTE! Gisele looks amazing. She doesn’t have “classic” looks, which is why she is pretty.

Ashleigh on

To say that VS models are mostly commercial is not true. Maybe years ago but not anymore. Adriana Lima, for example has walked the runway for numerous designers including Valentino and Emanuel Ungaro while Doutzen Kroes has done the same for various individuals including Gucci and Escada. The entire lineup of VS Angels has a very impressive runway and print resume.

Gisele is completely versatile and has had an amazing career. She makes smart decisions when it comes to her work and that’s why she’s been so incredibly successful.

Linda on

I love Gisele… she is gorgeous.

Jessica on

Gisele is probably considered a top model because she has such a unique look! Generally speaking, top models are not considered classically beautiful. They need something to set them apart! Gisele is incredibly gorgeous and their baby is going to get an overload of amazing genes from both sides! Jack is sooo adorable as well! I see a lot of Bridget in him!

Soph on

I know that Nellie and Ned are short for ‘Mine Elizabeth’ and ‘Mine Edward’, which are mediaeval. The others I don’t know.
My son is James, but we call him Jimmy and always have done.

She’s tiny. I wonder what the baby’s weight will be

Candice on

Little Jack is so darn cute. He looks like Daddy for sure.