Update: Meet Sparrow James Midnight Madden!

11/06/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Update: We’ve now added the full interview and photos — plus one exclusive outtake that didn’t make the magazine! See the images and read the article in the extended post.

Originally posted October 21st: Weeks after welcoming their first son, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden — along with their 21-month-old daughter Harlow Winter Kate — are showing off the latest addition to their family, Sparrow James Midnight Madden.

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Sparrow James Midnight Madden is only 8 weeks old, but he’s already learning that his big sister Harlow Winter Kate has Mom and Dad broken in nicely. When they welcomed Harlow just 21 months ago, Nicole Richie and her boyfriend of almost three years, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden, became cautious new parents.

“Harlow was born into a home with two adults. We were so quiet with her; we made everything silent,” recalls Nicole. Times have changed. “Sparrow was born into a family,” says his bemused mom. “He’s gotta hop on the train!” Chimes in Joel: “And Harlow’s screaming all day long.”

The family home in L.A.’s lush Laurel Canyon may be Harlow’s world, but the more mellow Sparrow — who arrived in the wee hours of Sept. 9 — is perfectly happy napping in it. “He’ll sleep through anything,” says Joel.

Meanwhile his rambunctious big sister is taking her first stab at a music career. “She knows the words to her favorite songs,” says Nicole, 28, as she cozies up to Joel, 30, on their living room couch on a recent rainy afternoon. “She sings on key!” adds Harlow’s rocker dad.

The proud parents opened up to PEOPLE’s Lisa Ingrassia about their new bundle of joy — and how they’re embracing the chaos that comes with being a quartet. “It’s a juggling act, but it’s fun,” says Nicole. “I’m right where I belong.”

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Harlow was a big surprise. Was your pregnancy with Sparrow planned?

Nicole: We’re not planners!

Joel: We were leaving it up to the stars. We weren’t not trying — and it ended up being perfect timing.

How was your second pregnancy different from your first?

N: The first pregnancy was really easy. This pregnancy I was sick the first three months; I was tired.

J: At 2 in the morning, she’d be like, “Can you go get me Taco Bell?” I gained weight during the last pregnancy. When she told me she was pregnant again, I was like, “I’m just getting back in shape!”

N: When I found out I was pregnant with Harlow, my whole life changed. Now, we’re already parents. The pregnancy was exciting, but it wasn’t at the same volume. It’s more exciting now that he’s here.

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How did you prepare Harlow for her brother’s arrival?

N: I brought her to every doctor’s appointment and kept her in the know. I’m glad I had a girl before a boy. She’s very girlie. She just loves him so much. Now every morning she wants to go give him kisses.

J: She’s very gentle with him. Sometimes she likes to play with him, but he’s going to have to get used to that! She’s already dropped a toy on him. He’s very tough.

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How did you pick Sparrow’s name?

N: We have different tastes in names. Sparrow was one we both liked. I liked the way it sounded with Harlow, and there’s the Captain Jack Sparrow connection.

J: It reminded me of the Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue.” My worry raising a son in Hollywood is what will he have to struggle for? I wanted to give him a name that he’s going to have to stand up for. I love it; I think it’s a beautiful name.

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How are you adapting to being a family of four?

N: When we took our first pictures and I saw all four of us together, that was the first time I was like, “Wow, it’s the four of us.” It’s fun. If Harlow is with me, I’ll say, “Let’s put Sparrow to bed,” and she’ll come play while I do that.

J: Because he’s with Nicole most of the time, I’m spending so much time with Harlow. I’ll say, “Tomorrow Daddy and Harlow are going to go on a date; what do you want to do?” Sometimes it’s go to the zoo, or go see ponies. Sometimes she wants to go sit in her own chair at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We’ll just sit there and talk.

N: She’s said, “Go to a birthday party,” which can be difficult.

J: I’m like, “I’ll try to figure that one out!” Nicole had her birthday right after she had Sparrow, and Harlow and I threw her a birthday party — she was so excited.

N: So she got an Elmo cake. It had nothing to do with me!

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How is having a baby boy different?

N: I have to give Joel credit — he’s doing most of the diaper changing. Changing a boy is different.

J: He can spray you!

N: Also Harlow was never cuddly as a baby. But Sparrow is very physically attached to me. Sometimes all he wants is for me to hold him.

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What is Harlow’s personality like?

N: Harlow will come out of nowhere, hug me and say, “I love you Mommy.” It just melts me.

J: I’ll take her out to eat and say, “Have whatever you want!” She’ll say, “Carrots!”

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What do you admire about each other as parents?

J: Mothering comes naturally to Nicole. She loves it. The kids always come first — and she makes it all look easy. As a dad, there’s no better feeling. While I’m working, it all piles on her. She is taking care of the kids, and it never gets to her. She doesn’t feel like she’s giving anything up — she is wholeheartedly their mom.

N: Joel’s the best dad. He’s so delicate with Harlow — it brings tears to my eyes.

J: Harlow’s very easy — she has me wrapped around her finger.

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Has your social life changed as your family grows?

J: You don’t lose old friends, but the time you can spend with them is limited. Our interactions revolve around getting together with people who have kids.

What’s your secret to losing your baby weight so quickly?

J: She doesn’t work out, she doesn’t diet. It’s so easy for her.

N: Thank you, honey — if only the whole world saw me through Joel’s eyes! I’m breastfeeding, so that sucks the life out of you.

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What lies ahead for your family?

N: I’m dedicating this time to bonding with the kids and putting all of my energy towards my family. Harlow is on her way to potty training. It’s happening naturally — I include her in whatever I’m doing, and she wants to do it.

J: You pee in front of her?

N: Yes, do you?

J: No!

Any talk of tying the knot?

N: One day I would love to get married. It’s not something we’re talking about now. If my kids ask me to get married, I’d get married.

J: Nothing needs to change — it’s a great feeling.

N: The only thing you want is for your kids to be healthy and happy, and they are. I couldn’t be happier.

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Source: PEOPLE, Nov. 2 issue

Nicole wears Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Gold and Diamond Letter Necklaces in ‘H’ and ‘S’ ($1500 each). Harlow holds a blabla Mini Coco Doll ($34).

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morgyn on

Harlow looks so much bigger now that she’s a big sister. Sparrow is adorable, he looks so mellow, and he is ALL daddy in my opinion. How cute!

Kerri on

Omg! Most adorable family ever!!! I love Harlows little smile! Everyone just looks so happy! Congratulations! Man, Sparrow is a cutie!

JM on

what a beautiful family….gotta love harlow’s smile!

Patti on

I love this family!!!

Yvonne on

Oh she came such a long way! There where times when I thought we woudld read that she has overdosed or that she had died of anorexia.

And now look at her! Happy, beautiful and I bet a good mother, those kids just show it.

lolita on

soooooooooo cute…….he is looking much bigger then less then two-month-old!!!

Amy L on

What a beautiful family. Hope all stays well with them

crimpe on

that second picture is outrageously cute.

Nikki on

Harlow’s smile is amazing. It’s a real cheeky little grin!

cathy on

Sparrow is so gorgeous,and Harlow is so adorable.lovely family.

Shirelle on

He is so cute! Lionel was right Sparrow does look like Harlow!

Lynn on

He’s so cute! I love this family.

amy on

Woohoo ive been waiting for this! Sparrow is such a cutie like his big sister. I really see his daddy in sparrow πŸ™‚

Ella on

Harlow is so cute! def brother and sister haha and he has Joel’s ears! absolutely beautiful family!

Chelsea on

SO adorable! I know everyone ripped Nicole a new one for naming him Sparrow, but I actually like it. First, it’s not like they live in the middle of nowhere where Sparrow will really stick out because of his name. It’s LA…I’m sure there are weirder names than his. Second, IMO, having an original name like Sparrow is better than being one of 10 John, Michael, and Josephs in your class. I actually think it could be seen as cool by the other kids if they dig Capital Jack Sparrow.

Jennifer on

Harlow is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think Sparrow looks more like Joel. What a cutie pie he is. You guys are a beautiful family!!! Congrats!

Monique926 on

Sparrow is beautiful. I do see Harlow in him. What a gorgeous family!!! I know nothing or noone is perfect but man, this family really fits!!! The Richie-Maddens look perfect together πŸ™‚

Shannon on

I was wondering if they would have pics soon!!!! He is such a little sweetie baby, and Harlow is getting so big. She is such a goofy, gorgeous little girl! I love this family, and I can’t wait to see lots more of them in the future! Congrats to Nic, Joel, and big sis Harlow on baby Sparrow!!

Sadie on

I agree with Yvonne. So great to see Nicole glowing.
Sparrow looks exactly like Joel!!

Erica on

IMO, Harlow looks like Nicole. Sparrow is the spitting image of Joel. Both are lovely children. Nicole and Joel are blessed.

True on

God Bless them……Look at Harlows’s cheeky grin……adorable, i think Sparrow looks like Nicole……Love harlow.

Carol A. on

Man, time has sure flown by! Harlow’s almost two years old. I’m so glad Nicole has Joel and her kids…years ago she was headed down a bad path. So glad to see her glowing and happy. Of all the celebrities followed on CBB, I like reading about Nicole the most. Good luck Nicole and Joel, all the best to you and your kids!

Lola on

Awesome! I have been waiting to see Sparrow! What a beautiful family!

Bella Mama on

so precious.. i wish them all the love and happiness in the world..

Chris on

Harlow looks like Nicole now. Sparrow looks like Joel. What a cute little family!

Kelsey on

I love this Family so much. You, know people can say that their a good mom, but you can’t be sure of it till you see if the kids are happy. And you can tell Harlow and Sparrow are. Congrats to Joel and Nicole, They have a beautiful family.

J.D. on

Harlow and Sparrow are absolutely adorable. That second picture is insanely cute!

finais on


Kat on


CTBmom on

What a beautiful family! I think both kids are a terrific blend of both of their parents πŸ™‚

Dawn on

I Love this family!!

Stephanie on

They are the cutest celebrity family!

Lissette on

He’s so cute!! Seems like a mellow baby. They are a beautiful family!

Momof3girls on

It’s amazing how an older child will suddenly look so much older when they become a big sibling!!! Sparrow looks just like his Daddy!! Such sweet pics!!

Whatever on

What a lovely family. They are Blessed!

skipsie on

Oh my god he is PRECIOUS!
Harlow looks the perfect mix of both parents, and Sparrow is just all Daddy IMO…
What a beautiful family.

Dana on

I love this family!
HeΒ΄s a cutie!

Jana on

Beautiful family. On another note, I find it amazing how some celebs waste no time posing for the cover of magazines with their newborns. I admire people like Jennifer Garner who choose not to.

Electra on

He is all joel!

Liliana on

Such a gorgeous family! I love the second picture. Sparrow seems like such a laid back baby and Harlow’s smile is priceless.

Lady on

OMG…I absolutely adore this family…they look so perfect together…Sparrow looks just like Joel IMO…and could Harlow get any cuter with all those teeth and big smile…she is such a doll!! So happy for the Madden family!

JMO on

I think he looks like Joel. Nothing like Harlow who I always thought looked like Joel but now I think she looks more like her mom. So cute! Still have to grow on the name Sparrow for a baby boy. But they look very happy!

Jsn on

Jana –

Oh, here, spend a few hours on a photo shoot with professionals and you’ll get to keep all of the pictures AND we’ll pay you a couple hundred thousand dollars, which you can immediately invest in your kids. Like you wouldn’t?

VerΓ³nica on

Awwww! I’ve been waiting for this! They look like a big and very happy family. Im glad to pass to hate Nicole to love her. Her changes are AWESOME and now, she has a beautiful family on her side.

Harlow’s smile is pretty cute, and Sparrow is the cutest! No one in here find him a little “Benji Madden-look-a-like?

Michelle Nicole on

OMG, I love this family, they look soooooo happy. Glad to see such a happy family. I love both of their names, because its unique.

Natasha on

Wow I thought Harlow looked like Joel but clearly Sparrow got his genes! πŸ˜‰

monica on

that is one beautiful family I’m so glad nicole did a complete 360 with her life motherhood definitely agrees with her. those are some beautiful children and I’m loving harlow’s grin

Lisa on

jana..better to do it this way then be hounded by the tabloids trying to get a shot.

Jana on

Jsn – I think my children’s privacy is more important than money. I can’t put a price tag when it comes to protecting my children. I know celebs can’t control paparazzi shots but to willfully put your 6 week-old on the cover of a nationwide magazine for anyone standing in line at the supermarket to view, is opportunistic and attention-seeking in my opinion.

Jana on

Lisa, the tabloids will still try to get a shot regardless but at least try to keep your baby out of the supermarket mags for as long as possible. How long did we have to wait before we saw Halle Berry’s baby for the first time (for example)?

Micheley on

What a beautiful little boy. I always thought Harlow looked like her Daddy, but now I definitely see Nicole in her.

finais on

Exactly, Lisa. At least when celebs release the photos, it’s on their terms. It decreases the value of the paparazzi shots.

Allie-Rose on

Adorable family! They all look so happy and healthy!
It’s amazing how Harlow is the spitting image of Nicole and Sparrow is Joel all over!! And look at his big cheeks!!! So cute!!

Kaylee on

Cute, he looks just like Joel and Harlow like Nicole!

Bancie1031 on

Awe cute family ….. Harlow looks just like Nicole while Sparrow looks just like Joel.

Kaisa on

Jana, you criticize their decision to put their son the cover, but what are you doing on this blog then, that aims to show us pictures of celebrity babies? Nobody forces you to look at these photos.
The mere fact that these are celebrity babies means that the rules that apply to them are different. I would never wilfully put my children on the cover of a magazine as well but I’m not Nicole Richie. And if she didn’t do this, people would soon start wondering where Sparrow is; remember the fuss about Suri?

Benigna Marko on

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to the family. Love the name.
Benigna Marko

VerΓ³nica on

But those two got the money and put the same for their charity. Besides, is better to introduce your baby on a magazine before the paparazzi..you know? That’s less…dangerous, i think.

Is like: “well, this is my baby. You know how is his face, so don’t chase me so hard; not to the point of causing another accident”.

Mommy to Both on

So goregous! You can see the happiness on all of their faces. Congrats to both Nicole and Joel. You two make beautiful babies together!

Louise on

I have no problems with what Nicole and Joel have done- as I understand they are donating some or all of the money to charity. I think it helps calm the hysteria around celebritys and their children- it’s like the photo is out there now and maybe there isn’t the same rush to photograph the baby. I’m not so keen on the JLo type of situation, where all the money she made from the covers was kept for herself- I much prefer what Nicole and Joel have done.

alex on

their family is so gorgeous.

Harlow and Sparrow are adorable.

He looks just like Joel!

Jana on

Kaisa, you’re completely missing my point. People won’t have to come to this blog to see pictures of Nicole Richie’s baby. All you have to do is stand in line at the supermarket so it’s not about being “forced” to look! What, are you supposed to close your eyes in line at the supermarket? All I’m saying is Nicole wasted no time seeing that her baby is only 6 weeks old. That’s hardly enough time to wonder “where’s Sparrow”? There are many people who are much bigger stars than Nicole Richie who chose not to put their children on public display especially when they’re barely out the womb. Wow, I had no idea that I would be attacked so much for stating an opinion.

Ashley on

I love this family!

As for them being on the cover of the magazine so soon after having Sparrow – you can think whatever you want – but the only opinions that matters are those of Nicole & Joel.

danica on

@ Jana, no offense but jennifer garner is not someone people in general are clamoring for.
Nicole did not make 3 people magazine covers in 2 years if there wasn’t a demand for her and her family pictures.
Secondly, only 3 weeks ago, a paparazzi hit nicole’s car because they were trying to get the “first shot” of the baby. luckily harlow and sparrow were not in the car. I think you are being judgmental about the whole thing.
Me as a fan of nicole since the simple life days appreciate things like this.
Also, there is a difference between celebrities and so called hollywood royalty. jennifer garner is just a celebrity she didn’t grow up in holly wood, so everything about her is different. Unlike Nicole Richie or Angelina Jolie who has been going to premiers and red carpet events since they were children. They grew up with this kind of lifestyle. its how things are done.

Benigna Marko on

And the little girl is absolutely beautiful. She has the best smile so full of energy. Love the family.
Benigna Marko

Mia on

Jana, you can comment! But the truth is Nicole and Joel, and now their kids are beloved by many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love seeing them! In hollywood a star is a star is a star big or small, lots of money or little money, most popular to not so popular! A Fan is a Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great if you allow photos, great if you chose not to. I am happy to see all photos, if it does no harm or truly invades someones request for privacy.

Nelle on

Harlow is beautiful!!!
This family is really adorable!!!

Forever Moore on

He is absolutely adorable! I never really noticed until this this pic but Harlow totally has Nicole’s nose. Cute fam!!

Shawna on

Wow! Harlow looks just like Nicole and Sparrow looks just like Joel! They are both adorable!

Jennifer on

Oh my gosh, he is precious! Sooo cute! I love this family! πŸ™‚

im100tlc on

What a beautiful family! I am so happy for them. The babies are so gorgeous.

urbanadventurertales on

1. He’s a cutie! But looks very different from Harlow!
2. If I were a celebrity, I would probably have my child’s debut in a magazine within the first few months of life b/c I would not want the parazzi determining how and when my child’s photo got out. I would also not want to be chased constantly for that photo and be able to take my child out of the house!

gargoylegurl on

I love these pics! It was so great to check the site this morning and see this lovely family! I think Sparrow looks a lot like his daddy. Harlow is just adorable. Nicole looks beautiful and healthy! Love them!

Phyllis on

Such a beautiful little boy. Little Harlow is so adorable, I so adore this family. Nicole and Joel are great parents!! Congrats!!

Anna on

If I was a celeb I would put a photo on my website so no one would profit from it.

Also, I don’t see how Nicole is Hollywood royalty. She is known for DUI, reality TV and being anorexic.

The photos are cute though, I don’t think they look alike at all.

Iβ™₯CBB on

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! Harlow looks just like her mommy now!! Sparrow is ADORABLE!!! I can’t wait to pick up the lasted copy of People so I can read about one of my favorite celebrity families!!!

pam on

Adorable babies. I think I have a new fav celeb baby – Sparrow is sooo cute!

CΓ©cile on

Cute picture,nice family.
But I seriously doubt that doing the People cover is your only way to avoid papparazzi shots. These people have accounts on basically every social network on the face of the earth,you practically got updates from labor the minute it starts: a picture on your site or accounts shortcuts the paps just the same.
Just admit that you’re enjoying you time in national spotlight.Nothing wrong in it, no need to make it pass as the bravest fight against the mean paps or the ultimate act of sharing.

fuzibuni on

awww! they all look happy, relaxed and content.
i like how the photo shoot is not pretentious or over done.
they look like a pretty normal family… and nicole looks more beautiful than ever πŸ™‚

Mishelle on

Jana: I wholeheartedly AGREE with your comment and critique! Please know that you are NOT alone in your sentiment. Thanks for sharing your opinion, I enjoy knowing that there is someone else who thinks the same way I do instead of the basic googly goo you get from many commenters when so-called “celebs” cave in to monetary gain for selling out their families. I have way more resepect for celebrities such as the Jolie-Pitts who “get paid” and then immediately turn that payment around into various charities. Do ppl. really think that Joel and Nicole’s kids will ever “want” for anything? and that the payout from this spread is really going to make a difference to them? If so, it’s you who have your heads in the sand. My opinion…

danica on

@ Anna
what i mean is she is second generation hollywood. I don’t know how old you are, but i have “known” nicole since the 80s. At the height to michael jackson, quincy jones, lionel richie days. Pictures of her with lionel and brenda where all over celeb magazines especially the ebony and jet. they were the super stars of those days. And also when lionel and brenda were in their crazy divorce drama, their whole family was all over the enquirer and all those “tabloids”.
Also there was a feature on her adoption in one of the magazines from 1986 that i have. To cut the long story short she has always been famous to an extent since she was 3. If you have ever been to a lionel richie concert, There is a montage of nicole growing up when he sings ballerina girl. now he just has a picture of harlow up during that song.
Simple life made her mainstream famous but she has always been covered my the mags since before the SL era

kobelvr on

I love love this family. Not only are the all so beautiful but they are young parents and you can see how having kids have changed their lives. I really hope that they last as a couple because they really seem to have this family thing down. I am so happy for them.

Jessica on

After reading some of these posts, I now remember why I stopped coming to this site-if I wanted to see women argue about nothing, I’d just call my mother in law! Bottom line is celebs are celebs because they like the attention, they want people to look at them. They put their babies on magazine covers because they want people to look at them. Nicole Richie isn’t famous for singing, or acting, or whatever you people think makes a “celebrity” She’s famous for being on a crappy reality show 6 years ago? She’d be a nobody without the tabloids-being on tabloids IS her career, it’s how she stays famous.Iunderstand she does charity stuff NOW, but that really has nothing to do with how she got famous or the duration of her fame. Now me, and probably many of you would never put our kids out there like that, I know I’d never want every woman in the world putting their 2 cents in on every miniscule aspect of my life. Well, that’s my 2 cents, have a nice day all

Amanda on

I’d take a photoshoot of celebrity children over candid shots any day of the week. It all comes down to safety. Like someone correctly pointed out above, Nicole was in a car accident the other week caused by the reckless driving of a paparazzi photographer who was probably trying to get the first shot of Sparrow. Now imagine if Nicole’s children were in the car with her and the trauma it would have caused them. The first shot of any celebrity child is worth mega-bucks to the photographer who captures it and they will do anything to secure that pay-day. It’s dangerous and it’s not worth the risk. Releasing pictures like this removes that initial inflated bounty from new-born celebrity children and although the paparazzi remain an ever present, the rush to get the first shot is gone.

I don’t blame the likes of the Maddens, the Pitts, the Cruises for doing photoshoots. The safety of the newborn children and the welfare of any older children surely trumps any disapproval from some sections of the public. I know I would do exactly as they have done if I was in the same situation. Thankfully, I’m not.

Anyway, adorable family. That Harlow is too much! I really can’t stand the name Sparrow, as a nickname it’s awesome but as an official name? It’s different, I’ll give Joel and Nicole that much!

Sha on

LOVE this family and I admire Nicole’s turnaround….So happy to know that she is blessed with a beautiful family.

I have to get off this site, it is strongly making me want another one! πŸ™‚

Jana on

I agree Cecile! If Nicole’s and Joel’s only concern was being in control of releasing the “first photo” why not just upload a photo on their Twitter accounts? They are both avid users of Twitter. Or put a photo on their website likes another poster suggested. It’s possible to restrict online photos so that they can’t be copied. And the main difference between Jennifer Garner and Nicole Richie is Jennifer doesn’t have a “tainted” history. Jennifer’s too “boring” to be of interest to most people.

Ben on

As long as they donate the proceeds for the pictures to charities that benefit children, there is nothing wrong with selling your baby pictures.

Colleen on

Sorry is it me….. but what has Nicole Richie done in life to be so “famous”? The children are cute, but come on….she has not done one thing to deserve her “fame” or be on the cover of people magazine….I rather see something news worthy instead.

Hugo on

wow! talk about some uptight comments today!

I thought I read Joel and Nicole were donating the money from the photoshoot to charity.

I think the photo is quite informal, no glam and glitz. Mom, Dad and the kids are all dressed casually, no fancy lighting, just a plain background.

Lacey on

I love them! Such a beautiful family! My 2 year old does the same ham smile that Harlow does. Adorable!!

Nancy on

cute cute cute… and Harlow’s grin is priceless!!! Beautiful family!

Jen on

So Jana, what your saying is that you’d rather look at paparazzi photos, and buy into the game of celebrities being stalked and hunted by sleazy photographers who put people in danger with their tactics, than be “forced” to look at a photo on the cover of PEOPLE magazine? What?

People can criticize all they want, but it’s hypocritical to criticize these people for the choices they make by coming to a website that regularly posts paparazzi photographs!

We all make choices for our children that other people might not, but we (hopefully) do so with our children’s best interest in mind. These two seem like wonderful parents, their decision to participate in a photo shoot shouldn’t be such a big deal.

Dazzle on

OMG!!harlow is so cute and she looks like her daddy:)and sparrow is adorable.

Kat on

Wow… Harlow is so much mostly her mom… and Sparrow clearly is his daddy… such a sweet family.

danica on

For Magazines, its all about bottom line.
Certain celebrities sell magazines and some don’t plain and simple.
Nicole Richie sells magazines so much so that people gave her 2 cover stories for harlow.

Nicole has got the IT factor, she is famous for a reason, she was on a TV show for 5 seasons, she might not be doing much now but to say why is she famous is just a insulting jab with no merit.

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Tom and Katie, they all sell magazines. Suri and Shiloh even have had magazine covers already.

Jennifer Garner has her picture taking all the time, Violet is adorable there are hundreds of paparazzi pictures of her just like suri but the fact is some stars sell magazines while others don’t.

Brooklyn on

Aww! He’s adorable!
The family shot is so great! Such a gorgeous family and Harlow looks so happy!

mommaruthsays on

WOW! Sparrow is all Joel & Harlow is all Nicole!!! This picture definitely provies it for me πŸ™‚

babyboopie on

Oh my god!! How beautiful is this picture??? Sparrow is just perfection, he has his Daddy’s ears and I actually think he looks like his dad (and Benji of course!) Harlow is just precious and so beautiful, I love her smile so much and she is just all Nicole right now!

dannie on

So what if Nicole got paid for the first picture of her baby? It’s HER child. Plus being a celebrity is like any other job except she’s being paid for her appearance or a glimpse into her personal life. I don’t think people understand how little money most celebrities REAllY make or how long they have to wait in between paychecks. So good for her is what I say even if she doesn’t donate the money to charity like a lot people on here think she should.

JMO on

Woah ladies.

I didn’t see this much arguing when Brad and Angie put their kids on the cover of any magazines!

I will agree that you don’t necessarily have to put your children out there but this is one way of not letting someone else make money off your child FIRST. Joel and Nicole apparently are donating the proceeds just like Brad and Angie did. Nobody has to agree but remember they’re not the first.

Are any of these celebs now a days worth the cover of any magazine?? …hmm not really but the public for some reason has this dying need to see celebrity mom’s and babies (hense we actually are on a blog dedicated to them).

Personally I’d miss seeing pics of celebrity kids but I wish there were laws put into place where nobody could photograph a celeb child under the age of 15 and put it in a magazine or blog. That way these celebs could try and get atleast some normalcy back while they’re out with their families. If the parents themselves release photographs to magazines/blogs/twitter/facebook etc. that’s a different story. Were just too critical of images anymore.

Caitie on

They’re so beautiful.

I’m kind of cracking up over here wondering why everyone keeps harping on Nicole’s “celebrity” status. Did everyone forget that Joel is part of an incredibly popular band? I spent my high school years listening to Good Charlotte and they were all over the place getting air time. Maybe they’re not as popular at the moment as they once were, but it’s not like he hasn’t done his own things that give him his own status. She’s not the only celebrity on that cover, but hello, just being Lionel Richie’s daughter has given her status. She’s a celebrity baby in her own right.

computerag on

Good point and well said, Caitie.

These days if someone captures the public’s attention for any reason at all he/she can become a celebrity. That’s just the way it is. When huge numbers of people cease to find people like Nicole Richie fascinating, her celebrity status will slip. Until then, she IS famous and she doesn’t need a reason! If you even took the time to read the post about her and comment, you’re interested in her even if you don’t think she should be famous; she got your attention.

I think she and her family are adorable in these photos. Joel has such a sweet, proud-papa, happy look on his face.

Emily on

Harlow is adorable, I think she looks exactly like a mini Nicole. Sparrow looks more like Joel.

Staci on

This is the cutest family ever! I absolutely LOVE Harlow’s smile, happy beautiful babies! So proud of Nicole & Joel for being great parents.

FC on

Sparrow is a mini Joel! They have a mini-me for each of them. Harlow is all Nicole and Sparrow is Joel. And they’re both as cute as they want to be. I love Sparrow in that cover shot; that expression is adorable. πŸ™‚

Amy on

They don’t upload the first shot to Twitter because they give the money they get from the photo shoots to their charity. And the paparazzi are not as crazed for the Garner-Afflecks as they are for the Richie-Maddens.

Hurley on

It’s kinda cool how Nicole, Joel and the kids are sharing the cover with a Michael Jackson story, since Michael was her godfather.

mary on

That is one cute family!
That said, I really don’t know why Nicole Richie is so famous. She got into Hollywood riding off the coattails of Paris Hilton. She then shot to startdom once she whittled away to skin and bones.
However, it does look like she’s making the best out of her celebrity status now, with all of her charity work, good for her!
I really think they are a sweet family and wish them the best.

finais on

I happen to believe that Nicole is popular because of the way motherhood has changed her. Before becoming a mom, she was more notorious than popular, like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. But, once Harlow was born, she became a very different person. I think people can admire that. Especially the people who have turned their own lives around in one way or another. I never did anything as wild as Nicole did in her youth, but I did make some poor choices. After I met my husband, my whole life turned around. I can relate to people who have come back from poor choices and tough times.

Chelsea on

Harlow used to look SO much like Joel that I didn’t see any Nicole in her…now she looks more like her mom! She has Joel’s eyes, though.

Thursday on

JANA how about minding your own business.You keep commenting whenever someone dis-agrees with you as if that’s going to change our minds about your original comment.Nicole looks amazing what a beautiful family,Harlow is absolutely gorgeous.

cassie on

so cute!

JMO on

Actually Amy the paparazzi are always getting Jen and Ben with their kids but CBB no longer post pics of them. But if you go to other sites you’ll find pics of them almost everyday. And they’re in Boston and not even in a paparazzi driven area like LA or NY!

Amy on

JMO, I know this about Jen & Ben. I’ve seen pictures. But there’s paparazzi everywhere, most certainly in a thriving city like Boston! I live in Baltimore, and today there were paparazzi following Hanson!!! It was quite funny. However, my point still remains that although there is certainly interest in G-A family, they are not as demanded as the R-M family. I’m not knocking CBB’s golden girl Jen of course, I love her and her family, I’m just saying that the R-M family probably has a higher value.

Baby Sparrow is ADORABLE. The name has definitely grown on me as well.

Jana on

Thursday, can you grow up? Now I don’t have the right to respond? Isn’t that the purpose of a discussion board–to engage in dialogue? And I’m not here to change anyone’s mind or get anyone to agree. I could care less. I simply stated my opinion—that is all. Honestly, some of you women are extremely confrontational and catty. You treat these celebrities like they’re your friends or family. Negative comments about someone you don’t even know shouldn’t bother you that much. This is my last comment, are you happy? I won’t be visiting this blog again anytime soon. Jeez!

Jessica on

Amy, that’s so funny about Hanson, I guess they’re still doing those Walks? I do love hanson, but have never seen a paps pic of them (recently, Im not talking circa 97). I wish they were on this site more often. Now Taylor and Natalie are a young family setting a good example….

Kim from Australia on

Harlow is getting exactly like her Mummy! Sparrow is very very much like Dad I think!

Jennifer on

He’s so cute! Personally though I don’t think he looks anything like Harlow did when she was born.

Jenny on

Their new son is so cute but I think he doesnt favor one parent over the other. He has his own look going. His sister has her dads eyes but is looking more like mom. That family picture is really good of all of them. Im glad she has changed her life around for the better.

Jane on

Sparrow is adorable!! He looks like his Dad, I think. Harlow looks so happy in that pic.

Teresa on

Wow He is so beautiful and Harlow is getting so big and has a gorgeous smile. Enjoy the new addition to the family it’s an amazing experience. Congrats!!

Moi on

To cute for words!!!!

JMO on

Yes but it’s a different kind of “paparazzi” it’s basically photographers working for a newspaper reporting in that area . I live in Philly and whenever we have movies film here we always get shots of the celebs but they mostly just land in the newspaper not in People mag or on the internet. But any photo of any high profile celeb who lives in paparazzi prone areas will get snapped and usually end up on the internet or in a magazine. I don’t recall going on popsugar or justjared and reading about Hanson…or I totally missed it lol.

Emma on

WOW, Sparrow looks so much like Joel.

Mary-Helen on

That smile of Harlow’s cracked me up!

What an adorable family, however Joel has some strong genes, those kids look soooo much like him!

hkdiaz on

Harlow is so stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it! And Sparrow looks just like his Daddy!

Doreen on

Love, love, love this family!! Harlow’s smile is precious, oh my goodness, makes me crack up!!! LOL Priceless. Little Sparrow is sooo precious! Can’t wait to see him grow up and Nicole and Joel add to their lil family perhaps!

Thursday on

JANA you keep reading this blog responding to everyone that dis-agrees with you,and you have the nerve to call me catty and confrontational.Then you spazz out claiming never to read this blog again…you need to grow up and get a life lady.I think the way nicole chose to introduce her handsome son is none of your business.

Tina. on

OMG that is the cutest pic ever! πŸ˜€

actualsize on

And the paparazzi are not as crazed for the Garner-Afflecks as they are for the Richie-Maddens.

Is that really true though? I don’t really seek out pictures on either of those ladies so maybe my perception is colored, but in general I would have thought that they’re more or less on a par. Remember the craziness over Violet’s preschool? Maybe it’s different for Nicole because her relationship with the paparazzi is more long and checkered (she was their darling for many years and, like Paris Hilton, relied on them for much of her notoriety – is that fair to say?)

If anything, I think the volume and frequency of photos on Violet and Sera has lowered their value. At one point Violet was out at the farmers market or the playground every other day (maybe not literally but it felt that way) and there’s only so many photos of the same thing that websites and mags want to run. So by flooding the market Jen and Ben might have actually hit on a successful strategy for decreasing interest.

Anyway, this is all academic because obviously we have no say in how any of this turns out. It’s interesting to discuss, though, and hear differing opinions on it. Hope no one was offended by my comment.

cait5 on

i’m glad i had a girl first? because girls are gentle and into babies presumably. Good to see they are raising Harlow free from confining gender stereotypes.

Why not just say I am glad my daughter has such a nurturing, laid-back personality? It has very little to do with the X chromosome.

Tina on

how beautiful this family is… Harlow looks like small Mommy and Sparrow like small Joel sooo amazing…

Chelsea on

Wow, I’m sure those of you who are ripping Nicole and Joel apart are just perfeeeeeeeeect mothers! Give me a break!

Patricia on

Caitie, 100% agreed. You took the words right out of my mouth! Lol, I was going to say exactly what you said about Good Charlotte and Nicole!

They’re both famous in their own right.

Anyways, I love this family and the natural, casual pictures. Sparrow is a beautiful baby boy and Harlow is gorgeous! That smile is to die for! Nicole is glowing and Joel looks so proud of his family πŸ™‚

Ashlee on

haha wow cait5 read into things much?? i’m SO sick of things having to be absolutely PC or else people freak out. She is a GIRL, and Nicole is saying she is :gasp: GIRLY! How awful!!!

Mandy on

I think the reason Nicole said she’s happy she had a girl first is because Harlow is probably very motherly towards him. She even mentions that Harlow is very gentle with him and I bet she pretends that he’s her baby. So cute! And that’s not saying had Sparrow come first it would be different and he would not be so loving but yeah.

Anyways, I think Harlow and Sparrow definitely look different from their debut pics. Sparrow is definitely a mini Joel and I know Harlow looked a lot like Nicole and is starting to favor her mom again.

I love little kid smiles, so precious. I think they all start off smiling like that. I remember my younger sister smiling like that too, wide-eyed from ear-to-ear.

Pamela on

I feel like when Harlow gets a little bigger, she’ll be the spitting image of Nicole…she starts looking more and more like her every picture I see. And Sparrow is all Joel! They all look so happy!!! Loves it!

g!na on

aaw! cute baby! Harlow is a baby doll!

erin on

So cute! I love this family. Harlow looks like Nicole and Sparrow looks just like Joel. How wonderful!

Brianne on

Such a cute, happy family! Sparrow looks like a good combination of Joel and Nicole! He’s precious! Congratulations to you and Harlow on your new addition!!! πŸ˜€

Anna S. on

Wow, I’m really surprised with all the Nicole bashing going on. Ever since she had Harlow and became Queen of the Celebrity Moms it’s like she can do no wrong… so this is kind of shocking. Anyhoo, I’m not getting involved with this argument. Sparrow’s little expression is adorable, and Harlow looks like such a happy baby. Both very cute! I think they favor Joel more, but I can see Nicole in there too. And I gotta say, Nicole is really pretty.

April22 on

Thursday-I agree with you 100%! Jana made the first negative comment in an otherwise happy thread.Then when some-one disagreed she accused them of “attacking” her,when they were simply stating their opinion!

That being said,posters who are saying Nicole is only famous for DUI and reality shows-well that’s true BUT she has totally turned her life around since meeting Joel and having kids! That’s why I like her,it shows that if you make bad judgements in your youth,well DO NOT GIVE UP.There is always hope! And agree with others Joel is from a famous band.Why in nearly every thread there has to be negativity-there is so much hate on other sites,that’s why I like this one.So,if people think this site is “catty”you must not of been on many sites b/c some are really mean. Harlow is gorgeous,Sparrow is to cute!!!!

April22 on

#131 Cait5 Are you kidding with that comment??? Nicole has said that she is glad she had a girl first-(So what)how can you read so much into such a small and truthful comment!!

This site is slowly but surely just starting to turn,with every thread some-one just has to say something negative and judge every word and picture! I am glad N&J got paid instead of some sleazy papparazzi jumping over their fence or climbing a tree to get the first pic.Also I am sure that most of their payment will go to the Ritchie-Madden charity that they have set up to help poor kids!

Karm on

Sparrow looks like his daddy!

Nicole looks amazing, the whole family does.
From this photo they just look so happy πŸ™‚

Sabina on

I couldn’t ever decide which of the parents Harlow looks alike.But now I see than she is like Nicole,and Sparrow looks like Joel.

Sadie on

Guys, a blog is supposed to be a discussion. A whole heap of syrupy sycophantic comments is not only boring, it’s not democratic. People are entitled to their opinions – negative and positive – without being slugged.
Not everyone is going to think it is wonderful that Joel and Nicole sold pictures of their infant. Not everyone is going to think Nicole is the best thing since sliced bread just because she is not a party girl anymore.
The range of opinions is what makes a blog interesting.

carly on

Sparrow is SO cute!
he looks just like harlow when she was a baby IMO

cait5 on

no i wasn’t kidding – but maybe i over-react to these things because my daughter is not “girly” (think Shiloh minus tooth and plus pirate sword and add a love of danger and a tendency to hit first, talk later) and my son is very “girly” (highly verbal, nurturing, sensitive, physically cautious, loves role-play with animals and dress-ups). My personal experience is that there is quite a lot of subtle pressure put on girls to be “nice” and “nurturing” and quite a lot of often-not-so-subtle pressure put on boys to be rough-and-tumble and fearless. And because my kids have been on the receiving end of the end of a lot of these comments and funny looks i’ve become more aware of them then perhaps other mums.

doesn’t make me hysterical or weird – just a product of my personal experience which may be different from yours.

sooo, i bristled a little at nicole’s choice of words (coming on the heels of joel saying that you didn’t have to be too precious with a boy) and suggested that they could do better.

still think her kids look cute and that she and joel love them very much.

Anna on

I think Harlow being a girl has nothing to do with her being easy on her brother. It’s probably just her character. My older sister wasn’t nurturing at all, she wanted me gone after the first few weeks haha!

Dee on

Back in the day when Nicole hung around Paris all the time and used to get into all those crazy incidents around La La Land, I would have never thought she would settle down and have a family and become this mellow person.

I am very happy that she proved me and a lot of other people wrong. They say having kids changes you and now I can see how true that is.

Her family is absolutely beautiful and I am sooo happy for them. If only all of the other starlets out there on the road to self destruction would take a page from Nicole’s book. Not to necessarily go out and have children but, to just settle down and grow up and take a stock of where their lives are headed.

In the meanwhie I hope God blesses this family ten folds πŸ™‚

MrsL on

Harlow totally has Nicole.s smile! Look at past pictures of Nicole, from her 20’s and as a kid and when she does the big smile her nose kinds scrunches like that! So cute!
Sparrow is very handsome and they make a beautiful family.
I’m glad they did a magazine shot, not just because of the nosy in me but because I really think it would lessen the pap interest so much on who gets the first picture of him.
Beautiful happy family.

Izz on

Harlow is all Nicole and Sparrow is all Joel!!!! What a beautiful family

mochababe73 on

I could care less that the pictures are in the magazine and can’t wait until I can purchase my copy. I’m going to buy it because I have always liked Nicole and have been very pleased that she has turned her life around. This is a very different Nicole than we previously knew. While her ex-best friend (Paris) is still partying like a teenager at the age of 28, she has decided to become an adult.

The family is beautiful, and Harlow’s smile says it all.

Alicia on

Nicole and Joel, your babies are adorable and precious! I am so happy for the both of you. Nicole, I am very happy that you turned your life around!!

Jessi on

So adorable!!! I always thought that Harlow looks like Joel. I still do, but I think that Sparrow looks like Joel in a different way. They don’t look alike, but they do both look like daddy.

Jessica on

Sadie, thank you for that post! I think everyone should have to read it before they’re allowed to post anything! All these women do on this site is just argue over EVERYTHING…

Corlette on

I think Nicole looks beautiful.Harlow is such a cutie pie.I think she has Nicole’s smile and she looks like Joel.The baby boy is cute too.Gorgeous family!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

What a cutie! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m glad to see and hear that Nicole is okay after her car accident! πŸ™‚

Brooke on

Harlow is absolutely gorgeous! Like some people were saying, there were times when Nicole was under… She was a drug addict, she was anorexic, and she was just in a hole. It’s so amazing how far she has come. I couldn’t be happier for her. She has a beautiful family. I bet she is a great mother. Sparrow is such a cute bouncing baby boy! πŸ™‚
Congratulations to the proud mama and papa!

Mrs. Arlene Machado Banos on

What a beautiful and handsome family!

Mrs. Arlene Machado Banos on

What a beautiful and handsome family!!!!

Mommyof3 on


I don’t think it’s attention seeking if they choose to display their son on a cover….what I think it is is SMART. The paps are too insane these days and will do literally anything for a shot…even if it means running a family off a road!! This way Nicole can control the photo she wants and it is on HER terms and conditions…not the greedy paps!

Anyways Sparrow is ALL Joel, he is super handsom:) Harlow looks darling as per usualy and Nicole looks radiant. WHat a perfect little family they have:)

Patricia on

They such a cute family. I am so glad to see them doing so well after all her issues in the past after all those years of battling a drug addiction and her problems with her father they all seem to be coming together as one big happy family its really nice to see a happy ending.

CelebBabyLover on

Brooke- Nicole was never anorexic. She has said repeatedly that she never had an eating disorder, and that her extreme weight loss was caused by stress.

finais on

Also, she IS naturally slender. You can tell when you look at pictures of her pre-rehab. Everyone who goes to rehab ends up getting quite large for a period afterward. In the People interview, Joel tells them that Nicole neither diets nor exercises. She just IS very thin.

Rachel on

Wow, I never realized how much Harlow looks like Nicole. And Sparrow looks just like Joel!

Fatima on

Very cute family.

Jen on


i’m glad i had a girl first too. and that’s ok, and it’s not necessarily because my daughter is nurturing or more motherly. she’s a year old and likes to hug dolls and stuffed animals, but also likes playing with trucks. the kid is rough and tumble and extremely active.

i understand how you migh be particularly sensitive to this subject, but you read too far into nicole’s statement when there wasn’t necessarily something to read into.

Allegra on

He looks so much like his daddy! And Harlow! Just… just gorgeous!

Christine on

Everyone certainly is entitled to their own opinions. I personally think that Nicole has come a long way in these past few years, and it makes me think that some of the mistakes I have been making lately can be turned around as well and that someday I can have a beautiful family to be proud of. I’m only 23 now, but if I few years down the road I had picked myself up and started a career, become financially stable and responsible, and married with two beautiful children, I’d definitely be happy, content and proud. I’m not a celebrity, but I’d probably want to share my happiness with the world as well. I think that is what Nicole and Joel are doing – sharing their genuine happiness with the world. Since they are also celebrities, they can make some money to donate to charity at the same time, and any time anyone donates to charity, that is an act that should be admired.

Like I said above though, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and this is only my opinion. One thing I’ve noticed about the back-and-forth arguments on this site: everyone is arguing for parents doing what is best for a child (people differ on what that is, but the idea is there) and if trying to figure out how best to raise a child can foster this much discussion, I’m okay with that.

anna on


elizabeth on

I love that picture, they look like such a beautiful family.I just love it.

Lys on

I love Harlow’s smile in the picture! Very cute!!! And her little bro… he is soo cute too! Beautiful family!!! Nicole and Joel Congrats to these beautiful kids!! πŸ™‚

Legacy on

What a beautiful family, I am in LOVE with Sparrow, he is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful name, too. Growing up with an unusual name, I never thought that I would name my child one, but this name is great. My daughter is 7 and my son is 9, and they have recently been complaining about their little friends’ names being ‘cooler’ than theirs (my kids’ names are Alexandria and Caiden). It seems that whatever your name is, you always want the opposite!

Kat Sullivan on

Love them! Harlow is such a cutie pie….Sparrow I think looks like lionel…..but whatever the case they are a cute family – and i hope they remain happy together FOREVER! hugssssssss

Sarah on

Kat said “Sparrow I think looks like lionel”…which is odd since they aren’t related at all. I think Sparrow looks exactly like Joel. Harlow is so cute too!

Deb on

They are so cute!!!! I love the last picture!!!!

Doreen on

Beautiful family!! I love them all!! πŸ™‚ Harlow and Sparrow are GOD sends!!! πŸ™‚ Harlow looks just like Nicole and Sparrow, Joel. Love them!! Hope they have more kids in the future!! πŸ™‚

You people need to lay off Nicole and her family! She’s in a much better place in her life now than ever!!

Mariel on

My son is 21 moths and he cannot say a entire phrase, i dont undersand how can Harlow say “i love you mommy”, i would die for hear it from my son!

Brooklyn on

Great interview! They are such a gorgeous family and Harlow is sooo cute! Her hair is so pretty.

stedine on

Harlow is so darn cute!!!!

computerag on

Joel makes an interesting comment about choosing the name Sparrow as a way of forcing the child to defend himself. He says that growing up in Hollywood, “What will he have to struggle for?”

He will have to struggle for a lot, actually, growing up in Hollywood. He may not have to struggle for money, but that’s only one small aspect of life.

Shirelle on

Harlow is so cute!

im100tlc on

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful family!! I’m so happy for them. Gorgeous parents and gorgeous children, they were truly blessed!!

Robin on

That second pic is soooo cute…and in it you can see sooooo much of Nicole in Harlow! It’s amazing how much kids change. When Harlow was born she looked like Nicole, then for a while I thought she looked more like Joel, but now she’s all Nicole! I agree that Sparrow is all Joel, especially around the mouth. Such an adorable family and it’s so awesome to see Nicole in this role rather than what she was a few years ago! I truly believe Joel, Harlow, and Sparrow saved Nicole’s life.

Felicity on

they are SO beautiful, all of them. my favourite hollywood family πŸ™‚

Tina. on

they are all really cute, but look at harlow!!!! πŸ˜€ shes so beautiful.

All Women Stalker on

Beautiful photos! I love the last one, especially. Hahaha. Too funny and cute.


Jazz on

Harlow is so adorable! She has such a bright, beautiful smile.

Meghan on

@Mariel- My daughter was saying “I love you mommy” at 18 months. She had a wide vocabulary rang very early on.

Jessica on

Harlow is so gorgeous it’s not even funny!!

anna on

omg i just love nicoe and joel and their kids are adorable, cute and wonderful.too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FC on

I love that additional photo of a smiling Joel and Harlow. Adorable. But she is all Nicole in that photo, smile and all. πŸ™‚

CTBmom on

Mariel, kids learn to speak at different ages. My son was putting 3 or 4 words together by 20 months, but my next door neighbor’s son only said mommy, daddy and no by his 2nd birthday. His mom was so worried because he was late learning to speak, but by the time they turned 4, you could not tell which one started talking first.
Anyway, I love this family and Harlow is beautiful! I think she looks so much like Nicole, while Sparrow seems to favor Joel.

Mia on

Harlow was all daddy for so long, and now she looks like a huge combination of Joel/Nicole. And little Sparrow is ALL daddy for sure, he looks like such a boy in the picture of him cuddling with his mom..so adorable πŸ™‚

My only comment is the question about “tying the knot” and Nicole says, “I would love to get married”, but Joel says the total opposite of “Nothing needs to change”. I know not getting married works for some people, or a lot of people end up getting married later on, but it definitely should be something that is agreed upon..before you have kids. Hopefully if their kids urge them to get married, Joel won’t mind. He obvioulsy loves Nicole very much.

facingdawn on

I love the last pic with Nicole and Harlow’s matching wide smiles.

cindi on

this family is so amazingly down to earth. nicole looks so at peace in these pictures. harlow couldn’t be any cuter, and sparrow is going to be one handsome young man…just like daddy.

skipsie on

Omgooodness i love this family!
that last photo, nicole and harlow have identical smiles!!
harlow wrinkles her nose like nicole!
sparrow is ADORABLE!

JM on

cait5 i can really see where you’re coming from. the comments that are usually said about shiloh especially annoy me. “can’t they dress her like a girl?” etc. and yet if we see a little boy on this site holding a baby doll everyone falls over themselves to say how cute that is because that is seen as more obviously PC than just allowing girls to express themselves whichever way they chose. my twins sound like your kids, they are a boy and a girl and have i would say switched what are traditionally seen as gender-typical stereotypes. my daughter is really into sports, very extroverted, chatty, rough, into dinosaurs and monsters and lego, LOVES football (soccer) and is quite confident. her twin bother is much quieter, not into sports at all, really loves animals, quite sensitive, really into art and loves painting and crafts, very intune with other people’s emotions. i think it’s wonderful that they both feel comfortable to be themselves.
i wish everyone saw this…

Dannie on

Uhmmmm…..When asked about marriage, what did Joel mean by “nothing has to change.” I know every relationship is different but that wouldn’t have sat well with me if I were Nicole.

megan on

“My worry raising a son in Hollywood is what will he have to struggle for? I wanted to give him a name that he’s going to have to stand up for”

That’s kind of odd to me. But other than that, they’re a cute family

Allie-Rose on

I love this family! They look so happy!

Doreen on

Particularly one part in the interview bothered me. It was when they were talking towards the end of the interview. Nicole said: “One day I would love to get married. It’s not something we’re talking about now. If my kids ask me to get married, I’d get married.” Joel “Nothing needs to change β€” it’s a great feeling.” Seems like Nicole feels one way and Joel feels another. I think they should get married and not continue to shack up w/out the committment.

LiL on

I used to watch Nicole in all the Simple Life’s and I’m so happy with how she’s blossomed. She sounds and appears to be a great mother and her children are absolutely ADORABLE. They look like the model family!

Kaila on

Doreen – “I think they should get married and not continue to shack up w/out the committment.”

Wow how very old-fashioned and judgemental, they have two children and are clearly dedicated to each other and their family. My parents aren’t what you would call ‘committed’, but I think couples reach a certain point where it clearly doesn’t matter whether they are married or not.

Kristin on

These kids are beyond cute!
I don’t see anything wrong with Nicole choosing to put her kids on the cover of a magazine. I know she does a lot for charity.
She’s not relying on her kids to make her a profit, like the Gosselins. I think she wants to show off her beautiful babies and there’s nothing wrong with that.
I remember when she was sick and anorexic and I assumed she would either die of a drug overdose or stay sick and try to hang on to a barely there career. She should be proud that she cleaned up and has a happy and healthy family.
Good luck to her!

Karm on

WOW! Harlow is beautiful!! She looks so much like Nicole now!
They all seem SO happy! πŸ™‚

JMO on

Beautiful family. Harlow is gorgeous. So hard to say who Sparrow looks like right now. Joel and Nicole seem like wonderful parents.

Grace on

Haha, I love the peeing comment. That just cracked me up. They seem like such a loving and grounded family. So happy for them.

If you listen to that Johnny Cash song, “A Boy Named Sue,” you can sort of understand what he’s trying to say.

I co-worker gave her son the middle name, Megatron (no joke) so his reason for naming their son with his name isn’t bothering or weird.

cat on

What a lovely, sweet family.

Adrienne on

5 years ago, who’d have thought we were all going to be praising NICOLE RICHIE.. but wow, she’s come full circle and grown up so much. In my opinion, they are such a beautifully real family. Congrats to them.

Liliana on

Such a beautiful family. Harlow and Sparrow are beyond adorable.

As for their commitment, Nicole and Joel seem 100% devoted to each other. They love one another and have created a beautiful family together. Because of that, if they never get married, it won’t matter one bit.

Pamela on

Such wonderful family photos! So glad to see that Nicole is not who she used to be and that she is a wonderful Mom!

CelebBabyLover on

Kristin- Like I said earlier in this post, Nicole never had Anorexia. She has repeteadly said that she never had an eating disorder and that her dramatic weight loss was stress-induced (basically, like how Angelina Jolie lost a lot of weight right after her mom died).

Lilybett on

Joel was on a morning show here in Australia and mentioned that he was the one who suggested the name Sparrow. He said it was a really traditional tattoo thing and he wanted to give the kid a rock’n’roll name. And Nicole was happy when he suggested it because of the pirate connection.

Dazzle on

i love pictures they are so natural and kids are so adorable .harlow looks like nicole and sparrow joel.they share their kids look like :)))

Fern on

Joel Madden has been in Australia with his brother Benji for the past week, and Australians everywhere have fallen in love with them both. They are smart, well mannered, articulate guys. Nicole gets so much praise for being such a great mother, but don’t forget Joel – he seems like an awesome dad.

finais on

Mariel – For what it’s worth, I supposedly spoke very well (like an adult, my parents say) by the time I was 18 months old. They say that people who didn’t know how old I was would be very confused because I was small for my age, but spoke like an elementary school kid. My little brother, on the other hand, did not speak a single word until he was three years old! He is perfectly fine now, but was very slow to speak. All children are different. I’m not expecting my daughter (now 7 months old) to speak as early as I did, but I certainly hope she speaks earlier than my brother did!

Also, I can understand when people don’t feel a need to get married. I am married, and I married before having my child, but I lived with my now-husband for five years before we married. We were 100% committed to one another since the day we started dating. There was never a moment of wavering, or any point where we “took a break” like some couples do. It was always 100%. The actual marriage was a formality that made it more socially acceptable to my traditionalist family. The marriage itself didn’t change anything about our relationship. It’s just a formality.

Anna S. on

I agree with you, Mia. Whether you want to get married or not is your decision… but I feel that you should at least agree about it before bringing children into the mix. It seems like they’re on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Nicole: “I would love to get married one day.” Then Joel: “Nothing needs to change.” Call me crazy, but I’m a little bothered by that.

And for anyone who’s interested, this is part of the Johnny Cash song Joel is referring to:

“Son this world is rough
And if a man’s gonna make he’s gotta be tough
And I knew I wouldn’t be there to help you along
So I give you that name and I said goodbye
I knew you’d have to get tough or die
And it’s that name that helped to make you strong
Now you just fought one hell of a fight
And I know you hate me and you got the right
To kill me now and I wouldn’t blame you if you do
But you outta thank me before I die
For the gravel in your guts and the spit in your eye
‘Cause I’m the son of a bitch that named you Sue”

Josie on

Love them! They seem like such a down to earth family. Who cares if they’re married? My partner and I have been together 7 years and we have a 2 year old son. We’re just as “married” as any married couple.

Anna S. on

Josie, I don’t think anyone is actually getting on them for not being married. The concern most of us have here is that they don’t even agree on what they want. That just reeks of instability to me.

Amanda on

What an adorable family! I used to think Harlow looked like daddy but she clearly favors her mommy now! And Sparrow is looking like daddy…at least for now, they change so much from newborns. I really liked the interview, and I’ve always felt bad for Nicole and the eating disorder comments. She’s a thin girl, and I’ve always been thin so I can relate. Some people have a hard time keeping weight on, just like some people have a hard time keeping weight off. It’s just different body types and metabolisms. Commenting on someone’s weight whether it’s ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’ is rude, especially when you don’t know them.
@ Mariel- kids do things in their own time. My oldest child didn’t speak well until she was almost 3. I can assure you that not only is she smart, she’s one of the most advanced kids in her class now. My youngest was actually saying phrases at 10 months old, she also was walking by 11 months; we got quite a few looks to say the least. She looked like a walking/talking baby. It does tend to happen earlier for kids who have older siblings though.

markcus on

I love them !!!!

L on

OMG this melted my heart, they are the most gorgeous…beautiful…sweet..loving family…Harlow is simply GORGEOUS…that little girl is going to grow up to be something special…can’t wait to see more of them as they grow!!

Anne on

There were a few comments about the marriage stuff…and I just have to comment, I feel a lot of people pick and chose what they commented on – Nicole said “One day I’d love to get married..its not something we’re talking about right now.” She didn’t say she was anxious to get married or it was anything she wanted to do anytime soon. Joel further commented “Nothing needs to change- its a great feeling.”, which I took as him affirming Nicole’s sentiment that marriage isn’t something they consider they need to do immediately or as any type of affirmation to their commitment to each other and their family.

Anna S. on

I won’t speak for anyone else, but personally, I wasn’t “picking and choosing” anything. Both of them like where they are at the moment, but Nicole still considers the possibility of marriage while Joel seems to have completely ruled it out. I didn’t twist anyone’s words in order to come to that conclusion. And, in my opinion, that’s a big thing to disagree on. It could cause problems for them in the future.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna S.- How do you know Joel has ruled it out? Likely he feels that things don’t need to change right NOW. That doesn’t mean he won’t be open to marriage in the future. πŸ™‚

Mommyof3 on

Alot of people don’t seem to STOP AND THINK of the reasoning behind releasing their child(s) first photo to the mags……Did you ever think that it is the SAFEST way to debut them? The paps are insane and will do literally ANYTHING to get a shot including smashing into a celebs car!! With the celeb resleasing it themselves they have and are in complete CONTROL of their child(ren).
I’m sorry but it is not greed or authority…it is being a cautious parent. Maybe some people on this board need to take a lesson from them…JMHO

natalie on

O-M-G!!! Harlow is so incredibly beautiful! I can’t believe it! And Sparrow does look a little like her but then again, in some pictures he really does look a lot like Joel. They’re a gorgeous family and this is one of the most beautiful photoshoots I have ever seen. It definitely beats out any Jolie-Pitt shoot I have ever seen.
I can’t wait to see more of these gorgeous kids when they grow up! Team Harlow! πŸ˜‰

miaow on

cait5 – I totally get where you are coming from. Sparrow is a 6 week old and he is already being described as “tough’ but Hralow is a “girly girl”. This might actually be the case (doubt it in Sparrow’s case), but I think that when parents say these things they are projecting what they WANT onto their children. I still have vivid memories of taking my 3 yr old son to his sister’s school assembly in a pink fairy dress. Or taking his sister to a fairy party dressed as a scuba diver. And even though my girl was NOT girly she was a great big sister. Sparrow might have been a great big brother too!

PS- You were so incredibly gracious in your comments. Its sad that so many other bloggers on this site do not have your charm and tact.

Mandy on

This family is really cute and I am happy to see that they are so philanthropic as compared to many other celebs out there.

What gets me about this post, and perhaps it is just ME, but Nicole always seemed to be on the chubbier side even up to doing the reality show with Paris. Then suddenly one day we see her again and she is sickly skinny (before the kiddos). In this article, Joel says Nicole doesn’t diet nor exercise yet she loses her weight VERY fast and with no effort. She craved Taco Bell during her pregnancy so she obviously eats fast food. Doesn’t it seem strange for a girl who used to have weight issues suddenly show up one day super skinny, get pregnant and have kids, eat junk, give birth and then lose the weight without any effort? I have to really wonder if she had some sort of surgical procedure to maintain her weight that she is not telling anyone about? I am not meaning in any way to be demeaning to her, but I just can’t get that thought out of my head when Joel makes a statement that she has no problems with post baby weight and doesn’t diet or exercise. Now I know someone mentioned Angelina Jolie, but she was never chubby. I just don’t buy the whole breastfeeding thing with Nicole. The two bodies she has had contradict each other, especially as she has gotten older and had kids.

A few years back when she lost all of the weight after the Paris/Nicole show, she mentioned working out in the way of hiking to lose the weight, so it seems obvious that she HAD to do some sort of physical exericse to lose it, but now she doesn’t? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Crash on

The pictures are beautiful, but, me being a huge Joel/Good Charlotte fan, I’m pretty bummed there are no pictures of just Joel and Sparrow. :[

CelebBabyLover on

natalie- For what it’s worth, I absolutely loved the photoshoot the J-Ps did for the twins’ first photos, and to this day, it’s one of my fav. celebrity baby photoshoots (then again, I’m a HUGE Jolie-Pitt fan, so I’m probably a bit biased!). πŸ™‚

Kat- I see where you’re coming from. In the picture of just Harlow and Sparrow, Sparrow DOES resemble Lionel a bit. Funny how you can look like someone you aren’t even genetically related to! πŸ™‚

Chloe on

i am Australian and the pictures came in WHO magazime and i was just wondering “what one is the new on?” i got all those pics in my magazine :D….my Richie-Madden scrapbook is coming along nicely with these new pics

Elisha on

OMG COULD THEY BE ANY CUTER!! they are such an inspiration

Shannon on

How freaking adorable are they? I absolutely LOVE this family. Nicole and Joel seem like such wonderful parents, and those kiddos are without a doubt the most precious little ones in Hollywood! I love how centered around their kids they are, and they way they talk about each other is so sweet. You can tell this is a couple who is really truly crazy about each other, and completely dedicated to their kids. Wonderful story!

TwinMummy on

I didn’t read the many comments, but i had to say My gosh, Harlow looks like Nicole and Sparrow looks like Dad! Thats an incredible division of genes! x

Cicely on

GORGEOUS family. If you look at the pictures, Harlow is just like Nicole when she was that age. Nicole probably posed for these pictures to keep her family safe. If she puts them out there the paparazzi won’t clamor for them.

laliche on

wow……. Harlow looks like Nicole and Sparrow like Joel…… but looks like Sparrow’s gonna b a mama’s boy and Harlow a daddy’s little girl….

Terri on

I swear every time I see this family together it makes me smile. Harlow is so incredibly adorable, both kids look like Daddy. I am happy that they are happy, I wish them continued success and happiness and health.

CelebBabyLover on

Mandy- If look at old pictures of Nicole, she WAS pretty skinny until she entered rehab. Then she did get a bit chubby, yes. However, most people, from what I’ve read, tend to get chubby in rehab. That would probably also explain why she had to work to lose the weight. Now that she has simply gotten back to the way she was pre-rehab. πŸ™‚

SouthernBelle on

I used to think that Harlow looked like her father, but OMG she is ALL Nicole. She looks JUST like Nicole’s baby pictures. Sparrow is so sweet…he looks a lot like his father (wonder if I will be saying something different as he gets bigger! LOL!)

Eliza on

Sadie – I couldn’t agree with you more!
Jana – It’s not always about using your child to get attention and money. It’s hard to compare a non-famous person with someone who is very much in the public eye like Nicole Richie. People like her are in a situation where their lives are of extreme interest to members of the public worldwide, unlike you or me. I don’t think you should be so quick to judge her intentions considering you don’t know why she did it. And a couple of hundred thousand dollars for getting beautiful portraits of your family and sharing your joy with the world isn’t so bad! It’s not going to harm her children and the world is going to see them any way.

Mia on

I love the pic of Harlow kissing Sparrow it is so adorable!

maeve on

nichole has natural problem with her weight she doesnt choose to be skinny her body just cant keep on weight

i looove this family i think theyre extremely adorable and harlow is a doll :]

Daze on

They are a gorgeous family. Harlow is going to grow up to be an incredibly beautiful woman. She has a unique look to her, not cookie-cutter.

Mariasha on

Harlow is the most beautiful toddler I have ever seen. Those eyes and the smile in the second in fourth picture are just too cute.

And Sparrow just looks a lot like his dad. I’m curious how he will look like in a couple of years.

jazeybaybe on

nicoles got the cutest family ever, they are all so perfect, harlow and sparrow are ADORABLE

maggie on

the picture with harlow and joel is adorable and sparrow is all joel

sheryl on

What a cute family! Harlow looks just like her Dad to me, identical. Sparrow I don’t see any resemblance to anyone yet but they’re sure cute kids. A great looking family!

lilly on

ohh that girl is so cute, i love harlow, everything about her makes me smile. So pretty and she looks so sweet, i bet joel and nicole get such laughs at her. she looks so fun to be around, and sparrow is just like his dad, he looks so calm and cute. He just goes with the flow i bet

TexasGal on

You always sort of wonder when “wild” party people get pregnant what will happen to them (my sister was a complete wild girl before her pregnancy!). I think Nicole has risen to the occassion beautifully. This family seems so balanced and wonderful. I love them!