Max Sutter Feeds the Flamingos!

10/28/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Yum! Maxwell Alston Sutter, 2, has the flamingos at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay eating out of his hand during a recent visit to the theme park. At Busch Gardens to celebrate Ryan‘s recent 35th birthday, The Bachelorette couple and their son got up close and personal with the pink birds.

Ryan and wife Trista are also parents to daughter Blakesley Grace, 6 months.

Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for use on CBB

Trista wears a Marnie Yates Jewelry Trista necklace ($325 for sterling silver, can also be custom-made in gold) and a tank top by Baby Butter Clothing.

See a second photo below!

Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for use on CBB

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mom to 3 boys on

I thought she chose not to put her kids in the spotlight? hmmm, maybe she likes the preferential treatment!

stedine on

So a person can’t even go to a National Theme Park without being accused of attention seeking?? LOL

Max is adorable but looks so small for his age

kmb on

this is adorable!!! i wanna feed flamingos!

Lisa on

I agree with mom of 3 boys. I remember her making some comments on ET or Access Hollywood about keeping her kids out of the media. I don’t know why they are famous or even celebrities but it seems like they’ve used their kids to keep themselves in the spotlight. They are always promoting something.

mary on

You people are so caddy, are you seriously on a blog judging Trista for being on this site with her kids on a family day at a park feeding flamingos?? What is wrong with you? I keep seeing posts like this, you are just sad, get a damn job!

Karen on

I’m surprised she’s not wearing her bikini. Yeah, I don’t get why these people are still in the spot light….at least Ryan has a good job working for a fire department…I give him credit for that.

Evy-Miami on

For whatever reason they are famous now, no different than the Kardashians…they just happened to be a nice humble family. What is wrong with that? Do they need wild sex tapes to deserve to be on this the CBB website? I don’t think so. It’s nice to see a reality star couple who quite frankly appear to be happy. They are marketing themselves well, like they say on “Show Biz tonight” the public keeps making them famous justlike the Octomom lady. Although I don’t agree with Trista always flaunting her bikini bod, it’s refreshing to see a nice family on vacation and that may not happen to be the Jolie-Pitts. That’s my opinion.

nosoupforyou on

Trista has a job. She is a mother to two young children.

What wonderful pictures! Max does seem a bit small though, cute as a button.

kris on

mom to 3 boys – “maybe she likes the preferential treatment!” – are you referring to feeding the flamingos or to just in general?

ashley on

I agree with MARY. Its okay for other celebs to be on this site but Trista is flaunting her kids? Jeez they are at a theme park for KIDS not shopping with a nannie on 5th ave. I come here to look at pics not judge the moms. GROW UP no one is forcing you to look at these pics and judge the circumstances you no nothing about. I enjoy this site, then I read all the caddy comments ppl leave and I think worry about your own life and not everyone else’s. Sorry 4 gettin on a soap box here!

Somethingwesee on

Looks like they were having a nice time and that is an adorable picture

Niko on

Well, the Sutters have to–like everyone else–walk out of their home and be out and about at some point. Just because they’re photographed doesn’t mean they’re hogging the spotlight. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that a paparazzo tracked them down and not the other way round. The Sutters ARE famous and have been famous ever since appearing in “The Bachelorette”. That means paparazzi will take their pics when they’re out in public, whether they like it or not.

Some people on this site are innately judgmental, even hateful. Hate to say it, but its the absolute truth. I just don’t understand the nagging need to bash when its not necessary to do so, all the time. Every time a birth is announced on this site, you bet your life someone will have something negative to say about the baby’s name, even if its as normal as say, “Susie”. Or if a toddler isn’t smiling enough, etc. Its ridiculous!

Stephany on

Ugh, I go to this theme park ALL THE TIME and I’m a little upset I wasn’t there the day they were! LOL. I like Trista and Ryan and yes, her “body after baby” articles are lame but I still like her and I think she looks great!

Jess on

You’re absolutely right, Karen. It’s an absolute shock she wouldn’t wear a bikini to feed flamingos! And staying home with her kids isn’t a job she should be given credit for?

The people on this board are just absolutely sad.

AmyJay on

The term is “catty” not “caddy.” Sheesh.

Dee on

I highly doubt the woman called up the media to let them know she would be at the park w/ her family.

Gimme a break already….ugh….some people *rolls eyes*

Peggy Darrah on

I love Trista’s necklace, could you please tell me where I could get one?

cathy hogan on

I also love Trista’s necklace. Wher did she get that?

kendall on

It looks like a piece by colorado artist Marnie Yates.

Marnie Yates on

I am the artist who made Trista’s necklace. Check out my designs at marnieyatesjewelry dot com

Ellie on

Trista’s necklace is so sweet! 🙂 I like the uniqueness of it! Max is such a cutie and he’s gotten so big!! 🙂

Ellie on

Will some of you stop with your pathetic bitching!? Mom of three boys, I’m looking at you! I highly doubt that they called the paparazzi to tell them that they’d be out that day. Honestly, how can you be so hateful towards a person you don’t even know!? Trista always seems so in love with her children, and do you even see the Sutter family in pictures very often? No! Because most of you are just looking for something to nitpick and bitch infuriatingly about!!! Will the haters grow up and stop taking their own damn frustrations out on other people. Sheesh. Who crapped in your cornflakes?