Rod Stewart 'Closing the Office' After Eighth Child

11/11/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
De La Cruz/MostWanted

Eight is enough for Rod Stewart.

The singer, who has seven children, and third wife Penny Lancaster Stewart, 38, are hoping to add one more.

“Yes, we’re trying – we actually tried last night!” Rod, 64, told the British talk show GMTV. “One more and then we’re going to close the office.”

But there’s still work to do with the ones he’s got already. Rod, now promoting his latest album of R&B classics called Soulbook, said he is having trouble teaching soccer to his youngest son, Alastair Wallace, who will be 4 later this month.

“He’s just a sweet kid at the moment,” he said. “I did take him out on the football field the other day. He put all his Celtic stuff on, I said, ‘Come on, let’s get running out there,’ and he went, ‘Oh, there’s some flowers for Mummy – must collect them.'”

“He spent about two hours collecting flowers in a basket for his mum!”

— Simon Perry

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Sonya on

As much as I hope they have another baby (Alastair is the cutest), waaaay TMI Rod!

Beverley on

I think it’s unfair to bring a child into the world knowing that you can’t be there for him or her. If they are successful, he would be 83 before the child graduated high school, that is if he is still alive. Men’s life expectancy is only into the mid-70s, so Rod would probably not even be around then. That is not a fair situation to bring a child into. And just because there is a lot of money involved doesn’t mean that the poor baby wouldn’t need his father. And even if Rod lived past life expectancy, how is he expecting to do the things with the baby that kids want and need from their fathers like running around in the backyard and wrestling. Not fair.

bb on

Beverly, So it’s okay for Celine to have a baby with her husband, who is probably older than Rod Stewart. What makes it okay for them and not Rod and Penny?

I feel that all children are a blessing, and someone could be gone tomorrow, you just never know. I think if they want to have another child, then that’s all that matters. It is not our life!!

Good luck Rod and Penny!! BTW Alastair is a cutie!!

Bumbles on

Having watched Rod dancing on when he performed at the weekend on Strictly Come Dancing he’s certainly still pretty mobile and it was nice to see Penny perform a dance to go alongside his performance. I’m sure that they have not gone into this decision lightly and have discussed the fact that he is older than most new fathers – maybe it is more motivation for him to remain young. However, I agree way too much information Rod, especially at that time in the morning!!

Molly on

It’s not fair to criticize someone for bringing a child into a world where they *might* lose a parent. A 27 year old father could die in a car wreck days after his child is born. Rod could live to be 102. Who are we to judge someone who wants to and is financially and emotionally able to raise a child?

Molly on

The story about Alastair wanting to pic flowers for his mom instead of playing soccer/football is so cute!!!

Ply on

To be fair, a 64 year old has a much MUCH higher chance of dying when his child is young than a 27 year old father.

Chris on

Rod always reveals a little too much! 🙂

Natasha on

Whether or not Rod dies before the kid graduates, the point is that he can still be an amazing parent. Many grandparents raise their grandchildren as their own (for example) and those children end up with good relationships with them!

Rachel-Jane on

Woo go (Glasgow) Celtic! Alastair is adorable, and really looks like his half-siblings.

ahnteelala on

I completely agree with Molly. My husband suffered a stroke just 9 days after we had our son, and he was only 37 at the time. I thank God everyday that it wasn’t fatal and that he made a full recovery and that he’s still here to enjoy raising our son. Death doesn’t discriminate based on age.

Colleen on

Beverley, only dads can offer “running around and wrestling”? What about moms that do that?

kate on

I am trying for my second child too, and have a boy a similar age to Alistair… maybe me and Penny will be pregnant at the same time again!!

fuzzycupcake on

haha, rod ^^

jane on

It’s totally wrong to judge someone for having a child at this age because some kids actually lose their parents and their grandparents raise them, are you saying old people shouldnt take care of kids? actually Rod could live longer than the mom, we dont know what’s ahead of them and life is not that predictable. Bringing a child into this world is a personal thing and the guy has the money for it, and a loving wife, go for it Rod!

Beverley on

L’il Wayne has the money for it too, does that excuse 3 or 4 babies within a year. Not in my book.

Lau on

This is by far the cutest story I’ve read in a while. Adorable.

Audrey on

Jane, its not wrong at all. I feel it is wrong to bring a child into the world at that age, in fact I feel very strong about it simply because I was raised by my grandparents. I lost my grandmother who was like my mother and my best friend, at the age of 16, you cannot imagine how I felt, and now I am caring for my grandfather, who cannot take care of himself in my early 20’s. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on any child. Sure anyone can lose a parent, but to be 15 years old and 80 year old parent? ouch. I like Rod and Penny very much, and I do not doubt that they are wonderful parents, and I wish them the best, but I just wish all parents would seriously think about it first.

Alex on

Such a cute story!