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10/28/2009 at 11:30 AM ET

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Anna on

NEVER is the best time to circumsize your baby! Don’t cut off any part of his penis. U.S. Americans need to take a clue from most of the rest of the world and leaves our boys intact just like we leave our girls intact.

Sarah on

Agreed! NEVER on the circumcision.. geesh

Linda on

I agree with you two but this report comes from Canada where I thought circumsicion was not done, period, like the UK and the rest of the world!!!!! But in the US I feel in my heart it will never stop, dont know why but everyone I know having boys will do it!

computerag on

32 hours of TV? That’s A LOT OF TV.

Aurora on

32 HOURS of television?! Wow. They spend 5 hours in school a day(approx)…so 25 hours in school, about 70 sleeping(hopefully close to that anyway)and then half of the rest of the week watching tv. I guess that helps explain the number of problems with pro-social behaviour, the penchant for violence(often seen on tv), lack of common-sense problem solving skills, and the low reading levels. So sad.

eternalcanadian on

I am so shocked to read that news report about circumcision has Canadian doctors are talking about this when it has been clearly stated by Canadian Paediatric Society that circumcision of newborns should not be routinely performed.

The quote “If you want to have your newborn son circumcised, you should do it as soon as possible” should have been something like “We strongly discourage circumcision, but we understand some parents will insist on this being done so only in such cases and after much counseling and discussion, yadda, yadda,…”

Canadian doctors should be encouraging parents of newborn boys to stay away from circumcision and now that report makes it look like it is necessary, expected, and should be done promptly on all baby boys. 😐

Why do we have to always debate over circumcision? We never do about girls when their labia and clitorial hood have the same protection purposes as the foreskin and we scream bloody murder over FGM but not MGM.

claudette on

I am dismayed that Celebritybabies would even post a positive, supposedly “informative” article about circumcision. It is a brutal, disgusting act.

computerag on

PLEASE click and read the article below about infant circumcision.