Second Son On the Way For Jenna Elfman!

10/28/2009 at 01:30 PM ET
Scott Kirkland/INF

Come March, 2-year-old Story Elias Elfman will be welcoming a baby brother!

Jenna Elfman‘s rep tells Celebrity Baby Blog that the Accidentally on Purpose star and husband Bodhi Elfman have recently discovered that their baby-on-the-way is a second son!

At left, the happy couple is pictured at Monday evening’s Rock the Kasbah event, held at Vibiana in Los Angeles, Calif.

Accidentally on Purpose airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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Erica on

I love Jenna’s hair. She is one of the most stylish pregnant celebrities. She is glowing! Congrats on the baby boy, I am sure Story and Daddy are elated to add another boy to the brood!

ShiraB on

yeah!!!!story is adorable and this little guy is sure to be too!!!

Lis on

I had a feeling it’d be a boy! Congrats!

Jess from Ohio on

Not sure why, but I thought we already knew it was a boy. Congrats to them! I bet Story will make a great big brother.

Liliana on

Congrats to the entire family! Two boys are wonderful.

JMO on

That belly screamed boy!!

Emma on

I think they should call him Journey…

fuzibuni on

emma, i don’t know if you were making a joke… but i think that’s a nice idea 🙂

Rye on

i think it’s the first time I have ever predicted correctly! It’s a miracle!! Congrats to them! I can’t wait to hear the interesting name they come up with for him…

Sammy-xx on

I wiki’ed Bodhi tonight, I knew he was related to Danny Elfman I just couldn’t remember how, and I found out they met in 91.
I love that they have been together for so long.
I was watching E! News and there was a clip of them on a red carpet and Bodhi walked away but left his hand on her belly, I could not stop smiling. It was so sweet.

Alicia on

Aww, that’s awesome. Her boys will be so close when they get older.

Tina. on

i thought it was a girl lol, but good for them 🙂

lana on

i wished it was a girl, since they already have a sweet baby boy, but it doesn’t really matter. i’m sure they’re all excited and happy about the new arrival! 🙂

michelle on

Is Jenna really that much taller than Bodhi or is it just a funny camera angle? I have always really liked this couple. Congrats to them on the new baby boy on the way. I agree, I like the name Journey.

Laura on

Maybe she’ll name her next son, Novel.

Emma on

No, I was being serious. I think Journey would be a good name, especially with a brother called Story 🙂

Tamara on

Jenna is about an inch taller than Bodhi, she just looks wayy taller because she’s wearing heels. 😉

jk on

Jenna is “that much taller” than Bodhi. I’ve seen them in person. It’s always been a little freakish to me. Sorry..I know love is blind and all but it’s my personal opinion and personal attraction to men that are either my height or taller. Shorter men make me personally feel like I’m their Mother. doesn’t help that she wears stiletto heels while out with at these kinds of events either.
That being said, Congratulations on the blessed event!!

kris on

Jenna looks great. And, wow, she is super tall. I knew she was tall but next to her husband she looks really tall. I always wanted to be really tall but no such luck there.

CelebBabyLover on

jk- There’s nothing wrong with Bodhi being shorter than Jenna. My dad is shorter than my mom, and it’s never bothered them. In fact, when my grandmother (my dad’s mom) tried to convince my dad to wear heeled shoes for his and my mom’s wedding, they actually said “no”!

Sorry, I just tend to get a little senastive about this issue!

ms. j on

Congrats to the happy family on the newest member to be born. I just recently started dating someone who is about an inch shorter than me. I didn’t want to consider being w him because of his height, and the fact that I like to wear heels. But, the love, respect and compassion he shows me is so much more important to me. I’m still working through it, but I’m inspired by the love of the Elfmans. Height doesn’t matter to them at all

Baby Carriers on

Jenna is so gorgeous! Congrats to the happy family!