Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Her Curly-Haired Cuties

11/09/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It was a family day out for Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and her boys on Saturday!

The actress, husband Mike Nilon, and their fraternal twin sons Jaid Thomas (l) and Jax Joseph (r), 2, attended the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies event, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

There was one family member missing though — Garcelle’s eldest son, Oliver, 18, stayed home!

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hcecilia on

These boys are absolutely gorgeous! Mixed race babies are like a grab bag, you just never know what’s going to happen.

acorrado on

That dress she is wearing is GORGEOUS!

fuzibuni on

she looks so beautiful. great color on her.
running after those twins must keep her fit and radiant!

Liliana on

Beautiful boys!

Garcelle looks stunning! Purple is a lovely color on her.

NettieB on

LOL @ grab bag! Boy, oh boy, the things people say about mixed people. 🙂

urbanadventurertales on

hcecelia- not sure what your meant by your comment? as in “you never know what you’re gonna get” meaning that some are cute and some are not?

CheSarah on

I’m sure hcecelia meant how dark/light they’ll be, not what level of cuteness. Obviously all babies are beautiful, especially those two handsome guys!

stedine on

They all look gorgeous

Don’t take offense to that girls grab bag comment. She probably just meant it in terms of skin color and features not beauty or anything mean.

I am the same skin tone as Garcelle with the same red undertones and after seeing that dress on her I am going to try and find one in the same color for me.

marfmom on

I can’t imagine hcecilia meant anything negative by the grab bag comment! I laughed. It’s true! My brother and I are dark and look just like Mom. My sister is sooo pale with blue eyes and looks just like Dad! My unle marrieg an Irish woman and their first is pale and has bright red hair, and their second is quite dark…you wouldn’t think they’re related! Genetics are funny 🙂

Both of Garcelle’s boys (as well as her older son!) are darling! I love their curly hair!

QT on

WOW Garcelle look beautiful! Mike looks EXTREMELY under dressed compared to her. The boys look so adorable in their outfits.

urbanadventurertales on

I hope that’s what she meant… she said “her sons are gorgeous.” The followed it up by saying “mixed race babies are a grab-bag, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I hope she meant in terms of genetics, not the “gorgeous factor”.
And genetically speaking, they can be such a wide-range. I have twins that are mixed race and one has dark curly hair, darker skin and blue eyes, the other has straight lighter hair, lighter skin, and brown eyes!

marnie star on

What a beautiful family 🙂

wtrislearod on

These boys are so adorable! I agree genetics are very interesting. I rejected the idea of Prince I, Prince II, and Paris being Michael Jackson’s biological children but here I see the Nilons’ sons and I think maybe it’s not so far-fetched.

Lauren on

WOW! Garcelle is beautiful! i also love love love the boys hair. its so curly

momma_of_7 on

Stedine is right…My hubby and i have very diverse heritages and each one had very different features, but somehow they look the same. As more come we say this looks like this child and this other feature looks like another child…Genetics from diverse backgrounds are like a grab bag. Lets see the cup half full!

FC on

I absolutely adore these boys! They’re just precious!

kimmy on

cute family

cd on

Why cant people just say “what a beautiful family” instead of making remarks about the color or the children. It is obvious that they have a black mom and white dad, even a blind man could see that. You see that is what is wrong with some people in this world you just cant get past the color thing and it is sick because of all the diversity that we have in this country.

Kate on

I think a grab bag is appropriate. My mother is ethopian and my father is irish. I look like your tradtitional irish woman. Pale skin, blue eyes and brown curly hair. When I was little people thought my mom was my nanny because she was dark & tall. People today still dont’ think my sister and I are sisters. I took after my strong irish dad’s dna and my sister took after my mom’s strong ethopian dna. We both just split down the middle. You would have though my mom’s dna would help me out with tanning but I burn like my darn dad.

sarah on

when my 1st son was born some people asked me if he was adopted when they saw us without my husband. my husband is hispanic and i am white. my son looks just like my husband — actually both of them do. at 1st the adoption question bothered me but not now. my kids are proud of who they are and excited to be from 2 cultures, countries and backgrounds. and honestly i really don’t think much about it anymore since so many people all over the world are in similar situations.

CelebBabyLover on

cd- While some people HAVE posted rather racist comments on similar posts, the comments on this post, as well as most comments on other posters, don’t seem to be racist, IMO.

Rather, they seem no different to me than someone remarking on how, for example, a baby has blonde hair while both parents are brunettes, or brown eyes while both parents have blue eyes.

CelebBabyLover on

wtrislearod- For what it’s worth, I think that Blanket in particular looks just like the Jackson family (apart from his coloring, obviously!)! 🙂

MiB on

I had to laugh at the grab bag comment, one of my grandmothers is mostly chinese with a bit of portugese, her three children are all dark but with predominately “caucasian features”, her grandchildren are all decently fair skinned, some have blue eyes, and no one has black hair, but we all have some chinese facial feature, mainly eyes, but also forheads, and none of us can be more than a quarter chinese! So I think hcecilia is right, You just don’t know whats going to happen, and that goes especially when there is more than one heritage involved.