Cash Warren Shows Off His Costumed Cutie

10/23/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Courtesy Cash Warren

“What do you all think of my little stink’s costume?” Cash Warren wants to know — he posted this photo of 16-month-old daughter Honor Marie dressed as a milkmaid on his Twitter page last evening.

We give it two thumbs up! What about you?

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Sharon on

that is toooo cute for words!! starting to resemble jessica more now

Patrice on

Oh my gosh! What a perfect little cutie : ) I love it!

erin h on

She is so cute and the costume is too! She does look more like Jessica now, so adorable!

Kaylee on

ROFL! Honor looks too cute, like a little swiss miss!

Lis on

Oh. My. Gosh. That is the cutest costume. Ever. Honor is so freaking adorable!

meghan on


k on

Honor is SO adorable!

Ella on

she looks like a lil doll! cute beyond words!

Blackrose on

oh my Jesus!!! she is sooooo cute!!

Patricia on

Honor is the cutest!!!

This costume is sooo adorable 🙂

finais on

oh how cute is that!!

kendrajoi on

LOL!!!! I love it!

Nikki on

She is so cute!

FC on

She’s flippin’ adorable in that little milkmaid costume! Love the pigtails, too. 😀

Linell on

She is SO cute!!!

Annie on

Never been a fan of this family but this is outrageously adorable!!! I want one! 🙂

p on

how can someone be a fan of a family? lol

she is too cute

Shannon on

Oh my goodness!!! How frickin adorable is that? I am LOVING the pigtails!

Mrs. R. on

VERY cute costume! They are lucky she was willing


so cuteeeee , she just look like daddy Cash

Brooklyn on

Oh my gosh, that is sooooo adorable!!!

L on

LMAO this is beyond cuteness!!!

Molly on

That’s the cutest custume I have ever seen!! Honor is super adorable!!

leonor on

she is the cutest!! It looks like we FINALLY all agree on something 🙂

Rosa on

All i can say is, ‘HOW ADORABLE’!

JMO on

OMG I love it. Honor is adorable!!!

Rosa on

She looks so adorable! I love her costume!

crimpe on

Fantastic costume. Gorgeous child. I see neither parent in her, but I have a kid like that as well.

Laura on

OMG, I love it!!! Soooo cute

Ashlee on

oh how incredibly sweet is this picture?! I love it!

Bancie1031 on

I Love IT!!! This is the cutest photo of Honor so far! I love this costume.

jessie on

she looks cute

Diva on

Great costume! The braids are PERFECT! Cutest I’ve seen this little one!

Erika on

This is so cute!! There is no way I would have kept the pigtails on when I was her age, so I’m surprised they look so in place lol.

dee on


Lola on

OMG. That is pretty much the most adorable celebrity baby picture I have ever seen. I just love the little hat and the little apron. It’s not a bad costume idea, either. Most people, celebrities and non-celebrities, just dress their babies in “average” costumes, like Disney characters or something. (I’m assuming this will be Honor’s Halloween costume.) Bonus points to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren to giving Honor such a creative little costume! Hey, by next year or the year after she’ll have her own opinion about what her costume is, so why not dress her up as a milkmaid while they can? Love it.

janie on

absolutely adorable!

C.G. on

OMG that has got to be the most adorable costume I have ever seen! She looks too cute in it!! 🙂

lexi on

Omg! She looks too cute!

Shannon on

Honor is just too cute for words! I love the costume, especially the pigtails!

Julie on

Honor is adorable! At first I thought her name was odd, but it really seems to suit her now. I love the clothes Cash and Jessica pick out, they have good taste!

Vanessa on

Thats adorable!!

Catca on

This costume is not only 100% adorable (and Honor herself is 100% adorable), but actually reminds me of special memories of my own as a child. My family is from the Zillertal Valley in Austria and Honor is actually wearing a “dierndl” which is the traditional clothing for women in the Tyrolean region (they dress modern now but do wear dierndls on special occasions). I used to wear one as a little girl when visiting family there.

maggie on

that is so funny and soooooo cute. i see alot of jess in her

Stephany on

So. Flipping. Cute.

Katie on

Honor is so cute!!! I really look forward to seeing what all the other celebrities put there kids in. SO cute i think she does look alot like Jessica.

Jessica on

This is so cute, I love creative costumes. My two are dressing as Raggedy Ann and Andy, can’t wait for Halloween!

Joy on

I think she looks absolutely adorable. It’s soo hard to believe she is as old as she is. It seems like she was born yesterday!!

Amanda on

Hehehehehehe… she is so cute in her little costume!!! Love it.

Brandi on

Adorable! Just like daddy, hehe. 😀

Mary-Helen on

omg! So cute and such an original idea! Loves it!