Céline Dion Will Keep Trying for a Baby

11/11/2009 at 08:50 AM ET
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Céline Dion isn’t pregnant after all – but will keep on trying for a second child.

“We are living the reality of the majority of couples who have to use [IVF]. The process can be long and arduous,” Céline’s husband René Angélil, 67, told the Canadian paper Journal de Montreal of their failed attempts. “But today, we are full of confidence. Celine is more determined than ever.”

Forty-one-year-old Céline’s doctor announced that she was pregnant via in vitro fertilization very early in the process, and it is now revealed that the embryos transferred in August and October were unsuccessful.

“Dr. Zev Rosenwaks believed that the procedure/pregnancy took, but that wasn’t the case. We found out some days later. We were shocked,” said René.

They quickly tried again to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful, he added, “But you know Céline. She doesn’t let go.”

The couple have one “extraordinary” son, René-Charles, 8 ½, who was also conceived with the help of Rosenwaks, director of the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Center Medical Center.

“I admire all the women who go through such a tough process. Since April, she has undergone numerous examinations, multiple hormone injections and blood tests,” René told the paper, revealing the couple will go to New York this weekend for a third try. “Céline and I didn’t get discouraged … we put our faith in life and in the stars.”

— Julie Dam

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Beverley on

That’s a shame. Celine wants another baby so badly. Hopefully it will happen for them.

Perhaps their doctor shouldn’t have been making premature announcements because now this sadness is public knowledge, when it could have been something private that the world wasn’t sharing in.

Stéphanie on

That is really sad news. I really hope they finally have the second baby they’ve been wanting for so long.
Céline is a really strong woman. I admire everything in her.

Je t’aime Céline, courage!

Sonya on

Hopefully this try will be successful.

It’s sad for them, but really not surprising given their age and the fact that IVF is a last resort so to speak and therefore often not successful (since the fact that you need it implies fertility problems).

JMO on

I agree. These were def. premature announcements. Perhaps they should wait until Celine is far enough along before telling the world.

I wish them the best and hope they can have a baby #2 but if not I do hope they consider adoption. It’s also another wonderful alternative.

Ellen Smith on

I can’t understand why they waited so long to try again.

Lynn on

I’m glad she didn’t miscarry, like everyone else was saying!

I hope they end up having another baby!

Natasha on

I hope they can have another baby sometime in the future.

Louise on

How sad for Celine & husband. Nothing more I can add to that.

Soph on

Oh bless her. Let’s hope next time it works.
What was their obstetrician thinking announcing it so early though? She can’t have been more than 5 or 6 weeks at the initial announcement. IVF has an increased chance of miscarriage by itself, combined with her age, you would have thought they’d have waited til after 12 weeks or so.

Lissette on

I’m surprised something had been mentioned so soon about her being pregnant but I really appreciate their honesty. It’s a difficult process and I wish them lots of luck.

Rina on

I’m so sorry that their IVF cycle did not work. But it’s always great to see a couple choose to be open about the struggles of infertility. My husband and I conceived our daughter, now 6 months, through IVF. Rene is right, it is a very hard road to go down. I am so thankful for the doctors who helped us have our child. I hope Celine and Rene find success in their future attempts.

Me on

I was extremely surprised to hear the announcement this past August. My daughter was due and born in May, and even getting pregnant in August it wasn’t confirmed until September, since that’s when I missed my first cycle. For a May due date, that was an extremely premature announcement.

Knowing what they know now, hopefully they won’t make another announcement until after the first trimester, so they don’t have to deal with such a public loss. Best of luck to them, I hope they get the child that they want.

Lady on

Poor Celine…so so sad…I definitely think she shouldnt have announced anything until she was much futher along…sad situation

amsjl on

I wonder if it would not have been better to NOT do the Las Vegas shows. She was in her 30’s when that was going on, better than 41. I’m sure she made gads of money but that was her priority she may have to pay a stiff price for her choice.

I also remember when the announcement was made thinking it was premature to tell the public. It is one thing to openly discuss your fertility issues, I think that’s great, but generally people in the public eye dont divulge a pregnancy until the 3 month mark, it is of course common for the rest of us as well.

I do question their decision to have another baby when Renee is so old. Losing a parent, for a young child, is unbelievably painful. I have two close friends who suffered that and are forever scarred to say the least. But this is their choice as well.

Celine seems to be a genuinely good person and I wish them all the best in their endevours to add to their family.

Chris on

What did she do, make the announcement right after her IVF procedure? Most couples wait until they are in the second trimester to make any announcements.

Celine is quite thin and Rene is quite mature. I wonder if these factors have anything to do with their fertility issues. Or perhaps they waited too long after her first pregnancy. If they were having fertility issues 10 years ago it’s interesting that they waited so long to try again.

Ah well, best wishes to them. Does anyone know if they are open to adoption?

urbanadventurertales on

I’m surprised they announced the pregnancy so early on. Seems very risky, especially when they’ve had such a long history of having problems conceiving.

I do feel very sad for her as I am sure it is heartbreaking to keep trying not be able to get pregnant.

I do agree with PP that it’s risky to do it at an older age and can be sad for the children if a parent dies young.

Bb on

I really hope they are able to have another child. I wish them the best.

Sarah on

I agree with #16. I wouldn’t have mentioned a pregnancy until the 1st trimester had passed.

I feel sorry for her. Maybe she can use her eggs and use a surrogate, like Sarah Jessica Parker.

mrsh on

It is my understanding that she was never pregnant at all. Rene states, “Dr Zev Rosenwaks believed that the procedure/pregnancy took, but that wasn’t the case. We found out some days later. We were shocked.” So, a few days after doing the IVF transfer, they found out it didn’t take. This would suggest that she did not miscarry, but that the procedure did not work at all. Therefore the “announcement” that the Dr made to the public was VERY premature. It seems as if this Dr commented to the public immediately after transferring the embryos. This really doesn’t seem to be a matter of Celine announcing a pregnancy too early, but of a doctor announcing a pregnancy that never was.

Bugs on

Seriously why not a surrogate? And yeah it’s better for celebrities to NOT let the news be known until it’s more secured.

Finnaryn on

I don’t think they had fertility problems exactly, but rather, her husband had cancer and they collected sperm so that he could get treatment but that they could still try for children later. I agree with others that the announcement was WAY too early and I am quite shocked that it came from the doc and not them.

I have never done IVF, so I can’t comment on that, but I have had a misscarriage and I will never again announce until I am well into my second trimester. Not even after seeing the heartbeat because I lost the pregnancy after already seeing the heartbeat.

That doc needs to keep his mouth shut and allow her to choose what she wants to share with the world. Yes, she is a celebrity, so she has given up some of her private life, but not all. This is not a public matter unless she chooses to make it one. It didn’t seem to me that she made that choice. Yes, Rene is now addressing it, but he kind of had no choice after Dr. Chatty tossed it out there. Rene is doing damage control and he shouldn’t have to.

Noelle on

Forget the fact that her doctor announced it early…what irks me is that he even announced it AT ALL. What right does he have to divulge that personal information about any patient, much less a celebrity. I would not be happy!

I’ve done IVF 3 times and I’m puzzled by the statement that he “believed that the procedure took” – you either get a positive pregnancy test or not. How can he just ‘believe’ it took then find out a couple days later it didn’t…unless she had a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage. Unless he was just assuming it worked, which is a huge assumption, especially in the IVF world.

My thoughts go out to her. I know how hard it is to go through IVF. Too bad they waited so long to try again because unfortunately, as she gets older, it’s harder for her to get pregnant and the risks are higher.

I wish them the best.

Tess on

I’m not sure why her doctor was announcing anything anyway, but I assume the doctor made the announcement with the couple’s permission. Otherwise, isn’t it illegal to divulge medical information?

Sally on

Who is to say SJP used her own eggs? I do think that has ever been established.

Also, I thought Celine used frozen embryos with the announced pregnancy? If so, her eggs would not have been 44 (or whatever her age I); they would be from when she had her previous IVF. I speak fro
firsthand experience when I say this is so hard. I wish them the best.

Ashley on

Was it the doctor who made the announcement? I thought it was the Celine’s rep who made the announcement. I doubt that a doctor would make such an announcement w/o the patient’s consent.

hayley on

amsjl Says:
November 11th, 2009 at 9:59 am
I wonder if it would not have been better to NOT do the Las Vegas shows. She was in her 30’s when that was going on, better than 41. I’m sure she made gads of money but that was her priority she may have to pay a stiff price for her choice.

I also remember when the announcement was made thinking it was premature to tell the public. It is one thing to openly discuss your fertility issues, I think that’s great, but generally people in the public eye dont divulge a pregnancy until the 3 month mark, it is of course common for the rest of us as well.

I do question their decision to have another baby when Renee is so old. Losing a parent, for a young child, is unbelievably painful. I have two close friends who suffered that and are forever scarred to say the least. But this is their choice as well.

Celine seems to be a genuinely good person and I wish them all the best in their endevours to add to their famiy

i really have an issue with these types of statments, maybe she shouldn’t have ‘worked’ so she could have a baby, shes too old hes too old , you may not have intended to sound so very judgementle but to me it did, lots of woman work and have babies later on and if they do and if they find themselves having problems having children its not right to throw their love of work back in their faces and say ‘oh well that will teach you’ nor is it fair to say her husbands too old and he might die…we could all die..its like saying any one that smokes should never be allowed to have children because they mightdie of lung cancer..

i find the judgement of mothers horrid and unfair when people no so little about the real facts, this woman thought she was pregnant…she has ‘lost’ her baby and for anyone to say any thing other than i’m sorry is wrong , her age, his age he work have nothing to do with any one else, opinion or not its just mean spirted.

i no you will say your experessing your thoughs as you have a right to do and i am expressing my dissapointment in the way they came across.

Allison on

i think celine is wonderful, however, at some point it becomes ridiculous for a 67 year old to keep trying for a baby.

chris on

My heart goes out to her. I did IVF/ICSI 2x. My husband also had a sample frozen but we ended up using fresh. I had an early misscarriage with 3 tranferred on the 2nd try, we tx 2, started with twins but lost one early in the pg. Some people will never understand how IF affects so many aspects of your life. I am so blessed to have one but would love another child. Sadly, I did get pg on my own but again misscarried. IF is a disease and going on vacaction or cutting out that glass of wine will not work for most couples. I am tankful I had insurance that covered 50% of my costs. I wish her and the 6 million couples experiencing IF in this country the best.

Molly on

How sad for them. I know Celine & Rene want another child. Have they thought about adoption if the IVF doesn’t work? Celine is still young to have a child. There are a lot of women who wait until their early 40s to have a baby. It’s more risky now, but it still can happen. I’m pulling for them to have a natural baby, because Celine seems like she’s a great Mom.

Chris on

Noelle: Maybe the pregnancy test gave a false positive result. It happens.

de on

I would imagine somewhere in the process they had a positive pregnancy test so either them saying the embryo(s) didn’t take is easier than calling it a miscarriage or as was mentioned, they got a false positive which is very rare and normally the case of a chemical pregnancy anyway.The body just re-absorbs the pregnancy. In my case I had a heavier than normal period. Had I not tested I would not have known.It is still technically a miscarrige. Some women just cannot cope with that concept whatsoever.

With all the money and power these two have I would think it rather odd this doctor to make a false assumption like this without being dismissed. They give no indication this will be the case,did they?

Wish them the best. It is a shame they waited so long, the odds are not in their favor.

Kristin on

I feel so badly for them, but those announcements were just way too soon!! You just never know!

momof4 on

To address the comments about Celine working during her 30’s and now having trouble conceiving in her 40’s–Let’s view it less as a judgment but rather as important information for any woman who waits until her late 30’s/early 40’s to start their family–It is harder and comes with more risks.

I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about waiting to have babies because so many public figures have waited but women should know that our fertility drops drastically as we age and if having a baby is important to you–don’t wait too long!

Mrs. L on

Hayley, I don’t think there is anything wrong with what Amsjl said. I had the exact same thoughts.
As a nurse I must say that medically there is a reason why women have trouble getting pregnant after a certain age.

I understand that many women put off children because of their careers…so women are having children later and later in life. However, realistically there is a reason why a 41 year old women and a 67 your old man are having problems getting pregnant.
In nature, everything is designed to work the way it does for a reason.
The human body is not built to have children after a certain age. Medical technology makes it possible but as I said things happen for a reason.
I am not talking about a 20 year old women having fertility issues…I am talking about a 41 year old body saying I can not go through this.

This is my opinion and I don’t believe I should have to sugar coat it. If someone doesn’t like it that is ok.
I am not disrespecting anyone. I love Celine but I am just being realistic and honest. ‘
It actually upsets me that she doesn’t see that it is unfair for a child to be brought into this world when the father is so old. He would be 87 when their child would be 20. 82 when their child would be 15 (a teenager) and she would be 61.
As I said I don’t mean to insult anyone but I just think it’s inconsiderate to the child and its future when people have children so late in life. It really seems selfish of parents that don’t care as long as they have a baby what will happen when they are not around prematurely.

Cara on

Poor Celine and Rene, I hope she gets pregnant really quickly, it is difficult to go through so many unsuccessful IVF’s.

It seems that they must have gotten a positive test, normally with IVF you have a HCG blood test done 10 days after transfer of embryo’s. If it is positive, you then have a repeat HCG test 2 days later, if the pregnancy is viable the HCG quantity would have increased. It is not uncommon for the HCG to drop which usually means the pregnancy will not continue. It is not classed as a miscarriage. This might be what happened to them

Based on what Rene said it looks like that is what happened to them, unfortunately it does happen a lot in IVF and it is a hard landing indeed after the excitment of believing the IVF ‘worked’.

I wish them all the best, she is going to one of the best clinics in the world and she hopefully will have success on her next round of IVF.

Liliana on

While it is harder to become pregnant as one’s age increases, I would never fault a woman for deciding to wait to become a mother. Not everyone is ready to become a parent in their twenties. I don’t know the reasoning behind others decisions and I’m not going to pretend that I do.

Regardless, Celine is in charge of her own fertility. If she wants a second child, I wish her the best in that endeavour.

maggie on

while i feel sorry for them,i really think it was strange to announce to the whole world that you are pregnant and yes i agree u dont have to wait till the 3 month mark but still,when Celine announced this ‘pregnancy’ she must have just got the news. sad all the same though

urbanadventurertales on

Well said, Mrs. L. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that there is a reason why it’s harder for older people to conceive.

And on a side note, unless she already has frozen embryos, I really hope she would choose adoption over surrogacy. With over 4 million orphans in the world, I hope that people will choose to put their money towards taking care of these children instead of money towards fertility treatments that have a very low chance of working. Not knocking anyone whose done IVF, but to continue to pour money into it over and over again when it’s not working is somewhat irresponsible imo.

hayley on

as a midwife i agree with the medical side of your statment but i do not think 41 is old i see lots of mothers in their 40s give birth to healthy babies and young woman withno history of problems have a terrible time and i’m sad to say less than heathly children. so to say your old you don’t get the chance to be a mother is so unfair there are not words to answer it.

yes there needs to be a limit but i notice there is no post from you or any of the other than are pointing out age on posts about
Jenna Elfman 38………Judy Reyes 42… Gwen Stefani 40ish….
Gavin Rossdale 44.. no one says anything about age there..is that because they have been lucky enough to have heathly children..if they hadn’t would age have come into it…

i became a mother at 22 and was judged for being a young mother if your over 40 your too old, you stay at home your lazy you work your selfish there are some many negative people pushing their negative opinions onto woman, what hapend to just supporting one another.

genegirl on

what a wonderful display of psychology here. how about embracing the sadness…

do you think that Celine and Rene do not know age is a factor and that IVF is risky & high rate of miscarriage in the first trimester? Do you think that they don’t know that they can have a child using a surrogate or adoption?

There is no evidence to support that the release of this information was not under their control. They are in control of their lives and obviously have a reason to be so public that you may not understand because you are not them.

Personally, I wish them all the luck to have another child through whatever means they choose. Looks like they are great parents to their son and I have no reason to believe that their age is a problem with their ability to parent. I am more concerned about the parenting ability of some of the commenters here.

Kimberlee Chrisman on

I love Celine and her beautiful family! I feel badly for her failed attempt at pregnacy. Many prayers sent her way.
BTW, they should look to the giver and creator of life, instead of “stars”. IMO

amsjl on

Hayley I am sorry if my comment offended you. I was in NO way making a judgement. My husband was 46 when we had our second child. It is impossible for me to think negatively for people having a child later in life. It was a careful decision we made to go ahead with giving our child a sibling. My point was that if it was so very important to her perhaps the baby should have come first and then all lived happily in Vegas while she did her shows. Many working moms can vouch that babies and children can be raised while mom works. I genuinely like Celine, as I stated, and hope she has the child she obviously wants very much. Perhaps it would have been no easier, given their prior difficulties, had they had their second a year or two after their first.

Terri on

I hope that Celine will eventually be successful. Infertility is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to contend with in my life so my heart goes out to Celine & any other woman going through it. My first IVF attempt in August ended in miscarriage (I’m 40). I’m planning on cycling at CCRM, which is the top clinic in the country, early next year.

Brooklyn on

That’s certainly too bad. I do hope they are able to get pregnant in the near future though!

Laura on

Terri, good luck to you. CCRM is down the street from my house. I have now done 2 IVF cycles (pregnant with FET right now), and although I used another clinic for insurance reasons, they are supposed to be fantastic. I’d go to them now if just starting over and didn’t have remaining frozen embryos in another location. I wish you all the best.

It also sounds to me like the transfer never took at all. I was puzzled when I first read the positive news on here because I had also just done a FET, also due in early May like it was initially announced Celine was, but didn’t even know my results yet when the article came out. It’s strangely premature to announce a “success” before even confirming with a blood test, which seems to be what happened. You have NO idea if an embryo ‘took” shortly after completing the procedure. Very weird the news would be released that way. I know I have been very careful about who I told early on. I have just now “come out” to everyone.

But the best of luck to Celine!

Sam and Freya's mum on

How sad for them, but it was announced WAY too early – when there was nothing to announce as it (sadly) turned out. Personally wouldn’t want the world knowing earlier than 13 weeks, since things can go wrong even at 11-12 weeks or so either, any time for that matter of course but too early IMO. We waited til 11 wks first time, miscarriage 2nd preg at 8 1/2 weeks so didn’t tell anyone til 13 weeks, when preg 3rd time, with Freya.

Sympathetic but I also don’t understand why they waited so long to try again. Having said that, it has to be the right time for them, but in reality she also doesn’t have forever to wait being 41 (and of course she’s aware as they did attempt a pregnancy).

Am sure they feel it would be nice for their son to have a sibling. I don’t know the pain of infertility, thankfully, but my heart goes out to those who do. I hope they have more success in future. They seem a very happy family; Rene a devoted husband.

Ashleigh on

Best wishes to them.

Kimberlee, they can put their faith in whatever they wish.

Mary-Helen on

That’s a shame, poor Celine. I hope she and Rene are successful in their quest for another child.

jane on

Why cant they adopt?

Jen on

The doctor had to have made that announcement with their permission, otherwise, it’s a violation of federal law. That fertility clinic is VERY well known and respected, there’s no way that one of their doctors would take a risk like that or knowingly violate HIPAA laws.

Terri on

The doctor did not announce without their permission. That’s a violation of HIPAA and subject to fines and loss of license.

I hope that Celine is able to successfully conceive.

Tina on


Holly on

I am pregnant and due in May like she was suppossed to be and when I she announced her pregnancy I was weeks away from even finding out I was pregnant. Wayyyy to soon to announce. Not smart at all.

Shannon on

I have been through 2 IVF’s (one not successful and one succesful) with SIRM and they were wonderful. Celine is going to a great clinic in NY. I wish her all the best. IVF and infertility is such a hard thing to go through and I do not wish it on anyone. I also think that unless you have been through it you cannot begain to understand the process.

While age is definately a factor with her and her husband, she is using frozen eggs which are from 8 years ago, so technically her eggs are like 32-33 years old. Yes, celebrities are having children at much older ages, but a lot of them are hush hush about how they actually got pregnant. It’s not common to get pregnant at 44. It gives women the wrong idea that, hey Marcia Cross got pregnant at 44, so can I. What they don’t look at is that she used donor eggs and did IVF. I give Celine so much credit for being open and honest about her struggles and her IVF. It does wonders for making people aware.

Doreen on

Celine needs to look to God, our Creator not to the stars. She needs to put her faith in God Himself, not something He created.

Liliana on

Doreen, as a poster already said, Celine can put faith in whatever she wants. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Sara on

As an IVF veteran myself, I was shocked when she made the announcement so early on. There is no way that doctor made the announcement without their consent. I interpreted at the time for it to be a joint statement between Celine’s rep and the doctor’s office. I’m suprised the doctor was involved in it, as he, of all people involved, is fully aware that just because she got an early positive doesn’t mean a take home baby 100% of the time. Shame on all of them.

I wish her the best. Hopefully her wishes will come true.

Leigh Ann on

How very sad that they chose to announce their pregnancy so very early. As a veteran IVFer…eight times…a few preganncies but no live births…we knew enough not to announce anything too early. She may have gotten pregnant with Rene-Charles on her first IVF attempt…and assumed that this time would go as smoothly.

I wish her and her husband all the best…and hope they are able to add to their family. My husband and I were lucky enough to adopt the two most beautiful children in the world (yes…I am prejudice!!!) I wouldn’t change one step of my journey to them. If we didn’t go through all we did…we wouldn’t be the parents of these children :).

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Yes, we are fortunate to live in a country that allows one
to worship and/or put their faith in anything they choose, or
nothing at all. Unfortunatley, there is a God and he created life
and gives us blessings, something stars, trees, whales or any other object or thing cannot do. My very best to her.

mrsh on

After looking back on the initial pregnancy announcement information, it seems like the very first person to say anything was a family member. They said, “Yes, they are pregnant, we just found out this morning,” or something like that. A bit later, it was followed up by Celine’s rep confirming it and saying, “they were so in love with the news.” But, like a lot of people are saying, they would have been so so early in the implantation phase that it was unbelievably premature to make a statement. I don’t know if they only confirmed it because it was already out there, or if they sincerely thought it would take. Like Leigh-Ann said, maybe she became pregnant very easily (IVF-wise) with Rene Charles, and assumed this would go the same way.

Julie on

How sad for them. I’m sure that they were so excited about the pregnancy, that they wanted to share it. Who are all of you to criticize her for that? As someone posted earlier, it’s such a shame that so many women are forever in a competition for “best” mom. We should all be working together to build up our fellow moms and celebrate what men and women do for their children. It really IS the hardest job we’ll ever have. There is no right way to do any of it. From announcing a pregnancy to helping your child prepare for college. We all have our own way. How many of you posted comments congratulating her on the pregnancy only to slam her now for announcing it so soon? To those of you who think she should be putting her faith in God and not the stars, God doesn’t authorize assisted reproduction. It’s just as much a “sin” as abortion and divorce. I don’t think he’d back her up on this one. I turned my back on the church when I asked a priest who has been treated for cancer for years how God would feel about me going through fertility treatments. He actually told me it wasn’t “natural”, or God’s way in the same conversation that he told me about his cancer treatments!!! Celine can put her faith in whoever and whatever she wants.

Shea on

@Shannon…..ummmm I’m 43 and I am currently pregnant and did so with no help other than my husband, the old fashioned way. I was also pregnant at 39 and 41. (I have a 24 yr old and a 14 yr old as well)….My husband BTW is almost 52 and before we married 4 years ago, he had gone well almost three decades without producing children (his children are currently 31 and 28).
Saying it is not common isn’t right. One of my best friends is due Jan. 21 and will turn 44 in March. Her baby was a shock for her (not planned at all) but a happy one. As with me, it was done the old fashioned way. Many of us “old people” can still produce and do, without medical help.

Liliana on

Kimberlee, that’s your opinion; not everyone’s.

AussieMum on

Agree with some comments and disagree also-At the time when Celine announced those gruelling LasVagas concerts,I thought,well they must of decided not to have any more kids as I had read that they wanted more! Then when I read that she was pregnant and the unbievably early announcement,I was very worried and wondering if for a couple who have fertilily issues,it was a gamble to tell.

Some posters at the time were saying “My sister told every-one early and when she lost it,it was good b/c she needed support”
Etc Etc,but Celine is in the public eye-would people really want their most personal and painful issues slapped on the front cover of Tabloid mags???No Way!! Is it any wonder that some celebs don’t make an anouncement at all,and I can hardly blame them?So,much of there lives is out there,but some should be kept private. I wish the best for Celine&Rene and am not bothered at all by there age!!

momof4 on

Wow, you go Shea! Congrats on baby #5! My husband’s Irish grandmother had 9 children, her last two at age 40 and 43 so it’s certainly a possibility although for many women not so easy.

Best of luck with your new baby. There are so many advantages to being an older mom.

Sadie on

I agree with Mrs L and Amsjl. Having children post-35 is a fertility risk. That’s not a judgement, it’s a fact.

Bancie1031 on

I heard on another website that she had a miscarriage …. is that the case or was she not pregnant at all???

Either way it sadden me to find out that she wasn’t pregnant, I know that she wants another baby and I wish them the best of luck!

Sarah M. on

Regarding those saying her body’s too old to carry a pregnancy, she used IVF to get pregnant with Rene-Charles and she was in her early 30’s then. So she has obviously had problems getting pregnant in the past, not just now.

I hope they get the baby they so desperately want!

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- The way Rene worded it, it sounded like the IVF simply never took at all (i.e., the embroyos never implanted), and thus, it was a case of her never being pregnant at all, not a miscarriage.

Shannon- Uh, we actually don’t know that Marcia used donor eggs. She’s never confirmed or denied it. Personally, I doubt she did unless she has an identical twin we don’t know about who was the egg donor, as those girls look just like her! 🙂

Eliza on

I hope they have another baby!

True on


MiB on

I feel so sorry for them all, this roller coaster must be very hard for them all. As I remember it, she called her mother on her cell phone (most probably directly after the 10 day examination) and someone overheard the mother and told the press. Celine’s PR agent and the doctor then confirmed it and said that they vere wvery happy about it. So before You bash them for announcing it too early, remember that it was not their choice to do so. Yes they could have denied, but I guess they didn’t see the point in doing thet, foolish perhaps? But many people I have known have felt the urge to scream the new over the roofs once they get to know that they are expecting, and why should celebrities be any different in that aspect?

I wish them luck!

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Wow. It must be nice to sit there on your butt in front of your computer and completely figure out Celine Dion’s (or any other complete stranger’s) life.

• They’re both too old, they’re selfish.
• She waiting to long, it’s her fault.
• He’ll be dead before the kid grows up.
• They should adopt, because there are kids who need homes.
• Get a surrogate, it’s not the end of the world.

Do you think they don’t know their options? Do you think that they’re reading these posts and getting NEW information? Do you think that they need ANYONE judging every single decision they make about creating or expanding their family?

Do you think that YOU would fair so well if the entire planet were judging (and condemning) every move you made?

My God… people make me sick.

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How AWFUL for Celine and Renee! This is why there is such a thing as DOCTOR PATIENT PRIVLEDGE. Why aren’t they suing this quack! Even if he had permision to reveal it, any fertility specialist worth their salt knows that any several days old implanted egg (particularly when using IVF) does not equal a true “pregnancy” until a couple of weeks later. This is why you can’t take an over the counter pregnancy test until your first missed period; the chance of miscarriage that early is extremely high. Needless to say, get rid of this doctor! I feel for the couple.

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I totally agree Janna!

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This is just absolutely heart-breaking to me. I have also undergone IVF multiple times, and I know the incredible pain they both must be experiencing right now. My heart just goes out to both of them.

As previous posters have said, it was not their choice to announce this as early as they did, and even if they had, it doesn’t make it any less painful for them! They are still experiencing this regardless of who they did or did not decide to tell. Pregnancy is a personal experience and how and when people decide to announce it doesn’t diminish their pain if it doesn’t work out.

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I doubt they’ll have any more. Unless they hire a surrogate. I wish them the best though.

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I forgot to say last night that I’d love to see them have a little girl and incorparate Celine’s name into hers somehow, as Rene-Charles has his dad’s name incoprated into his name. 🙂

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Nobody can ever win. I wasn’t here when Jamie Lynn had her child, but I’m sure that alot of people had alot of opinions on her being a teen parent. Now Celine can’t have a child because she is too old. Alot of people get upset because people aren’t married, but then some people also get upset when other actresses/actors say that they want to wait until they are married to have children. Will anybody be happy ever?

I think that it is a very great thing that Celine and Renee want to bring another child into this world. I hope that she won’t be reading these comments and think that she shouldn’t because of alot of you people that don’t think she should be having children.

I have a friend who is 24 and it took her 3 years to conceive her son (3) and now it took her about 10 months to conceive her daughter who isn’t born yet. So it isn’t JUST mature parents who have troubles conceiving.

Didn’t your mothers tell you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

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Jessi- I agree! And yes, there were A LOT of negative comments about Jamie Lynn on here when she was pregnant. I agree with you 100 percent, celebs can’t win no matter what they do!

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Jessi, I also meant to say that I’ve noticed that people complain about Angie and Brad having/adopting all of their kids so close together…..but then turn right around and criticize Celine for waiting so long before getting to work on baby number 2! Again, celebs just can’t win!

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I saw Celine on Oprah many years back, She talked about her infertility battle and her IVF. She said she had 1 frozen little girl (She obviosly did PGD) and she would go back eventually to try to have her. I personally have done IVF myself, I do not understand why the dr (Legally or ethically) would make a public announcement so early on in the IVF process? It would have been great if she would have gone thru the IVF process in my 30’s to bank more frozen embryos for her future, Rather than age the age of 41 to embark upon creating the embryos now. At the best IVF clinics in the US a women who is 41 using her own eggs, The chance of success (giving birth to a live baby) is in the single digits.

I personally think she had a chemical pregnancy (+ beta HCG then the numbers fell)

I wish her all the best and hope she is able to get the baby she desires.

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1) I think SJP could have used her own eggs, when they implant multiple embryos chances are good that you have twins (depending on how many take)

2) I think Celine could go the surrogacy route if that’s a better option in terms of the embryos taking. We know she has the $$ to keep the surrogate under wraps.

I don’t think she’ll have as many kids as her parents did, but deserves the blessing of being a mother, and I love when children have siblings (I wish they were able to have them closer in age, but with infertility it’s tough)