The Berry-Aubrys Go Gray

11/06/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Hey mom, look! Nahla Ariela Aubry, 19 months, points something out to Halle Berry while being toted through the airport by dad Gabriel Aubry on Thursday in Los Angeles. The trio went for a monochromatic look in gray tops.

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Laura on

Is Halle pregnant? I hope she has a son, to have a brother for Nahla.

Ellie on

Laura, i was thinking the exact thing… If she is, congrats 🙂

Shelly on

I doubt she’s pregnant. The color of the shirt and the angle of the pic makes it look like she is.

Mia on

I love the look of love on her face, and also Aubry’s in a lot of these photos of them together.

I hope she is pregnant too, but a few months ago Halle denied she was pregnant, but maybe she was just waiting. Who knows, I hope its true though 🙂

Mariel on

Noo, shes not, actually she hates when people start rumos, i knew she said in a interview that she was getting a complex, because “I was like, I’ve got to stop with the burgers or something” she said. That was really fun.

Kayana on

I wish people would stop with the whole baby bump watch thing.Its kind of offensive.If a celeb mom gains an mere ounce,people start speculating if she is pregnant or not.Its just not necessary.

MissMissy on

Okay, off the baby topic, but does Halle age? At all? Woman looks *fabulous*.

Lilly on

I think it’s fine for people to ask if she’s pregnant here. It doesn’t mean they think she’s fat or gained some weight. The top in that particular photo makes her stomach look very rounded. Geez.

Liliana on

Halle has two shirts on: the black over the gray which may or may not give the illusion of a bump. I don’t see it, though.

That said, hopefully tabloids won’t start with the speculation again. She just voiced her frustration over people thinking she was expecting.

Whatever on

I agree, this woman seems to get YOUNGER with every year. As does Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston…..UGH, NOT FAIR!

Xan on

Is it cheesy that I kind of like when families dress with a loose visual theme so they coordinate but don’t exactly match? 🙂

kimmy on

nahla is a cutie and i think she is tall for her age

Teresa on


Rye on

I wonder if the pregnancy rumors flare up more so with Halle because of her age? It’s probably expected or anticipated more highly for a woman in her 40’s like Halle to be preggo. Especially since she has stated that she wants more kids. Her age, unfortunatly, gives media hounds more reason to “LOOK” for a bump on her since she doesn’t have a ton of baby-making time left in her. It’s kind of sad actually. You don’t really hear a ton of pregger rumor/tabloid stories for younger couples.


Halle looks fab for her age, her daughter too will grow up gracefully like her…i hope happiness for them

L on

Such a gorgeous family…I love how they are all coordinated, too cute!!

CelebBabyLover on

Rye- I think you are exactly right. I remember that it was the same way with Nicole Kidman before she got pregnant with and had Sunday. Pregnancy rumors were swirling around her almost constantly, and I have no doubt that a big part of it was due to her age and the fact that she had said repeteadly that she wanted to have kids with Keith.

Demi Moore was also plagued with constant pregnancy rumors up until just a year or two ago, most likely because of her age and the fact that she had repteadly said that she wanted more kids (I said that in the past tense because I haven’t heard her say that recently). I’m guessing that the only reason the rumors finally pretty much stopped is because she’s at the point now age-wise where the chances of her getting pregnant are extremely remote.

Bottomline: I defintnely think that pregnancy rumors tend to flare up more with older celeb females who are open about wanting kids/more kids! 🙂

CheriJB on

I love to see this family. They inspire me to have my own. Love them. Nahla is beautiful, mommy & daddy aren’t too bad either. LOL