Robin Thicke, Paula Patton Expecting a Baby

10/30/2009 at 03:30 PM ET
Demis Maryannakis / Splash News Online

There’s a baby on the way for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton!

Paula, 33, is pregnant, according to a message posted on Facebook by Robin’s mother, former soap opera star Gloria Loring.

“I am going to be Nana Gloria again as my son Robin Thicke & his wife Paula are expecting their first baby!,” Gloria wrote.

This will be the first child for the high school sweethearts, who married in June 2005.

Last year, Robin, 32, said that there was “a 100 percent chance” of starting a family with his wife, “just not right now. We’re still little kids ourselves in some ways!”

Paula’s new movie, Precious, hits theaters November 6th, while Robin’s latest album, Sex Therapy, will be released December 8th.

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Julie on

That is going to be one good looking child!

Diane on

I could swear I heard a pregnancy announcement from them before.
Did they have a miscarriage? Well, good luck to them for a healthy baby.

Lynn on

Robin looks so much like his father, Alan, that it throws me sometimes.

Congratulations to them! I can’t believe the guy who played Jason Seaver on Growing Pains is going to be a grandfather.

J.D. on

I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I think it was she showed up looking very pregnant at an event but there wasn’t a real pregnancy announcement.

mermaids614 on

She was pregnant before and pretty far along! I remember seeing several pictures. I assume she lost it?

L on

She was definitely pregnant before if you google it there are several pictures of her very pregnant, they just choose not to talk about it. I absolutely love this couple & can’t wait to see their little one!!

Frost on

Woah, Nahlah Aubry watch out!

Tiffany on

Oh, I love them together! Baby will be adorable!

lulu on

Agreeing with the other posters she was def.. pregnant last year and had a late miscarriage.. so sad hopefully this time they have better luck.. a beautiful child theres would be

Ashley on

i also recall them being pregnant before and it was even stated here on CBB

maybe they lost the baby and choose not to talk about it but either way congrats to this gorgeous couple this baby will be stunning!

aj on

I am so excited to hear about this future bundle of joy!! And I concur that he or she will definatly be beautiful.

Rachelsun on

She was never pregnant. That was an internet lie. she states in the latest issue of Giant magazine that she wore an unfortunate dress that started the rumors but they only started trying to get pregnant this year.
Congratulations to the happy couple.

Rach on

Rachelsun, that is really weird,because I googled it because I have no idea who either of them are,but was curious after what some of the previous posters said. It looks like a lot more than an unforgiving dress because it is many different reports and many different event,times,dresses etc.even them shopping at all these baby stores. If she wasn’t pegnant, I think she probably gained some weight. I have a friend that is a beanpole and scrawny everywhere but she always gains on her stomach and it poofs out alot,like a preggo stomach.So I dunno if maybe Paula is like that.Good luck to them !

Liliana on

I agree with the other posters. I remember multiple sources reporting a year or so ago that she was expecting and further along than just a month or two.

Perhaps, she lost the baby. Either way, it’s none of my business. I wish the two of them the best.

Chelsea on

I’m going with the “unfortunate dress” explanation, but perhaps she was a surrogate for someone? Someone that she doesn’t want to have to reveal to the public and therefore didn’t saying anything about the pregnancy? Just speculating…I really do think it was probably just an unfortunate fashion choice.

Jessica on

Chelsea that’s a stretch and you are speculating. Paula had gained some weight and wore a balloon dress, bad combo. She even said it herself.

I’m happy for them, they’ve been together for so long.

P.S. It’s not a competition so to the people who saying “watch out (insert celebrity multi-ethnic baby name here)” needs to stop.

Erica on

Neither Paula nor Robin confirmed any pregnancy last year. On top of that, the dress she was wearing was an empire high waist, which can make even the smallest women look several months pregnant sometimes. I’m happy for them but think it is kind of weird that some are insisting she was pregnant before when there is no way you could know that.

Emme on

there baby will be a looker!

Congrats 🙂

chris on

She was on the cover of Essence in 2008 with several other well-known actresses. The mag mentioned she was due to give birth several months later. No disrepect as I have three angels in heaven but I do believe she was pregnant, had a late misscarriage and chose not to talk about it. Lela Rochon, the actress had a late misscarriage (5 months I believe) and chose not to discuss the loss until very much later. It is like a double edged sword, celebrities want us to be involved in their lives to a certain degree (i.e. buy records, watch their movies) but then the back off at certain times. Robin was on Steve Harvey’s radio show promoting his last album and when the hosts congratulated him on his baby, he haid it wasn’t him but his brother who had just become a father. I would rather a celeb. say no comment than to outright lie.

fuzibuni on

she was not pregnant before this… my friend knows her.
she just had a weight fluctuation and wore an unflattering dress to an event and everyone got talking.

lizzielui on

Essence magazine has a paper thin fact checking department and has been known to get the story INCORRECT before. I too know Paula and Robin, and she was NOT pregnant in 2008. There was no pregnancy and there was no late term miscarriage.

lizzielui on

Furthermore, this internet myth is akin to the whole “Lisa Bonet had a son with her ex boyfriend many years ago” story. The internet and tabloids ran with that urban myth for years until her daughter Zoe put an end to the rumors back in 2007. Just because a magazine prints something does not make it so.

chris on

I guess the only three people who know for sure are Robin, Paula and their higher power. I wish her a fat, happy, healthy baby.

Mel on

I love them both…can’t wait for this little one!

Patrice on

If true, this is wonderful news! I really love these two as a couple and what a beautiful child they will surely have : ) A couple of years ago it was believed that Paula was in her second trimester of pregnancy when they suffered a great tragedy (due to pictures of her in maternity outfits looking verrrry pregnant) but the couple never confirmed or denied it and who can blame them? That is far too personal a matter,and no ones business.I wish them all the best!

Patrice on

Rach:I completely agree! It was not just “one unflattering dress” as some people claim, etc. It was over the course of more than a month that those pictures were popping up of her, and it was SEVERAL of them in many different outfits, not just a singular event.

Terri on

Congratulations to them. That will be one beautiful baby.

val on

She is one of my favorite actresses.. He is one of my favorite singers! Congrats to the wonderful couple!

FC on

For real this time? Sweet! I adore these two, and I am looking forward to watching this pregnancy progress. Best wishes to Paula and Robin! 🙂