Stars Align for Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival

10/29/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Michael Williams/Startraks

Celebrities and their kids came out for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Time‘s 17th Annual Family Halloween Carnival.

Held Sunday afternoon at the Universal Studios Backlot, over 3,000 people attended the carinval.

Benefiting Camp Ronald McDonald, which provides a cost-free sleep-away camp for children with cancer and their families, the event included carnival rides and games, a pumpkin patch, fortune tellers and arts and crafts.

At left, model and TV host Brooke Burke and her fiancé David Charvet arrive with daughter Heaven Rain, 2 ½, and son Shaya Braven, 19 months.

See photos of Mekhi Phifer, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Lauren Sánchez Whitesell and Joely Fisher below!

Janet Gough/Celebrity

Lie to Me‘s Mekhi Phifer and fiancée Oni Souratha pose with son Mekhi Thira, who turns two on Friday.

Mark Sullivan/WireImage

Marissa Jaret Winokur and son Zev Isaac, 15 months, share a smile at the event.

Michael Williams/Startraks

Good Day LA and Extra‘s Lauren Sánchez Whitesell puts an arm around Eleanor ‘Ella’ Patricia, 21 months, and Evan, 3.

Jill Johnson/JPI

‘Til Death‘s Joely Fisher brought along youngest daughter Olivia Luna, 13 months — both arrived in costumes!

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Liliana on

Beautiful children!

gianna on

wow brooke and david’s son shaya is a gorgeous child, he looks just like david. rain looks just like brooke.

adc76 on

wow shaya is going to be GORGEOUS when he grows up!!! rarely do i call boys beautiful, but he is beautiful!! The girls of course are adorable!! Zev has so much personality to his face. I think he will be like his mama and into acting when he gets older.

CTBmom on

I’m not too familiar with Brooke or David, but they sure do make pretty kids….Shaya maybe a boy, but he is beautiful. Zev is such a cutie, and how adorable is Olivia in her little costume?

Mia on

All the babies are adorable! Shaya has such full lips! Imagine Shaya and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dating in a few years?? HAHA, and I love all that hair on Mekhi Phifer’s son, and I love all the other costumes.

Sheila on

All of those kids are GORGEOUS!! Is it just me or does Zev have the most mature face ever for such a little boy–he’s soooo cute!!!

Alice on

Shaya is stunning, especially for such big, pretty eyes! Both he and Rain are gorgeous children.

aj on

Awww. I want Zev! He has always been the cutest little guy.

Mary-Helen on

My 2 year old daughter wore the exact same costume Joely’s daughter is wearing and she looks almost as adorable! Loves it!

RubyinEngland on

Stunning family. I really genuinely hope Brooke and David last. They stand out amongst celebrity families as being very happy and devoted.

And oh my word those kids are beautiful!

crimpe on

David Charvet is looking haggard! Dude, get some sleep! Yes, that little Shaya is a stunner. Super duper gorgeous. Little Mekhi wins for best hair, Marissa and Zev personify adorable, not quite sure what is going on with Lauren Sanchez Whitesell, and Olivia is looking FANtastic, her mom has a rockin outfit too. What a great spread!

urbanadventurertales on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of Mekhi’s son! Adorable!
And Shaya is a beautiful boy! I don’t really like the name Shaya for a boy, more for a girl…but their kids are really cute.

Ward on

Mekhi Thira is ADORABLE!

Jennifer on

Rain looks so much like David and Shaya is the spitting image of Brooke! I love Zev..he’s one of my faves…always so adorable. Mekhi Pfeiffer’s little boy is so those little butterball cheeks 🙂

Erika on

I love Olivia’s costume. It’s so cute, sweet and unique. I’ve always thought she was such a beautiful baby, I can’t wait to see her when she grows up!!

Lauren Sanchez’s kids are adorable also, even though I don’t really know who she is!

Benigna Marko on

Lovely family,
Benigna Torviso-Marko

Chris on

Olivia is sooooooooooo adorable!

SAR on

Rain and Shaya are two of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. No surprise, given their parents.

Wow, Zev is a big boy! He looks older than 15 months.

Olivia Luna is so sweet! Those big brown eyes and those chubby cheeks.

Sammy-xx on

Shaya is so cute. I’m not fond of the spelling of it for a boy, to me this is a more feminine way of spelling it. I dont know maybe I’m just used to is being spelled Shia from Shia LaBeouf.
It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful boy.
Mekhi and little Jr look so cute, cant beleive he is almost 2 already.

Jackie on

Brooke Burke has the most fantastic body in Hollywood and I’m jealous.

Bancie1031 on

Shaya looks just like daddy!

Jennifer on

All the kids are darling!

Rain certainly is a beautiful little girl, and Shaya is going to be a heartbreaker!

Evy-Florida on

What a cute family and they look so happy! I wonder how long the fiance thing is going to be? Does anybody know when they were engaged? It would be nice for these two to plan a wedding!

JMO on

all so gorgeous kids but I agree Shaya will be a heartbreaker one day!

daze on

ok so this kind of hair is acceptable for little mekhi but when it’s Zahara Jolie-Pitt it’s scandalous that Angelina doesn’t do her hair?!
by the way he’s so cute! i like his hair like that….and i like Zahara hair the way it is

kris on

I don’t know who they are but Mekhi Thira is adorable. Rain is getting so big. I always love Zev and his Mamma – she just has this happy aura about her that I think is great.

Evy-Florida, they’ve been engaged for a long time. I want to say they’ve said in interviews they are happy to continue to be engaged.

daze, I get a kick out of Z and her hair. I bet it suits her attitude.

Natasha on

Well not that I care about Zahara’s hair but Mekhi’s looks like a completely different texture….

Myrallison on

is it pronounced shay-a or shy-a?

Megan on

Mini Mekhi is so adorable

Megan on

kris- Mekhi Phifer played Dr. Gregory Pratt on ER from season 8-14. He recently joined Fox’s “Lie to Me” as a series regular. Mekhi has also been in several movies.

Sophia on

They are all so beautiful, but Shaya and Olivia in particularly are STUNNING! Myrallison, Shaya is pronounced Shy-a.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Or how about Shaya and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt? Viv also has her mommy’s full lips, and she is much closer in age to Shaya than Shiloh is. Viv is 15 months, just four months younger than Shaya!

Jane on

oh wow! All these children are beautiful!

Electra on

Olivia is gorgeous.

miaow on

OK people, lets focus on the IMPORTANT aspects of these pictures apart from one gorgeous child,check, one adorable child, check, one sweet child…which they all are.

WHAT is Brooke Burke wearing? Its like something that blonde character in High Scool Musical would wear. And David Chavret looks like he has just stepped out of a wind tunnel or there is some serious hair gel going on in an effort to hide the receding hairline. Now I normally would not make such comments as they are a bit negative and picky but surely a family as genetically blessed as this one can take a bit of criticism on the chin?

Dee on

Oh wow I haven’t seen a picture of Mehki’s son. Didn’t even know he had one. What a cutie pie 🙂

Dee on

Aw snap…I messed up the man’s name.

My apologies……Mekhi 🙂

Jessi on

Heaven Rain is so adorable!!! However why are she still carrying her? I don’t understand that.

Shaya Braven is adorable! I think that he looks like he could be a part of the Jolie-Pitts except for the hair! His hair is too dark. But the lips are so full!

Mekhi Thira is a handsome little boy! I loved Mekhi in ER.
I also love his hair 😉

Zev Isaac is a mature looking little boy! He is adorable. Does she have a husband? I don’t even know who she is, that is why I don’t know this.

Eleanor ‘Ella’ Patricia is an adorable LITTLE girl! She is so little.

Evan is handsome! Who is the mom?

Olivia Luna is an adorable baby girl! I wonder if she is walking…

CelebBabyLover on

Jessi- Marissa does have a husband. His name is Judah Miller. 🙂

As for Brooke and Rain…considering they were posing for photos at an event and not walking down the street, I would guess that Brooke is holding Rain rather than carrying her (i.e., she probably put Rain down right after the photo). Also, have you ever questioned why the Jolie-Pitts carried Zahara and Shiloh until they were each about three (and actually, they’re still seen carrying Zee occasionally) and Pax until he was four? If not, why the double-standard?

Dee- In fact, Mekhi has TWO sons. 🙂 In addition to Mekhi Jr., he also has an older son, Omikaye (I’m probably misspelling that!) with an ex-girlfriend/wife (I’m unsure which she was). I believe he’s about 10 or so. 🙂

Jessi on

CBL-I see!

And yes I have questioned about the Jolie-Pitts carrying those children. Just I haven’t seen any pictures on here. Thanks! And yes I think that would be a double standard, but I have questioned it.

Tiffany on

dake – You would have to understand African texture hair in order to fully know why Zahara’s hair should be combed and why little Mekhi’s hair looks okay. Little Mekhi and Zahara do not have the same texture.

daniela on

Mekhi Jr. and Olivia are absolutely gorgeous!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Tiffany- Both Mekhi’s and Zahara’s hair is just fine the way it is! Mehki’s hair is adorable, and Zee’s is as well. We also don’t know for sure that Zee’s isn’t combed. I mean, I highly doubt that Angie and Brad never comb her hair!

I know from personal experience that, when you have a lot of hair, you can comb it all you want and it can still end up a mess when you step outside in the wind! For a child, obviously playing can make combed hair get messy as well. 🙂

Bottomline- Leave Zahara’s hair alone! 🙂