Jenna Elfman Stands Out in Stripes

10/23/2009 at 04:30 PM ET

Vavoom! Mom-to-be Jenna Elfman goes bold in red and black stripes at the Rodeo Driver Walk of Style Awards Ceremony, held Thursday evening in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Expecting her second child in March, the Accidentally on Purpose star, 38, is feeling great now that the morning sickness has passed.

“I just had no nausea with the first and I’ve had nausea with this one, but it’s gone now which is nice,” she told CBB earlier this week. “I have a little more energy. The nausea is gone and I feel like a human being again.”

Jenna wears Alexander McQueen’s Asymmetric-stripe Sweater Dress ($1655).

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HeatherR on

Vavavoom! What a hot mama 🙂

ShiraB on

WOW!!! when it’s my time to be pregnant, if i can look half as good as that, I’d be thrilled!!!

Ally on

aww, i really love her dress. she is just absolutely gorgeous pregnant 🙂

megan on

Is that a skirt ? Wow, that’s high up 0_0

Emily on

Normally I don’t comment about fashion, or CARE about it for that matter, but her outfit is ADORABLE. I love it.

Brooklyn on

She always looks great!

I♥CBB on

Jenna looks AMAZING!!! I ♥ that dress!!! YOWZA!!! 🙂

Liliana on

She looks gorgeous!


bet its going to be a girl. they say girls cause nausea! happened with myself 🙂

janine on

wow she looks amazin.

Rye on

She looks fab! Her bump is soooooooo low! I wonder if her comments about this pregnancy feeling different then the first mean anything regarding the babies gender? I read somewhere that women are usually more ill with girl babies because they add in a bonus batch of estrogen hormone which in turn causes nausea. Not sure if that is true or not. I think it goes both ways. My friend had morning sickness with all of her boys but not with her daughter. Another had it with her daughter and her son both equally…so who knows!

Stephanie on

She looks great!!!

And AHHHH –I had nausea and had a did several of my friends! The midwives tales are not true..they are “tales” exactly! Every woman is different!

Cécile on

She looks gorgeous.It’s nice to see people avoiding judgemental comments about the length of her dress.Too bad there wasn’t so much kindness for Jennifer Hudson and her outfits at the time.

Christine on

I immediately recognized that dress the minute I saw it! If I am not mistaken it’s an Alexander McQueen dress, which I absolutely love but do not have the luxury to buy it unfortunately. Cheryl Cole also wore this in her music video quite differently (Lady Gaga style) If anyone is interested you can buy it here for £825:

Jenna looks great in it =)

Allie-Rose on

Wow! She looks fantastic!

Tracie on

I’ll bet she’s expecting a girl! I had nausea for 12 weeks with each of my daughters. I was so glad when it passed!!

Sam and Freya's mum on

I had more nausea with daughter than son, who knows. Time will tell…!

Hilda on

She’s looking fabulous. The outfit is bordering on yikes on the length, but, overall, too damn cute!!!!!

Lolabean on

Had the worst nausea with my third son. Carried him differently too and everyone, including me, thought he would be a girl. Flipped him over when he was born to check and he was all boy. I just think every pregnancy is different, no matter the gender.

Jenna looks really stylish. It must be nice to be so tall that even carrying more weight, she still looks lean.

I♥CBB on

Cecile-Also Jenna and Jennifer have completely different body types. Jennifer’s more curvy. You have to wear things that fit your body type and that outfit did not work with her at all!!

finais on

All the wives tales in the world pointed to my child being a boy. Definitely have a baby girl 😉

That is a very short dress! She looks really cute, and I can’t BELIEVE she’s 38! I would never have the nerve to pull off that outfit.

Anne on

38 isn’t that old if you are young looking, exercise and watch your weight. If it’s a girl I sure hope it looks like her.

Cécile on

I♥CBB,Jennifer Hudson was criticized, and I put it mildly,for every outfit above the knee.I didn’t single out one particularly so I’m curious about how you could read my mind and tell that “THIS outfit did not work for her”.Because the one she wore at MJ’s tribute fitted her body type(something flowy,no stripes or spots) and comments (a large part of them)were mean and just criticized the length regardless of the body type.I just felt double standard and I’m sorry if I’m wrong.
And once again I echo the begining of this article:Vavoom,Jenna.

Lauren on

If saying a certain woman is wearing outfits that do nothing to flatter her figure and are best suited to women with a different, leaner body type were a double standard, you’d be right. That is not the case. Fashion 101: what works on some people does not work on everyone. And on Jenna, this outfit more than works. She looks fantastic.