Keith, Nicole and Sunday: Walk This Way

11/05/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Enjoying a fall stroll in Nashville, Tenn. on Tuesday, Keith Urban kept daughter Sunday Rose‘s attention with a balloon as he and Nicole Kidman walked a leaf-lined path.

Sunday, 15 months, is the first child together for the actress and singer. Nicole is also mom to Isabella Jane, 16, and Connor Antony, 14, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Sunday rides in a Mountain Buggy Urban in Navy ($579). Nicole wears a Lulumon Stride Jacket ($108).

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Nicole on

They look so happy! One thing I always wondered, who Nicole and Tom’s two children live with? You never see them with Nicole. Not that it matters, just curiousity, I guess.

Ash on

My friend went up to Nashville to visit her family a few days ago, and they saw Nicole, Keith, and Sunday at the pumpkin patch. very cool! lol

Natasha on

I knew that question would come along… lol.

I think they’ve said that the kids live with Tom most of the time but they do see their Mom.

Cathey on

Cute family!!! How about pictures of other Nashville families!!
Paisley’s, McGraw’s, Jackson’s and Turner’s to name a few??

urbanadventurertales on

Nicole- it appears that their children live with Tom in California. Since they are school-age, I believe they have nannies care for them when Tom is not in California (he seems to spend a lot of time in New York). The children don’t call Nicole “mom”, which is a little odd to me.

pashektu on

Only one gripe it is fall weather outside and both Keith and Nicole have a hat on why not Sunday. That’s the quickest way to end up with earaches and or a cold.
So glad they do normal family life as a family. Beautiful pic.

Jessicad on

It hasn’t really been that cold in our area during the day the last week, I’m about an hour from Nashville. Maybe Nicole and Keith are wearing them to try to hide and not for wind. They aren’t really wearing thick coats or anything either, or maybe little Sunday refuses to wear them like mine did! 🙂

FC on

Sunday’s face cracks me up. She’s looking at that balloon wondering how it got into her father’s hands and why it isn’t in her little clutches… Too cute! She has that “Ooh, how did that happen?” look on her face. 🙂

Christine on

I love seeing more and more celebs in Lululemon gear!!
I love seeing their babies more, though – lol!
I’d love to see a pic of Nicole with all 3 kids!

Daisy1 on

urbanandventure….I have a few cousins who don’t call their parents mum or dad. It’s first names and thats what the parents are happy with. This is what Nicole meant if you read the whole quote, her children call her Nicole which isn’t that big a deal.

On a side note, Sunday is such a little doll.

Lorus on

Pashektu – Chilly weather does not cause colds or ear aches (infections?). That’s just a myth.

Sunday probably hates hats. Most babies/toddlers go through a phase where they hate wearing them. Besides by the way Keith is dressed and their hats being baseball caps I think they are wearing them more to be discreet in hopes people won’t recognize them as easily.

Liliana on

Keith and Nicole are wearing baseball hats. Hardly items of clothing to protect from the cold. Besides, I doubt it’s that chilly outside and, as someone said, just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean it will be the cause of her getting sick.

maggie on

Lol i ve just been watching one ofKeiths music dvds and here he is with his family! I could see the resemblence Keith and Sunday have in the dvd and here it is again! And what i love about this family?No outing is celeb orientated! its all normal,down home stuff!

Sunny on

Nicole – I too find it interesting that we always see Suri with Tom and Katie and now Sunday with Nicole and Keith.
I wonder about the older kids. Hope they are getting the same kind of love and attention.

Devon on

Christine, that was the first thing I noticed! Love that celebs wear it! This might sound stupid, but is Lululemon in the States? Here in Vancouver, where it was founded, it’s everywhere…same for all of BC actually, but I don’t know if it is outside of Canada. Love Lululemon!!!

Christine on

Devon – I’m in Toronto so I’m not sure it’s in the US.
I am going to assume it is. I saw (on other blog sites) Lauren Conrad with a Lulu bag and Tina Fey with one as well (the reusable ones they put your purchases in)
Our little secret is out!

Natasha on

urbanadventure, where exactly did you hear that? I’m pretty sure in interviews Nicole has said that her kids say “Mom, don’t do that”, etc.

urbanadventurertales on

Natasha- there was a big “controversy” about a year ago about it. She gave it in an interview and said that her older children call her “Nicole”.

CelebBabyLover on

Natasha- urbanadventuretales was right, but what people are not mentioning is that Nicole was HUGELY mis-quoted. She said that her kids don’t call her “mom” but “mum”, and that sometimes they JOKINGLY (please note the word “JOKINGLY”) call her Nicole.

In response to the comments about Suri and Sunday being seen with their parents and Bella and Connor not….First of all, Connor HAS been spotted out with the Cruises a few times in Boston in the last few months.

And secondly, Bella and Connor are 16 (actually closer to 17, as I believe Bella’s birthday is next month) and 14. Do we really expect them to be hanging around with their parents a lot at their ages? Also, at their ages, they probably, other than that movie that Connor recently did (and I don’t think he even had a major role) prefer to stay out of the media spotlight for the most part (Nicole has even said in interviews that they have requested that she not talk about them to the media).

Suri is a pre-schooler, and Sunday is still very much a baby. Of course we’re going to see them with their parents a lot.

Ann Johnson on

Teens can be a hard age, and most of them try the boundaries. I believe Nicole has kind of stepped back a little and allowed her teen children to have what they have decided they want. To live in Calif., with Dad and step-mom and all the various relatives and retinue of people Mr Cruise keeps around them all the time. I have heard Keith or Nicole say that they don’t live in a compound, just a normal home. I believe they wish for as normal a life as they can manage!

momof3 on

Lululemon…best workout clothes ever. period.
I live outside Toronto too, where Lululemon clothing has become almost a cliche among the suburban mom set, but I love it anyway. I believe they have a number of stores in the US now and possibly other countries too?

Natasha on

Oh, well it’s not like you call your parents “mum, mom, mother, etc” for your whole life and then just switch to Nicole. LOL she must have been joking. Even Katie says the kids call her Mom and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t do that to someone who wasn’t their actual mother if they didn’t TO their actual mother.

Ashley on

I read it somewhere that Nicole’s older children live with Tom Cruise’s sister in LA and it was their choice to live in LA rather than in TN.

Bella on

I dont know but Nicole seems more natural and happy since she married Keith. When she was with Tom Cruise she use to look like Katie Holmes these days.

Ann Johnson on

I agree with Bella! When you see pictures of Katie now they put you in mind of the old pictures you used to see of Nicole when she was married to Mr. Cruise. My opinion is that he is pretty high profile and almost scary ambitious. I too have heard that Tom always has various members of his family living with him and that the older children are very much used to that enviroment. I don’t belive Nicole ever really embraced that level of high profile living!!

CelebBabyLover on

Ashley- Not quite. They live with Tom, Katie, and Suri…and Tom’s sister and her children happen to live with the Cruises as well (Tom’s mother lived with them at one point as well. I’m not sure if she still does). Just wanted to clarify that Connor and Bella DO live with one of their parents! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Ann Johnson- I’m probably mis-understanding your comment, but…How does having extended family living with you make your life “high-profile living”? Plenty of non-celebs have extended family members living with them, especially in countries other than the U.S. (in most other countries, parents move in with their grown children once they are unable to care for themselves, rather than being put in a nursing home).