Karolína Kurková Steps Out With Tobin!

11/17/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Santiago Baez/Ramey

Out and about with their new addition, Karolína Kurková and fiancé Archie Drury were spotted strolling in the Big Apple with 2 ½-week-old son Tobin Jack on Saturday.

The trio were walking back from Whole Foods, where they picked up some groceries.

Karolína wears Tobin in an ERGObaby Carrier in Black with Camel Lining ($105) and an Infant Insert in Natural ($25).

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martina on

Awwww, they look so happy.

Sara on

They do loook happy, but isn’t it odd that she is carrying the baby AND the groceries? The groceries probably aren’t heavy, but what happened to chivalry? 🙂 love the name Tobin!

Mandy on

Congrats to them. I have an Ergo with liner and it is the best thing when you have a newborn, although I have to admit it took quite a bit of time to figure out the liner part. Anyways, is it just me or should her husband be carrying those bags for her? She is carrying the baby AND the groceries and he is free handed, lol. My husband would NEVER let that happen, especially after just having a baby. Well she looks gorgeous after having her baby and she seems to be glowing!

steph on

i admit i thought the same thing, her with the baby and the groceries and her man with his hands in his pocket with a big smile on his face…lol


Jessica on

yay! i love seeing celebs using the ergo

Caroline on

Start helping Archie !!!

MCC on

Archie looks like Luke Wilson! I agree he should be carrying the groceries too!

fuzibuni on

haha! I didn’t even notice that he wasn’t carrying the groceries.
maybe carolina is like me… I would have just picked up the bag without thinking about it. Chivalry is nice, but I don’t wait for guys to carry my things and open doors for me.

That said, I agree it doesn’t look very good for Archie in the photo… but lets give the guy a break… maybe it was just a short walk to the car and the bag was light.

lucy80 on

shocked that at 2 weeks postpartum she is carrying the baby AND the groceries, while his hands idle in his pockets…

Tia on

Two weeks postpartum I was carrying baby, grocery and lots of other stuff. And just because – again – we see a milisecond snapshot of their life does not mean that her husband is this terrible person that “made” her carry both the baby and the big, bad groceries. For all we know he offered and she refused.

MissMissy on

From a different perspective–the more weight you carry, the more calories you burn while doing everyday activities. This could be part of a very gentle routine to get back into shape. It’s one of my everyday strategies, because it’s the little things that make the difference in the long run.

That’s speculation, mind, but I don’t think that it’s necessary to say that the husband looks bad for not carrying the groceries–we don’t actually know what transpired in their grocery carrying lives…

Mari on

You can’t carry anything very heavy off your forearm for very long. (try it).

Maybe they’re looking so happy because the paps aren’t getting a pic of the baby. :p lol.

Casey on

Well besides what everyone is saying about archie, i think that they both look very happy!! i wish them the best of luck on this huge milestone in their lives!!!!

Jessica on

Lol, I read this post this morning, and the first thing I thought when I saw it was, “I wonder how long it’s going to take for someone to complain she’s carrying the baby AND the groceries” What’s the big deal? Petty are we?

lydia on

Yes he does look like Owen Wilson, and I don’t like the way he has his hands in his pockets while she is carrying everything! Also isn’t it a bit soon for the baby to be in an upright position?

Tia on

Lydia – why on Earth would it be too soon for the baby to be in an upright position? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m sincerely asking the reasoning. I’ve had two children and never heard a word about them not being upright!

mrsh on

I’m also confused why a baby wouldn’t be allowed in an upright position. How odd. My daughter had GERD from birth, and only did well when she was upright. I’ve never heard that any baby shouldn’t be upright.

Xan on

I had to laugh when I saw the pic because I wondered if anyone would notice the thing about the baby and the bag. Half the time, my boyfriend absently walks out of the supermarket leaving me with the majority of the bags, only to realize suddenly what’s happened and snatch the bags away very very apologetically. This is probably what happened in this case. I mean, the man IS sleep deprived as well, I’m sure 🙂

Selena on

If she were to carry her baby without the ERGO, say on her shoulder which seems to be a very natural position to carry a newborn, baby would be upright. I don’t think I ever recall anyone in my family holding a newborn any other way than on the shoulder with a cloth diaper draped over as a burp cloth. Pediatricians highly recommend the ‘Kangaroo Care’ position. It used to be used primarily for preemies and NICU babies, but now it is encouraged for full-term babies as well.

Congrats to them both. They looked thrilled!

CelebBabyLover on

Doesn’t anyone actually read the posts anymore? Archie is her fiance’, not her husband.

Anyway, wouldn’t read too much into this. Like someone said, maybe he offered to carry the grocerys and she refused!

As for Lydia’s comment- I think she was maybe referring to the fact that it’s way too early for him to be able to hold his head up, and his head may not be supported in an upright position like that. I thought the same…until I clicked on the “infant insert” link and saw that the insert actually cradles the baby’s head supportivly. 🙂

Rebecca on

can he not carry the groceries. she just got an infant and all…..

Jessi on

I’m just looking into carriers/slings. Is that a normal price for carriers/slings? I was just wondering. I’ll be baby-wearing my baby, so I was wondering.

I bet he is adorable!

mrsh on

Jessi – Most carriers are around $100. The Ergo is a really good quality carrier that can continue to comfortably hold a baby into the higher weight ranges. You’d get a lot more “life” out of the Ergo than you would a Baby Bjorn, for example. Slings run a bit less than the carriers, but not all babies like being in a sling. My daughter never liked slings, but she likes carriers. She’s 8-months old now, about 16 lbs, and we still use our Ergo occasionally when she’s cranky and wants to be held. If you want to do baby-wearing (which is a great thing to do, especially in the first several months!), I would recommend purchasing a ring sling (they are a bit easier to adjust to comfortably hold the baby) and an Ergo carrier, for when your baby gets a bit bigger.

Jessi on

mrsh: thank you so much! I have always wanted to baby-wear and now that the opportunity is here I can!