Kourtney Kardashian: Knock Out

11/07/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Kourtney Kardashian cradles her bump while posing at the Kardashian Charity Knock Out, held Tuesday at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, Calif.

“Today I vowed that I was going to wear flats, and then last second, I threw on some heels,” the reality star, 30, explained. “I can’t wait to sit down already. It’s hard carrying extra weight. I’m over the red carpet being pregnant.”

Kourtney is due with a baby boy at Christmas.

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Tina. on

shes looks so pretty 🙂

Mia on

She looks gorgeous. Pregnancy seems to really suit her. I think its cute she is having a boy first since her mom had 3 girls first, then a boy. I wonder what they are going to name the little guy? I’m sure he will be beautiful.

Shelley on

I think for sure of all of the three Kardashian girls, she has to be the prettiest one. I didn’t even know who she or Khloe was until I found out they were Kim’s sisters. Shows how much I watch reality shows right! LOL.

Sarah on

She looks very pretty without all the makeup.

Nicole on

She does look fabulous. I have nothing against the Kardashians at all but after her comment about wearing flats, I just realized than none of the Kardashian sisters have an ounce of practicality in them. I hand it to her for wearing heels. I could never wear them either time I was pregnant. I would take the flats in a heartbeat!

Nicole on

I should have added, not an ounce of practicality when it comes to fashion! Not overall.

lindaloo on

so DON’T walk anymore red carpets!

CelebBabyLover on

lindaloo- Maybe she won’t. 🙂

kate on

Interesting that CBB left out her comments about her weight gain. At this same event she was talking about how she weighs herself every day, and is upset that she has gained so much weight. I just find her so shallow, and why exactly is she famous again?

lindaloo on

I think she is famous because her sister had a sex tape???

g!na on

I think all sisters are pretty! and those 2 little sisters Kendall & Kylie are going to be heartbreakers. lol.

Mia on

Her (their) father is some-what famous for being the lawyer to OJ and he did some music exec. work later on. And they have the reality show about them since Kim had that sex tape scandal/modeling career launched.

Ashleigh on

Kate, regardless, don’t just post to start drama.

Lilly on

Kate, here in Europe they sure aren’t famous or known. Anything I know about them is from American sites like this one. I read the weight gain comments, too.

Jessicad on

Kate, every woman I know obsessed over their weight gain when pregnant. I’d be more worried if she just let herself go and didn’t care about her body at all. I don’t think it’s shallow to be upset about weight gain, especially when your body is partly how you make money. I cried during my last pregnancy appointment, it’s just scary watching the scale, and I don’t think I’m shallow at all.

Anyhow, she looks gorgeous!

Erin on

She looks like the Mona Lisa- Anyways, shes famous for being the sister of a person with a sex tape-

Nikki on

Jessicad- thats a good point, when you earn money because of your appearance, gaining weight can be a big issue. Plus, with pregnancy hormones all over the place her feelings about her weight might be exaggerated some days, with mood swings affecting her too.

melissa on

She looks beautiful!

J on

You as well Ashleigh…

L on

She’s a tiny little lady of course she is thinking about it, she’s not going to stop eating or something…chill out!!
Kourtney looks radiant, love her pregnancy style!

Erin on

Well if she is over being pregnant on the red carpet, then I will offer this advice: Stay home!

Her family is so annoying.

Ashleigh on

Okay, J…

lori on

Im sure CBB left out the weight issue if there was one, due to all the people who like to leave NEGATIVE comments. Im sure CBB likes to be as POSITIVE as they can, and should be. As far as her weight issue, like above posters have said every woman cares/and should care about their weight gain in pregnancy.Plus to add to it she is a very short/small girl. she is not much taller than my 6th grader, so she is the average height of a junior high child! so im sure weight gain would be a issue not just for her self, but health wise also.So I guess I must have missed the point of where she is SHALLOW? enough said.

Linda on

Anyways, shes famous for being the sister of a person with a sex tape-
If that’s enough of a reason for someone to be a “celebrity” (Which everyone must be to be focused on on this site) I give up! What is the world coming to????

Carla on

Erin – I presume she would stay home if she could. But I’m guessing that she’s contracted to do a lot of red carpet events as part of her reality show with E!. This is her job after all. That’s like me being pregnant and working right till the end of my pregnancy (which I did) and saying to someone “I’m really tired having to be in work all day”. I would also assume that she’s getting paid for her red carpet appearances, as do most celebrities. Shouldn’t she be commended for working as much and as long as she can before the baby arrives for some extra financial stability? Even at that she’s still allowed to say that she’s over it.

Liliana on

She looks beautiful.

As for the other comments, I will say this again: if some of you despise her so much, don’t comment on posts regarding her. It’s a simple concept.

ana on

geez girls, some of you seem to think that just because you’re pregnant you can’t get all dolled up with heels. is pregnancy a disablity? no! if she can wear heels at 8 months pregnant, more power to her!! i can’t wear them now, and i have never been pregnant LOL.

and her fame was started by her sister who had a sex tape, but she is also known for her friendship with paris hilton and her job styling celebrities. kourtney came into her own during KUWTK with her sense of humor and amazing style.

so she gained weight and is not thrilled? big deal. i’m not judging her. at least she kept the baby.

Karen on

Erin, I would HARDLY say she looks like the Mona Lisa…good grief! She looks great though…thankfully we didn’t get a comparison shot of Kendra Wilkerson (forgot her married name) too.

kate on

I would just like to say I took my pregnancy as a chance for once in my life NOT to watch my weight gain… and loved every minute of it!!!

Pregnancy is one time in your life when you can let yourself go, I did, and am now over a stone lighter than I was before I got pregnant…. go figure.

Caryn on

I think she looks great, but her entire family is so ridiculous. She makes appearances because she wants the attention, not necessarily because she was paid to be there. Believe it or not but many celebrities aren’t paid to show their faces. Hell, many of them tip the photogs (and the Kardashians are famous for this!) to ensure their faces are in the next gossip rag.

Now with that said, she is very much allowed to moan and grown about the negatives of pregnancy. I think people just jump on her so hard because whether she was pregnant or not, she would be complaining and seeking the spotlight for something or another.

It is just a classic case of over exposure via Kardashian.

J to the Dine on

My best friend just had a baby about a month ago, and throughout her entire pregnancy she was nuts about how much weight she was gaining. She constantly said she thought she was gaining too much weight even though she was definitely within the recommend range for pregnant women of her frame. So it’s really not out of the ordinary that Kourtney feels the same.
And I hate to break it to a lot of you guys, but Kourtney has a popular television show on a major cable network… it makes her a celebrity whether we like it or not.

lindaloo on

i dont think saying she looks like the mona lisa was a compliment!

Sabrina on

Kourtney looks gorgeous!! I love the whole Kardashian family.

urbanadventurertales on

I’m over Kourtney pimping out her pregnancy!

sara on

first if all i want to say to the comments regarding her being on the red carpet for attention, how about reading the article this event was a kardashian charity event meaning she is responsible for it so how rude would it be not to go.. kourt looks great pregnancy is agreeing well with her.

Ashleigh on

Kourtney’s at an event…how is she pimping out her pregnancy? Is she supposed to hide for nine months because seeing her makes others upset?

urbanadventurertales on

whatever. anyone who watches the kardashian sisters for 5 minutes knows they are attention *****. all they care about is one-upping each other to get the most media attention. kourtney has all of a sudden shown up to like 4 “events” a week since she’s been pregnant. and it’s not because she cares a bit about these events. it’s because she wants the attention.

lindaloo on

If people would read the article they would see that the problem with her being on the red carpet was due to her saying she was “over the red carpet being pregnant.”

CelebBabyLover on

urbanadventures- Do you know Kourtney personally? If not, you have no way of knowing just why she goes to these events, nor do any of us.

Ashleigh- I agree!

Katherine on

I am not really a fan of the Kardashian sisters (I get tired of hearing about them ad nauseum), but I must say that Kourtney is a very cute pregnant woman! All pregnant women are beautiful, but some just have that extra cuteness factor going on, and Kourtney is one of them!

lori on

Please tell me WHY she would want the attention? makes no sense.. she has or had a show on television, she HAS attention. She is at a Event, which her whole family is part of, get over it. They dont need to “up each other”..thats funny! heck one is married to a basketball player, one is dating a football player, and the other is prego. by a guy that dont have to worry about money either! get over your self with the negative comments.