Kate Hudson Recalls Ryder's Face Painting Fiasco

11/19/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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A dedicated mother — who tells Madison magazine that nights out on the town are always cut short due to her 7 a.m. wake-up calls from her 5 ½-year-old son Ryder RussellKate Hudson‘s parenting (and negotiating!) skills were recently put to the test.

Calling her son “such a smartypants,” the actress laughs that her mother Goldie Hawn‘s predictions that her grandson would be nothing short of a future “director…in charge” have been proven correct!

“We went to this birthday party recently where all the children were getting their faces painted and everybody was saying, ‘I want to be Spiderman’ or ‘Batman’ and the girls were saying, ‘I want to be pretty,'” Kate says.

“And Ryder said, ‘I want a red face and I want white around the eyes, I want a white mouth, I want spikes, and I want yellow dots on each spike.’ And I said, ‘Honey, what is that?’ He replied, ‘My creation.'”

And when the face painter “didn’t do it exactly the way he wanted it,” Ryder was the first to notice!

Minding his manners, Ryder kept his disappointment to himself, but was quick to point it out later during a phone chat with dad Chris Robinson. “I said, ‘Tell Daddy about your face.’ And he told Chris, ‘She did it totally wrong,'” recalls Kate. When prompted further by his mystified mama, Ryder elaborated, “They’re not mountain peaks, they’re hills. They’re not peaks, they’re not sharp.”

While Kate reassured her son the work of art was top-notch, her comforting words didn’t quite do the trick! “I said, ‘Honey, but they look great,'” she insisted.

“And he said, ‘No mum, look — they’re hills.’ Oh yeah, he knows what he wants!”

Source: Madison

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Casey on

Thatis great!!!! i love when hey really start knowing what they want!!! truly becomming a lil man!! She seems like such a wonderful mom, super fresh and hip!!!too precious!!!!

Stephany on

Such a cute story!

Chris on

I am pleasantly surprised that he minded his manners and didn’t say anything to the face painter about his disappointment! 🙂

Pamela on

I think what I love most about this is that although Ryder was disappointed, Kate said “he kept it to himself.” That shows great parenting, in my opinion, that Ryder knows how to be polite at a young age. I love Kate!!!

g!na on

oh boy! I painted faces at my niece’s party. I’m no artist it was just some simple face painting with wiskers etc. I would hate to have to pant a face for a little perfectionist! lol. cute story but a kid never being satisfied with anything would drive me crazy. lol.

Liz on

Cute story, cute cute cute kid.

But did Kate actually say “mum”? That’s so English. I have a hard time imagining her son calling her mum. She’s so laid back, California girl — not prim & proper Anglophile.

Madison is an Aussie mag – they may have adjusted her quote.

– CBB Staff

Molly on

Thats cute!!! My nephew is the same way!!

Liz on

Thanks for that insight and clarification CBB!

mamabear on

That story is HYSTERICAL! Love it! Love it that he’s well mannered too – not bratty at all 🙂

Victoria on

I was raised in North America (I’m 31 now) but I still call my mom ‘mum’. It’s just another cute nickname 🙂