Joey Lawrence, Wife Expecting Second Daughter

11/13/2009 at 09:00 PM ET
Jen Lowery/Startraks

Whoa baby!

Joey Lawrence and his wife Chandie are expecting their second child, the actor tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Due April 3rd, the baby will be another girl, joining “very excited” big sister Charleston, 3 ½.

“I am Estrogen Man,” laughs Joey. “I’m from a family of all boys, and when I told my best friend Dave that my wife and I were having a second girl, he said, ‘Look at you, my best buddy Estrogen Man!'”

The latest addition to the Lawrence family will be named Liberty Grace, the actor shares. The first name “is something I’ve always loved,” Joey, 33, explains, while Grace is in honor of his grandmother, who passed away earlier this year.

While they’re awaiting Liberty’s arrival, Joey and wife Chandie — whom he wed in July 2005 — will be working with the Hot Moms Club to design their dream nursery. It will appear in Pregnancy magazine next year, along with a giveaway of a matching nursery. “I liked the idea of, ‘Let’s do something and let’s give something away,'” the Dancing With the Stars alum notes.

The actor will be keeping busy on the work front as well, with two projects in the pipeline this winter.

First up is a new ABC Family show Joey will also be executive producing, costarring Melissa Joan Hart. “This is my return to half-hour comedy,” the former Blossom star tells PEOPLE. “It’s about two characters forced into each other’s lives — the classic ‘I hate you, now I’m going to fall in love with you.'” With filming beginning later this month, the as-yet untitled show will air next summer.

Additionally, Joey will be traveling to Calgary in February to film My Mr. Everything, a TV movie he developed and describes as “along the lines of The Proposal.” Working with Wedding Crashers producer Andrew Panay, the actor expects the film to be ready for a holiday 2010 release on ABC Family.

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Natasha on

Congratulations to them! Little girls are just precious and it’s nice that Charleston will have a sister 🙂

Liliana on

Congrats to the three of them!

Lynn on

Congratulations to them!

I miss Joey on Brotherly Love. Actually, all three of the Lawrence brothers were on that show.

Rye on

awwwwwwwww congrats to the family!!! I’m sure she will be just as much of a daddy’s girl as Charlie is! How cute!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to them! Not loving the name, but as long as they like it, that’s all that matters.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations ….. very gorgeous family …. can’t wait to see the new addition

Erika on

Awww he sounds really sweet! I like the name Liberty Grace, it’s really pretty. I think there’s something so special about a little girl getting a new sister, I mean to have a brother is nice, but getting a sister is really special. It’s a great bond, so that’s really exciting for Charleston. 2 girls must be so much fun!

Angela on

Two sisters aren’t always a great bond. You hope it is, but sometimes it doesn’t end up that way.

Micheley on

I have always adored the name Liberty. I love that they will be naming their daughter this!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Angela, ITA. Sure, nice if it happens, but not a given, necessarily. I know several females (including myself) where the sisters aren’t necessarily close or great friends, etc. Sometimes can be opposites who clash, chalk & cheese, as in my case, and my female cousin and her older sister’s case. Having said that, no guarantees either way of course and they may turn out to be very close sisters, who knows? but just wanted to reiterate what Angela said. You can’t say 100% that’s the case, every family’s different. Nice for them that they have a little girl on the way (like the name Charlie for a girl).

Tracie on

What a lovely name – my daughter Oriana’s middle name is Liberty so I’m slight biased!

Alice on

Congrats to them, Charleston and Liberty sound so nice together! 😀

Jess from Ohio on

I actually really like the name Liberty. I always think of Juno’s little sister from “Juno”- LB, or Liberty Bell lol. I hadn’t seen Charleston since she was a little girl and my is she a cutie!

Jennie on

How wonderful! And Liberty sounds like a nice name too, I wonder if they’ll call her “Libby”?

Jennifer on

I just love the name Liberty Grace and think that’s such a good choice they made…so much prettier than the name “Charleston,” which I cannot stand!

Mia on

Liberty is a cute name, but I don’t like how names sound when the first name/last name have the same letter. Liberty Lawerence, too much of a mouthful, but regardless I’m sure she will be adorable.

robinepowell on

The first name isn’t so great, but they could call her Libby for short. 😉 Congrats to Joey and his wife!! Does anyone have an idea when baby #2 is due?

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I love the name Liberty. And it goes really well with Charleston!

Brooklyn on

@ robinepowell
It says she’s due on April 3rd. =)

Sarah M. on

robinepowell (#17) – It says in the post that Liberty is due on April 3rd.

I actually really like the name Liberty. I’m not sure that I’d ever use it myself, but I think it’s a very cute name! Grace is cute, but is used TOO often for a middle name for my taste. But the two sound great together! I also like Charleston. It can be shortened to Charlie, which her’s is, but is different than the usual Charlotte, Charlene, etc. So great for the family!!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Mia, you’re not alone, I don’t like the first & surnames starting with same letter either. Too much of a mouthful. Our son’s middle name is William, & as our surname ends in a ‘W’, definitely didn’t want Will/William as first name (not that I liked William enough as first name, preferred it as middle name anyhow), wasn’t keen on either of our kids having a W-starting first name.

robinepowell, it says April 3rd in the CBB article above announcing news.

Prefer Libby not Liberty.

marlee on

Charlie and Libby? Cute.

My two girls – the middle of my four kids – are almost five years apart. They couldn’t be closer and I enjoy watching them together every day!!

Summer on

Congrats to the Lawrence Family!!! I’m such a fan of the Lawrence boys!! Love the babys name!!

Lisa on

It’s hard for me to see Joey all grown up with kids. I remember him as a little boy on Gimme a Break when he was with Nell Carter. His little girl is just as cute as he was back them. By the way…. Wonder if he will ever let his hair grow out again? I use to loved his curls! 😉

Natasha on

Mia, actually Liberty doesn’t go by Lawrence I believe. I think when Louise married Haydn he became Liberty’s “Dad” and now she goes by Isted like her sister and brother.

Natasha on

LMAO I just realized that we were talking about Joey Lawrence. Louise Isted (Victoria Beckham’s sister) also has a daughter named Liberty Lawrence (but as I was saying, I think she goes by a different last name now).

SAR on

My sister and I were NOT close growing up. But then, unlike Charleston, my sister was not “excited” by my arrival. In fact, she was pretty ticked off.

I don’t think one can say that two brothers will get along better than two sisters; it’s really just chance. Some siblings get along famously, some fight like cats and dogs, regardless of gender.

Em on

Cute name! Congrats to the family.
I’m actually closer to my brother than sister. But we’re also only 18mo apart, whereas my older sister is 8 years older than me. We hardly grew up together.

Iz on

Mary- Helen ur sooo right!!!! It’s Dosnt matter if people hate the name it’s not their child it’s joeys and chandies

Ally on

I have a friend who always says that she is going to name her daughter Liberty Grace. I’m a little biased because of that, but I like the name. (:

ms. jaQ on

aw, i am happy for them. their daughter is about 1 month younger than my girl, and i expect another (girl? boy? we’ll see, eventually!) by early february. silly, perhaps, but i sure get a kick out of it when people have more than one child at thesame time as i do– my ex-SIL had her two kids within two months of my first ad second babies, and i have another online friend who has been due/given birth within one month of ALL my kids. 😀

congrats to joey and chandi!