Poll: What Do You Think of Suri's Heels?

10/27/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
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From pretty party dresses to classic trench coats, Suri Cruise‘s mini fashion statements constantly amaze us. What little girl wouldn’t want her fab age-appropriate wardrobe? So it was quite a shock when we saw the 3 Β½-year-old out and about in neutral D’orsay pumps this past September. Toddler heels! Who knew?

We spotted her again Monday in Boston (above right) wearing a new pair of gold T-strap pumps. It’s obvious Miss Cruise has a thing for high heels. Although in theory it’s super cute, we’re just not sure if we’re ready for this trend to hit the mini masses.

Take our poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Hilda on

I’m so divided on her heels. Can’t say that I hate ’em or that I luv ’em. IDK, there’s something borderline weird about this.

Allie-Rose on

If Suri wore heels while playing dress-up, I wouldn’t have any problem with it, but a 3 year-old wearing heels as everyday shoes, I’m sorry but I find that tacky. Plus I’m afraid what damage wearing heels at such a young age can do to her back when she’s older

Michelle on

This isn’t exactly new. Little girls dress shoes have had heals on them forever. Think Spring and all the pretty shoes you see for girls with their Easter dresses. I think the style maybe looks a little bit older than people are used to.

Brooke on

I don’t see the big deal at all…she is 3! When I was three I had every type of heel out there made for my lil foot, yes it may have been plastic but it was a heeled shoe and I wore them everywhere! A lot of little girls wants to wear heels like a lil princess…let her be!

Kristine on

I don’t feel that any 3 year old should be wearing heels (unless just for playing dress up. Just my opinion πŸ™‚

julie on

It’s not healthy for a young child to be so invested in her outward appearance. I believe that not only is it bad for her self image, but she might also develop an unhealthy interest in material goods.

Sammie on

I love little girls in Mary Jane’s. That is what she needs to wear. Also, I wonder if the heels are harming her feet?

Brenda on

For me, the Cruise has gone too far. I think that just for fun, fine, but dress a little girl so this way is totally unacceptable and not age appropriate. I have a daughter of that age and although I always have beautiful and fashion, never submit his tiny body to something that would hurt her.

Renee on

I can understand having heels to play in.. but to have multiple hundred dollar pairs of 1-2inch heels for a three year old, is just odd. I mean, I can’t even walk on 2 inch heels haha. And I can understand wanting your child to be girly, but i think heels is taking it a little too far.. there’s plenty of cute flats and sandals and what not for a 3 year old to wear.

My husband and I are expecting our first child and I showed him a picture of Suri in the heels and he even has a stronger feeling about it than i do… he compared it to the crazy stage moms that make their kids get spray tans, wear make up, and enter pageants.. and i must say, yes, thats a little extreme.. but he’s on to something. it’s just weird. celebrities or not.

Tazina on

As for as the appropriateness I don’t think it’s any big deal. But on growing feet to be wearing these on a regular basis I am not sure of the health consequences. Once in a while is probably okay. They should also see about getting Suri into some good quality running shoes.

Abby on

The heels are tiny and the shoes aren’t ostentatious in any way. the uproar is ridiculous.

finais on

Personally, I wouldn’t let my daughter wear heels at that age, unless it was at home for play dress-up. I try to avoid wearing heels, if I can. They are just so bad for feet, why start that damage earlier than you need to? But, that’s just my opinion. The Cruises can dress Suri however they see fit.

Lis on

I think it’s totally fine. I could not WAIT to wear heels when I was little…I think it’s normal for most little girls to feel that way…and lucky little Suri gets to!

And I have an honest question (I’m not trying to be cheeky in any way…) :

What harmful effects could these little heels cause for a 3 year old? It’s not like she has these shoes on every minute of every day. It’s incidental…how could that really be harmful? Again, this is an honest question. Thanks!

berjoui on

this is inappropriate. my daughter is 7 and the only “heels” i would buy her are rubber soled canvas slip-ons that she is only allowed to wear for dress up around the house. there are limits on allowing a child to express themselves and choose their own clothes and shoes.

Jess from Ohio on

IMO, kids grow up fast enough. Why speed up the process by wearing heels as an everyday shoe? I can see them being worn as an occasional dress up shoe, but all the time? That can’t be healthy for a growing foot.

Rach on

Julie,I completely agree, but I guess same thing can be said about most of the kids on this site.

Sammie, I had the same thought. Nothing prettier than a little girl in patent mary janes :)I too worry about the damage heels can cause a little child like that. And if the heel is like this when they are 3,can you imagine 5 ? or 15 ? But that is the thing, you can’t have it ok one day,and bad the next.

As far as fashion is concerned, I like little kids looking like..well, little kids. I absolutely despise the fact that everything that is made for me and my age range (25) also has a little mini-me version. It’s like, let them be kids !

I dunno, everytime I see well dressed kids all the time, I feel bad for them. They remind me of the Von Trapp kids needing a Maria to come along and make them some play clothes out of curtains lol

kai on

it’s sick to me.

Alex on

I am a physical therapist and i have patients in their 30s with foot, ankle, knee and lower back problems because they wear heels and they started wearing them well into their late teens, i can’t imagine the damage it will have on someone who starts wearing heel at the age of three!
There is nothing wrong about wearing heels on special ocasions but all the time is harmfull for an adult, and spacialy for a growing young child.

sandy on

It is their child not mine…..I am not going to backseat parent the issue.

For my own daughter(who turned 6 last Friday), she has never had heels even for dress up, nor will she get any till she well past 16.

I am sure there are a lot of things I allow my child to have/do that would make a handful of other mothers out there just cringe. everyone’s parenting style is different.

Rach on

Sandy, you sound like my mom and that is a good thing.

I will admit, I hated the way my mom was so “strict” but you know what, it kept me on the straight and narrow. I plan on raising my son Kaius the same way.

Tina. on

if she wants to wear them, then she should be able too. not all little girls are tomboys like shiloh πŸ™‚

MM on

The child is way to young to be wearing heels. Believe me she will feel the pain when she grows up. Why suffer now? She needs to be a kid and not grown up.

que cera on

If I had girls, I would be fine to let them wear heels occasionally for a game of dress up but not out of the house when they are walking. This is for two reasons. First, I would not want any damage to little developing feet (we all know heels aren’t healthy for our bodies, ladies! Bad posture, bad alignment, shortening ligaments, etc.) If my children are anywhere near as prone to falling down and general klutziness as I was, I am sure heels could make a fall or twisted ankle even worse. Second, I believe that heels just are not age appropriate for little girls. I think that parents should dress children and children. It is just my opinion that heels are too grown-up looking for little girls.

That said, maybe Ms. Holmes has reasons for allowing Suri to wear heels in certain situations, maybe she doesn’t see anything wrong with it, or maybe she just does but caves to whatever her daughter wants. Who knows? I doubt we’ll ever find out.

DD on

The heels are cute, but I have more of an issue with bare arms and legs in cool weather. She always seems to be underdressed!

amy on

I think Suri’s clothes always look great. All though, you would think Katie would invest in some Hair bands or barretts for her . That childs hair is always in her face! Her clothes are always impecible but her hair is a mess.

Shannon on

I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I see little girl in dress up heels all the time. They might be plastic, but still, same thing. I also see a TON of little girls who have dress-up shoes for church or holidays that have little heels on them. 3 times in 3 years I don’t think is that big of a deal for Suri to have been seen wearing these shoes. My daughter is almost 6 and she has a little pair of brown shoes she wear’s occasionaly that have a little heel. She has been running around in dress-up heels since she was 2, and she has zero problems b/c of it. They’re pretty little shoes to go with her fancy dress.

And in response to #6, if you think about it, she’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter. I don’t think an unhealthy interest in material things is going to come just from what she wears! LOL

Patricia on

I agree with Michelle, during the holidays all of little girls dress shoes have that height of a heel. It’s just the style of the shoe that makes them look inappropriate, but the heel isn’t an issue and I don’t see why people make it one.

I wore shoes of that heel as a child, dressed up all the time, and cared about my appearance and I’m not materialistic. My feet are just fine too. πŸ™‚

Buttt, to each his own!

Terri on

I voted “don’t care”. I don’t care for it, but I don’t have strong feelings either way.

jan on

In general terms: I’ve always heard that by wearing shoes without socks, especially canvas/rubber sneakers, one can get athlete’s foot.

Morgan on

I’m not a mom and i haven’t done extensive research on how shoes effect a little kids foot…but i remember when i was little i had a pair of red ruby slippers that were heels and i wore them literally until they fell apart and my feet are fine…soo umm she just seems like a little fashionista princess to me and well that’s not so bad as long as she’s not bratty….

Gigi on

where do they even get tiny heels anyway? Are they having them custom made by designers? I get that 3 year old want to look and dress like Mommy, but come on, it’s a little over the top to let her wear them out and about all the time. If they were princess shoes, then I understand once in awhile, but they’re “real” shoes. I see a sprained ankle and bum knees by age 4!

Olivia on

Here’s my thing, I used to wear little tiny heels for Easter and for Christmas. Probably nothing more than a half of an inch. Maybe even less. My issue is not that they are heels, because little girls’ dress up shoes have been heels forever, but that Suri is wearing peep-toe heels. Peep-toe! It’s not the heel, per say, that gets me, but the style of heel.

And I agree, once in a while heels is one thing, but wearing heels every day is a whole ‘nother ballgame. That has to be doing damage to her back and her feet. And I totally am with Rach with the Maria Von Trapp comment. I’m voting no on the heels. Three years old is not sixteen.

L on

I personally feel she is growing up a bit fast, it’s one thing when you are playing dress up…but a 3 year old constantly wearing heels is so weird to me…hope she doesn’t grow up to be the next Lindsay

Temperance Mama on

I saw this poll and knew people would be all over it. Why does every post on Suri and Katie come to this? She’s 3 for god’s sake. My daughter is 4 and she absolutely LOVES high heels and walks around in mine. I love that she could have been in the shoes for 10 minutes and yet everyone seems to know that they are hurting her feet, that they are bad for her and that she wears them all the time. It seems like Katie always has a bag of stuff with her when she’s out. She probably has an extra pair of shoes in there for when Suri is done with the heels. We don’t know this child’s life…yet everyone seems to think they do.

leslie on

I don’t really care if shes wearing them or not. Shes a little girl, and its probably a phase shes going through and her parents are nurturing it,which is a good thing. my daughter went through a phase where she had to pick out her own clothes, and always insisted on wearing wacky colors that didn’t match, i didn’t scold her and say no, i said ok if thats what she wants then so be it. its showing her creativity. and those are are obsessing about suri wearing heels, well they have way too much time on their hands, its like they are stripper heels!

Vanessa on

I’m sure Suri loves the heels, so her parents let her wear them. My 3 year old would wear heels outside the house. If her feet start to hurt, her shoes can be changed!

Sarah on

I saw a girl about Suri’s age yesterday walking in Disney princess-type heels down the walkway at my daughter’s school. She clearly looked uncomfortable and twisted both ankles over and over again. Her balance was affected by these heels for sure.

I think wearing Mom’s big heels around the house for dress-up is fine, because usually the tiny feet come out first and the kids walk slowly anyway. But!! I think wearing kids’ shoes with heels are problems just waiting to happen! Plus, who could afford Suri’s custom-made shoes anyway?

tara on

Those shoes are precious and if they were a wedge no one would care. It’s the tiniest heal so really, why the fuss? My daughter loves her princess heals and she does wear them out to school and to play. I think these shoes are adorable and I would probably reserve them for more dress up or play, but I don’t mind them or think they are inapropriate at all.

JMO on

I don’t care. She’s not my kid.

Although she could trip and sprain her ankle as they’re unsafe (even on adults). Not to mention kids should be in supportive shoes at young ages to help their foot developement. She has plenty of years to be in heels. But to each their own.

Vanessa on

Let her be a child. Some rules need to be laid. What next, thigh high boots?

Amanda on

I voted love it but honestly, I really don’t care. I really DON’T want it to become a trend and have the makers of children shoes making them instead of the cute little patent leather dress up shoes because if I had to pick I’d go traditional all the way. That said, we have one cute little pair of high heels for my kids. They have both outgrown them and we originally got them for my first daughter to wear in a wedding and they’ve also both worn them the Thanksgiving/Christmas they fit into them. They were cute and the girls loved them…but I just like the look of traditional shoes on little girls better. So I’m not against it in any way, but I wouldn’t want it to become a trend.

tara on

the question I have is where can I get some of these for my daughter?

Ang on

My thing is this…and granted, I have two rough-and-tumbled boys, but…my kids are always falling all over the place in regular tennis shoes. I would be afraid that a 3-year-old would totally bust it in heels! Maybe she doesn’t run around and act like a wild thing very much?

cindi on

i don’t care…but i hope it doesn’t become a trend. my daughter, who is now 8, LOVES wearing heels and has since she was about 3. she walks fine in them, has never fallen in them, i just prefer she not wear them.

Rachel-Jane on

I don’t know. There used to be a shop here in the UK, Woolworths, that sold, amongst other things, children’s clothes and shoes. They always had wee plastic dress-up heels for little girls that my mum would never let us get. Of course we could play dress-up in her heels, but that’s not the same, those shoes were far too big for us, the plastic heels in the shop were made for little girls’ feet, albeit for dressing up. I think maybe wee heels like that are fine for when the girl wants to pretend to be a princess, or for special occassions, but not for walking about in the street in, no.

Angie W on

A parent’s number one job is to protect their children and provide a solid foundation for a healthy, safe, productive life. I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with that statement. That being said, why would parents knowingly put their children at risk for health problems and accidents for the sake of fashion?! The American Academy of Podiatrists (the experts on foot health) have the following to say about the consequences of high-heel addiction; wearing high heels results in the following complications:
Blisters, corns or calluses can develop when high heels throw weight into the ball of your foot.
Lower back pain can result when your spine bends backwards to compensate the forward push of your body when you walk in heels.
Pain in the ball of your foot, a condition called metatarsalgia, can stem from high heels.
Ankle sprains are more likely because your foot position in heels and the often-narrow heel width can make ankles unstable.
Achilles tendonitis is a risk. Frequent wearing of heels shortens and tightens calf muscles. This can lead to painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon at the back of your heel.
Benign tumors of nerves, called neuromas, can grow between toes. Symptoms may include sharp pain and tingling or numbness of the toes.
“Pump bump,” or Hagland’s deformity, has been linked to women who often wear high heels. This painful bump on the back of the heel bone occurs when the bone rubs against the shoe or a narrow, pointed shoe makes toes curl up.
Wearing heels all the time can even make wearing flats impossible if your foot becomes used to the position of heels. This can lead to more serious problems, like bone spurs or Achilles tendon tears.

The world will deliver enough bumps and bruises to our little ones as they grow up–why would we want to take unnecessary risks and promote behavior that is detrimental to their well-being? My two cents.

Nicole on

It will be interesting to see what she is wearing (or isn’t wearing) when she “grows up”. Enough said.

Shelby on

So we’ve seen her in heels..twice? In the past year. Wow, call the parent patrol, oh wait we already did so with this discussion! I think they are sweet, low and I’m sure they were Suri’s pick! There’s no difference in little girls wearing them for 3 hours while playing dress up and wearing them for 3 hours while running an errand while out with her mom. Then again, maybe we’re just trying to find something wrong with the Cruises’ parenting? First it’s the jacket, and the dresses and now the shoes. How about what a sweet little girl who clearly loves her femininity and how much her parents adore her. Oh well…next week can we have a discussion on how her bob haircut is affecting her self esteem?

Stella Bella on

I had jelly heels at Suri’s age. Nothing new under the sun. πŸ™‚

Beverley on

I think we need to remember that Tom and Katie are Scientologists, and Scientologists don’t believe in telling your children no. They believe that children are just mini adults who can make their own decisions, so they wouldn’t tell her not to wear them if she wanted to.

eva on

If the child actually ends up with feet problems or something, which is not a given, her parents have enough money to take care of that too and that might be of some comfort to other ladies here.

I think this type of high heels (basically small version of adult high heels)give an unecessary “sexy” edge to a child.My daughter is 10 and I’ve never allowed her to wear these shows,even during hollidays.Chunky,short heels on formal shoes?yes,but these are pointy and taller than regular girl shoes meant for dress up.

I don’t like it but frankly Suri Cruise and her feet are the least of my concerns.Their child,their child’s health and appearance=not my problem.No high heels or extravagant outfits on my child until she demonstrates solid and mature interests on things beyond dresses,fashion and appearance.That’s my rule but I don’t care what these actors do with their daughter.

robinepowell on

While Suri looks cute in heels, she’s way too young for them. Wait another eight or nine years before introducing her to heels. If she wants to wear her mother’s shoes for dress up, that’s fine, but out public? No.

Kat on

I think they’d be fine for dressup… but it’s clear they are intended as everyday shoes… her tiny young feet are still developing and need good support… these are not going to give her that.

I hate seeing her in these heels when other girls her age wear pretty flats in a more age-appropriate style (I love mary janes on a little girl).

I also don’t see how she can run around and have fun in the park (and yes, we’ve seen her go to the park in her fancy shoes) when she is worried about spoiling her pretty dress clothes… she needs to have play clothes and sneakers that she doesn’t have to worry about spoiling.

Kresta on

Wait until Suri is taller than Tom and she’ll be back to wearing flat shoes again.

J on

No more dangerous than those aweful heelies kids tear through stores in.

Aaron on

I can’t help but believe that this heel thing that Suri is going through is nothing more than a phase. Some of the things that my sons went through and just insisted on wearing between the ages of 2 and 5, were sometimes unreal and very unusual. I remember that my oldest son, who is now 13, went through a phase where all he would wear on his feet, no matter where we went, were rubber boots. It was quite a sight to see him every Sunday morning, all dressed up, clean and ready for church, wearing those dirty rubber boots. When my youngest son was 3 years old, all he wanted to wear were soccer cleats. And yeah, sure, I could’ve pitched a fit and demanded that they take them off and put on some regular, sensible shoes, but why waste a good battle on something as trivial as rubber boots or soccer cleats? That’s really kind of how I see this whole high-heel issue…just a trivial matter that’s really not worth the fight. Probably a year from now, Suri’s new look will no longer be about the girly high heels, but something else that the whole world will look at in pictures, pick apart and wonder out loud just what in the world her parents are thinking.

Kerri on

There is something really strange about a 3-year-old in heels. The way Suri is dressed, she hardly ever looks like a child, just a mini-adult. Being that conscious of your image and what you’re wearing at 3 is just sad.

HeatherR on

What is the need for a 3 year old to look like a grown woman? And what if she tripped and fell!!! I think it’s ridiculous and a horrible idea. No offense to anyone who likes it.

Molly on

I think I got my first pair of “special occasion” heels when I was 7 or 8. They were white, 1/2″ heels that were bought for me for Easter, and I was only allowed to wear them to church. I think Suri’s heels are cute, but I don’t see how practical they are being worn out walking around, especially in cold weather (she surely should be wearing tights and a jacket in Boston these days, it’s cold here! But I digress…) but who am I to tell another person how to parent their child? What is for one child may not be for everyone.

Amy on

It’s just so odd to me. The way they prance her around in her ridiculous wardrobe is absolutely not my style. Let the kid be a kid. They dress her for the runway daily. It’s a bit extreme…not to mention unhealthy for a 3 year old child.

Chris on

These heels wouldn’t be so strange on a 7 or 8 year old. But on a 3 year old? Ridiculous.

mslewis on

Suri’s heels are most likely custom made so there is not much danger of her falling in them. They are made for her, not for the masses.

I really don’t care that she is wearing these heels but I hope it does not become a trend. It’s not a good look for three year olds!!

JMO on

Cindi here’s an idea. Don’t buy them for her and then she won’t wear them πŸ˜‰

Shelby she was seen in them again today so make that 3 πŸ˜‰

I only wore nice shoes on Easter or Christmas. I cannot stand heels as an adult. Refuse to wear them. They’re so uncomfortable. And why put yourself through that…for what?? To look taller??

Anyways, I think feet problems can come though even without the right shoes. My mom wasn’t a heel wearer and she suffers from plantar fasciitis. But her doctor did give her a list of the best shoes and the bad shoes. The best are New Balance and the worst are skechers when it comes to sneakers.

a- on

She’s a cute girl but she always looks like the clothes wear her instead of she is wearing the clothes.

alexis on

in my opinion, as long as the heels are about an inch(maybe, two) there okay-as long as they aren’t worn everyday. my parents let me wear little heels and heeled boots for special occasions,and i think that’s fine. suri also isn’t wearing them everyday, so i think it’s fine.

alexis on

suri is probably also wanting to be like her mom. katie wears heels a lot so suri probably just wants to be like her mom.

Leeann on

Seems simple enough to me:
if you like it, buy them for your little girl.
If you don’t, then don’t buy them and tell her she can’t have them. Explain why it doesn’t fit into your value system and move on!

I’ve got 3 kids: 14, 11 and nearly 8, and using this tactic has always worked for me!

Kate on

She’s a little girl having fun! I had loads of dress up fancy shoes when I was little- it made me feel great!

As for it being not being healthy for a little girl to be so invested in outwards appearance, I disagree- it’s normal for that age to look in the mirror and play and dress up in fun clothes, why not? I don’t think it promotes vanity or she will grow up to have an unhealthy attitude about her physical self or material goods. She’s playing dress up or “grown up” as I loved to call it once upon a time. Let her be.

Tracy - Manchester, UK on

It’s down to personal choice at the end of the day, but my opinion is children should dress like children and not like an adult. Plus are the shoes going to harm her toes??

As we say in the UK “mutton dressed as lamb”… but in this case, its more “lamb dressed as mutton”!.

Marissa on

I love seeing pics of Suri,and reading stories on her. It’s funny, because NO MATTER what this little Princess wears, everybody complains. Ballet shoes AGAIN? A dress in the cold weather? OMG, Suri is wearing PANTS? Where is her jacket? Blah blah blah. I understand this is a section for comments, but come on. Just leave it alone already. Worry about your own kids’.

Jay on

The T-Strap high heels are way too adult for that little girl. I don’t know so much if she wants to wear them as that is how her parents dress her. I wouldn’t let my daughter play in anything that wasn’t the little jelly dress up heels, but that is dress up and usually momentary. I agree with the people who said the need for little kids to grow up is too much! Let them be kids.

Annaliese on

Look on the bright side..her hair is combed, lol. I don’t care about the shoes and personnally think they are adorable =) And I so love that dress, wonder who makes it?

Amanda on

I don’t believe little girls should be wearing high heels and that’s not just directed to Suri Cruise. There is a ton of information available that proves that heels are bad for the feet and I would hate to think about what it’s doing to developing feet. It’s like knowing the damage the sun causes but allowing your kids to run around all day without hats and sunscreen.

I think what bothers me most about Suri’s heels is how comfortable she is in them. She walks in them like she’s been wearing them for a long time and it’s just not appropriate to me. Like someone hinted at above, it lends to the sexualisation of children. Suri dresses in clothes and shoes that I would expect to see on a woman 10x her age. But then again, Katie has referred to her daughter as a ‘strong woman’. It’s all so bizarre to me.

halfdozen4me on

Suri looks beautiful…. she is going to be stunning when she enters her teen years and I am having fun watching her unfold into a beautiful little girl…. I could care less about her shoes…. it is obvious she is a loved child and who could want anything less for a child.

Annalee on

So, when Shiloh dresses like a man, it’s a good thing. But when Suri dresses like a woman (albeit prematurely)… it’s wrong???

Daisy1 on

It’s official, Suri has hit the fashion bigtime!


As for the heels, not a fan. For dress up purposes only this young. Heels were a complete no-no til me and my sister reached 12 at least. Doesn’t start a young girl off with a good image I think, I would worry that a child too invested in image or fashion could grow up to have insecurities with looks or being too worried about their image. But I’m not Suri’s parent so my opinion doesn’t matter lol

Electra on

I think they look stupid. Not inappropriate just stupid. I mean as a little girl I had shoes with a little heel on them(mary jane church shoes with a tiny heel), but what makes her shoes look silly is they’re modeled after an adult style shoe, but shes got a childs tiny foot.

Daiy1 on


Tried posting that link with a comment, comp froze and am too tired to re-comment. Suri is a mini-fashionista, lets just accept it.

mimi on

The problem I have with Suri is not the heels per se, it’s that she is obviously ‘ruling the roost.’ I was pretty annoyed with the ‘no-sweater or jacket’ thing in the cool weather. The heels look cute, but she should not wear them constantly. Growing bodies need sensible shoes to accommodate the rapid changes. I also don’t condone letting small children wear sneakers everyday. Suri seems to be a very girlie girl, but I sometimes would like to see her in some play clothes and playing like she’s an actual child. Like Matilda Ledger in the photo below. Childhood is so short. It’s sad to think she might miss it altogether.

RachelleyBelley on

I don’t care about her little heels…girls love to play dress-up! I do wish her parents would pull her hair back in a barrette or something…she’s always cocking her head to peer out at the world. Poor kid’s going to get a neck cramp!

ana on

WOW, this child is 3 years old and there is a poll judging her clothes?! let her play dress up, that’s what little girls do! don’t devote a poll to her! let her be!

CF98 on

Well I don’t see the big deal it doesn’t look like much of a heel anyways besides this is what the second time she’s been seen wearing them. So I don’t get the “she seems to be wearing them everyday”. No she hasn’t.

I’m more bothered by the hair in her face more than anything.

Hea on

I have yet to see a child her age that would not want to try heels. “Grown up shoes”.

I had a pair when I was her age and that was in 1988 people. I LOVED them. For about two weeks and then I got a new pair of sneakers.

Grandma2Three on

I got my first real heals when I was 10. They were for my sixth grade graduation. I also wore my first pair of nylons that day. It was a big deal and I was so excited. I think children need these little rights of passage along the way to adulthood. What about having something to look forward to? Childhood is so short, why rush things!?

CelebBabyLover on

Mimi- Uh, Kate just recently said that Suri likes picks her OWN clothes every day and likes dresses and such. Therefore, odds are that Suri is perfectly happy in what she’s wearing. πŸ™‚

RachelleyBelly- Maybe Suri is one of those kids who refuses to keep barretts, headbands, etc. in her hair (there have been several pictures of Katie toting a headband while with Suri, so this does seem to be the case)!

Temperance Mama- I couldn’t agree more! Suri has been seen in heels what, TWO times so far? That’s hardly wearing them every day! Also, the first time we saw her wearing heels, there were pictures in that same set that clearly showed that she switched to sneakers later in the day. Therefore, Suri obviously isn’t being forced to wear the heels if they hurt her feet.

Lisa on

I think people focus way too much on Suri and her clothes. The only time I think anyone should be concerned is if it’s going to hurt Suri in some way. I’d say that as long as wearing these little heels isn’t going to affect Suri’s feet or back while she’s growing, there isn’t any reason for the rest of us to care.

Anne on

Honestly, the heels look cute, and they are made for three year old. That is why they are that size. I have seen little girls in small heels before and so it is no big deal. Who else do you think they are made for.

I am more worried about the way Shiloh is dressed. A bad back is easier than a gender confused teen.

angela on

I think the amount of clothes she has is ridiculous! Heels should be for dressing up only which all little girls love. Children are not innocent for long so why rush the process and make them grow up before they have to. She is 3 and is being dressed like an adult. I feel they may have problems with her when she is older as she is has had too much too soon!!!

Danielle on

All kinds of wrong, bad for her feet and posture and inappropriate for a 3yr old girl to be dressing like a woman.
I’ve seen photo’s of what long term heel wearing can do to an adult, so now I choose very carefuly what type of shoe I wear, if I wear heels (which I have to say actually isn’t very often) then I have flats for walking there and back and only wear heels at the event. Imagine if you start wearing them as a child.

Elby on

I don’t like high heels on little girls full stop whether it’s Suri Cruise, some other celeb kid or a child at pre-school. My daughters have ‘good’ shoes for parties, weddings, etc but I always take them to have their feet measured probably and buy nice flat shoes. We’ve got plenty of dressing up clothes and they very occasionly put my heels on but they give up pretty quickly cos they’re not comfortable or easy to walk in.
I don’t generally judge how other parents dress their child but I do think heels are wrong because they can cause all sorts of problems, Suri had plenty of time to grow up and wear adult clothes and shoes, let her be a child while she is one.

Kirsty on

If she wants to wear shoes like that then let her. She’s obviously a igrly girl, where’s the harm in that?

lindaloo on

Is is just me or does it make you feel a bit uncomfortable looking at Suri in heels??? It just looks wrong~ like i am looking at a little adult.

There a heels that you see, especially around certain holidays, for little girls~just a tiny little heel~ and then there are these shoes that Suri is wearing with the size heels usually little girls do not begin wearing until their teen years…creepy

lindaloo on

scroll down on the pic so only suris legs and shoes are showing and you will see what i mean

Alexis on

I see nothing wrong with the way she is dressed. I am so sick of everyone judging Suri. Her parents love her and do what is best for her. Let them live their lives. If they put Suri in heels sometimes what is the big deal? Suri is their child and how they raise her is their decision. No parent is perfect and as it may seem sometimes Suri gets her way but all we see is a picture from one moment of their day. We have no clue what goes alll day long. Let them be!

Jaye on

We are not Suri’s parents. And I personally think it is cute. There is no blood shed and bigger issues. I doubt the maker of the shoe only made gold and silver kitten heels for Suri. There are pagent girls rocking weaves, lipstick, tans, false teeth, bikinis,gowns, and heels.

Dee on

I don’t really care for Heels and other “big girl” clothes on little kids.

BUT someone else little girl in heels on occasion I’ll take over those horrible Heely shoes. I want to kick whoever invented those in the shin.

Tiffany on

I’m surprised they make heels for a child that small. But if that’s how Suri’s parents choose to dress her, I have no problems with it as long as she’s able to walk properly in them.

Sandy Beach on

Wait, they put her in designer clothes and high heels but they can’t run a brush through her hair?

Anyway, the only problem I have with the heels is that I would be concerned that they would cause some damage to her feet. I know that when I wear heels for any length of time my feet kill me.

bella mama on

i think the shoes are so adorable..

Sarrah on

I think a 3 year old needs to wear shoes with solid support.
We only see Suri in ballerina flats with no support and now heels. She should occasionally wear shoes with a solid foundation and good support.

kris on

“I think this type of high heels (basically small version of adult high heels)give an unecessary β€œsexy” edge to a child.” – This is what I thought when I saw these shoes. There is a difference between dress up shoes and what Suri is wearing. I saw a picture of her from a different day in a red long sleeved dress with cute patterned tights and red patten leather flats. Very cute on her and very age appropriate. Of course I am one of those people that doesn’t really like mini versions of truly adult clothes for kids. IE sexy clothes for woman that are made for 10 year olds.

“There are pagent girls rocking weaves, lipstick, tans, false teeth, bikinis,gowns, and heels.” – Yup, and I don’t agree with that either. Way to much emphasis on looks. IMO

Sheila on

My girls won’t wear heels (except for dress-up) ’til they are teenagers, full stop. Of course it’s each family’s choice and I’d never judge…that said, I feel like my job as a mom is to let my kids be KIDS for as long as possible- and that includes dressing like kids, not mini adults.

Kristi on

If in fact (which from the few pictures we have seen, I’m not convinced this is a fact) Suri is wearing high heels on a regular basis, I’m hoping that will change once she gets to be school-aged. How sad would it be to have all of her little classmates running around on the playground and for her not to be able to join in because of her shoes. I used to work at a daycare where the kids were not allowed to wear opened-toe shoes. Of course, when the weather started to get warm there was often at least one kid who was wearing some kind of sandal that was just not appropriate for the playground. It was always hard to watch that little one be restricted in playing because of the shoes on their feet. And I worked with kids younger then Suri (1 1/2 to 2) so I’m pretty sure it was the parents not the kid. Sometimes things that are cute are just not appropriate depending on the setting.

Bela on

The shoes she is wearing, are probably made to fit little people. But either way, I don’t care if she wears them or not. It’s up to her parents if they want to indulge her need to dress up. I am sure she will outgrow this phase, and when she is playing on a playground or does eventually go to school, she will wear appropriate shoes for the occasion. In the mean time let her dress as she pleases. It is not permant, it is only a shoe!

Dee on

I’m a mother of four and three in college one in pre school, when i was younger (as in mid to late 20’s) I would not dare let them wear heels, but now that i’m older with a pre schooler girl, well let me just say there are bigger battles to fight other than a child with shoes that have heels. I’m preety sure this is not an everyday occurance and if it is so what. Let the Cruises care for their child as they see fit and YOU take care of yours. We only get a peek in their lives and some of you act as if you know them personally.

Monica on

We all know that heels aren’t good even for grown women so why would someone put their 3 year old in it constantly is beyond me. It’s cute if she’s doing dress up and wearing them for a litle bit at home but a three year old should not be having a regular stock of expensive heels to wear no matter how rich you are. What message are we sending to girls out there? I think it’s a bit creepy to think that it’s ok for your 3yr old to wear heels and dress like a grown woman. They are still developing and should not be paraded around like a doll for the pleasure of the parents.

tara on

I stand by my earlier comment that these shoes are barely heels at all. What a laugh all of this animosity towards little Suri, her heels and her mother.

I have been wearing heels since high school and I am 36 now. I have NO problem with my feet. NONE. That argument is ridiculous and doesn’t apply for all people. Maybe you should buy better quality shoes.

I think it is very said when women have children and lose their style. That is why there are so many jokes about the way “moms” dress. I had no idea there were really that many frumpy, curmudgeonly moms out there.

mimi on

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I can see why some people may not think it’s appropriate for a 3 year old to wear heels. However, it’s kind of annoying how people keep saying that they “constantly” put Suri in heels. We’ve seen her wear heels about 2-3 times. There have been thousands of photos of her in mary-janes, flats, and even sneakers. And yet, some people are making it sound like she wears heels most of the time.
I also don’t get why people say that Suri dresses like a woman. She wears nice clothes, but they’re still childrens’s clothes. For instance, the frilly skirt with hot-air balloons that she’s wearing in the left pic looks very cute and childish to me. Even the red dress& sweater looks like a normal outfit many little girls would wear. I really don’t get where all the criticism of Suri’s clothes come from.

Flmamato3 on

I don’t see the big deal. Most little girl’s dress shoes have a little heal on them. If she were wearing dress up shoes every day she would be wearing a heal. And everyone would be saying Look how cute that is she wants to be like mommy. But because they are buying her shoes to wear for every day wear with a heal on them everyone is making a big deal out of it.

txgal on

I think it needs to be in perspective. Crocs are not the best shoes for children but I haven’t seen this kind of uproar over celeb kids who sport those. I had a pair of dress up heels when I was her age (granted they were this horrible hard plastic that made it impossible to walk in but it didn’t stop me). Girls like to be like their mommies not a big deal. Suri isn’t constantly in them that I’ve seen anyway. I think people need to stop scrutinizing her clothing. It is a bit much. There are worse things going on with children anyway (Balloon Boy anyone??). πŸ˜‰

Mireille on

Don`t really care about the heels….but the hair needs some fixing!

txgal on

PS Kudos to little Suri for being able to walk in them- that took me years to learn πŸ™‚

Patrice on

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this! Little girls play dress up all the time, and as long as Suri (and katie) is comfortable, then who cares???

mom to 3 boys on

if you’ll notice, most people marked , ‘I don’t care’ about her shoes!

Mary on

Really, this is kind of ridiculous. I think if her parents allow her to wear heels, then she should be able to wear heels. They will parent the way they so choose, just as all of you do.

Juli on

Heels at 3, what will be next?
Personally, I don’t think that they dress her appropriately at all. She’s out in cold weather with a dress, not tights or socks and shoes like this? Her coat is hardly ever buttoned in the cold either? and a hat? her mother is bundled in hat, gloves and scarf and Suri is in a dress with no tights and an unbuttoned coat? stupid if you ask me…. but no one asked me so I’ll be quiet now.

AmandaB on

Personally I don’t care for the heels. I won’t buy them for my child, but I certainly don’t think wearing them once in a while would be harmful. I wear heels ALL the time and have no issues with my feet, back, knees or posture because of them.

As far as Suri’s wardrobe – I wish I could afford to buy those clothes for my little girl! As long as she is comfortable I see nothing wrong with letting a girl be a girly girl. I was always (and still am) a girly girl. As a child the only time you could get me to wear sneakers was when I was actually playing a sport, otherwise I hated them…and that hasn’t changed to this day. As far as having “play clothes” to run around in, you don’t have to wear sweatpants to be comfortable! I know a lot of adults that feel most comfortable in them and so they assume that their kids must be most comfortable in them, but that isn’t necessarily true. Everyone is comfortable in whatever they are comfortable in. I was always as comfortable running around the playground in skirts and sandals as the other kids were in sweats and jeans. I understand that this is hard for some people to grasp because it is so foreign to them, but not everyone needs to wear loose, baggy, “grungy” clothes to be comfortable, so stop picking on others for what they choose to wear – whether it’s the child who is always impeccably dressed or the mom that drops off her kid at preschool in a dress and heels everyday or even if they are the family that’s always wearing sweats and sneakers. Everyone is different and you can’t know what anyone is comfortable in but yourself.

Natalie on

even though I was born in the states, my parents are both Central American, and dressed my older sister and I always very nicely and elegantly, like the Cruise’s dress Suri. We both loved it until we got teased in school for dressing like ‘we’re constantly going to a party’. since when did dressing well become a crime, especially for a child? I think its wonderful the Cruises take part in making sure their daughter looks well, instead of some celebrity parents who shall remain nameless, who dress their children like they’re homeless. if you’ve got it flaunt it!

Cece on

Kids love dress up – and that’s where they belong. If it was a picture of a child of parents who weren’t famous, it’d be the same opinion….

Diva on

It’s well documented that heels mess with the feet, hips and back of full grown adults. To put them on children who’s bodies are still developing is completely irresponsible and shows that their parents care more about “fashion” than the long term health and well-being of their child.

Running around in little play shoes at home for even a couple hours is completely different than walking the streets in them.

Worry more about your little girls’ growing and developing bones, joints and ligaments and less about how “cute” they look looking like little “grown ups”.

Lauren on

Here’s what I find most ironic. Suri, at two and three years old, is and has been pictured wearing Burberry coats, custom-made designer flats, and mini peep-toe heels. She has attended American Idol and a Beyonce concert, late-night showings of Jersey Boys, The Little Mermaid, and LA Galaxy games. In essence, she sees and does things most adults don’t.

Yet photos of her from earlier this week show this three and a half year old toddler-a “strong woman,” as described her mother- being carried into her hotel by Tom with a blankie, stuffed animal-and a bottle hanging from her teeth.

Yeah. Anyone still trying to claim Suri doesn’t run the show can give it up for good. Curious as ever to see how this kids turns out as a teenager.

Laura on

I wore the plastic dress up heels as a kid. I would have loved to have some “real” high heels. Her parents can afford it so I don’t see what the issue is. She’s a little girl who obviously loves to dress up. What is the harm in that?

stephanie on

She likes to dress up….and?
She is a beauty.

Emily on

Lauren, with all due respect, I don’t see how from your post we can conclude that Suri runs the show. Would you care to elaborate?

I don’t see (a) what’s wrong with the clothes she wears and (b) with the heels. The heels are tiny, they are quite cute, and provided that Suri doesn’t wear them all day everyday (thereby risking possible strain to her legs/back) I can’t see the problem here.

Her clothes are the type of clothes I always wanted as a little girl. Obviously mine never had the designer price tag, but many of my clothes were like little party dresses and elegant skirts with frills and ruffles and little cardis. My mum took pride in our appearance (not that I’m suggesting anyone who doesn’t dress their kids like Suri don’t take pride in their kids’ appearance) but she liked us to dress as little girls. It was fun, there was no harm in it all. I’d get into heels whenever I could (dress ups or cheap and nasty plastic supermarket heels alike) and there was no real problem with it!

People are entitled to their opinions, but I think that it’s a little blown out of perspective.

computerag on

LOTS of comments here and a very wide range of interesting and enlightening opinions.

Of all 124 comments, the only ones that really weird me out are the ones where people said they “didn’t care” because it “wasn’t their kid.”

CelebBabyLover on

computertag- How does that weird you out? Could you elaborate, please?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I think it’s great that the Holmes-Cruises and the Jolie-Pitts obviously allow their kids to express their individual personalites by dressing the way THEY want to (except obviously, in the case of the J-Ps, for the twins, who are too young yet to have a say in that). Suri is a clearly a very girly girl, as is Zahara, although they have different styles. Personally, I actually prefer Zahara’s. Why? Well, because a lot of the things she wears look a lot like stuff I wore when I was a kid.

Likewise, Shiloh is clearly very much a tomboy (and before anyone starts, it’s fairly obvious that her attire is HER choice, as Angie obviously has no problem letting Zahara dress girly AND Vivienne has pierced ears and was wearing a bracelet the last time we saw her). That hardly means she will be a gender-confused teenager.

If you look back at pictures, she’s actually only been dressing like this since about the beginning of this summer. While she DID sometimes wear clothes that weren’t super-girly before that, they were mostly unisex clothes, rather than obvious boy clothes. Therefore, it seems to me that, just like with Suri and her heels, this is just a phase she’s going through (just as Zahara went through a “pink” phase for a good portion of last year, and seems to be in a “purple” phase now.). πŸ™‚

Shi’s outfits, like Zahara’s, remind me of stuff I wore as a kid. I wore my brother’s hand-me-downs all the time (by choice!), and so I was dressed very similar to Shiloh a lot of the time. And guess what? I am not gender-confused at all!

I also don’t get why people seem to dislike Suri’s fancy clothes and the J-P kids more casual attire. I also don’t get why it’s just those celebs who get criticized for dressing their children that way. Honor Warren is often seen wearing quite fashionable clothes, for example, and the Garner-Affleck girls are often dressed very casually like the J-P kids (in one recent set of photos on Just Jared, Seraphina was even wearing what looked like sweat pants and a sweatshirt). Violet has even been seen wearing mis-matched outfits on occasion. Yet no one criticizes Jessica or Jennifer for dressing their kids that way. Why the double-standard?

Bottomline: Fancier clothes are fine, and so are casual clothes. πŸ™‚

Sorry for the long post!

ThatGuy on

I wouldn’t have any problem with them if she didn’t have her toes out. That’s just too much for me. If she just had some nice Easter Sunday shoes on, it would be fine.

B. on

What really struck me is not the heels per se (lots of maryjanes have small heels), it’s the style. Those are ADULT sexy shoes and everything that puts in the same sentence “sexy” and “kid” is WRONG!
I think she should be more around children her age. I see it with my niece, she’s three, hanging out all the time with her other aunt (18 yrs old fashionista) and she goes around mocking her and saying things like “I’ll go get an haircut, have a perm and I look totally FAB!”.
Children are like mini parrots, they copy what they see around them and she should see more of her peers.

My two cents.

Ashleigh on

At least there’s a separate post for this. Hopefully, next time a pic of Suri is shown, we won’t have to sift through 800 comments about her shoes. Someone needs to save room for when people complain about the rest of her clothing.

Colleen on

why can’t we let children be children for as long as possible? They have their entire grown-up lives to be miserable and work for a living. what’s the rush with the heels? i can understand others seeing it as cute for dress up (my 3 year old loves those plastic disney pricess heels). But the heels on Suri are miniature-mature. there’s a difference…

Anh-Chi on

Normally I don’t post my oppposition to anything on websites, but I’m shocked to see adorable Suri in high heels! It’s absolutely ridiculous to put a toddler in such a shoes and risk damaging her feet and health!!! I love following celebrity moms, but at times I think they do such outrageous things. Even though they can get away with it and get the attention they need, it doesn’t justify their behavior. Hopefully this won’t set an example for other moms and babies, and that people will realize the absurdity in all this!!!

CelebBabyLover on

B- How do you know that Suri doesn’t hang around other kids? Katie has spoken about taking her to art and music classes, where there are probably other kids, and for all we know, she has playdates on a regular basis.

Also, you don’t see a lot of other celeb kids on playdates very much, if at all, yet no one complains that they don’t play with other kids. Why the double-standard.

Bottomline: Celebs DO have a life beyond the lens.

Dee on

Gimme a break, its a pair of shoes w/ heels…..haven’t you all been little girls who had to dress up sometimes and your dressy shoes had heels?

The difference being they probably had a strap? Just like the gold one in the pic.

I do agree that little girls are being targeted these days by the fashion industry to look more grown up than they really are but little girls dont have jobs and the power to go out and shop till they drop, so at some point the parent is responsible.

As for the pictures, its a kid in heels. I’m pretty sure in all the pictures we have seen of this kid she is always in flats, sneakers or barefeet sometimes. Why the big deal now?

And if you all look closely those lil gold shoes look like dancing shoes, how do we know she wasn’t on the way to a rehearsal or something.

Get over it already!!!

Bancie1031 on

I think it’s ridiculous that so many people have such opinionated not to mention criticized thoughts on how CHILDREN dress!!! Whatever happened to “let kids be kids” and let them developed their own personality??

I love Suri’s dresses and heels, when my daughter was younger (and even still now!) she loved to wear heals – I still think it was truly the clicking noise/sound they made when she walked that she actually liked. And I love how Shiloh is just being her own self. I love the fact that Shiloh looks just as good dressed like a pirate as she does in a dress.

Suri likes to look like a princess and Shiloh likes to look like a pirate …. MORE POWER TO THEM AND THEIR PARENTS FOR LETTING THEM MAKE THAT CHOICE!!!!

mermaids614 on

LOL @Banci1031 saying Suri is a princess and Shiloh a pirate!LMAO!

ath on

So, how do y’all know she had been walking around all day in those shoes? You don’t know. If you don’t like it for your child, fine, but Kate and Tom could do whatever they want with THEIR child, To each his own. I have read where most of you agree when Angelina has Shiloh walking around like a tomboy with her hair in need of a comb and brush. A lot of you also agree when Maddox hair was in a mohawk and dyed purple or some crazy color.

Let Katie & Tom raise their child by THEIR standard. You dont know where they went or where they might have been going. It’s not that you are perfect parents, yourself. So stop JUDGING and dissecting these people’s lives. Read the stories and move on. The comments don’t need to be so crazy…IT’S NOT THAT DEEP.

computerag on

CelebBabyLover, I think it rubs me the wrong way because it sounds so detached, apathetic. The least we can do in this world is care about each other. Now, I DO understand we are talking about a child’s shoes here and not starving children in Africa, but when we only care about our own children we’re cutting ourselves off from each other.

At the same time though, I don’t believe in telling other people how to raise their children. Most of the comments here were from people talking about their own experiences and what they choose to do with their own children as opposed to berating Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

But just to say flat out, “I don’t care because it’s not my kid” is unsettling because I feel like that motto bleeds into other areas of life. Again, we are talking about shoes here and I don’t want to read too much into this. It just seems like if your general attitude is that you don’t care unless it’s your child then you’re not of the mindset to look out for others and try to make the world a better place. It all starts with caring.

I hope this makes sense. CBL, you called me out on my own feelings and I actually had to ask myself, Hmmmm, Why DOES that weird me out!? πŸ™‚

Donna on

This makes me ill. Buy her some little girl clothes and some tennis shoes.

Zaida on

I have to agree with an earlier post. The heels don’t bother me that much, she’s a little girl with the world at her fingertips but please..PUT A SWEATER on that kid!!

shirly on

i think suri’s shoes is very cute… but i personally will not let my daughter wears that kind of shoes. I don’t think suri wears those shoes all the time so i don’t think it is a big deal

CelebBabyLover on

Donna- Suri DOES have at least one pair of tennis shoes/sneakers. She was seen wearing them in the same set of pictures in which she was first seen wearing heels. The first several pictures in the set show her in heels, and then the second half show her in adorable pink sneakers. πŸ™‚

Anyway, as for all the comments about her tripping and spraining her ankle…she could do that in any type of shoes. I’m living proof of that. When I was just a few years older than Suri, I sprained my ankle badly (it took me ages, even after it finally heeled, for me to be able to walk normally again). However, I was wearing regular old sneakers! Bottomline: You can twist your ankle no matter what type of shoes you wear. Heck, you can even twist your ankle if you’re barefoot!

Lauren on

“Lauren, with all due respect, I don’t see how from your post we can conclude that Suri runs the show. Would you care to elaborate?”

My general point was that this family seems to have zero sense of boundaries or what is age appropriate for their toddler. One minute she’s being treated like a teen (going to Beyonce, AI, and wearing heels), the next like an adult (premier designer labels, seeing Jersey Boys, a show laced with bad language and inappropriate material), and the next like an infant (being varried with a blankie and a bottle hanging from her mouth)-all at 3 and a half. Most parents-heck, most people with any experience with children-have at least a basic sense of how to treat a child age appropriately regarding what is best for them developmentally. The fact that Suri’s all over the place with heels, late-night shows and dinners, and bottles tells me there’s little to no discipline going on there, because if there were, she’d be treated as her age instead of three ages in one-none of which are actually her own.

And computerag, I got you the first time and agree 100%.

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- Could you (or someone else) please provide a link to the picture of her with a bottle hanging out of her mouth?

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to add that I don’t get why people are so concerned about how Suri will turn out. I mean, her older siblings seem to have turned out wonderfully. Therefore it’s pretty obvious that Tom, at least, knows what he’s doing. πŸ™‚

Bancie1031 on

Lauren – I also would like to see a current picture of Suri with a “bottle hanging out of her mouth”. Because I haven’t seen the bottle in a while.

Lauren on

You asked for it…

http://www.popeater.com/2009/08/06/photos-celebrity-kids-out-and-about/. Open the gallery and go to photo 21.

Bancie1031 on

Lauren – thanks for the link

I’m pretty sure that’s an old picture of Suri ….. if I’m not mistaken it’s about a year old. Look at picture 16 or picture 22 of Suri then back at picture 21, see the difference in her size. Seems like I have seen this picture before but I’m not 100% sure on this ….. I’m going to continue to look around and see if I can find it somewhere else …..

Bancie1031 on

Lauren – I apologize to you …. seems like that photo is recent. I honestly wasn’t trying to be a butt to ya when I asked for the link but I hadn’t honestly seen a recent picture of Suri drinking a bottle until now ….
FOR ALL THE DOUBTERS here is another link for you ……


Sammy on

their not that high… at least their not stillettos. im 11 and im hardly allowed heels that high. =[