The Hannigan-Denisofs: Kangaroo Cuties

11/03/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Gaz Shirley/Kevin Perkins/Pacific Coast News

Mama and her little joey!

Alyson Hannigan shows off her Halloween handiwork, carrying daughter Satyana, 7 months, in her own little pouch while out with husband Alexis Denisof on Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif.

“I’ve already got three costumes for her — a baby bunny, a squirrel, and then I’m having a kangaroo costume made for myself and…she’s going to be the baby kangaroo,” the How I Met Your Mother star confessed to Ellen DeGeneres last week.

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fuzibuni on


Erika on

OMG how cute is this!! I can’t believe they got Alexis to wear that. This is a great family shot!!

Cassandra on

That is an awesome costume! That would be a really good costume for moms with kids and a baby so she can go trick-or-treating with them and still have the baby almost hands free. Very nice. 🙂

Tina. on

thats the cutest thing! 🙂 ❤ satyana!

Tee on

That is near about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! The bunny picture was cute but the kangaroo/joey outfit wins hands down!

Sunny on

Adorable! Alexis is a good sport!

Brooklyn on

Aww! What an adorable costume! Satyana is soo cute!

kmb on

ahh i love the kangeroo costume!!! adorable!

Elby on

How sweet but how embarrased does poor Alexis look in his hat? I wish we did Halloween here in the U.K like you do in the States, here it’s just an excuse for teenagers to wear a Scream mask and mug you and you’re not allowed to report it to the coppers.

Alice on

If you look at other pics from the event, Alexis had a tail too! I don’t think he’s too embarassed! But I love how Alyson is the most excited in this picture… ah the perks of having a little kid! 🙂

Sarah on

That is the cutest mother-child costume by far!! I love it!! 🙂

stedine on

That is soooooooooo cute!!! I want I kangaroo and joey costume for when I have a baby or i could put my Pomeranian in there

alice jane on

I don’t think Alexis looks embarassed at all; I thought he looked like he was getting a great kick out of himself and his family!

I love these 3, Satyana is so cute and Alyson and Alexis just always looks like they’re having so much fun with her.

Jane on

So darn cute!

Angel on

How cute is this! I love it that Alyson is having so much fun with her little munchkin!

JMO on

simply adorable!

Chelsea on

Alexis doesn’t look embarassed at all! He looks like he’s having a blast with his family, as he should.

eva on

It’s cute and it’s creepy at the same time! glad they’re having fun.Satyanna is a sweet-looking baby and her parents appear to be very happy.IMO this is the kind of costumes only mothers can love =).

Benigna Marko on

How cute. Love them.
Benigna Torviso-Marko

Shaunie on

Not only is this costume really cute, but it seems VERY practical (especially for those of use living on the East Coast).

A lot of the time no one really gets to see the little ones costumes b/c you have to put a coat over it, and bundle them up. But with this you could probably dress them underneath and use the costume like a bunting! And the pouch might provide a little added warmth as well!

I♥CBB on

This is HILARIOUS!!! I ♥ Alyson!

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

NICE!! Love the concept!

Chris on

Cutest family costume EVER! They seem like such a happy little family. 🙂

Forever Moore on

Creepy? Don’t see that…it’s a very sweet costume for a sweet fam!

Jennifer on

Oh my gosh that is the cutest picture I have ever seen! And I love how Alexis dressed up in part, too- I saw some celeb dads who didn’t do that (hello, Gavin Rossdale!) and think it’s SO cute when they do choose to join in and dress up. Adorable!!

Micheley on

This is the cutest costume idea I have ever seen!

J on

Ok then. 😉

kim on

seriously could that picture BE any cuter!

amy on

that is sooo friggin cute!

Allie-Rose on

Awwwww too cute!!!

jan on

here are some more shots of them. So funny!

Vera on

Love-love-love it!

baroquebabies on

love it!

Katherine on

Simply AWESOME!!!

Gabrielle on

If this isn’t the cutest costume I have ever seen, I don’t know what is. I LOVE the little “joey!” Too cute!

Elizabeth on

I wish everyone who was in the fame spotlight was a fun and carefree as she is, great costume and lovely overall outlook at being a celeb mom. (refering to her twitter about letting the paps have their shot)

Shiran on

Awww! So cute! And Alexis joined the fun too! 🙂

Selena on

I love this costume, what a great idea! I wonder which baby carrier she is wearing under the costume? I can see straps covered with fabric. Anyone know?

FC on

Hello, absolute cuteness! 🙂 Enough said. 😉

Emily on

where did you get that costume?