The Travoltas Pucker Up!

11/10/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Kelly Preston and John Travolta cozy up to daughter Ella Bleu, 9 ½, giving her a smooch at the premiere of Old Dogs, held Monday evening at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, Calif.

Old Dogs, starring the three Travoltas along with Robin Williams, hits theaters on November 25th. John told USA Today, that despite the family’s private anguish over son Jett‘s death, they are putting on a brave face for Ella.

“We decided it was okay to come out and promote, to introduce her to the world and to give her a beautiful future in film.”


A second photo is below!


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marie on

Ella is just beautiful! She certainly looks like her Daddy. What a strong family.

JMO on

Ella is gorgeous and the family is very brave! I wish them the best.

mamanb on

how lucky that your parents just escort you to a few events and boom, you have a “beautiful future in film”.

Angi on

Mamanb, there is no need to be ugly. Their older child and her brother died less then a year ago. Have a heart.

Chelsea on

mamanb, what a nasty thing to say.

Elizabeth on

By saying a beautiful future that could be interpreted a few ways, like they are giving her a start in films and are hoping a bright future for her.

That said-
I work with special education children and I am opposed to John’s refusal to acknoledge his son’s autism until after his death. I can think of so many ways that Jett could have been supported if he had gotten the appropriate services, not the Scientology way.

Kristen on

What a beautiful family. And seriously, Will and Jada (Pinket/Smith) escort their children to premiers, etc. I don’t see anything wrong with it. She’s not even 10, I would completely expect her parents to be with her.

Sabrina on

what a beautiful child. she looks very grown up!

Brandi on

Ella is IN the movie. Of course she would be at the premiere.

Lis on

I love Kelly’s hair! I wish I could get mine to style like that! …It would be flat in 20 minutes ;)

Jessica on

She looks like a young teenager (13, 14, 15). Not like an elementary school student.

Marla on

sniff, sniff. this makes me want to cry. what a beautiful picture. i wish them the best.

gianna on

beautiful family, I have always liked them and my heart goes out to what they want through. I think ella looks like kelly now,jett looked more like john in my opinion. ella is a beautiful girl, and john and keklly look nice too

Casey on

beautiful family. nobody should judge them, if they r good parents that is all that matters!!

Chelsea on

I remember a little while before Jett passed both Kelly and John had said they wanted to try for another baby (even given that they are both older and that it would be a longshot to get pregnant). Not that they could ever replace Jett—but maybe a new baby would bring some more much-needed light into their lives. There’s always adoption. That all said, they’ve come such a far way from where they were. They actually look happy in this picture.

Chris on

I feel so bad for her; she lost her big brother.

She is a pretty girl. But is she wearing fishnets? :( Maybe it’s the camera.

FC on

Ella looks so much like John in the first photo, then I can see Kelly in that second shot, especially since they both seem to have matching smiles.

Beautiful family, and it’s great to see them venturing out to their movie premiere. :)

daniela on

Wow! She’s one gorgeous little girl – a perfect mix of her mama and daddy! :)

missy on

She is a pretty little girl but what’s with the white fishnets?

holly on

Firstly, I LOVE the fishnets. Cute, Christmassy and it’s better than her exposing all her legs at 9 years old.

She looks like John, love the dress. She is lucky, most people have to work for years and maybe fail but she has a guaranteed fantastic life but that’s just how it goes.

Wouldn’t we all love to be born millionaires but you can’t judge them for it!

meghan on

I LOVE those fishnets!

L on

Such a pretty family…great to see them out and looking so happy..even though I’m sure they are missing Jett and wishing he could see his siter, God Bless them!

meghan on

Just because they did not publically acknowledge Jett’s Autism does not mean he was deprived of medical and educational care. The way John and Kelly loved that boy, I cannot be convinced that he didn’t get the very best of care. Not every celebrity needs to make themselves and their families the poster people for a cause. It’s a family issue and they don’t need to take it to the cover of People Magazine to convince the world they are doing enough.

Erica on


I’m sure the Travoltas would trade their millions in a heartbeat to have their son and brother back. Hopefully Ella will have a fantastic life but it will be because she has a family who loves and supports her, not because they’re wealthy. JMO

The Writer on

How is this any different than before? They have taken Ella out frequently in the past, while Jett stayed home. I don’t get how they are “introducing” her.

Chris on

To be fair, it’s not her fault her parents have Hollywood connections. Nepotism exists in all walks of life.

miaow on

Why are all these movie stars (esp the scientologist ones) so keen for their children to be child actors? Is it the whole kids are adults and should work part of the religion?…because I personally think if I was a hollywood star I would be shielding them from that till they were more mature like Meryl Streep did with her kids…but the Pinket-Smiths ( psuedo-scientologists), Travoltas and Cruises almost seem to be consciously promoting their children as working actors. How do these kids really know they want that sort of life at their age?….what happened to letting kids be kids?…most child acotors don’t exactly rave about the experience, …I mean at the very least let them act in independent or youth theatre companies not BLOCKBUSTERS, talk about pressure!

Ok. Had my 2 cents worth. Off the soapbox for today.

Doreen on

I work with special education children also and John and Kelly should’ve acknowledged Jett’s autism when he was alive. There should be no shame and embarrassment in admitting one’s son has autism.

Ginger on

“We decided it was okay to come out and promote, to introduce her to the world and to give her a beautiful future in film.”

Probably the most putrid quote I’ve read in all of CBB. This family seems so fake and Hollywood… which is why I don’t patronize any of their films.

annie on

I agree with so many posters, this is a beautiful family who have been through a heartbreaking experience. That said, they could have helped innumerable families and individuals by just acknowledging Jett’s autism early-on rather than blaming Kawasaki syndrome and other non-reasons. And, it strikes me as strange how much many scientology parents seem to encourage their young children to enter into showbusiness while at the same time seeming to deny the obvious nepotism involved in these kids getting their shot at stardom.

Sarah K. on

Elizabeth and Doreen, we don’t know if the Travoltas acknowledged Jett’s austism to their doctors, family, and friends. We have no idea what went on in their personal life. And, we have no idea what kind of medical treatment he received. They certainly didn’t owe us any explanation. It seems beyond unfair for judging the Travoltas for something we have no clue about.

noam on

did they deny that their son had autism? there is a difference between saying their son did not have autism when in fact he did, and choosing not to discuss the personal life and issues of their child…THEY are the famous ones, not their son, and as such, there is no imperitave for them to discuss his life…as for their daughter-a beautiful girl. is this her film debut, or just the first film with her parents?
miaow-there are plenty of non-scientology celebs who allow their children to act in some capacity or another. dakota johnson was in a movie with her mom when she was young, jake gyllenhaal worked as a kid in cityslickers, rumer willis has been in several movies with her parents….

im100tlc on

I am so glad to see a smile on all their faces. I know the death of Jett was agonizing, but it’s nice to see them begin to heal. God Bless them.

SouthernBelle on

ITA, Ginger. The Travolta/Prestons have made PUBLIC comments quoted by about so many publication out there they are too numerous to count, that Jett didn’t have autism. The first time it was admitted publicly was when JT was on the STAND in the Bahamas in the courtroom. They have also PUBLICLY admitted that they discontinued the anti-seizure medications Jett was on because they were told by one of the head honchos at the CO$ to do so…then he died of a seizure-related complication. JT’s own family members have given interviews to the press stating the very same things I’ve mentioned above AND have expressed their concern about the lack of acknowlegement and treatment long before Jett died. One family member even stated that Jett had never learned to speak because JT and KP would not allow anyone to treat him for “autism.” My heart has broken for Jett for YEARS. And it really broke my heart the way he died and the fact that he died at all. I think they should have been prosecuted. I have heard of non-celeb families having charges brought against them for refusing medical treatment for their child…but, of course, no one stepped in and did anything for Jett because of the celeb status of his parents. Now, they come out of seclusion to promote Ella? Sickening.

Tina on

thats awesome! they look great! Ella is very pretty! :)

Jane on

Ella is a beautiful girl.

Mina on

Ella is a gorgeous girl! So much like John but I see some Kelly in her. Almost 10? Wow, I remember hearing about her being born when I was about 13. Time flies!

I just want to say that just because John & Kelly arent like Jenny McCarthy & protesting things & shouting out their son’s cause doesnt mean they didnt care. What goes on behind closed doors is just that, private. I dont think they deprived Jett of anything, they loved both their children so much. I dont think we should critique alternative medicine or methods either. A LOT of what we have today wasnt invented/discovered until the early 20th century & it all replaced medicines & methods that have been used for hundreds of years in the past.

Instead of arguing, maybe we can all donate time & resourses to parents of special needs children? It’s a 24/7 job & they dont get the breaks they deserve. Even if you dont know someone personally, we can donate clothing, foods & basic necessities they need for their child or the whole family since a lot of the time one parent works while the other stays home.

Terri on

I think Ella Blue is a beautiful young lady, she is a great combo of both her parents. I commend John and Kelly for putting their daughter first above themselves. I wish this family much happiness

Mary-Helen on

Regardless of the tragic circumstances that led to Jett’s death, they did what they felt was correct in accordance with their religious principals, as so many other parents do every single day. We may think they have a whackadoo religion, but it’s their right to worship as they choose and I’m sure they felt they were helping Jett in their own way. They have already lost, let’s not kick them while they are down.

On a happier note, Ella is a stunning young lady and her parents are obviously proud of her. It was a special night for her and I’m glad her parents could support her.

Sadie on

Maybe the Travoltas not coming “out” about Jett’s autism was more to do with protecting his privacy and less to do with being ashamed and depriving him of treatment. The last thing the Travoltas would have wanted was to make Jett a pap target.
As for criticism that they never took him out, well, of course not! If you know anything about children with autism, you will know that most can’t cope very well with crowds of people – let alone flashing bulbs in their faces.
I agree with Sarah K. None of us know what kind of therapy/treatment was going on behind the scenes.
I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but is the premiere of Ella’s first film – when a grieving family is putting on a brave face – the time to start accusing John and Kelly of doing the wrong thing by their son, and calling them “fake”? So heartless…

JMO on

I dont’ fault them for not coming out. It was a personal choice. However if they were not getting their son the treatment he needed all due to their beliefs then they should be ashamed. But I have a feeling they were doing for Jett what they thought was best. Blaming his condition on that Kawasaki disease for years wasn’t going to help Jett’s cause.

CTBmom on

@ Miaow, these kids are children of actors, so why is it surprising that they would want to be actor’s as well? Why do you assume that they are being pushed into it? I know 3 generations of police officers, 3 generations of doctor’s and at lead (2) 2nd generations of attorneys in my town. This is the life they know. My son is 12 years-old, and has known for years that he wants to be a professional singer or actor. It is who he is….he love it! I assure you that is nothing I have pushed him into.

g!na on

Ella is pretty! i saw other pics and is that a diamond ring on her finger? what a rock! :)

g!na on

@CTBmom- my niece participates in local theater. Does your son do theater too?

anna on

How anyone can move on in this fashion and be ok despite the loss of a child… is unimaginable to me… Jmo.

Micheley on

I think what John meant was that they aren’t going to shelter Ella,although they had a tragic loss they are going to share her with the rest of us, through film. Which will hopefully lead her to have a beautiful future in film.

CTBmom on

@ g!na….yes, my son has done theatre. In fact we spent the last 3 months in Vegas because he signed with Cirque du Soleil. Unfortunately, the show (which is in the creative process) changed direction and so they let my son (and the other boy who was to share the role)go. My son was very disappointed, but he had an awesome time and it was an amazing experience. Having a kid who loves singing or acting, is no different than a having a child who is into gymnastics, science, dirt bike racing, etc. When your child finds something they love, you should support it. Best of luck to your niece!

CelebBabyLover on

anna- So they should just stay in seclusion forever?

Sarah K. on

Anna, Jett died in early January and it’s now November. How long are they supposed to remain in hiding? Just a few weeks ago, Kelly canceled a speaking engagement because she didn’t think she could handle it. But, they have another child who needs them to put on a brave face and be there for her. There is no prescribed time for how long one must hole themselves up at home after a loved one dies. They have to move on at some point. It’s unfair to judge them for trying to move on.

jess-jess on

Is Ella’s name Ella-Blue or is it Ella-Bleu?? I have seen it both ways.

Erika on

It’s so sad about Jett. What an awful tragedy, I’m so glad they are being brave for Ella. I think she looks a lot like her big brother.

On the other hand, does anyone else think Ella looks older than 9 or 10? She looks about 13, especially with a short, strapless dress.

Jennifer on

Pretty girl, but she looks way older… I would guess around 13 too.

Liliana on

Anna, I don’t think it’s necessary to criticize how someone grieves when everyone is different. They’re obviously heartbroken over the loss of their son and I’m sure foolish comments, such as yours, add even more pain to an already tragic situation.

Life doesn’t stop for anyone. They have another child they must attend to. Are they supposed to remain in mourning for the rest of their lives? That would only harm Ella.

In a year filled with sadness, I think they’re more than worthy to experience one night of happiness without ignorant comments from uninvolved parties.

JMO on

Ella was on Ellen today. She was so beautiful. She does look older at the premiere but on Ellen to me she looked like a 9-10 year old girl. She said she likes the Jonas bros., Twilight, her mom and dad are not strict and if she wants something really badly she’ll go to her dad! John of course sat next to her and he started to get tears in his eyes when he brought her out. You can just see the love he has for Ella. And I think now that you know how hard it is to lose a child you cherish deeply the one you have. Despite what we may think about their parenting beliefs there is no doubt they love their kids. And Ella said she’s lucky to have her daddy.

JMO on

And about pushing Ella into show biz…well John said he asked Ella when she was 5 if she wanted to do a movie or music video with him. Ella said no she wasn’t ready. But then Ella came to him when she was 7 and said she thinks she’s ready. I don’t think they forced her into it. I do think that when you have two actors as parents there is going to be some interest. My mom’s a hair dresser when I was little I wanted to be one too. OF course now I’m older and I would never consider it but as a child you just want to please your parents. Ella seems to have liked being in the movie but it also could change as she gets older. I’m sure if she said she didn’t want to do this she wouldn’t. And same goes for the Pinkett-Smith kids. It’s in their blood. However I do think actor children get the better end of a deal. When there are struggling actors in the world all you have to do is have a connection and your in (even if you not that good). But sometimes isn’t that what life is all about…knowing people??!!

Bancie1031 on

You know I have never noticed until now how much Ella looks like John. Very beautiful family and I bet that it’s still hard on them, and no doubt they’re still missing Jett. But I love the fact that they’re putting their pain aside for their daughter to support her :D

anna – Just for the record even after a loss of a child life goes on ….. AND I’M SPEAKING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! Especially when u have another child …. You can’t forget about them like they don’t matter. Jett will ALWAYS be in their hearts and I’m sure not a day goes by without his memory being with them not to mention their pain of losing him!! It’s not your place to tell them how long to mourn Jett or anyone else’s …… not to mention everyone mourns in their own way and time.

Molly on

People judging them for not taking Jett to public events – did it ever occur to you that he might not have WANTED to go to premieres and things? Not everyone likes crowds and cameras and attention; and given that he was autistic, it seems even more likely that he wouldn’t have enjoyed the noise and chaos.


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