Matilda Ledger Monkeys Around

10/27/2009 at 01:30 PM ET
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Michelle Williams keeps a close eye — and a hand! — on daughter Matilda Rose as she plays at the park with pals on Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn, NY.

Matilda, who turns 4 tomorrow, has become aware of the attention photographers pay to the pair, which has increased since the death of dad Heath Ledger, Michelle recently explained to Vogue.

“[I tell her,] ‘It’s because people really loved your daddy that they want to take your picture, to know you’re all right.’”

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Robin on

I love the explanation Michelle gives her why the photographers are always taking her pictures. Mathilda is such the spitting image of Heath! Glad to see she is doing well! Cant believe she is going to be 4!! Time flies.

Something About Baby on

Michelle is a very good mother and her explanation to her daughter about the photographer is well put. Happy Birthday Matilda.

Elizabeth on

At the same time it breaks my heart but it’s obvious that Michelle is a wonderful mom — Matilda I’m sure will grow up happy with Michelle.

FC on

Matilda gets cuter every time I see her. But, seriously, where has time gone to? I can’t believe she’s turning 4 already. 🙂

Nicole on

Such a cutie! Happy Birthday doll!

Jennifer on

I think it’s really nice the way she has explained the presence of the paps to her little girl. She seems like a very good mom.

I love her striped dress! So pretty.

Angie on

I also think that was a great way to explain the photographers. Happy Birthday Matilda!

finais on

She is the mirror image of her father.

Rebecca on

Oh, Matilda is just the cutest little bug! So nice to see Michelle and her out together; Michelle has to be one of the most hands on celebrity moms. Happy birthday to the little tot and congrats on starting school!

Sherri on

GREAT explanation to Matilda!

Miss Heath… Michelle’s doing an awesome job…

Rikki on

Now that explanation almost made me cry… How thoughtful. I really hope that both of them are alright, indeed. Great mother-daughter duo!

Rach on

What a great explanation ! I love the way Michelle dresses Matilda !So very pretty but comfortable and wearable. Def no Suri Cruise.

I was creeping Wikipedia the other day and was so surprised to see that Heath and his sister Cathy were named after the main characters in Wuthering Heights.I wonder what Heath thought of his namesake 🙂

Shannon on

Oh my goodness, she’s already 4?!?!?! I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday there were rumors flying around that Michelle and Heath were dating, and now their little girl is 4? Whoa. She looks so much like her daddy, it’s amazing. It’s like seeing him all over again, which is great! She’s such a little sweetie, and she’s lucky to have such a great mom, especially now that her dad’s gone. Happy birthday, Matilda!

L on

Every picture I see of her makes me tear up a bit, she looks exactly like her daddy!
Happy Birthday Matilda, I hope you have a fab day!!

JMO on

That’s a really sweet explanation. Matilda is so beatiful and she does look so much like her daddy!!

Molly on

What a great explanation Michelle gives Matilda about the photographers!! Happy 4th birthday Matilda. Your beautiful!!!

Nanny-Emma on

Aww that quote broke me heart but its a great explanation!

eva on

She looks bigger than almost-4!Big girl for a petite mommy,how cute.

Micheley on

I love Matilda and Michelle! Just about everytime I see her or read about her or what Michelle has said I just about cry though.

stephanie on

I love Michelle, she seems like a wonderful mother, what a loely way to describe the paps to Maltilda. RIP Heath x

kris on

Ohh, that is the sweetest and saddest thing to tell a child. I think Michelle is an incredible, loving mother, and their daughter will definitly know how much her daddy loved her.

mamabear on

I love that quote.

Michelle chose the wisest and most honest explanation to tell her daughter and while this explanation brings me to tears, it IS the truth…we DID love her dad and we DO want to know that Matilda is ok. Judging from the recent photos of her, precious little Matilda is doing just fine. Michelle is doing a great job!

God bless them both 🙂

andilea on

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much I liked Heath until he was gone and then I was devastated. It must be so wonderful and so painful that Matilda looks so much like Heath. I know that I will watch her for the rest of her life, just to assure myself that she’s ok. I miss Heath, and I know that Matilda has his joie de vive.

fergette on

What a wonderful quote.

christina on

That’s so sweet, and it’s not often (or ever) I want to emulate a celebrity’s parenting…but I would be honored to parent like Michelle!

Shan on

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Matilda because she and my daughter were born 3 days apart and it is interesting to watch them grow. It really seems like the 4 years flew by.

Mina on

Happy Birthday tomorrow Matilda! Bless you & mommy!

Laura on

Michelle seems to be a wonderful mother. What a sweet explanation. Matilda is a beautiful little girl. I’m glad she will have Heath’s family and friends in her life. Michelle and Matilda are a great team! God bless them.

KF on

That’s a really nice way of explaining it to a child, and this is a cute photo of Matilda and Michelle!

I also love her striped dress… does anyone know where it’s from?

pibbby on

she looks so much like heath! reminds me of how much bindi irwin looks like steve. bittersweet, but nice, something theyll really appreciate their whole lives.

Lorus on

Her dress looks like it may be from Hanna Andersson.

I love the way Michelle explained the paps to Mathilda. 4 already? Where does the time go??

Chloe on

What a great way to explain it to such a young child… so much like her daddy bless her.

Dazzle on

she is so cute and totally looks like her daddy:)

Mimi on

Happy Birthday Matilda!

Michelle rocks as a mom; she’s my idol! While it’s terribly sad that Heath is gone, Matilda has a wonderful support in Michelle, who very much keeps Heath in both of thier lives.

Love Matilda’s booties, too!

Gina on

Please let us know where to find that dress on Matilda.

kris on

I always love the way Matilda is dressed. She’ll be taller than her Mom before we know it.

April on

aw that brought a tear to my eye-ok they are flooding now-what a beautiful thing to say to such a special child!

Dee on

Heath lives on in his daughter, there is not denying it.
Michelle has done a great job so far and I really commend her. Her explanation is perfect and the right way to have a child view the media.