Gavin and Zuma Rossdale Sling It

11/17/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Elias Feldman/Broadimage

Headed to a pal’s house for a playdate on Sunday, Gavin Rossdale slings son Zuma Nesta Rock, 14 months, as they make their way down the sidewalk.

Once Zuma was on his own two feet, mom Gwen Stefani adjusted his shirt while baby boy munched on a cookie.

Meanwhile, big brother Kingston James McGregor, 3, zoomed to his friend’s home ahead of his parents!

Zuma wears Dittany Baby SkidPants in Zazzle ($10; sold out) and sneakers by Creative Rec ($60), while Gavin wears a New Native Pouch in Black Twill ($42).

See two more photos in the extended post!


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alice jane on

I’m pretty sure Zuma and Kingston are two of the cutest kids in Hollywood. And I love Zuma’s outfit!

sara on

Gwen wears THAT to a playdate??? I feel frumpy =) lol…

Brandi on

This family is so gorgeous. High five for baby wearing dads. 🙂 🙂

Sarah on

Gavin is one hot Dad…

karen the hypocrite I admit it! on

I admit I love looking at this sweet family I do wonder that it’s a bit intrusive as they seem to be photographed front on at what seems like every occasion they step out. Don’t they get annoyed?

momof3 on

Awesome! I’m going to wear those shoes to my son’s swimming lesson this evening…should turn a few heads. Just kidding. Only Gwen Stefani could get away with beribboned heel booties for a playdate. If I wore those it would be a mommy footwear FAIL.

HeatherR on

Oh.My.God. that picture of Gavin made my heart skip a beat to say the least! He is one gorgeous Daddy!

sam on

Cute cute cute boys – as always. However I think that lots of times their clothes look very uncomfortable, especially the pants. I’ve seen pictures of Kingston with very tight small jeans on and others of his pants falling down! These pictures of Zuma, well his little shorts look way too tight, sizes too small!

I♥CBB on

♥ this family!! Soooo adorable!!! 🙂

cassie on


Jennifer on

Just like Kingston looks just like Gavin, that baby is Gwen through and through!

Stephany on

Those first two photographs look like they belong in a magazine! Just gorgeous!

Selena on

I always love to see which sling they will use, Gwen and Gavin bring the rock to the world of babywearing. The fact that you rarely see them with a stroller is refreshing.

Amity on

Ok, of all the kids in Hollywood including Ryder Robinson, I think Kingston needs a haircut the most! His hair doesnt fall or sit almost looks like a toupe. He has an amazingly adorable face so I think a buzz would suit him well. And that streak of blonde thru his dark locks gives it the skunk effect. Why dye a childs hair anyway? Be happy with what you have.

crg on

Now that I use my sling, I can never understand how people can wear a sling like that on their necks- so uncomfortable!

urbanadventurertales on

Nothing cuter than a dad using a sling 🙂

Laymoona on

Omg, Zuma is just the cutest little baby I have ever seen. Hes gonna be a heartbreaker.

sar on

while i think they’re a lovely family, i can’t help but feel i’m contributing to the fact that they can’t even walk on a neighborhood sidewalk without cameras watching their every move 😦

elisa on

Wow, Zuma and Kingston are very diferent. I remember Kingston at Zuma’s age looked exactly like he’s now.
But they are all gorgeous, including mama and dad.

Karen on

I think it is just adorable the way Zuma is holding Gavin’s hand in the first picture, so cute!!!

shannon on

I have the blazer Gwen’s wearing in the photo with Zuma. And yes, I can dress it up AND dress it down.

The boys are growing like weeds! Kingston looks more and more like Gavin while Zuma is all Gwen.

Shelley on

So awesome to see a daddy wearing a sling, hopefully this will inspire other dads to be as hands-on. There’s nothing sexier than a man equally involved with his kids.

Rye on

Those boys are ALL Gwen to me. They look just like her! Especially Kingston!

Also, i don’t quite agree on his hair like a previous poster mentioned. I don’t think it’s out of control.I DO think that there are a lot of celeb kids that need cuts, Ryder Robsinson included and Celine Dion’s son (not sure if he has had it cute yet?). I think, despite a child possibly “liking” the hair and not wanting it cut, it is too ambiguous at those ages and it’s confusing to people. I don’t find the hair offensive in any way at all, I just think it’s frustrating because at that age you can’t really tell if a child is a boy or a girl aside from the hair and the clothes. I don’t know…I just wouldn’t let my child’s hair grow super long. That said, I had long hair as a child and my mother told me she knew when she had to cut it because she took me out and had 3 people approach her and tell her what a beautiful daughter she had….I’m a guy.

Amber on

Love the shoes!

Mrs.B on

There should be a law that forbids buzz cuts on young kids. I’m a hairdresser and I gave many, many kids buzz cuts and most of them hate it and are so upset.

I love this family!!

stephanie on

High five indeed, Gavin looks HOT! Yummy scrummy boys 🙂

Patricia on

I love this family! Those boys are just to die for! Sooo adorable. They’re definitely going to be heart breakers when they grow up 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Rye- Actually, Ryder has had a trim. It’s evident in recent pictures of him. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I stand slightly corrected. I just looked at a recent picture of Ryder, and while he HAS had a bit of a trim, he DOES still have long hair. 🙂

Jessi on

I will be baby-wearing my children! I love the idea.

Jessi on

By the way what brand is that sling? I can’t seem to find any slings.

Carli on

I Love Zuma he is so cute!!

CelebBabyLover on

Jessi- It says at the bottom of the post that it’s a P-Sling. Click on where it says “P-Sling colors” to go to the P-Sling site. 🙂

Jessi on

CBL: I’m sorry! I didn’t see that. lol

CelebBabyLover on

Jessi- No problem! 🙂

NW Mamma on

This is an amazing family to be such good sports about all the photos that are taking of them all the time. So nice to see Gavin’s eyes for a change, he always seems to have sunglasses on. I now see Kingston has his eyes and good looks, While Zuma is such a cutie and looks alot like mom.

maggie on

zuma looks like gavin in the first pic. this family is so freaking cute