Nicole Sullivan Recounts 'Cell Phone Incident' With Sons

11/18/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

The presence of brotherly love in Nicole Sullivan‘s household is still up in the air. Although the actress and her husband Jason Packham made the decision to let nature take its course between their sons Dashel Pierce, 2 ½, and Beckett Edward, 11 weeks, she tells Celebrity Baby Blog the sibling pair are still on shaky ground.

“There was an incident with a cell phone on the head, but other than that [Dashel] is doing pretty well,” she shared while attending the March of Dimes 4th Annual Celebration of Babies luncheon. “All I know is I looked over and there was a cell phone on the baby’s head and the baby was crying. I was like, ‘Well, I don’t know how that went down.'”

However, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel! “He laughs at him and thinks he’s funny,” Nicole says of toddler. Hopeful that their relationship will improve with time, the mother-of-two can’t help but envision her future filled with trips to the hospital.

“Listen, they’re going to be wrestling, I’m going to be taking them to the emergency room. Who am I kidding. They are going to be fighting all the time, but that’s what it’s all about.”

Despite a few bumps in the road, motherhood has been smooth sailing the second time around. As she’s no longer “freaking out every two seconds,” a “much more relaxed” Nicole has shifted her priorities, focusing her attention on the future of her family.

“Before I had kids, I would be out nursing a hangover, hanging out going to breakfast,” she admits, “and instead I’m here dedicating my time to making sure the world is a better place. That’s because I want my kids to grow up somewhere where they learn to give back.”

For Dashel, his gift to the world may be his ability to keep his audience laughing! The Rita Rocks star reveals that her “hilarious” first-born is following in his parents footsteps, however, unfortunately Nicole is often the butt of the joke! “My son is already doing bits and it irritates me,” she confesses. “He’s already laughing at me and I’m like you know, how dare you not fall far from the tree.”

Beckett has kept his mama smiling as  well — baby boy is gurgling the occasional “agoo,” much to Nicole’s delight.

“Listen, that’s not much, but when you’re a mom, it’s pretty exciting. It’s like a two-syllable word.”

Click below to learn how Nicole and Jason picked their sons’ names.

With classic names like Dashel and Beckett for her boys, Nicole understands that she’s created an image of a literature-lover for herself. The assumption, however, couldn’t be further from the truth! After choosing Dashel for her son — inspired by author Dashiell Hammitt — Nicole and Jason were hoping to follow the trend.

“Literally the only things I read are [magazines]. That’s all I read. So it sounds like we read books, but we really don’t. We just did an author theme so we have Beckett and Dashel.”

As for more children, Nicole is finished delivering babies — but hasn’t completely closed the doors to further family expansion. “We talked about adopting a lot,” she shares. “We’ll see how we feel after we let this new one come in.”

That said, the thought of having to return to diapers once her sons are older is a bit daunting! “Going back to diapers once you are out of diapers is a tricky thing, but it’s great,” Nicole says. “I feel like I want to get back to me here and it gets trickier and trickier as you get older.”

— Anya with reporting by Tiffany Matloob

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Sarah M. on

My cousin has 4 boys, ranging from 2 to 10. One of them spent the night at the hospital after falling off of the slide at Chucky Cheese. Another got stitches over his left eye after falling off of the counter and having a pot fall on his head. Another broke his arm and had to have surgery to make sure they didn’t have to put a pin in his elbow. They are all monkey’s!! Climbing on EVERYTHING. Needless to say, my cousin has been to the ER on more than one occasion!!

Angela on

Boys will be boys. When my son turned two, I couldn’t turn my back on him for a second. I survived the toddler stage and he’s now the father of an very active two year old. LOL

katie on

Sounds like my daughter. My husband and I have to watch her like a hawk around her five month old brother. When he was three months old, I had just returned home from work. My son was in his bouncer and, from what I thought, my daughter was in the middle of the room, playing with a toy. I turned around to pick up a few of the kid’s items and less than 15 seconds later, I heard my son start whaling. My daughter was standing right by him and I heard a book fall to the floor. She ended up chucking one of hers at him and the corner made a good sized gash on his forehead.