Michael and Lily Sheen: All Smiles!

11/18/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Although Lily Mo Sheen was initially less than thrilled about dad Michael Sheen‘s role as Aro in New Moon, the 10 ½-year-old was all smiles at Monday night’s premiere!

Held at the Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif., the premiere drew a number of celebs.

Lily is Michael’s only child with ex-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale.

New Moon hits theaters Friday.

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kelsey on

What a precious photo! They look so much alike!

Gretchen on

She is a beauty! Wow!!!

Chris on

They have identical smiles!

Sandra on

Wow does she look like her dad. I see her mom too, but very much dad.

sasha on

Such an adorable picture
And Michael is looking good! lol

fuzibuni on

what a charming pair!
Lily looks like she is on top of the world.

Robin on

Always wondered what her father looked like, since she doesnt resemble Kate that much. She is his carbon copy. Cant wait to see New Moon!!

Lisa on

Wow, he can never disown her! She looks just like him!

Renee on

Oh My!!! I don’t know if I have ever seen a father and daughter look so much alike!! What a cute family.

Elle on

I agree they look a lot alike but she has that natural beauty like her mom. Kate is a very beautiful woman! Michael has a more manly rigid look but Lily is just stunning.

I♥CBB on

She is a really cute child even though her behavior as of late has been less than stellar!

Allison on

Wow she looks exactly like both of them!

Natasha on

Well that’s where she gets her looks! LOL she looks exactly like him!

Electra on

Wow she doesn’t resemble Kate at all. Pretty dress, I usually don’t like little girls in black dresses but it fits the occasion!

Torre on

WOW! Daddy’s beautiful little twin!

JMO on

REally? I see more Kate in her then her father. She’s very cute.

Jenn on

I guess she got over kicking him about taking this role huh?

stephanie on

Lucky lady!

Candy on

Wow! We usually see Lily with Kate. Not until she is standing next to Michael do you realize how much daughter looks like Dad. Adorable…. both!

Molly on

She’s his mini-me!!

Jennifer on

I see a lot of her Dad in her when she’s with her mom but here I see a lot of her Mom in her. She’s the perfect blend of both. Such a nice picture of the two of them!

NikNak on

I see a lot of Kate as well. She definitely has her eyes.

mamabear on

I, too always remarked that Lily looked nothing like her mom, Kate Beckinsdale, so I googled Michael Sheen a while back…and whoa…she’s ALL him. No denying who HER dad is!

This photo is really lovely 🙂

Emily on

what about her behaviour? That’s not a nice thing to say, and I think she’s sooo much like her MUM!

CelebBabyLover on

I love how she actually looks her age, rather than being dressed like a teenager. 🙂

Barbara on

I say, no need for a DNA test for these two!

This extended family is great. I love to see pictures of all of them together, Kate, Michael, Lily and Len.

Patrice on

Wow, I always thought that Lily looked just like Kate until now!! So nice to see them out together as it doesn’t happen (at least not publicly) very often : )

Kat on

wow… when she’s with her Mom, I’ve always thought she’s all Kate… but WOW… now that I’ve seen her with her dad, it’s clear she’s a great mix of both… I can still see Kate in her, but wow do I see the resemblence

Jen DC on

I always wanted to see exactly this picture! OK, obviously Mom’s eyes and cheekbones, but the nose – even down to the fact that it’s slightly off center – is Dad! And so’s her smile. She’s very pretty.

Basil on

Emily, I know her mother isn’t planning to have more children because she claims Lily doesn’t want any siblings. So either Kate’s lying to divert why she really doesn’t want more children and by extension is making her daughter look selfish OR Kate is bowing to her child’s wishes on a decision that is none of Lily’s business. After all, Lily won’t want her mother meddling in her childbearing decisions when she’s an adult, so she should stay out of her mom’s childbearing decisions now. Either way, I think Kate should keep those family issues within the family. The stories aren’t cute and they make everyone look disfunctional.

CelebBabyLover on

Basil- I don’t think that’s the only reason Kate isn’t going to have more kids. I believe she’s also said that she and Len are perfectly content without having kids together, and possibly even that she doesn’t want more kids herself. As for why she said that in the first place….I’m sure that, in interviews, she always gets asked if she’s going to have more children, just like all female celebs of child-bearing age seem to.

So she was simply answering the interviewer.

Molly on

Lily is so darling – and I love how all three of her parents absolutely dote on her! She sounds like such a smart, funny girl. I still see Kate in her, but I never realized just how much she looks like Michael!

Alice on

Basil wow, do you not get humour at all in interviews?

Anyway about the child issue, Kate said that if Lily was begging for a sibling she’d be more inclined, but that they were happy as they were and she wants to work more now that Lily is older and needs her less. Now yes, she joked about Lily not wanting a sibling at all but never did she say that she and Len really wanted a baby. The kid can voice her opinion about it don’t you think? It’s always the parent’s decision in the end.

HoneyB on

Lily is gorgeous…and she has ALWAYS been the very image of her father…a little female Michael!

I♥CBB on

Emily-When she found out that her dad was going to be in the movie she liked threw a tantrum and like kicked him. Not becoming of a girl going into young adulthood. It may not be nice but it’s accurate.