Kourtney Kardashian: Grey Lady

10/22/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian shows us a side view of her bump as she arrived at the Rich Soil launch party, held Monday evening at Kitson in Los Angeles.

Expecting a son in late December, the reality star hopes the addition of a baby boy will help even out their family tree, which is filled with girls!

“A boy is definitely needed in this family. Scott [Disick] and I are thrilled to add a little boy to the bunch. Bruce [Jenner] and Rob [Kardashian] told me it would be a boy the whole time!”

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Shelly on

I wish I would have had the nerve to wear something so form fitting when I was pg. I was pg from neck to knees so I was very uncomfortable but I believe if the mom is comfy, more power to her.

Savanna on

The dress looks kind of big on her, but she’s still gorgeous.

urbanadventurertales on

She looks cute!
My personal theory is that she’s known for awhile that she was having a boy but waited till recently to announce in order to keep her name in the public eye. Most people find out the gender around 20 weeks, but she said she hadn’t found out until a few weeks ago. Somehow I don’t really believe her…
Doesn’t really matter either way. I just think she and her sisters will do anything to stay in the headlines.

Liliana on

She looks beautiful, as always.

Rainy on

I wonder if she’ll bring her baby to all these events she is always at! I like watching their show and all but it seems like all they do is go out! She looks pretty though and can’t wait to hear if they’ll go with a “K” name 😉

Noelle on

Her hair is gorgeous, even though she probably has extensions.

acorrado on

I’ve had 2 boys and I was always right out front just like that. with my first I had quite a few more pounds on but with the second much less…and he weighed 10.7 lbs. even more than the first, go figure.

Lisa on


Yes most do find out at 20 weeks. It could be she didn’t want to know or they couldn’t tell. When I was pregnant with my first child, they couldn’t tell until I was 28 weeks and they still was wrong.

Wendy on

my daughter was never in a position to tell if she was a girl or boy..i so wanted to know..but it was thrilling to be surprised when she came out

Ashley on

My friend’s OB couldn’t tell what she was expecting until she was almost almost 8 months along.. Two Girls she finally found out!! lol . Not everybody knows right at 20 wks that they want to find out yet, some people take longer to decide. Ridiculous every little thing can somehow be turned against her like the fact that she didn’t find out//announce right at 20 wks that it’s a boy. Sad.

Kris on

She does not look that big.

Also for the person who said all she did was go out. Thats her job she gets paid to show up to places so they get the media there and everyone else wants to go to that place because siad person was there.

Also not everyone finds out at 20 weeks. We did the ultrasound at 19 weeks and it took us 45 to get a very small peek. The tech said it was a girl from what she could see but she would not go out and buy everything pink. It took us untill 30 weeks to see that we were having a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

Rainy- I believe Kourtney has said they will NOT be going with a “K” name. 🙂

Lis on

I LOVE that dress! Does anyone know where it’s from?

Callen on

Noelle I doubt it, it could have alot to do with her ethnic background. mom kris’s hair is dark and beautiful and if im not mistaken she is white, her late father was of armanian descent that could have alot to do with it. She looks awesome pregnant :).

urbanadventurertales on

Ashley, chill out! I wasn’t “turning against her”. I simply stated that i thought she probably knew the gender before she announced it. The whole family are media seekers, so I would not be surprised if they all planned it this way so she could stretch out the coverage of her pregnancy.

daniela on

I’m no fan of the Kardashians, but Kourtney is fierce!!!

Ashley on

Isn’t she kinda too big for 7 months, especially for a first child? Maybe because she’s really petite, and her dress is form-fitting, so it shows more.

Lady on

Kourtney is sooo gorgeous, she is only 5’0 tall so maybe thats why she looks a bit bigger!

And urbanadventure: Kourtney and Scott said before that they were choosing not to find out but then decided otherwise for “planning”, she gets enough press I’m sure she doesn’t need to fake it to “keep her name in the press”

Kaylee on

Noelle, you are correct, lol! Kourtney does wear extentions, her hair is beautiful none the less. I totally believe 98% of celebrity women wear extentions because with their schedule and frequent hair changes, extentions/ wigs are a most. I wear extentions too sometimes, very convinent for me, a mommy on the go!
Here is a link of Kourtney K getting her extentions sewen in her hair. I am AA, and I get this done to my hair every 3 months, just like Kourt, lol!