Scott Wolf Says Son Jack 'Loves To Be Alive'

11/03/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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The bar has been set high for 7-month-old Jackson ‘Jack’ Kayse!

Talking to radio show host Billy Bush, actor Scott Wolf reveals that he and his wife Kelley have settled on calling their son Jack and jokes that with a strong surname, baby boy is bound to leave a lasting impression.

“I think he’s either going to have to write something or he’s going to really enjoy bourbon and have a regular chair at a pub somewhere.”

Enjoying life as a first-time father, Scott admits he has trouble verbalizing the happiness brought about by his first child. “I can not…put into words how great a person he is,” the doting dad raves. “He literally wakes up with a smile on his face and falls off to sleep with a smile on his face.”

Of course, not unlike any other baby, the former Party of Five star confesses that Jack does his fair share of crying too! “There’s some crying here and there in between — he’s a human being too,” he says.

However, those tears are quickly dried up by a silly Scott.

“The kid seems to really love to be alive and he makes me feel like the funniest person on the planet.”

Scott’s new show V premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Source: Billy Bush Show

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Leslie on

I love Scott! I would love to see a pic of Jack. I’m sure he is gorgeous.

Mary on

That’s so sweet, I remember those days with my first baby. It’s magical. My son was a really happy baby and toddler and he’s five now and still that way.

Chris on

I love the way new parents talk about their babies. So sweet.

cait5 on

this is so stupid. the kid is not a great person because he is content. just a settled infant. why do new parents talk such bollocks? If he had an unsettled infant would we get the quote:

” I cannot put into words how awful a person my son is. he literally wakes up crying and falls off to sleep crying.”

now THAT would be an interesting interview.

Micheley on

I love the name Jack!!

Claire on

Is the Outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin not known in the US? I live in Germany and it is really popular, so the name Jack Wolf would be quite funny here… Do love the name though!

Patrice on

I love love love this couple (they seemed so down to earth and cool on a television special I saw them on about how they try to live totally “green lives” grow their own food, use minimal electricity, compost everything etc.) and have been a fan of Kelly’s ever since she was on “The Real World: New Orleans” waaay back in the day : ) I’m sure Jackson is absolutely adorable and would love to see a picture of him somday!

Liliana on

Cait5, Scott’s just gushing about his love for his son. No need to dissect every word he said.

Emily on

LOL. I think Cait5 was right on. The seem like nice enough people and everyone loves a new baby. but seriously, at 7 months I’m sure he does “love to be alive.” I love the name Jack/Jackson too. I picked it for my son.

Suchard on

Aaah, i am sure this little one will have wonderfull parents and even with all those broken nights they will melt over and over again for that wonderful cute baby smile!

Jessica on

I agree with what he’s saying about his son being happy to be alive. I have a nearly 10-month-old daughter and she’s absolutely delirious with happiness most of the time. I’ve never met a happier, more contented baby than her. She rarely cries; she didn’t even cry when she got her flu shot last week! She only gets upset when she’s hungry. The rest of the time she grins and laughs from morning till night. But, I do think most babies are happy babies, so all in all, after being around crabby adults most of my work day, to come home to her laughing over a simple rattle or laughing over pulling her own sock off, it really makes you realize how simple and enjoyable life can be if you let it.