Keith Urban Sightsees With Sunday

11/18/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

With mom Nicole Kidman busy promoting her upcoming movie Nine, Keith Urban is happily on daddy duty, spending Tuesday sightseeing in New York with 16-month-old daughter Sunday Rose.

We love the pigtails!

Sunday wears Ugg Classic Boots in Sand ($95).

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Jennie on

Wow, she is beautiful! She’s getting so big…seems like only yesterday that she was even born, time really flies I guess!

maryjane on

she is getting so big, she looks very tall for her age. Very cute too

Alexis on

Love her tights and uggs!

Shannon on

Aww, she is soo sweet! I love her pigtails. What an adorable little girl (and majorly hot daddy!)

Lila on

She looks like her dad, not so much her mom. But she is a cutie (and so is he!).

Lisa on

Love the “piggies”…. too cute! She looks very stylish in her outfit as well……. πŸ˜‰

Cammie on

she has such long legs! She’s going to be tall like her mom!

Cara on

aww, she is an absolute doll. Love how she is dressed.

maggie on

i am LOVING all the Kidman/Urban posts at the moment people!

Bren on


urbanadventurertales on

What a cute outfit. She looks a lot like Keith! I saw Nicole on Oprah this morning and she seems so happy living in Nashville with Keith and Sunday. I would love to see their house!

Niko on

Wow, Sunday is officially one of the cutest celebrity babies!. Looks mostly like Keith, but for the first time ever, I’m seeing traces of Nicole in her. And she’s getting big!

Philippa on

She’s so cute! And she looks a lot like Nicole now πŸ˜€

Iβ™₯CBB on

She looks JUST like Nicole.

deb on

Sunday Rose is just so cute. I love this family.

Gretchen on

wow isn’t she a doll!? i think she has grown in to her looks and hair now! love her outfit and her fair skin, this isn’t a toddler thats slathered in sunblock and sent outside all day!

Carolina on

I can’t really see Sunday’s face well in this photograph. It’s a side shot so I don’t know who she looks like. Nicole Kidman almost glows in the She’s got gorgeous creamy milk white skin, but she is very fair-complected. Is she truly a redhead or is she blonde? IMO Sunday doesn’t look as fair as her mother, has more of her dad’s coloring.

trish on

Super,super Cute, Sunday looks like her Daddy!!

Brooke on

I think Sunday used to be Keith’s clone, but as she is getting older, I definitely see Nicole in her now. I love her piggies!

Daisy1 on

How’d that happen? The other day there was a pic of her and she was still a lil baby and now she looks like such a big girl.
I love her outfit. Definatley see a resemblence to Nicole.

Brooklyn on

Adorable! I love her outfit! So much fun πŸ™‚

TinaC on

Ahhh…this little girl is so lucky to have a daddy to take time out to spend with her in a good way. Alot of parents don’t or can’t make time for their children. This makes me happy to see that Keith is doing just what he should. He sure does seem to love being in the role of being a father. It suits him. And Sunday Rose is adorable just as her name is.

Melissa on

So…$95.00 Uggs for a 15 month old is reasonable but Suri’s $162.00 ballet flats are not? Is $95.00 the limit on kids shoes?

Sadie on

Uggs are a little more useful than ballet flats, wouldn’t you say? One is a fashion statement, the other is to keep the feet warm.

Patricia on

What a cutie!

I looooove her tights and little uggs πŸ™‚

VEO on

i have never seen her up close. she is so gorgeous! perfect blend of both parents IMO

Jennifer on

I had never seen her really up close in previous photos but they are right..she looks like Keith but has Nicole’s skin tone. She’s very pretty.

I do NOT understand why so many on this site argue and make comments about the cost of these kids clothes, shoes, etc. They have celebrity parents, worth millions of dollars a lot of the time. Yeah, it’s nice to think that they buy things from Target and Wal-Mart, and I’m sure some of them do, but of course they are going to buy expensive things like Uggs, roll them around town in Bugaboo strollers, etc., too. Why is this SUCH a surprise and shock to some people on here? These are kids of celebs, born into privilege, living in a different world in a way, right or wrong. You are not going to see them in cheaper items all the time, and if I had the money, I would splurge sometimes, too. I venture to say many would if they had the money. Come on and give these parents some slack already! They are not going to buy like the non-celeb, unrich people of the world do. It’s just a fact….so get over it already!

Jane on

Soooo cute! She looks just like her Daddy. I love her little uggs.

Ply on

Spending money is good for the economy!

Jeni on

If I had the money (and kids) I’d be spoiling them with nice stuff too. What celebrities buy is their own business, they have the money to spend so why not?

I love Sunday’s outfit, so cute and that coat looks so soft. I can definitely see a mix of both parents. And Keith looks so content (in interviews and the like) with fatherhood, it’s done him well. It’s good to see him (and Nicole, though I was first a fan of Keith’s) happy with life =)

Rye on

Wow! She is SUCH a clone of her daddy!!!

Lisa on

Sadie… I kind of think the other way about the UGGS, I think Suri will be able to wear her shoes all year long where Sunday can only really wear her UGGS this winter and then she will out grow them. When I see photos of Suri, I see her wearing ballet type shoes when she isn’t wearing her “heels”…. tee heee

Sadie on

Kate, I’m not making a statement for or against. I just think comparing $95 ugg boots to $162 ballet flats is like comparing apples with oranges.
Why? Well, as a mother of three small kids, I have no qualms about splurging on expensive, thick winter coats or uggs, because they serve a practical purpose.
But spending $162 on a fashion item for a 3-year-old? That I wouldn’t do. Of course that’s just me, and what the Cruises do is their business.
I’m not surprised at all that it riles some people up, though. Celebs can spend their money anyway they choose, but there are kids in the world who don’t have even the cheapest pair of shoes to protect their feet. That’s why such excess is never going to sit right with some people.

Carrie Jo on

Wow, I can’t believe how big she’s getting! What a cutie!

Anne on

I think Sunday looks like her dad but I have noticed that she also looks like Bella Nicole’s daughter with Tom Cruise.

Sadie on

BTW, if you want to see some video footage and pics of Nicole as a little girl, check out
As you can see, Sunday looks exactly like Nicole did around the same age!
It’s a great interview, done by an Australian journalist called Peter Overton, who grew up next door to Nicole in Sydney.

Vanessa on

Nicole is a natural redhead. Here’s a photo of how she used to look:

CelebBabyLover on

Sunday DOES look like Nicole now, and it looks like she’s going to be tall, just like her mommy! πŸ™‚

Love it on

She definately looks like her handsome daddy, but has her mommas beautiful long legs!

Ann Johnson on

Very Precious little girl and lovely to see a Daddy be hands on. Keith always says how happy he is, and at this time in his life, “Who wouldn’t Wanna Be Him”.

Sheri on

Be still my heart … how hot is Keith in this picture!!! And little Sunday is his exact clone. They are such a sweet, happy family πŸ™‚ And I have had a mad crush on him for years πŸ™‚

Kaitlyn on

Sunday is adorable! I don’t think it’s fair to judge parents by what their children are wearing. For all we know, their clothing could have been a gift or hand-me-downs.

Gloria on

Oh I love these kinds of pictures!!! Beautiful little girl and gorgeous Daddy spending time together!! I love this family!!

Merlin on

Very cute baby and big for her age.

amelia on

Sunday Rose is the spitting image of her daddy, Keith…adorabable!!!

Gabbadoo on

Exactly Jennifer, you said it perfectly. Although I might not spend $90.00 on baby shoes, that will be totaly useless within months, these celebrities have that luxury. They do have miliions…and when there are 2 parents that earn those millions then why not spend that much on your child. They earned the money and they should be able to enjoy spending it on whatever they please…and not have a bunch of nits criticize it. Go earn your own millions and shop wherever you wish πŸ™‚

Farrah on

Wow I didn’t know she was that old!! So cute!! love her boots!

kathy allen on

those cute little uggs sunday is wearing caught my eye. i just recently learned that merino sheep used in the production of uggs employs inhumane and gruesome methods to keep the sheep from getting fly strike. look at the video pink did for peta. i’m not a huge peta fan, but this video is gross. if it’s too violent for you, at least read the article.

mominmacomb on

$95 for a pair of child’s boots? I don’t care how wealthy you are, that is just pure ignorance! Donate that $95 to those less fortunate instead and purchase shoes for a price that makes sense when the child is going to grow out of them quickly anyway!

Lynn on

Tell them, Sadie. Go girl! “Heels” for a 3 yr old? I don’t think so! It’s not the “price”, it’s the season of the year. Boots are for winter especially in a cold place, isn’t it?

CelebBabyLover on

mominmacomb- How do you know that they don’t also donate quite a bit of money to charity?

Anne- Which is funny, since Bella is adopted and therefore not genetically releated to Sunday. πŸ™‚

Ply on

“$95 for a pair of child’s boots? I don’t care how wealthy you are, that is just pure ignorance! Donate that $95 to those less fortunate instead and purchase shoes for a price that makes sense when the child is going to grow out of them quickly anyway!”

Spending $95 on shoes helps the economy. It’s their money that they earned and they don’t OWE money to charity anymore than the rest of us do.

Faye McKee on

Sunday is so precious and love the outfit. Love seeing a man holding his precious little girl too. There is just something so sweet about it. Keith is great and everytime he comes to Columbus OH I go to see him in concert. Great picture.

willa on

Is it just me or is this the first picture we’ve seen of this kid since she was born?

Randa on

What a sweet pic!! Hangin out with her daddy!! such a little cutie pie!!

jenny on

Anne: you do realize Bella is adopted?

Ronda on

Sunday Rose is really getting big! She is a beautiful mix of her daddy and mom. I also think she will probably have Nicole’s countenance as she gets older. Great seeing more of Keith and Sunday out and about. The role of daddy suits him well!

Precious child, indeed! So happy for Keith and Nicole, too. They seem so much in love and very happy in their lives.

CelebBabyLover on

willa- It’s just you. We’ve seen lots of pictures of Sunday since her birth!

brannon on

wow. some of you people amaze me. if i want to spend money on my child’s clothes – and as much of it as i want – how does that affect you? other than stimulating the economy of course. you guys keep shopping at wal mart and leave the rest of us alone.

sarah in the UK on

Brannon, I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!

When used these item could well be donated to charity etc..

Also if anyone here complaining had any sense you know if you sold them on some auction site etc. you would get some money back and the cost or the fact the child grows out of it so quickly wouldn’t look so unreasonable!!