Exclusive: Niki Taylor Says Twins 'Are Great' With Ciel

10/26/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

The age difference between her 14-year-old identical twin sons Jake and Hunter and 7-month-old daughter Ciel might be sizable, but Niki Taylor tells the Celebrity Baby Blog it hasn’t stopped the siblings from bonding. “The boys are great with their baby sister,” she raves.

What’s more, between Niki’s husband Burney Lamar and the twins, baby girl will always have plenty of protectors. Niki quips,

“Ciel’s got three dads. She’s covered. She’s not going to be able to get away with anything!”

There has been “a big difference” for the 34-year-old model between Ciel’s birth and when she welcomed the twins. Citing her own age, Niki notes that she “grew up” with Jake and Hunter. “I just went through a lot of life lessons as a mom in raising them, and [now] I can enjoy it [more] because I don’t have to be back to work, or be on a set somewhere,” she explains.

Ciel is already “such a character” and hitting all her milestones. While not a fan of tummy time, she is rolling over, sitting up, and recently sprouted her first tooth! “Her dad and I both have really big teeth, so we feel bad,” Niki jokes. “She’s going to have a mouthful of really, really big teeth.” Of motherhood, Niki adds,

“It’s always an adventure and always something really fun going on.”

Courtesy Niki Taylor for use on CBB

Click below to read about Niki’s thoughts about unmedicated births and to see another photo.

In New York City for the kickoff of National Teen Driver Safety Week, Niki — who nearly died in a 2001 auto wreck — said she left baby girl in good hands. “I am not freaked out about this trip because my husband is a hands-on dad, such a great daddy, so I’m fine,” she insists.

Still, Niki admits that she is keeping tabs on Ciel from afar. “Teething and poops…that’s all you talk about is poops and feeding time and what their schedule is and ‘Did she get a nap?'” Niki points out,

“It’s my first time being away from her. I have to make sure everything is [okay].”

It is Burney who also earns the credit for naming their daughter, having selected the moniker from a book of 10,000 baby names. “I said ‘There you go, that’s your job,'” Niki recalls. “[Ciel] is French for sky, and our last name is also French, so Ciel Lamar had a really beautiful ring to it.”

High on the drama quotient, Niki agrees that her daughter’s name has a movie star quality to it — or, perhaps more likely, that of a singer. The proud mom reports,

“She has a fantastic voice. Even when she cries, it’s beautiful.”

Having delivered each of her children vaginally, Niki says that Ciel’s birth was “quite easy” even though — unlike with the twins — she was not permitted an epidural due to the placement of steel rods implanted in her back after her car accident. The experience was eye-opening, to say the least!

“I recommend every woman — if you’re healthy, and you can do it without the epidural — to do it,” Niki says, noting that she was “home by 2 o’clock the next day.”

And on to the business at hand: Losing the “80 to 90 pounds” she gained during the pregnancy. “I fluctuate, I always go up and down,” Niki says. “I love to eat, but I also love to work out.”

To that end, she was able to reclaim her pre-baby body with a combination of jogging, walking, and a weekly hot yoga class; the benefits for the mom-of-three transcend the physical, however.

“You have to keep eating good — of course 80% or maybe 90% of it is what you put in your mouth — but just overall you’re going to sleep better, your skin looks better, you feel better and you have a positive attitude if you exercise.”

Jake and Hunter are Niki’s children with ex-husband Matt Martinez.

Courtesy Niki Taylor for use on CBB

— Missy with reporting by Caryn Midler

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urbanadventurertales on

Awww! Her kids are all so cute!
But I had to laugh b/c her husband looks about the same age as her sons in that picture!!

skipsie on

In the top picture, which one is her husband?

Maya on

Those boys look like her and her husband’s brothers! No way would I have guessed she’s their mother…

Liliana on

Skipsie, the one holding the baby.

I, too, had to double take in order to distinguish her sons from her husband. Burney looks so young!

Beautiful family!

Tami on

Such a beautiful family. My first 2 children were both born natural. The third child I have an epideral because I was sick & it made it easier. I’m glad to have been able to experience both.

shalay on

Her sons are such handsome young men! I can’t believe how big they are now, especially since Nikki and her husband both look so young still. And their baby is adorable.

Also, it may just be me or the photo, but Ciel’s head looks oddly shaped. Is that common in babies at this age?

shirab on

OMG….the second picture is one of the cutest ive seen!!! you can tell the boys are protective big brothers!! the family picture is great too!!

Cassandra on

Wow, Jake and Hunter look a lot like their mom! Little Ciel is so adorable too. 😀

Brandi on

Shalay my son’s head is pretty misshappen too but once his hair grew in around 2 you couldn’t tell. Or it could be plagiocephaly, my niece had that. It’s when the head bones form assymetrically due to positioning when they sleep. She had to wear a helmet for a few months. Or Ciel could be perfectly fine! Who knows.

Anyway I LOVE the photos, the boys are getting so handsome. Glad Niki was able to have the natural birth, I had been wondering about that since that interview earlier this year when she was still pregnant where she was talking about it. And glad we had Ciel’s name explained also! Beautiful family.

giftbox on

Wow, but her sons are gorgeous. And I love the first pic, with the boy’s hand on his step-father’s shoulder.

Stephany on

That last photo of the boys and their sister is so sweet! I love it!

Chris on

Niki has a beautiful family and I wish her all the best!

shalay on

Thanks for the info, Brandi!

Amy on

How old is her husband? On first glance I wasn’t sure which one he was.

Megan on

I have no idea who Niki Taylor is, but what a beautiful family.

I’m surprised the boys are dressed the same. I’m good friends with two sets of identical twins, and they almost never dress the same because they want to be seen as individuals, not just as twins.

Burney looks so young, I wonder how old he is?

Rebecca on

My goodness, what a beautiful and handsome family we have here! Those young boys of hers are so handsome! This has to be the best looking family of celebs I have seen in a very long time! I can see that everyone gets along wonderfully! Those boys must love their little sister alot! All I can say again is beautiful, beautiful and beautiful! All the best to all of you!

Ashley on

I also thought Ciel’s head looks oddly shaped. I think that about a number of bald baby girl’s though lol they are all precious anyway =)

Ang on

Seriously, how old is her hubby? Not that it matters at all, but he just looks so much younger than her!

Rachael on

Those are beautiful pictures! What a great looking family, they all look so happy! Burney is only 29, so he’s not a lot older than the boys are.

Glad to see her life turned out so well, she’s had so much heartbreak and tragedy!

Ellebelle on

The hubby is 29- he is young! But, so is Niki!

gargoylegurl on

I love Niki. I’ve always felt so bad for her, she’s been through so much! It’s great to see her so happy and settled.

Her boys are so handsome! Her hubby looks about the same age! Go Niki – rockin’ it with the younger man! lol 😉

Sam and Freya's mum on

What a cutie she is! – and her 3 boys, lol…Pretty name her daughter has too. Nice she has found happiness after her car accident and divorce, and was able to go on to have a healthy, lovely little girl after her big gap.

Paige on

What a beautiful family.

I love the second pic of the boys with their little sister.

Can already tell Ciel has Burney, Hunter, and Jake wrapped around her finger. 🙂

I miss Burney on the racetrack.

Lissette on

Beautiful baby! A supermodel in the making!! And look at her boys! I remember when they were babies.

Names4Real on

Ciel is so cute and I looove her name. So pretty.

Cece on

Adorable baby, and cute sons. I read other comments that also said her husband looks young – almost like he could be another son! He must be in his early 20’s or just very young looking. It’s neat that Nikki can experience motherhood again in her 30’s. I really felt for all she went through with her car accident, and how brave she was.

Gigohead on

The baby is beautiful and her sons are so grown up and handsome. She’s had it tough with the passing of her sister and the car accident. I’m so glad things are doing well for her.

JMO on

I agree her husband could be her son! Actually Nikki looks like the sister and not the mother lol.

Good looking family!!

Sanja on

Burney was born on August 21st, 1980, so he’s 29. Niki is 5 years older.

eternalcanadian on

Niki was 20 when she had the twin boys. She is still prett young, Her hubby is 5 years younger than her so that’s nothing age-wise. However, he is just 15 years older than his stepsons so I guess that is why he looks young next to them.

That is an adorable family picture of all five of them! 😀

Simone on

Lol,iam glad that iam not the only one that thought all 3 guys are her sons!

Cute family indeed!

I had my first with an epidural and the next two without,it was a lot better (left the hospital 12hrs after i gave birth to my youngest and hired a midwife for daily checkups…wonderful :-))

Rachel-Jane on

I have to assume the commenters saying they didn’t know who was her husband were joking, I mean, it’s obvious the boys are identical twins… It’s also obvious they’re her sons! They look so much like her.

The second photo is adorable! I love Ciel’s wee pink tutu.

lilly on

wow first when i looked at the pic, thought her husband was her son, he looks really young, but very handsome. Very handsome sons as well, and the baby is so pretty. I bet shes gonna be a gorgeous girl growing up. Congrats

MissMissy on

As a girl who had a brother 11 years older than her, I can say that much-older older brothers are the *best*! 🙂

Christine on

I also thought of plagiocephaly when I first saw the pics.
She’s is one pretty baby!!
I especially love seeing one of the boys with his arms around Burney.
What a lovely family!!!

Jackie on

husband is good looking

finais on

Wow, her husband looks really young! I thought he was one of her sons, haha. Not that Niki looks old by any means, he just looks like a teenager. It’s wonderful that she had such a good delivery. I also had an unmedicated delivery, but my recovery was not as easy.

Nan on

Megan, I highly doubt these 14 year old boys run around dressing in matchng outfits at this point. I’m guessing it was for the photo.

CTBmom on

LOL, at first glance I too thought Burney was one of her boys (not that she looks old by any means) but then I remembered that the boys are identical and then I realized that must be her husband (that’s when I noticed the other twin at the other end). Anyway, Ciel is gorgeous….and the boys are growing into handsome youmg ment.

mom to 3 boys on

wowza!! that is a gorgeous family!

Erika on

She’s adorable!!! Ciel is a pretty name 🙂

Is one twin taller than the other? It looks like it in the first picture, but I thought identical twins were usually close to the same height?

I♥CBB on

What an adorable family!!! It is to hard to tell her sons from her husband. However, her sons are an identical replica of Niki so that makes it a little easier!! Lol! What a wonderful family photo! 🙂

Jessica on

How do you say Ciel??? “Seal” “C L”

Jennifer on

She’s so cute! I think she has Nikki’s eyes. The boys must look a lot like their Dad but they all have her eyes.

JMO on

Jessica it’s like C-L

SAR on

Niki was only 20 when the twins were born, and Burney is very young-looking — indeed, the twins look like they could be Ciel’s uncles rather than her half-brothers.

cassie on

so cute beautiful family

Sadie on

Wow, I can’t imagine having twins at 20. It looks like Niki has done an amazing job.
I used to love Niki and her sister Krissy. Still so sad that Krissy died so young and tragically and never got to see her gorgeous niece.

g!na on

aaw1 cute photo! i have to laugh because Burney looks like he is the twins buddy instead of stepfather! twins & ciel are so cute!

Mandy on

She is still so incredibly beautiful. Her family is gorgeous too! I have to agree, her husband does look young in this picture. Her sons are growing up so fast and are a pair of good looking boys. Her daughter is beautiful. It is nice to see her so happy.

Amillia Henderson on

Wow – That baby girl has some cute daddies! I’m so happy for Niki and her husband. And, yes, I too had to ask myself which one is the husband? Niki was a young mom with the twins and now she has a young husband.

Rye on

Gosh, those boys look like darker, male versions of Nikki!!! It’s crazy how much they look like her!! I gotta admit, I also thought the same thing about the babies head being a bit large…but, she is too cute regardless!!! She looks like her daddy!

Bancie1031 on

Aww Cute family …..

Tina. on

the pic at the end with jake, hunter and ceil is so cute! they all are but awee:)

Patti B. on

I don’t think her boys are identical twins? Their hair is not the same color…I have identical twin girls. The doctor told me what makes them identical is their DNA…same sex, same hair color, eye color, etc. Does one of the boys’ hair look darker than the other?
Regardless they are a gorgeous family.

Patti B. on

Ooops I missed the line where it says “identical twin sons”. If she’s said it, it must be true! Maybe just the lighting makes their hair look different 🙂

Lisa on

Very cute family! Patti, perhaps the sun, or a little hair dye makes for different hair colors…

christina on

What a gorgeous family! I am so very happy for Niki and Burney!

Shannon on

What a beautiful family! Her sons are growing into such handsome young men, and her daughter is an absolutely gorgeous baby! I am so glad for her that she’s found such joy and happiness after all the pain and suffering that came with her accident and the loss of her own sister. I’m sure she has many, many happy years ahead!

Angela on

I wonder where her rods are placed. I have long rods on either side of my spine due to severe childhood scoliosis. The anesthesiologists initially wanted nothing to do with me during my first pregnancy, but one agreed to meet with me while I was in labor and was able to successfully place an epidural in the same amount of time as someone with no rods. And I had a spinal for my second delivery.

kira on


what degree was your scolosis? My 8 year old son has it and they are recommending surgery before he hits puberty. Did you wear a brace and how old were you when you had your surgery? Thanks for listening…..

and btw….cute family!

FC on

Ha, I also thought that Burney could’ve passed for the boys’ other brother in that first shot. Can’t deny those are Niki’s boys, they look so much like her. Nose, lips, eyes.
All of the men in Niki’s life are quite handsome, though. And little Ciel is so cute. I love that last shot of her with her two big brothers. 🙂

And the Niki’s boys do seem to be taller and have differing hair colors (one dark brown, one a lighter brown), and that can happen with twins. I have a set in my family and one is a little taller than the other and has a slightly more muscular, solid build. May be cut from the same cloth, but they can still have some subtle differences.

Elizabeth on

What a lovely family. I remember when Niki had her twins–hard to believe they’re this grown up.

Angie on

What a great looking family!

JoAnn on

She has a beautiful family…so sweet. Glad to see her advocating safe driving.

Angela on

Hi Kira,

I had a 90-degree curve on top and a 60-degree curve on bottom, so my spine literally looked like a misshapen S on X-ray. Diagnosed at age 6, wore a brace for two years until I hit puberty and the curve really went nuts (the brace did nothing – I should have made a lampshade out of it), and had the surgery at age 14. If your doctors are recommending surgery before he hits puberty, I’d be all for it. I had my surgery 20 years ago and there are other more homeopathic options out there now like acupuncture. Email me if you want to chat more about it: amwest1975@yahoo.com

Terri on

Not much older than her sons? Fifteen years is a good bit older than her sons! lol

Beautiful family.

Jane on

cute family! The twins look so much like their Mom.

brooke on

cute girl!!!! and they look like such good big brothers!!!


mp on

I think it’s terrific that Ciel has two older brothers looking after her. I always wanted one. Niki has done an amazing job with Jake & Hunter. So glad for all her happiness after almost losing her life.

Angelika on

Aw – that is an a good lookin’ family right there. All three of her children are gorgeous – but man, those twins are some good lookin’ boys!

Lily on

This is a really good story. That little girl is stunning.

mochababe73 on

I love those pictures. They look like a happy family. I remember that right after her sister died and the accident she did an interview. Her boys were so little at the time. They have really grown up.
LOL! Until I looked at the picture of the children by themselves, I didn’t realize that the man with the dark hair was her husband. Man, he is aging well.

Patrice on

Wow! That little girl looks JUST like her father!!! I don’t see any of Nikki in there at all… Love the tutu : )

Patrice on

Mochababe73: Burney is quite a few years youger than Niki, so that could explain it (he’s still just in his mid-late 20’s).

jess on

Would it be such a big deal if Burney was 34 and Nikki was 29? I don’t think so. It’s 5 years people, let it go.

Grace on

That’s hilarious. Anyone else saying “she’ll have three dads!” talking about her sons I’d be a little shady about — but the picture makes it pretty clear, once that kid hits 13, she’s going to have two 27 year olds, a 42 year old, and a 47 year old mom. So — yep, pretty dead-on.

Benigna Marko on

Nice looking family portrait. The boys are handsome and Niki is beautiful. The photo of the boys with the baby is so precious.
Benigna Torviso-Marko

charlotteisabella on

It is official. I want to marry one of her sons, don’t care which. They are so good looking!!!!
Oh, and the family is absolutely gorgeous haha.

Eliza on

Ciel is GORGEOUS! Is it pronounced see-elle? Niki looks great and her hubby looks very young! It’s pretty obvious which one is him though, but that’s really funny!

Sobi on

Niki was pretty much put back together with steel plates and screws, she was so badly injurred, and it’s a blessing she is ALIVE! That may or may not have anything to do with Ciel’s headshape…it could be that Ciel prefers sleeping on one side. Either way, I find some of these comments rather off-putting when people mainly focus on finding imperfections and not celebrating a beautiful, healthy miracle baby and a lovely family. Not only did Niki survive a car accident that nearly claimed her life, she lost her beautiful seventeen-year-old sister, Krissy, who modeled with her. Krissy was found dead, leaving the family reeling and in shock. She died from a rare cardiac disease called arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD.) A simple EKG would have found this condition…the family had no idea she had it until autopsy for she had never had an EKG before, and she showed no signs of it, being asymptomatic until that awful night. Celebrate the life and blessings of this family for pity’s sake and quit focusing on what you perceive as an *gasp* imperfection!

Sobi on

My husband is 12 years younger than me…that should provoke a few comments, opinions and analyses!

Elizabeth II on

Sometimes its not your decision whether you are going to have “freezing” or not during childbirth. When my second daughter was born I intended to have an epidural, but after three unsuccessful attempts to get the needle in Angelina just got fed up with waiting and literally “popped” out (She’s still a very strong willed little girl, just like the actress I named her after). Believe me, once you’ve had a baby without painkillers you can handle anything!