Diane Farr and Kids Monkey Around

10/23/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
VT/ Splash News Online

Whee! Californication costars Diane Farr and Eva Amurri give Diane’s son Beckett Mancuso, 2 ½, a leg up during a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo last Friday.

Joining the group were Beckett’s 13 ½-month-old identical twin sisters, Sawyer Lucia and Coco Trinity — this is the first time we’ve seen the girls!

Beckett, Sawyer and Coco are Diane’s children with husband Seung Chung, while Eva is a celebrity baby herself — mom is Susan Sarandon.

Beckett is wearing Morfs Brand Cheeky Monkey Short Sleeve Tee ($34). Read our review of the line here!

Morfs Brand

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emma on

i always think babies this big look strange in a carrier at this age.

Lynn on

I loved her on Numb3rs! I love Diane, and all three kids are cute.

daniela on

Awwww, they are chunky cuteness!!! 🙂

Jade on

Her kids are gorgeous! I miss her on Numb3rs, hope she comes back at least for a few eppis 🙂

Lily on

Cute kids!
I’m surprised if they are carrying the babies comfortably in the baby bjorns, usually after 15 pounds, it’s really uncomfortable.

Benigna Marko on

They look like they are having so much fun. I hope the zoo was just as fun.
Benigna Marko

Cassandra on

Aw! I love that Eva helped out her friend with the twins. They’re all so adorable. 😀

Jessica on

Omg they are so adorable! Look at Beckett’s cheek to cheek grin!

FC on

They’re so cute! And I love how the twin Diane’s carrying is staring at her brother, like, “One day that will be me swinging in the air!” 😀

Rebecca on

I think that’s so fantastic that Eva is helping out, how fun!

denise on

why do celebrities insist on using baby björns that are neither good for the babies’ backs nor for the person’s whos carrying? better get an ergo baby or manduca!

Sarah on

Denise i use a baby bjorn carrier for my infant are you saying im a bad parent who says its bad for the parents back and the babes back you???

Jen on

Well Denise, my daughter HATED the ergo, and we tried it in every position, but still enjoys the bjorn, although she’s rarely in it these days. As a newborn, the bjorn was a lifesaver, and I’m sorry I wasted money on slings because she hated those too.

We have the active carrier with the lumbar support, and we find it quite comfortable. Also, there have been no real studies showing that bjorn or similar carriers are bad for babies.

Liliana on

Denise, it’s a personal preference. She can choose whatever carrier she wants.

When my youngest was first born, the only type of carrier/sling I used was the Moby Wrap. As he got older, he only liked the Ergo carrier. My oldest, on the other hand, disliked every carrier except for the Bjorn.

deedee on

Man, she deserves an award for having 3 kids in less than 2 years and still being sane! Amazing.

finais on

Jen, I had the same experience with my daughter. I wanted to switch her to the Ergo when she got to be about ten lbs, but she HATED it! Always hated slings, too. I never put her in the Bjorn facing out, always facing in. This seemed to be more comfortable for both of us. But, I did need to stop using it when she hit ten pounds. We used the Baby Bjorn Air, because it was summer and she’s a sweaty girl. It just doesn’t have the support to go much past 10 lbs. My back was killing me. Now that she crawls, she doesn’t ever want to be in a carrier. So, it all worked out (except for the money I wasted on an unused Ergo and several slings.)

Jen on

Finais, my daughter will still go in the bjorn, and my husband carries her in it. She’s almost a year and just over 18 pounds, but she’s been walking the last month and a half, so it gets very little use these days. We do a lot of hiking and have an actual hiking pack for her.

I was comfortable with her in the bjorn until about 2 pounds ago, and that’s when I tried to ergo, because she was just too heavy for me. We borrowed a friend’s for a few weeks, so I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about wasting money on it.

Julie on

Beckett is wearing the short sleeve cheeky monkey t-shirt by Morfs Brand (www.morfsbrand.com) and looks adorable!