Jayden and Preston Federline: Full Steam Ahead!

10/30/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Britney Spears‘ boys Jayden James, 3, and Sean Preston, 4, give us a grin as they go for a spin on a toy train during a trip to the Pierce College Pumpkin Patch Thursday in Canoga Park, Calif. The boys also picked pumpkins, climbed bales of hay and rode carousel horses with dad Kevin Federline during the outing.

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Dannie on

Wow, I can’t get over how much Jayden resembles his mom in this picture. He looks EXACTLY like Britney there. Both boys are adorable.

QT on

What cute pics. They look so happy. It’s nice their mom took then to get pumpkins last year & the boys went with their dad this year. Glad they are taking turns.

Lis on

These are two of the cutest little boys on this site! I just love them, and I bet they are best buddies!

Shiva on

Wow, Jayden looks EXACTLY like Britney, and in that first pic of Sean Preston and Kevin Federline, Sean looks just like Kevin! I rarely think a child looks overwhelmingly like one part or another, but with these two.. wow! and what cuties too!

Natasha on

I think Sean looks more like Britney when he smiles (and more like Kevin when he’s not) but Jayden looks like her all around.

That’s a very adorable picture!

dee on

Sean Preston looks so much like his brother Kaleb to me. Cute pic.

Di on

I would like for once to see a picture of Kevin with his two oldest children. I hope he manages to set aside some time for them. You would not even know that he has two other children. It is really sad how one man can move heaven and earth to get custody of his two youngest children while virtually ignoring his oldest two children except for the ocasional weekend event. Not Father of Year material in my book.

daze on

Jayden looks like a little vampire with his teeth! and Preston is all Britney whenever he smiles.
both are SO cute.(my favorites celebrity kids so far)
and i agree with you Di. so i really hope that there’s more than just what we see of kevin relationship with all four of his kids. i really think he loves them all very much but that their best interest it’s not the only thing in his mind!

Mariel on


Di, btw actually Kevin was with the kids before Britey take them hers into the tour. There was a lot of pictures of Kevin with three or four of the kids. That was really cute.

L on

These boys are getting so big, they are absolutely adorable and look so happy, very good to see!!

& Actually Di there has been pictures of him and his other kids on other sites they are so grown up now!

Shannon on

I can’t believe how big the boys are getting! They are such cutie pies! I love their short hair dos, they looks the same as my son’s!

Bancie1031 on

Mariel – since you have seen these pictures can you please give us a link so the rest of us can see them?

L – I haven’t seen these pictures either …. link please.

Jayden and Preston both have Britney’s mouth! This is one of my favorite pictures of Britney’s boys ….. definitely so adorable!
Other than his mouth Preston looks just like Kevin ….. and Jayden is ALL mommy!
Question – is that bulldogs on Jayden’s jacket? Any info on his jacket?

kris on

How cute are these two boys!

Di, I really just don’t think Kevin and Shar’s children are photographed as much. I wouldn’t assume just because we don’t see pictures that they do not see their Dad. Shar does not strike me as the type of woman who would sit back and let him miss treat or ignore the children they had together.

Sam on

Adorable and so grown up. They look sooo happy and like good little buddies. I do see a difference in Jayden’s behaviour with with Kevin vs. when he is with Britney. Perhaps it’s the paps follow Kevin less then they do Britney and the children are able to relax more.

Becky on

How do you guys know he never sees his other kids? Just because you haven’t seen pictures? That’s not a reason to slam him. He is not very famous and Shar isn’t either so I am sure paps don’t follow them around. Not like they do with Britney. For all we know he sees the other kids all the time but we just haven’t seen pics to prove it. Not a reason to slam him as a father, if you ask me.

Chris on

Sean looks just like Kevin, and so do Kevin’s older chidren. Jayden looks nothing like him, he’s all Britney!

Di on

I have never been one of those people who continually bashes Kevin but this picture gives the public impression that he is a loving, devoted and involved father to his youngest children but not necessarily to his oldest children who by the way are 7 and 5 so not that older that Brit’s kids.
Here is what I know:
I know Kevin like most non-custodial parents sees Kori and Kaleb on the weekend, how often I do not know. I do know that when it came to Brit’s tour he could have easily said, “Okay, Brit, you and your Dad take the kids on tour and I’ll see you in three or four weeks”. He did not do that. He insisted on going on tour with the boys which his right even if it meant going weeks without seeing his other two children: 3 weeks in the UK; 3 weeks in Europe and three or four weeks for her 2nd US leg of the tour means that Kevin did not see two of his kids for over two months collectively.

What kind of father would choose not to see his children. How do you decide I can’t go without seeing SP and JJ but I can go without seeing the other two, no problem, probably because he does not them that often anyway. He sees the boys every week he sees the other two maybe every other weekend if that.

It is great that the boys are so close to their father and that they are building memories together, it would just be wonderful if he devoted the same amount of time to his oldest two.

mvg on

I agree with you Becky; Shar has always stated that despite what happened between the two of them, he was/is still a great father. Why would the paparazzi take pictures of Kevin with his first two kids if they(paps) are not interested in them?

Sam on


Here are a couple pictures – not sure if this will work, it’s my first time trying this. lol In the first picture it shows Kevin’s girlfriend with Kori and Kaleb, but he was there too, just not in this shot.

Switchy on

For some reason I get the feeling that this is a photo op for Kevin filming his reality show. I really don’t want to believe it, but I can’t help it.

Sam on

P.S. The second picture shows all four Federline children playing together.

hayley on

although i have never met kevin nor have any real idea what kinda father he really is i have a distain for him …it bothers me little that i do as theres no reason for me too but he just rubbed me the wrong way…..

i always thought he used britney and when it was clear she was very unwell it felt like it was all about the money rather thsn the children to me any way wether it was or it wasn’t we will never no but what is clear is that the boys are looking heathy and happy which i would like is because there mum is now on the right medication for her issues** i think she is bipolar*** and herself is looking happy and heathly and their dad is also getting himself back on track health wise too which is a beautiful thing, i am rooting for brit brit and her boys.

Karen on

Shar has always said what a wonderful dad he is, and seeing as he left her when she was pregnant to be with Britney you would almost expect her to be bad talking him rather then singing him praises. We never see pictures of the older kids when they are with Shar either so by your logic then she is a bad mother who is never with her kids. People are more interested in seeing pictures of Britney’s kids, not Kevin’s.

Di on

I have seen those pictures of Kevin’s children and the first set which shows all four of them was taken in either June or July before Kevin left town to follow Brit and the boys on the tour. The second most recent picture with Kori and Kaleb was taken in August before Kevin left LA for the fourth time to go on tour. So I guess Kevin makes a point to spend some time with his oldest two children before he has to leave them for a few weeks.

In regards to the question as to whether the photo at issue is a photo op for a reality show, I doubt it because the video cameras are not there but like any celebrity even one on the C-list like Kevin, I’m sure he wants to public think he is a good father just like Brit wants people to think she is a good mother.

April on

Di its interesting how you only seem to pop up here to stir the pot, whether it be on a britney post or a gisele one. what’s up with the negativity?

Di on

First of all, this post is about Kevin and not Brit and thus the thrust of my comments are focused on Kevin’s parenting of his two older children. Second, I have not posted any comments in weeks or months for that matter regarding Gisele and Brit. Third, just because I did not gush over how adorable the boys look does it mean I’m trying to “stir the pot”.
Just like some peope make note of the fact that Brit is always seen holding JJ instead of SP, I make note of the fact that Kevin seems more focused on his children with Brit than his two children with Shar. My opinion, do not read more into it.

CelebBabyLover on

Di- I hate to say it, but April has a point. Most of your comments DO seem to be negative. Nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but it would be nice if you made a positve comment from time to time. 🙂

AmyJay on

Di Says:

Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Patience on

Di, I can and do appreciate reading an opinion that differs from everyone elses. Thank you for bringing some balance to the discussion. I don’t have an opinion about Kevin’s or Brittany’s parenting, as I don’t normally view pictures of either or read stories about them. However, from just reading the comments here and after doing a few searches, you would think more pictures of all the children together would be more prevalent. Why? Because you really hope a father and mother would make it their business to place the kids in each other’s orbit as often as possible. They do share a father, making them brothers and sisters. Too often the parents and their hang ups interfere with really treating the kids the same, as much as possible. Not implying that is the case here.

I do think if the kids were together more, we would likely see more pictures of the 4. Even if the paps prefer not to have the other two in picture range, they would have to get in an arm or leg of the less famous two.

Emma on

Wow, the older these boys get, the more like there dad they become! Both such cuties though. Gonna be handsome when there older.

Becky on

How do we know that his older kids didn’t go to where he was when he is on tour with Britney for a visit with him and their siblings? Just because there is no picture?

crimpe on

Woah, Jayden’s teeth – what’s that kid been eating? Bancie1031 – pretty sure the jacket’s Ed Hardy. Britney seems to be a big fan.

jill on

Cute kids.

I don’t know how often Kevin sees his other kids, but Shar said they talk on the phone a lot. I doubt he sees them 50% of the time like he does with Sean an Jayden. I’m not saying he’s a bad father, but I do hope he spend equal time with all the kids so as to not cause resentment down the line.

Sam on

Sorry but I’m with ‘Di’. Let her have her opinion. Anything that ‘Celebrity Baby Blog’ allows on here is ok, because they’re careful about what they do allow. ‘Live and let live’ folks – that includes Britney, Kevin and ‘Di’ et al. 🙂

Simply Bohemian on

Holy cow batman! Jayden has a serious set of K-9s! He looks like a little vamp baby, lol. My son has the same kind of teeth. Jayden is the first other kiddo I have seen that is just as pronounced. Wow!
Those two are so gosh darn cute.

Bancie1031 on

Sam – thanks for the links ….. Very cute children!

crimpe – Thanks … I will see if I can find it.

I have heard Shar state that Kevin is a wonderful dad so I seriously doubt that he doesn’t see their children or that she would lie for him either, however I honestly haven’t seen that many pictures of them. At the same time as stated a couple of different times on here, Kevin nor Shar are big celebrities like Britney.

Di – Britney was sick. Now that she’s medicated she’s doing better. BUT just because she was sick doesn’t make her a bad mom … she needed help! She made really bad decisions (that btw, she has to live with the rest of her life!) and choices, if she had been in her right mind I very seriously doubt that she would have made the same ones.

Me personally, I don’t like Kevin but I would never take away the fact that he’s a good dad (according to Shar and Britney both). And the fact that he makes beautiful babies/children.

CelebBabyLover on

crimpe- I believe Preston is the one you were trying to refer to (his teeth DO look like he just ate something, while Jayden’s do not). Jayden’s the Britney clone on the left, and Preston is on the right. 🙂

miaow on

Don’t listen Di…I like a bit of healthy discussion….so stir the pot all you want…

Mary-Helen on

Those boys are just too cute!

As for the comment about Kevin’s parenting, you can be a crappy husband and a wonderful father, it happens all of the time. Kevin obviously must be doing something right, because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have primary custody of the boys. When Britney got sick, they would’ve ended up with a grandparent or in foster care. The fact that Kevin is raising them is a definite tell as to his parenting, considering there was a therapist monitoring both of their abilities to parent.

If anything, let’s just be thankful that Britney could recover from her mental illness and give Kevin props for allowing the boys lots of time with her. He could’ve used all of that against her to keep the boys from her and rake in the cash from child support, but he took the high road and encouraged their relationship with their Mom.

Sam on

‘CelebBabyLover’, HI, I think ‘crimpe’ DID mean Jayden’s teeth. The way they are so sharp on both sides might be what she was refering to, wondering what he eats to make them so sharp looking. Others have asked the same thing. 🙂

crimpe on

Yes, Preston’s teeth may be a funky color, but Jayden’s look pretty eroded. Hey, at least they’re baby teeth.

CelebBabyLover on

Well, if something IS wrong with Jayden’s teeth, at least Britney has the money to fix it! 🙂

pep on

It makes me happy to see Kevin and even Britney are stepping up as parents.. considering all the drama that has happened.. they do look like healthy happy kids…

Angela on

more pics of these at http://www.britneysbabies.com i think the babies have their mother britneys exact smiles!

Emery Jean on

lol! funny pic! :p Jden looks like Brit, n` Sean looks like Kevin, beatiful kids like Brit…….!!!!

Terri on

I’m chuckling at Jayden’s smile. Too cute. Sean is just precious.

me on

The younger one look full on fetal alcohol syndrome. I wonder if he’s ever been evaluated by a specialist.