Elliott Sadler: Baby-On-The-Way Is a Boy

10/30/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Ai Wire/Matthew T. Thacker/Landov

The dinner party is presumably over, for Elliott Sadler has announced that the baby he expects in early March with wife Amanda is a boy. “The Sadler name lives on,” the 34-year-old NASCAR driver Tweeted on Wednesday. “My dad gets his first grandson.”

Indeed, so excited is the grandpa-to-be he’s already planning for baby boy’s formative years. Adds Elliot,

“Said he going to buy a go-kart and a shotgun to get ready! Haha.”

The couple announced the pregnancy last month, with Elliott telling NASCAR Radio’s Sirius Speedway show he “couldn’t be any happier” to become a dad.

Source: Elliott’s Twitter

Thanks to CBB reader Amanda.

— Missy


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Brooklynn on

Very happy for Elliott and his wife! I met him at the Monster Mile in Deleware last September! 🙂

Ellen Smith on

Only a NASCAR grandpa would think a shotgun is appropriate. I’m sure he means for hunting. How about taking your grandson to an art museum or the theater for some culture instead? How refreshing that would be.

Carie on

Wow Ellen. LOL. Everyone is different. Seems a bit like you are looking down on us Nascar people. I assure you that there are some of us that indeed do take our kids to museums along with taking them out to count cows and ride 4 wheelers. We can be a well rounded bunch if given the chance. Just keep that in mind.

On a bright note that is wonderful for him and his wife. It sounds like everyone in the family is extremely excited!!

pam on

Congrats to them. Now Carl Edwards’ little girl who is due in Feb. will have a playmate at the track.

kiki on

Ellen my dad told my brother when his girlfriend was pregnant with my nephew that he was going to buy him a shotgun its not a Nascar hillbilly thing my father went hunting with his father my brother goes with my father and when my nephew gets older he will go its a family tradition they also fish do you find that offensive we go to museums and zoos too maybe if you did fun things instead is complaining about Elliott Sadler saying that his dad is going to buy his son a shotgun there are bigger things in the world to worry about

Ellen Smith on

@ Carie: I happen to be a NASCAR fan. However, I am ‘m just not sure a shotgun is the most inspired thing to want to give your grandson (or granddaughter, for that matter).

Solène on

I completely agree with Ellen.

JM on

yeah i completely agree with ellen, whether it’s for hunting or any other reason, to be it is stupid and ignorant to say that you would want to give your innocent little grandson a shotgun. and that’s not looking down on someone, i don’t care what your background is, it is wrong to give a child something that is intended for killing other creatures. i would be very sad if my dad wanted to give my son something like that, luckily my dad is a pacifist 😀

Lisa on

the family own a hunting camp,hunting is a part of their lives as much as racing. A go kart can be very dangerous yet I see no one complaining about that choice of gift. Also unrelated by go Smoke!! lol.

martina on

People are different. They have different interests and points of view. Lets respect that.

Bancie1031 on

Question – is he related to Adam Sandler? I think Elliot looks like Adam …… Congratulations to him and his wife on son to be.

jcmaro on

You have no idea what the small town is like that we (Elliott, Amanda and I) grew up in. Hunting is VERY big there, not just for the sport, but for the food as well. Anyway, my son is 4 and my dad gave him a shotgun a couple of years ago. It was his grandfather’s and it is just being passed generation to generation. Now, my son doesn’t even know about it and won’t for several years but it is something my dad wanted to do and I respect that. And also on a different note, GO SMOKE!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, people, did you even read his full comment? He said: “Said he going to buy a go-kart and a shotgun to get ready! Haha.” The “haha” at the end makes me think he’s just joking around! 🙂

Jane on

It seems like someone on here is close minded… Hunting is a part of some people’s culture. Just because someone hunts it doesn’t mean that they don’t go to museums. I grew up down south and everyone hunts. It’s popular all over the U.S.

Jane on

oh please.. Where I grew up kids get their first guns when they turn 7 or 8. They have their own gun cabinets in their bedrooms. There is nothing wrong with hunting. Hunting does not make a person violent. A kid that knows how guns work and sees what kind of damage they can do is not a kid that will play with a gun as a toy and end up shooting himself or his friends. Kids that are afraid of guns and are told to stay away from them are the kids who end up shooting themselves or their friends.

JM on

Jane, that may be more the case in america because guns are so readily available. i can happily say that where i grew up i didn’t know a single person who had a gun. and was never anywhere near a gun as a child. people seem to act as if guns are a way of life as cars are. they’re really not, only if you choose them to be. i would not give my 7 year old a gun, because it’s just too much of a risk, there are more than enough accidents every year in america to convince me of that.

calista on

Jane I 100% agree with you

Amanda on

I love how people have turned this into a debate on hunting. Personally, I think it’s cute that grandpa is already planning on taking his grandson hunting. The only problem I can think of with his comment is that he’s planning on buying a gokart and shotgun for his grandSON. I’m hoping he would have done the same for a grandDAUGHTER!!!!

Congrats to Elliott and Amanda. FINALLY, NASCAR gets a baby boy after all of the girls (Ella, Samantha, Kaylin, the upcoming Edwards baby…)

Annie on

OMG – what a variety of topics everyone debates. Venison fills my freezer every year thanks to my son-in-law, Elliott’s cousin. Hunting for sport is problematic. Hunting to eat is a whole other story. Helps keep grocery costs down at my house and the population of deer down so they are running into town causing problems like they did when I lived near Philly. Even though there are grocery stores, hunting is still a viable way to get meat!

I agree with all those who said to respect the differences of cultures/upbringings. I do it all from museums to Nascar, to singing and construction. I’m glad my kids and grandkids are exposed to variety and differences. Makes for a more tolerant person.

Happy Day!