No More Children for Elisabeth Hasselbeck

10/30/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
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During a visit to Barbara Walters‘ SIRIUS XM radio show on Monday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck told her fellow View co-host that she’s doing her very best to stay a mom-of-three.

Calling husband Tim Hasselbeck “so cute” and “incredibly attractive,” Elisabeth revealed that she’s employing a curious method of birth control.

“Right now, my strategy is dressing in a way that will not get me pregnant…Nothing too cute. I’m trying to wear nothing too revealing.”

When asked point-blank whether she thinks the couple — already parents to Grace Elisabeth, 4 ½, Taylor Thomas, 23 months, and Isaiah Timothy, 11 ½ weeks — will add a fourth child to their family, Elisabeth definitively replied, “No, I don’t.” She went on to joke,

“If something happened and I was pregnant again … I don’t know how that would happen, because I’m clearly avoiding my husband.”

Source: SIRIUS

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SE on

What about…..birth control….

Sunny on

Ugh, her comments are so annoying.

Sofie on

It’s never a smart thing to neglect your husband sexually. Hope she does not find that out the hard way.

Sapphire on

If she’s really worried, she could just look into the essure birth control method…..

I♥CBB on

I know Elisabeth is Catholic so does she not believe in birth control? Just curious! I ♥ the quote about her husband. Cute couple and family!

shalay on

Well, I hope she was joking about using abstinence as a form of birth control. Simply “avoiding” one’s husband can’t be good for a marriage. I know she’s still nursing, so I’m not sure if hormonal birth control (the pill or the ring) is an option. But if all else fails, there’s always condoms or fertility awareness method, which is a great, natural form of birth control.

Delaina on

Some of you CLEARLY need to learn what a JOKE is. Seriously…

Joley on

She was just joking. It’s funny!

millefleur on

Assuming she is joking, but regardless, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is a must read for every woman, whether trying to avoid pregnancy or achieve it.

lorelei on

I think she’s joking. Absolutely agree with millefleur “Taking Charge of your Fertility” is an awesome book and a great way to learn. We tried to have a baby for a year, bought the book, learned and I was pregnant a month later. I have a friend with infertility issues that felt empowered at the doctors office because she truly understood what he was talking about. BTW we stopped at 3 also.

Megan on

If this was anyone else, I would say “You guys, she’s just joking.” But Elizabeth has said in the past she gets dressed in the bathroom so her husband won’t ask for sex. Plus she said during a View episode about Joy almost getting raped, “men can’t control themselves, once they’re on they can’t shut it off. It’s up to us not to turn them on.”

hiroko on

why is it always the woman who has to take birth control if they both have decided that they don’t want to have anymore children then why doesn’t her husband get a vasectomy it a lot safer then her taking birth control or getting her tubes tied

Essi on

I don’t watch the View that often, but nothing surprises me! Often, I don’t agree with or understand Elisabeth’s views, so these latest comments which are maybe a joke just make her sounds a little ignorant!

calista on

their are tooooooo many side effects for birth control so why not either use condoms or have your husband get a vasectomy

Melissa on

The whole interview is not posted, she does talk about going on birth control but it is not effective at first, that is why she is avoiding her husband.

Tess on

She has also said that she stays in the bathroom brushing her teeth forever hoping her husband falls asleep. I don’t think she’s joking.

Ply on

The Catholic church is against birth control, but most Catholics use it anyway, just like most of them have premarital sex.

JM on

yes very odd comments. i don’t understand “birth control doesn’t work at first”. what about condoms. or if they really don’t want any more kids, a vasectomy? and if her attitude is that men really can’t control themselves and she has to get dressed in the bathroom rather than talk to her husband about what she wants then they have some serious problems in their relationship.



Melissa on

Um, birth control pills take 30 days to be effective, yes she could use condoms for those first 30 days but maybe her or her husband are unable to use them. My sister can’t use them as she has an allergic reaction and she has tried all different ones.

Melissa on

I shouldn’t have said 30 days, since the pack is usually 28 days. So i guess i should say not effective until you start your second pack. 🙂

Sofie on

She may well be trying to be funny, but I do not find her amusing at all. Sounds to me like she is making herself out be an irresistible sex goddess, and her husband can not get enough. A little too much information thank you.

Liliana on

Perhaps she just began taking oral contraceptive. If so, the pill isn’t effective until a month after you begin taking it.

L on

Are you people serious!? There is no way you can be…Elisabeth is clearly joking…she has a fun bubbly personality so that often transpires in her just cant hear her so you take it how you want…ugh

JMO on

I’m pretty sure she’s joking but yes she’s “joked” before about avoiding her hubby. I don’t think baby #3 was really planned hense the comments.

Shalay – She is not nursing.

Karen on

Love her! Does anyone know if something happened to her newest baby…was he sick early on? She commented about him being in the hospital, but didn’t elaborate at all. Just curious.

Melissa W on

From what I’ve read before, she had a lot of problems conceiving her first 2, so therefore, I don’t think they were using birth control when she got pregnant with the 3rd (which was a surprise). Second, not all birth control is effective for everybody. I was on the pill twice, took it faithfully both times, and wound up pregnant twice. Things happen. I’m sure Elisabeth weas joking so everybody should butt out of her business and leave what goes on (or doesn’t go on) in the bedroom between her and Tim.

Tess on

Melissa W – since Elisabeth made the comments in the first place (joking or not), I don’t think people need to butt out of their business. She made a statement, people are free to comment on that statement.

Karen – I’ve heard the same rumor about the baby being sick, but I don’t think Elisabeth has said anything publicly.

Liz on

She was raised Catholic–I think she identifies as only Christian now. I can recall several times were she has said she doesn’t practice catholicism anymore.

Rachael on

Not sure why she’d do an interview like that if she didn’t want more children. This woman reminds me of someone who loves having the spotlight on her and will do just about anything to get it back…

More power to her and her husband, I don’t really care how many children they want.

Chris on

I think she was joking. And I think she will have more children. Just not for a few more years.

christina on

Ugh…she is just too much.

gianna on

when she first had grace, she would say she wanted 4-5 kids because it’s easier with each kid you have, and I remember joy and the other ladies saying, elisabeth wait till you have more and talk to me than. Now after this 3rd kid she is always saying they love him, but she wants no more. So joy reminded her I thought you said you wanted 5 kids, and she said well I was wrong lol. I think 3 kids especially nowadays and for a working mom, is a nice size family, not too big not too small. She is one of those lucky women too, she came back in shape like she never had a 3rd child recently. I wonder if isaiah is ok though, he stood in the hospital for few weeks and she never bought him on the she like she did the other two kids. plus she never mentions him and seems stressed with 3 kids. She doesn’t bother me on the show though, she makes some good points sometimes.

I♥CBB on

Tess-Elisabeth said on her first day back to the View from maternity leave that she and Tim had spent a few weeks in the hospital with the baby who had health problems.

lnatt on

Man, some of you guys must not be married to men with high sex drives! I love my husband dearly, and have no birth control worries, but I have definitely avoided “flashing” my husband while getting dressed or lingered finishing some task, secretly hoping he’s fallen asleep by the time I come to bed. My marriage is fantastic, but I don’t want it every night, LOL. He knows that, and it’s not a communication issue, but sometimes I don’t want to stir things up visually or look physically available if I’m not in the mood. (DH says I should just be happy that he’s still so hot for me after 11 years).

Michelle on

I agree that the show is boring now that she is back. She butts in all the time and no one else’s opinion can ever be heard. Poor Tim and his uncontrollable man urges!

CelebBabyLover on

Well, Isaiah certainly looked healthy enough in that picture she showed on her first day back. 🙂 He maybe just had some issues with jaundince or something. 🙂

Claire on

She was obviously joking, no one with 3 kids is ignoring their husband’s sexual advances. I can’t stand the view but I like her.

ath on

Wow, complete strangers dissecting every word uttered by someone they don’t even know. You people have way too much time on your hands. I’m sure she was just joking. Do you think she is going to tell all of her bedroom secrets and activities? It’s none of anybody’s business. So she gave some flippant responses, and so what?

It’s her life and it is not as deep as y’all are making it to be.

Rebecca on

Wow, how nice to paint her husband as some neanderthal who’ll clonk her over the head and drag her back to his cave if turned on, should he see her getting dressed or if she came to bed while he was still awake.

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover (#38) – Looks can be deceiving sometimes. She said he was home now but that they took him home initially and then had to take him back to the hospital for a few weeks. Perhaps it was something internal that can’t be seen from the outside? I sincerely hope all is well with no lasting effects now, though. 🙂

I love the names of her children. Very classic.

Basil on

Momof3, I can bash your opinion all I want because just like you have the freedom to express yourself, I have the freedom to express that I think you’re wrong. I hate when people say something mean because they want to express themselves then immediately want to change the rules for other people so they themselves won’t hear anything mean. Grow up. Elizabeth can take it and so can you.

I don’t watch the View and I only know what I’ve read here about Elizabeth. I do know quite a few women who don’t have much of a sex drive but are married to men who naturally want to have sex with their wives. The women don’t want to say no so they try to avoid the topic. I think that was what Elizabeth might have meant about avoiding turning on her husband but without hearing ther interview and the way she told the stories, it’s hard to tell.

Jessi on

I don’t know how I feel. Birth control can fail though. It has failed me once and possibly twice. I take it religiously.

So it CAN fail. And I wouldn’t get the IUD either. Maybe if she is really sure that they don’t want anymore then her husband can get a vasectomy. However she could just use the Natural Family Planning.

Charting and everything works wonders!

CelebBabyLover on

Um, why has no one mentioned the possibility of Elisabeth getting the new Essure procedure? For some reason, people seem to forget about that permanent birth control procedure!

It’s actually even less invasive than a vasectomy, as there are no incisions involved. Instead, metal coils are inserted into each Falliopian tube via the cervix. Not only that, but the only complication I’ve read about is some PMS-like cramping for a day or so afterwards.

Kerry on

If you are not going to have any more kids, ask your husband to do his bit towards family planning and get a VASECTOMY!!! it is the best thing we ever did

Patrice on

I’m sure Elisabeth is just kidding, but I can’t help but to wonder if she DOES know that there are ways for her to be with her husband (quite frequently in fact!) and not get pregnant if that’s what she wants? I’m sure she does, but, I just had to say it. It would be really sad if she’s just not intimate wiht him at all for fear of an unintended pregnancy. These things are VERY preventable : )

CelebBabyLover on

Kerry- Why can’t she get the Essure procedure?

Erin on

After watching her too many times on “The View”, I really don’t think she is capable of making a joke. And she does seem like the type to be against birth control.