Keith Urban and Sunday: Music Makers

10/27/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

Pretty in pink!

Keith Urban gives 15-month-old daughter Sunday Rose — who lives up to her middle name in a pink outfit — a lift as they leave her music class on Sunday in Nashville, Tenn.

Accompanied by mom Nicole Kidman (not pictured), the trio grabbed breakfast at a local restaurant before class.

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Shirab on

she really is a mini keith!!!! she looks just like him although now (from the side view) i can see more of nicole in her!!! very cute!!!

MaeB on

Precious picture!! Little Sunday is growing up! I love to see Daddy and daughter together.

Bren on

I love her little outfit. So sweet!

Pamela on

she always looks so sleepy! and i bet she’ll have beautiful skin when she grows up-just like her mama!

Lola Marie on

Wow Pamela…you literally stole my post! 🙂

Louise on

Precious child with a precious daddy. In many pictures it seems like it is windy in Nashville; little girl needs to squint her eyes.

Jennifer on

I LOVE Keith and Sunday pics!

Rach on

Wow, she looks like she will be tall like mommy ! I love the way they dress her.Very sweet and simple !

JMO on

How can anyone tell who she looks like from this pic lol! I see a blurry side of a baby’s face! 😉

Jane on

She is Keith’s mini-me. So cute!

maggie on

Keith and Nics story is one of my favourties! i ve been a fan of Keith for soo long and i am glad to see how happy they both are. Sunday is soo cute. Love the simple lifestyle…breakfast out on a sunday mornin…

Courtney on

Sunday is a sweet sweet girl and I agree she does look a lot like her father

Cynthia on

Oh what a precious little girl! And by the way, her daddy aint so bad looking himself! LOL. I am very happy that Keith has gotten his act together and is now able to have a happy life with Nicole and their daughter. Awesome job! They look so cute together. I love seeing pics of Dad’s and their little girls!!

M on

Aww! How cute are they !!!

Candice on

She’s 15 months old and in a music class????

Daisy on

It isn’t the kind of class where she learns instraments. It is where parents get together & sing songs & dance & do activities. Just to have fun.

mp on

Nothing like seeing a man carrying a diaper bag.

Love it on

I LOVE this picture! Like all the rest of you, I love seeing Dads with their little girls and especially when it’s Keith Urban!

Jeni on

Exactly what Daisy said, the music class is probably just some fun baby/toddler class where the kids get to bang stuff and have fun. Not an actual full fledged music class.

I always love the story he told on GAC, where Keith talks about how when he was playing his guitar, Sunday would reach out and like strum it. Who knows maybe she’ll follow in her daddy’s footsteps?

Anyways… I love seeing this family out and about, we don’t see Sunday much (which I can respect and understand) but I always love it when we do get a little update on them. I really wish they’d do an official photo shoot, it’d be nice to get some quality pictures of her and them that aren’t paparazzi photographs. I do love seeing photos of Keith holding her. He seems to be in a much better place in his life now that he’s got a family. It’s nice to see.

Ann Johnson on

Definitely a cute picture. Love to see a man involved with his child. Am so happy that the Keith Urban who once said that the safe or straight(meaning sober) life was boring has matured to know what is truly important. My best wishes are with this little family, that they will always know what makes life really valuable and sweet.

gml on

How sweet, Daddy and Sunday Rose. Great picture, Keith is The Best, He is A Great Intertainer too. God Bless Keith, Nicole and Sunday, I Love You.

miaow on

On a tangent how EMBARRASSING to go to a baby music class and be singing Baa Baa Black sheep or Row Your Boat next to Keith Urban! I have a TERRIBLE voice, I’d die! And I’d be looking at my poor baby thinking wow kid, you missed the boat, listen to what Sunday gets sung every night and all you get is a mother that screeches like a barn owl!

janet on

Sunday Rose looks like she is going to be tall and have pretty skin like mom and a lot of her daddy’s facial features. Keith is just adorable. Oh! and so is that baby!

janet on

It would be cool to see a nice family picture of Keith and Nicole with Sunday smiling. She is always such a busy little girl watching what is going on, we never get to see a full front face photo of her smiling. Maybe Keith and Nicole will read this and make it happen for all us fans! LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing this family! Nice to see famous people who are happy and setting a good example.