The Maguires Hit the Pumpkin Patch!

10/27/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Max Butterworth/Bret Thompsett/Louise Barnsley/Pacific Coast News

It was a family affair for the Maguires on Saturday as they set out for Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, Calif.!

Dad Tobey, mom Jennifer and kids Ruby Sweetheart, 3 next month, and Otis Tobias, 5 months, perused the patch before deciding on a few pumpkins to take home.

Tobey, 34, is currently filming The Details, to be released in 2010, while Jennifer debuted her newest jewelry collection last month.

Tobey pushes the Orbit Infant System in Black ($900).

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finais on

Wow, Otis got big fast!

laurie on

Am I the only one that thinks $900 is WAY TOO MUCH to spend on a stroller?

Alicia on

Jennifer’s jewelry is so beautiful but SO expensive. 😦
I’d love to buy the necklace Jennifer Aniston wore in “The Break-Up”, which is a piece of Jennifer Maguire’s jewelry collection. It was the Leaf Necklace.

Kristi on

I swear if I’m ever in California in the fall I am hitting up Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch…everyone goes there! Love Ruby’s pigtails!

finais on

No, I’m with you laurie. Whenever I see people with Orbit’s and other expensive strollers, I just think, “It better be the best stroller in the world for that price!”

Brandi on

What an adorable family! So cute. Laurie I doubt they bought the stroller, companies send them to celebs as soon as they announce that they’re expecting. Alicia I want Jennifer’s diamond initial necklaces but they are something like $1,400. Maybe someday……

Chelsea on

For regular people, yes, I would agree $900 is too much for a stroller. For millionaire celebrities? Hey, they can afford it, so why not.

This is a really cute family!

laurie on

Amazing, celebs get free stuff all the time….yet us non-celebs have to work our bums off to afford clothes, food and other stuff. To the baby companies – I would like a free stroller too you know!! If you can afford a $900.00 stroller then fine, but I still don’t see the purpose in spending that much for a stroller. Kind of like spending hundreds on baby clothes?? I don’t understand. My foster child came to me at 2 months old with nothing. She has been with me for 3 months now and clothes wise we have spend barely over $100 altogether to keep her dressed – in several mix and match – and what we bought (at second hand stores) will last us into the spring. Just coz a celeb has/gets a $900.00 stroller DOES NOT make me want to go buy one. Same with these EXPENSIVE baby clothes.

urbanadventurertales on

I love this family! I love that Toby married someone who wasn’t a celebrity and she looks normal! And their daughter and son are so cute.

Lis on

They make some seriously adorable babies! And I just love the names Ruby and Otis!

Alicia on

Jennifer is actually the daughter of billionaire Ron Meyer, the CEO of Universal Studios. Jennifer worked very hard though and didn’t depend on her dad to help her out. But boy, between Tobey and her dad, her kids are going to be set for life! Money is not everything but it sure makes life a heck of a lot smoother, financially anyway.

mommaruthsays on

They are an adorable family – cute parents, cute kids. And they seem so happy, which is really nice…a million blessings to those darling kiddos!

Jessica on

I do agree that $900 is a lot for a stroller, but it’s not my business how people choose to spend their money. People shouldn’t be made to feel bad about their choices in baby clothes either, geez. Personally, having 2 small children, and knowing how gross baby things get, I think it’s disgusting to buy things like onsies and bibs secondhand…in my mind no amount of washing is going to erase the fact that some other baby vomited and pooped on it. That’s just my opinion, and Im a bit of a germophobe lol. Parents shouldnt be made to feel bad because they buy their kids nice things.

Linell on

I see nothing wrong with purchasing a stroller for $900; thats just me.
I could afford it, why not?
Just because you would not purchase does it make it wrong for someone else. Its not your money!!!!

Jennifer on

I’m not surprised that they spent $900 on a stroller. Orbit seems to be THE brand for celeb babies, and after all, these people are celebs (or kids of, like Jennifer) and so they have the money to blow. It’s probably chump change for them! I think it’s extravagant but it’s their money, their life. Wish it was mine!! *sigh*

I think both of these little cuties look like their Daddy. Ruby has gotten so big! Love her little pigtails. Too cute 🙂

Myrallison on

What is on Jennifer’s arm?

Lisa on

Beautiful lovely family! Ruby is what a 3 year old should look like. Jennifer has paint on her arm my guess is there was a carnival like atmosphere and they had somebody face-painting and tattoos. Ruby had one too!

finais on

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all surprised to see celebrities with these strollers, but the other day I saw a woman in our local grocery store with one! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t live in a super wealthy area. I’m from Western Pennsylvania. I just couldn’t imagine a regular person investing that much money in a stroller unless it’s super good.

Stephany on

Aw, both of them are growing up so fast! I love Ruby’s pigtails and Otis is just delicious to look at! Lovely family.

Lena on

to laurie,..sorfy something about your post rubbed me the wrong way..i grew up in foster care and hated when my foster parents would buy me cheap and/or secondhand clothes…would you honestly buy those same secondhand things for your own natural children?..not trying to start anything but I don’t see the need for anyone to buy clothes or any baby items secondhand unless your are in need..i would also guess anyone becoming foster parents are a little more well off and can afford to have children since they go through alternative means just to have them..

Lena on

also to the other posters, i agree that parents shouldn’t be made to feel bad because they have the money to spend on their children and give them nice things..

Lauren on

I don’t really see the Orbit much, but when I moved to NYC for a few months this summer, I literally lost count of how many Bugaboos I saw. I would be walking into Central Park and see one coming at me in every direction. While strollers like the Orbit and Bugaboo are expensive, they are also a hell of a lot more durable, and when it comes to the totally unforgiving streets of New York, cheap strollers will come undone in no time. Several parents on this site have mentioned trying other, cheaper strollers only to have them fall apart, whereas the Bugaboos they invested in that will last their children from infancy until after toddlerhood works like a dream. You get what you pay for. Period.

And I totally agree with Lena that laurie’s comment really rubbed me the wrong way. Something about bragging about spending less than $100 on second-hand clothing over the course of several months intended to last many more for a foster infant is-disturbing, to say the least. Not to mention tacky in its own right.

brooke on

cute kids but otis…..really?

Cheri on

I love this family. Tobey seems like a great dad.

Lorus on

I see nothing wrong with second hand stores. I buy name brand items from them for my children and pay a fraction of the price. The clothing looks pretty much the way brand new stuff would look after a few washes. There are no stains, holes, etc!! Why pay $25 for a pair of pants when I can get them for $4-5?

I see nothing wrong with spending $900 on a stroller if you have the money. I have a designer fabric Mountain Buggy and a Maclaren Techno which retail around $400-600 each where I live. I got good prices online (one used and the other new) so it doesn’t bother me. I save where I can and spend where I want.

lana on

awww….they are adorable….jen and toby make a cute, seemingly normal, down-to-earth couple. and ruby is growing so fast. not to mention little otis tobias….i don’t like the name otis. i think tobias is better, but neither are my cup of tea. and i think they should buy a $900 stroller…if they can afford it, why not? it’s not like they have much better things to buy with the excess money. oh and yes, MAYBE they did get it for free, which is really ironic, because people like us cannot afford these things, and celebs CAN, but they get expensive stuff for free, anyway…

Xan on

I know what you mean, brooke! 🙂 It’s hipster vintage taken a bit too far, imo.

Liliana on

Beautiful family! I love the name Otis.

Given both of their professions, this is a couple that can afford to buy an expensive stroller. Even if they didn’t have financial security, it’s their money so they can do what they please with it.

CelebBabyLover on

To the people wondering why celebs get free stuff, here’s why…Obviously companies know that if people see people using their products, they might want to buy them. Gifting them to celebrities is a very easy way to do that (get the stuff seen, I mean)! 🙂

MiB on

I have to say I grew up dressed in hand me downs and second hand clothes with the occasional new piece of clothing thrown into the mix and I never suffered from that. As some said, You can get really nice stuff second hand, in fact I still dress secon hand from time to time, a bit less right now since I don’t have a suitable store close by, but it gives me the chance to wear good quality and/or designer clothing that I couldn’t afford otherwise. As for the $900 stroller. I walk everywhere, quite often on cobble stones, so I would not hesitate for a moment to get a gently used bugaboo if I was ever blessed with children (I guess I could buy one off one of those car goers who tend to hate theirs ;-)). So yes, I can imagine spending that much on a good quality stroller that suits my needs.

laurie on

Everybody is entitled to buy what they want for their kids…I mearly meant to point out the price of a stroller. $900.00 is awful high when a less expensive one serves the same purpose. No one should feel bad about what they spend on their kids, I just personally don’t see the point. And about second hand clothes….yes, I buy my bio-kids second hand clothes too. Each is treated the same. They are no different to me and I protect and love them like my own. We splurge and buy new clothes sometimes but not often. I would rather save the difference of paying for clothes to put it toward things that any of the kids in my home need (such as the formula my foster child needs but is not covered by WIC – I pay out of pocket because it is what is best for her). As an infant, she does not need expensive clothes – she has very nice outfits that we got at low prices. Who has not used hand-me downs?

laurie on

And to Lena…….foster parents are not rich people….the majority are struggling to make ends meet (like me) but we are foster parents coz we want to help the kids. And in my case, it is all for the kids, to provide them a safe place while “parents” get their life on track. They are treated just the same as my bio-kids and I jump through the same hoops and worries too.

Lena on

Laurie that’s good you treat all your kids the same bio and foster. In my experience I was not that’s why I get sensitive when people talk about it. I did get hand me downs from my sisters but when I was the only one left I started getting cheap and second hand store clothes which weren’t good quality but cheap stuff recycled further. Most of the people I come in contact with who were foster kids were mistreated. That’s just all my experience.

Jessica on

Dont many people become foster parents because they are low on cash and they get paid. Isn’t that one of the huge reasons foster kids are mistreated? Otherwise why would someone take on the responsibility of a child they don’t care about…

laurie on

To Jessica you seem to not know much about people. The majority of foster parents are good people that want to help kids. You DO NOT get paid much and I personally don’t do it for the money. You don’t have to give birth to a child to care about them. Every child deserves someone to care and a safe place. The children in foster care are neglected and/or mistreated before they come into the system. Mistreatment in the foster care system is not that rampant as you think. And is the only thing highlighted by the media. For the most part, children receive good care and services from foster parents.

Liliana on

Wow, Jessica. I’m speechless. As a matter of fact, I had to re-read your comment.

Your post may be one of the most ignorant grouping of sentences I’ve ever read. I can only feel sorry for you that you are so misinformed.

While it is true that there are cases of terrible foster parents, the majority are loving individuals that open not only their homes but there are hearts to children in need. Do you happen to know how many biological parents are unfit to even be around their children?

To generalize that no foster parent cares for their foster children is completely false. You are making a sweeping generalization and looking foolish at best.

My great aunt has been a foster mother for years. After she divorced her husband, she began her own career in order to support her two biological children. A decade later, she desired to become a foster parent where she has helped nurture and support numerous amounts of children. She’ll be the first to admit that it hasn’t been easy. She’s dealt with children who have behavioral disorders, severe autism, and those who are mentally and/or physically handicapped. Despite the challenges the children face, she has helped them reach their full potential and has legally adopted three that she has fostered.

Bottom line, your comment was rude an unnecessary.

Pooka's Mama on

We are an Orbit Baby family in NYC and absolutely love our stroller. Here in NYC we use the heck out of our strollers on diverse terrain. As a matter of fact, we don’t drive cars, we drive our strollers and need them to be sturdy and easy to use. You will see Bugaboos, Quinny’s, Uppa Baby’s and Maclaren’s on every corner because we push on uneven pavement, cobblestones, and paths in the park. Then we take them on the subway, bus and sometimes hop in a taxi. Not every stroller can do that, and particularly not the cheap ones with plastic wheels that make your arms shake when you push them and give your child a rough ride when they are trying to nap. So $900 for a stroller (with car seat) is not unreasonable when you understand how they are used and consider how much we are saving on gas and reducing out carbon footprint by walking and using mass transit. It’s not nice to judge when you don’t understand the context! Although I have to admit I would love if they cost less…