Larry and Dannielynn Birkhead's Dinner Date

10/22/2009 at 02:30 PM ET

After dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Larry Birkhead and daughter Dannielynn Hope, 3, head back to the car on Monday evening in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Mom is the late Anna Nicole Smith. Larry recently told OK!,

“Right now she’s at the age where she’s noticing that other children [on] television and in books have moms. She said to me the other day quite seriously, ‘Where’s my mom?’ It was sad but I explained to her, ‘Your mommy is in the clouds and you’ll see her again one day.'”

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marlee on

Wow! If the question of her paternity hadn’t been settled, I think this picture would have done the trick!

lolita on

wow! that soooo sad! I lost my mom too, two weeks before my 15th birthday….. 😦
but its so nice to see that Larry is deal with it so good!!!

amy on

i can’t imagine having to explain to a 3 year old that her mommy had passed away. he kept it simple and age appropriate.

i don’t care what other people think, i think that he is a good father. i know that some people have issues with the fact that he has done interviews and put his daughter in some magazines. while i get their point that you should want the limelight off of your child, i understand where he’s coming from. her mother is gone. he has to be the sole provider for her, and if a magazine is willing to pay you $100,000 for an interview, i’d do it too! that’s a lot of money! and it can be saved for the childs college tuition or whatever that child needs! you don’t see pictures of larry out partying and getting crazy, because he’s at home with his child. i love that.

dannielynn is beautiful. a perfect mix of anna nicole and larry.

Sabina on

A perfect mix of Anna Nicole and Larry. Amazing. Too cute for words.

Linny on

OMG she looks so much like Anna-Nicole

Sarah on

That’s so sad. I can’t imagine what it is like to never know your own mother.

JJ on

Larry Birkhead said in the court during Preliminary hearing that he earned $2mil. from tabloids.

Mae on

That little girl is drop dead gorgeous! She looks just like her mama. I just hope that her life turns out much better than her mom’s did. I think she’s off to a good start. She seems like a happy and loved little girl, so kudos to Larry!

Jessicad on

I completely agree with amy! He seems like a great dad, and I’d occasionally pose for magazines covers if it meant I could stay home with my child and possibly keep the paparazzi away. Compared to a lot of other celebs he is in no way exploiting her. You can tell he makes being a parent a top priority, you don’t see him out partying or dating different women. I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous this child is though, she looks like a pefect little doll!

School Teacher on

This is one father and daughter duo that I am rooting for. She is a cute little girl and from what has been reported and seen, Larry seems like a very good father with her best interests at heart. I knew from the moment I saw her that he was the father and my how he has stepped up to the plate. I wish them nothing but the best.
Go Dannielynn and Larry!

Alex on

Dannie is Larry’s mini me.

Bancie1031 on

I can’t get over how much she looks like Anna-Nicole, I would hate to have to explain to a 3 year old where their mom is. That’s horrible! Larry seems to be doing a good job raising Dannielynn in pictures and his stories anyways ….. she always seems happy and she looks healthy 😀

Janna on

I wish there was a voting feature on this site. I would vote for amy’s post in a second because I agree with every single word.

Kudos to you, amy, for being rational and thoughtful when posting about a man that many would degrade and criticize (neither of which is necessary or appreciated!).

Melanie on

I agree with Amy also. But I think part of the reason he does it too is to keep the paparazzi away. Honestly, people give celebrities who do magazine shoots a hard time but for the most part, those celebrities (not all, of course!) do the photoshoots to keep the paparazzi AWAY! Think about how many more pictures you see of other babies…I think Larry’s purpose of doing the photoshoots every once in awhile is to let the world get a glimpse of Dannielynn…he wants to show the world that she’s thriving and that they’re doing very well. I think it’s ok for them to do photoshoots like this because it puts the control in their hands and minimizes (usually) the amount of paps following them…just my thoughts…

ZBP on

Even as a baby, she looked like Larry. So hiding her paternity wouldve been hard today. i see a lot of Anna in her as well as Larry. Wow Though she is a cute kid.

Renee on

Wow, I do not see Anna Nicole in this little girl at all. She is all Larry! She is like his mini me when you see them together. That little girl is a darling and is so beautiful! I hope she has a life that is so normal and it looks like Larry is doing a wonderful job as a very doting Daddy. Kudos to you Larry, job well done!

Susie on

Oh my does she look like her Momma! Beautiful baby girl!

Our son died at 9 weeks old, and we have to explain to our daughter (then 2, now 3 1/2) that her brother is with Jesus and that he’s okay, all better now. Children accept death so much better than we do as adults. She rarely cries about our son, whereas I cry just telling her about him.

Sarah on

Wow, she is a really cute kid. I can see so much of Anna in her face, its weird. I was not sure how this was going to work out, but that the end of the day it really looks like the right decision was made, and they look right together.

french gigi on

larry sets a wonderful example of a single father, and he should be proud! i get a little choked up everytime i see these two. dannielynn may lack a mother but she certainly does not lack a single bit of love. i see a beautiful father daughter relationship here.

gianna on

dannielynn is gorgeous and looks just like anna. As a baby she was mostly all larry, now her lips, nose, and eyes are no doubt’s anna’s. He seems like a loving dad and dresses her so nice too.

Lolabean on

I’m confused about Larry’s comments about moving away from LA and giving his daughter more privacy yet we always see them in LA. If he’s living off Dannielynn’s inheritance and the money he gets from pimping her out for interviews then it’s not like he’s in LA for work. Heck, if he wants to live in LA then he should just say he likes LA but he puts up this big front about wanting to have his kid grow up away from the limelight then he keeps living in the limelight. Oh, and he’ll keep pulling the “poor child’s mother is dead” routine whenever he wants attention. Really classy.

Larry just gets way too much credit and I’m not sure for what? Spending time with his own kid? Not being an addict like Anna Nicole? Only using his kid for money occasionally and only for her own good (for a college fund, ha!)? He is just some average guy who slept with some drug addict who then died and left him with a kid and her inheritance. Whether he’s a good dad or not, we’ll know once Dannielynn writes her tell-all.

Raquel on

Beautiful little girl. Wow, she has very long hair, all the way to her waist. Or am I seeing wrong?

edel on

Raquel, it only looks like her hair is long/all the way to her waist because of the blond lady behind her. What you’re seeing is the woman in the background’s hair, not Dannielynn’s

Rhea on

Raquel–I think that hair is the woman behind her, i thought the same at first though!

Dannielyn is so adorable, definately a perfect mix of the both of them.

Jessie on

I don’t think he gets too much credit at all – I’d give just as much credit to any parent doing a seemingly good job of raising their child solo after the child’s other parent died. It’s a far from ideal situation.

That said, Dannielynn is ADORABLE. Her hair is so long!

Erika on

She’s really cute! I agree with the previous posters about the magazines- I don’t see what’s wrong with it. It’s only like once a year, it makes you money, and it’s a great momento. None of his articles are really invasive, or revealing of their life, they basically show pictures and give updates as she grows. I think Larry is doing a great job with her!

I'm judgemental on

I applaud Larry for the excellent job he’s doing with his child.He seems like a real stable guy.As for him pimping out his kid…well now if folks like us weren’t interested in celebrities and their off spring,their wouldn’t be a market for him to pimp out pictures of his kid(WOULD THERE?).Folks come here to this site to see and read about celebs and their babies then they complain about who was or wasn’t paid for those pictures.

Linny on

It’s really hard growing up without your mom even if you have an extra mom. My bio. mom died when I was 5. I guess Dannielynn will have it easier if Larry talks about Anna all the time. My mom has always been a touchy subject. My older sister never talks about our mother with me and my grand-mother can barely speak about her without crying.

Brooke on

I am so proud of Larry Birkhead. How in the hell was this guy going to get a normal job after all of the drama that happened? I don’t care if he sold things to paparazzi etc, his main goal has always seemed to be Dannielynn. Whatever it took to keep her happy, fed and clothed, he did. There was nothing illegal going on with his pictures etc.

He is doing such a good job.

Kami on

Wow she looks just like Anna Nicole Smith.

Jessicad on

I think he’s a great dad because he fought so hard for her. Lots of guys would’ve just let another man raise her and not care. Before Anna died he was fighting to prove she was his, that shows a lot. Celebs like Eddie Murphy and a few others very pubicly tried to deny their kids, Larry fought back! My dad raised me and I have so much respect for men who step up and do what they should, because they can easily get away with not doing anything. lolabean, I haven’t heard anything about a settlement over that money or seen him spending a ton of money on anything. Have they settled it?

JMO on

She’s adorable. I think she’s a good combo of both her parents.

Jen DC on

OK, I think we can all admit that he’s just doing what he is supposed to do… but he’s doing it (seemingly) better than many others! There aren’t hundreds of pix of Dannielynn, although at the very beginning, he could likely have made millions selling pix of her. Not only that, but he never bad-mouthed Anna Nicole or really sought out a lot of publicity – *even when the shouting over paternity began*. That, at least, tells us he’s a gentleman. Think about it: He could have spelled out his relationship with Anna Nicole, her drug use, her relationship with her son… Myriad lies he could have told about Anna Nicole, the situation – and he refrained. He is, at least, a good guy.

So sure, he gets to sell hundreds of thousands worth of pictures and give interviews to support a stay-at-home lifestyle for his daughter. If given the opportunity to sell pictures and sit around with a reporter and talk about our lives and make that kind of money, how many of us would honestly pass it by? Heck, I’d do it! If all they wanted was a picture and an update on my beautiful little girl or boy – “She’s walking and talking up a storm!” “He’s jumping off the furniture and is a real ‘boys boy’!” – I wouldn’t pass it up.

She looks just like him! She’s a pretty little girl and I hope he can find a way to explain to her her mother’s choices and her life such that it doesn’t weigh Dannielynn down. Think about her life later, when people find out she’s Anna Nicole’s daughter? How difficult it may turn out to be with people who want a piece of fame for themselves? The x-ray she’s going to be under if she drinks while underage or does any kind of drugs… Be compassionate, people.

Ashlee on

Lolabean, I used to live in LA and have since moved, but I go back all the time…because LA is great…maybe Larry visits often because he likes it there and has friends there…doesn’t mean he wants to live there.

Corrie on

Larry seems like a great dad and he seems to be doing a wonderful job with his daughter. And I totally have to agree with what Jen DC said, be compassionate, people.

April22 on

Lolabean-I am not sure where Larry & Dannielynn are living,but on other sites he is testifing in a trial against Anna’s doctors,so maybe that’s why he is in LA.
JENDC-Agree 100% with your post.Larry could of made much more cash by selling all of Anna’s secrets and exploits,but he has chosen to be a good dad to Dannilynn.If it was;nt for him stepping up she would of been horrible exploited by her “supposed” dad/lawyer Howard K. Stern!That would have been awful for her! Go Larry and Dannielynn & keep doing what you have been doing and NEVER let NEGATIVE people get you down!!!!!!

April22 on

WOW LOLABEAN-You have to much negativity,maybe you need some sunshine & rainbows!!!
I hope Larry proves you wrong and Dannielynn goes to college and becomes a well-grounded young woman.As for the “pimping out” comment if this practice offends you so much,WHY are you coming to this site-which is for celebs to talk/show pics of their kids?

sil on

Susie, i’m so sorry for your loss.

Dannielynn is so pretty! and i love her name 🙂

sami on

whats with some people saying this child is “pimped” out ? I have only seen a few photosessions of her in the mags. and there have been long periods of time where we haven’t see her in any pap shots.
I see no big deal in a few magazine stories every now and then. Plus he gets a set of great photos of his child.

kudos to him for stepping up and raising this child. It would of been easy to just step away and not want any involvment at all, but he stood up and fought for this girl. She is a stunner. and my heart breaks just thinking of telling a small chiild why they don’t have a mother with them while others do.

JJ on

I admire Larry so much. He fought so hard for his little girl. He could have easily walked away but he didn’t. It’s obvious he loves her and if he wants to sell the ocassional photo of her, then so be it.

I think Dannielynn is one lucky girl. She’s lost her mother and her brother but she has a father who has proven he would go to the end of the earth for her.

God bless them.

Jen on

At first, I didn’t know how Larry would be as a dad to Dannielynn, but he’s proven that he’s a pretty stand up guy. Sure, he does do a lot of photo ops and media spots, but he used to be in the business, so I don’t see why him still doing that to make money to support himself and his daughter is wrong. Plus, she was in the spotlight from birth, so limited updates that they get the money from are probably safer for her than a bunch of people hounding them to get unofficial updates for which they get no compensation. Larry seems like a really great Daddy who is in love with his little girl, which is all anyone can really ask for, right? I don’t envy him his position in explaining to her about her mom; hopefully he’ll be able to limit the amount of information available to Dannielynn until she’s old enough to actually understand how things like addiction can really grab hold of someone’s life and take over.
Also–Dannielynn is BEAUTIFUL!!! ANS would be proud.

Tee on

Susie- I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t begin to imagine how hard that must be for your family.

Realist on

I agree with Amy. You dont see Larry out partying all the time. Larry has not recieved any of the Marshall inheritance, its still being fought over. But trust me the money will but put away for Dannielynn when they win, and it will all be laid out black and white. Larry is a stand up guy, is not going to allow anyone to screw his child over.

Secondly Larry and Dannielynn may live in Louisville but they will never be entirely out of the spotlight, because of Anna. There will always be curiousity about Howard and Larry…because of the battle. Dannielynn will be pestered with questions about her mom who she barely knew when she is older. This will never completely end.

Kudo’s to Larry for shielding her from the media and allowing us glimpses of DL.

Niko on

Lolabean, you’re incredibly judgmental and full of hatred its unbelievable. Compared to losers who don’t deserve to call themselves fathers like Jon Gosselin and Richard Heene, Larry Birkhead is heaven sent!.

At least, he’s got his priorities straight. He’s talking care of/raising his daughter by himself, and he seems to be doing a very good job of it. What are you foaming at the mouth about? Or are you just an angry person? Larry can NEVER win with people like you, no matter what he does.

eternalcanadian on

Wow, the older Dannielynn gets the more she looks like her father. So cute, and obviously very aware she doesn’t have a biological mum in her life. I’m sure Larry is surrounding Dannielynn with lots of female figures as she grows up.

Nancy on

Lolabean, you are the only person who posted who knows what is going on. It is pitiful how people forget all that happened, and that Larry and Howard Stern from all appearances are living off that baby and off Anna Nicole Smith’s estate and money. Also, that baby looks like Virgie Arthur and Daniel, and a little like Anna Nicole, and we all know that Larry wears blue contact lenses, dyes his hair blonde and had his nose done. That baby doesn’t really look a thing like him. That is my opinion, which is shared by many.

CelebBabyLover on

Nancy- Actually, back when the whole paternity debate was going on, Larry shared a photo of himself as a baby…and he looked quite a bit like Dannielynn did at that point. 🙂

Also, can you please explain how he’s living off of Dannielynn when only does one magazine shoot a year with her?

Dee on

Its funny but it has been ages since I have seen a picture of this beautiful little girl. I agree her father could have been selling her pictures to the highest bidder month by month but he hasn’t.

He could have sold Nicole’s story and their life together and apart lots of time but he didn’t. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt to say that he realizes that one day his daughter will grow up and she will read all this stuff and he will then have to ask himself….was it worth it?

He fought for this little girl since day one, a time when loads of other men would have happily stepped aside and let another man who seemingly genuinely loved her wanted to care for her. He would have been off the hook for child support and know that she was taken care of.

Instead he fought and said it from the get go, That is my child!!!!

So to the poster who commented that they didn’t know why Larry deserves credit. Take a look around my dear. His daughter is thriving and looks healthy and happy. We should be so lucky to find men in our everyday lives who would go above and beyond the call of duty to parent a child when they could very well deny them and go procreate elsewhere.

And furthermore, if a magazine was offering me a million dollars to pose with my daughter, damn straight I’m doing it. It means that I can provide for her educative career as well as provide a comfortable home for her.

So give the man his due. He is not out there pimping himself and his kid like some of these other people do. I feel sorry for that Kardashian baby about to come along because I can only imagine that poor child now……straight from the birth canal to the cover of boundless magazines for months to come till he/she hits puberty!!!!

Layla on

Adorable!!! He is such a good daddy.

CelebBabyLover on

Dee- The Kardashien baby is a he. Kourtney recently confirmed it. 🙂 Anyway, I’m actually not so sure the baby will be on magazines all the time. I mean, lately, Kourtney has actually been keeping quiet about her pregnancy (she has been saying less than Kendra Wilkenson, put it that way).

I agree with you about Dannielynn, though. I’m confused about why you called her mother Nicole, though. Her name was ANNA Nicole. I’ve seen other people do this, too. It’s like people dislike her so much they can’t stand to use her first name, or something like that. That’s only my opinion, though, and I realize I may be totally wrong. If so, I apologize in advance. 🙂

Tam on

actually anna nicoles name was



Tam on

she looks identical to her dad for sure!

Donna on

First, this little angel is beautiful and looks like both Larry and Anna. Second, can you imagine the money it takes to keep Dannielynn? Security alone must be well into 6 figures…just think of the slimeballs who would like to get their hands on this little darling. Third, he had nearly a million in lawyer fees to pay. If he sells photos of the two of them to earn the money for all it takes, it’s hard to fault him. Fourth, he could make a lot more and have quite a lifestyle for himself and let nannies raise Dannielynn. But he doesn’t. He’s raising her near a normal family, and if he wants to go to LA frequently, it’s his business. I’m sure he misses it. I, for one, think he has taken the high road in every instance with this little girl. I wish him and Dannielynn only the very best. I think her best chance of a normal life is exactly where she is right now. May God Bless….

ama on

It looks to me that this sad story is turning into a story of triumph. I sure hope so, for Dannielynn’s sake. What people forget is that Larry’s professional background is in photography and publicity. That is what he knows best. So I see nothing wrong in his teaming with his daughter for publicity shoots, as long as it’s under control. She is gorgeous and very photogenic. I wish them the best.