Maclaren Grand Tour LX Stroller: Luxury Is an Understatement!

10/27/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Maclaren Grand Tour LX

The Maclaren Grand Tour LX stroller is, well, grand!

Long known as the leader of the umbrella stroller set, Maclaren has upped the ante in the stroller market with the creation of the new Grand Tour LX.

It’s a luxury ride for children from newborn to toddler and it’s sure to impress parents looking for a little something extra in their stroller.

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Putting It Together

The Grand Tour LX ($900) comes ready to use right out of the box. Just unfold and go. If, however, you want to use any one of the included goodies — like the canopy, raincover, mosquito net or Strollometer® — it may take you an extra 30 seconds or so, but other than that, the Grand Tour LX is really easy to get on the road.

The Seat

It has three seating positions (upright to full-recline) and ample room for your little one. It can also be mounted on the chassis facing forward or backward — a feature few strollers have. I also really love the padded, five point system harness — it’s super easy to figure out. The seat fabric is machine washable and comes in a variety of  stylish color-options.

The Ride

The Grand Tour LX has all of the fluidity of a typical high-end stroller. It’s easy (and, I’ll admit, fun!) to push, has an adjustable handle and it navigates sidewalks and store aisles with ease. It has puncture-proof wheels which I initially worried would sacrifice the quality of the ride but I was pleased to discover that the full suspension more than compensated. And I love the easy-to-use foot-operated brake, as well.

The Fold & Storage

This is perhaps the most striking feature of the Grand Tour LX: You can fold it and un-fold it in a flash. When folded, it stands upright for easy storage and quick access when needed. It’s compact but sturdy and will fit easily in the trunk of a car or tucked behind the front door at home. It’s no umbrella stroller size-wise, to be sure, but it’s still easy to pack and store.

The Goodies

Okay, get ready for it. This stroller comes with almost everything you could ever possibly need in a stroller (and some things you may have never dreamed of!). In addition to things like a cup-holder, rain cover, bug cover, baby carrycot, reflective accents and the famous Maclaren lifetime warranty, the Grand Tour LX also has built-in headlights (seriously), with multiple visibility settings (constant, flashing, colored) which mom or dad can control with a remote control (seriously… again).  The remote mounts on the handlebar console which flips open to feature a clock and thermometer.  And if that’s not enough, the Grand Tour LX includes an onboard Strollometer® which measures distance by way of an integrated wireless sensor in the wheels.

I know it sounds almost comical but, truth be told, it’s both useful and fun to have these features. They all conspire to ensure mom or dad is safe, fit, and never late! Unfortunately, Maclaren hasn’t yet figured out a way to ensure that baby helps with the same missions…

Available Accessories

There are plenty of accessories available for the Grand Tour LX, including infant car seat adaptors, a boot which turns the Grand Tour LX into a sleeping bag on wheels, and adorable toy sets for the bumper bar to occupy little riders when you decide to put the Strollometer® to the test!

Maclaren Grand Tour LX in a Nutshell

This stroller is thoroughly impressive. Expensive, yes, but it is a marriage of the ease of a classic umbrella stroller with the style and durability that you would expect in a modern ‘glam’ stroller. It folds and unfolds in a flash, adjusts to the different needs of every parent and child, and is sleek and stylish. It’s an excellent stroller for any age and may just be that one mythical stroller that does it all… and then some!


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Audrey on

I have the Maclaren Grand Tour LX stroller. Best feature is the Strollometer! Absolutely love it. It’s amazing to see how many miles I log in a day.

Brandi on

Can someone tell me how wide this is? I’m looking to get rid of my double and switch to a single but I need something that fits through aisles easily. I really like the look of this but i can’t do it if it’s wide….

Nikki on

Seriously, $900? Who can afford that except the people featured in this blog? I’m a reader of this blog and I know I can’t!

ReyesPhile on

Cool stroller !

Dee on

I just spit coffee on my computer over that price.


I’ll stick with my $60 Capri and get a $5 pedometer from Walmart.

For $900 that stroller would have to be self propelled, soothing to the baby, change diapers, be gold plated and come with an iPhone. 😛

baby carriers backpacks on

Ouch $900 ?? I could do without the remote. Is this made by the F1 Maclaren racing team?

Coop's Mom on

We just got the Grand Tour and our toddler is much more comfortable in it than the XLR we had previous. Spend the money, you will be happier in the long run. We wasted money on the snap n go and then the XLR. We should have just gotten this first. It also holds an infant car seat.

Anonymous on