Exclusive: Angie Harmon's Family Has Got Milk!

10/22/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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Angie Harmon and her daughters — Finley Faith, 6, Avery Grace, 4, and Emery Hope, 10 months — appear in the latest milk mustache ad for the got milk? campaign, and celebrated with an unveiling of the photo at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Calif. on October 13th.

Celebrity Baby Blog had the chance to speak with Angie about the campaign, her daughters with Jason Sehorn, and the family’s Halloween plans.

Click below to read the interview (and see more photos)! Check out Angie’s got milk? ad in magazines nationwide now.

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First off, how did the shoot go?

Angie Harmon: It was incredible and to be honest, we were only on set for 30 minutes. It was amazing, the photographer had this insight into who Finley was, who Avery was … even the baby, she knew exactly how she should be held.

You look at this ad and you know, that is exactly who Finley is, that’s exactly who Avery is. We call Emery “little pounce” because her eyes are always so big and she’s always so interested in the world — and the lady captured all of that.

That’s what’s so amazing — she captured their personality in one picture. All three of them. And mine.

Are you a fan of the drink?

AH: Yes, I like it, and my kids love it. They drink chocolate milk all day long. I know I’m giving them milk, I know it’s got chocolate in it, that’s totally fine with me.

I actually did a lot of research with the milk people and I said I felt guilty giving them three glasses of chocolate milk a day. They said no, it’s fine, because the chocolate is not overbearing in any way and the sugar doesn’t lessen the benefits of the milk. I’ve learnt so much through them.

What are the kids’ thoughts on this event?

AH: I want to make myself clear; this isn’t Angie and the introduction of her three daughters into show business. This is a healthy campaign for healthy images and for girls.

I think it’s very hard in this day and age to raise little girls with morals, ethics and values, and them knowing that they are precious creations and that they are important. And this is why this is so important to me.

It’s not like we’re shooting this gratuitous campaign, it’s something that is good for kids, it’s good for the family. The kids don’t know that this is a campaign — they don’t understand that this is for a magazine and I want to keep it that way. If I see it in a magazine, I’m not going to show them. They just think we’re having a big party because we’ve taken a picture and I don’t have any problem with that. I like it like that.


Finley just celebrated her sixth birthday. Was there a celebration?

Finley’s got her first bicycle, it’s really exciting. She loves bugs and frogs and lizards — Finley had a bug party.

Plans for Halloween?

AH: Finley’s being Batgirl only because it was all black and shiny, she’s my tomboy. Avery’s being Strawberry Shortcake only because there’s a pink wig, she’s my little diva.

Emery is going as a little butterfly or a flower, I haven’t decided yet. She might go as both; there might be an outfit change, just because I can! This is the only year I can do it to her!

Favorite holiday treat?

AH: Oreos. For Halloween they’ve put out these orange ones, and they also have the fudge-covered ones at Christmas. They’re horrible people — these things have become a weakness.

What’s the best holiday present you’ve ever received?

AH: Emery. She was supposed to be a New Year’s baby, December 31st, but she came on December 18th.

— Pearl Barraclough

Emery wears Janie and Jack’s Ribbon Floral Corduroy Jumper in Wild Rose Floral ($18).

Avery wears Janie and Jack’s Fair Isle Cardigan in Western Rose ($35) and Hand-Smocked Stripe Top in Sky Blue Stripe ($25).

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kmb on

the second photo with emery sticking her tongue out is absolutely adorable! she has quite a strong brow line!

Jackie on

Husband is good looking

Sam and Freya's mum on

They seem a lovely family. Like her older two girls’ names, like the pic of Emery with her mum. Full on eyebrow line though!

Benigna Marko on

Wow, I love the middle names of these kids. Absolutely inspirational. Lovely,
Benigna Marko

JMO on

The babies eye brows look freaky in the first photo but the second she’s adorable!! 😉

And AVery looks just like her with lighter hair!

g!na on

I think Emery looks like Avery. She has the same brows as her daddy. lol. cute~

Xan on

Nice looking family, and I appreciate that the girls didn’t know the photo was for a magazine. Emery’s eyebrows are rather hilarious now, though I must say, I have always envied women with full brows because they can do so much with them.

AngieInOregon on

I had eyebrows just like that as an infant. And 17 years later I still do! They are quite a pain.

christina on

Oh my…wow. Not what I expected their kids to look like (haven’t seen them in a while). On a sidenote, I have always found her to be SO hypocritical with her desire to drone on about how she’s a “mama bear” and is such a fierce protector of her and her family’s privacy…yet she trots them out and poses when it fits her idea of reponsibile family projects. I just don’t think she can have it both ways.

computerag on

Angie Harmon is gorgeous.

. . . But to say chocolate milk is healthy? Come on now.

Wendy on

Chocolate milk is a very good source of vitamins, better than juice and a great fluid replacement, instead of gatorade or powerade..its especially great because kids are more inclined to drink it than white milk..

Erica B. on

Their kids are really cute, and I love their Janie and Jack clothes!

Kathy on

Am I crazy? I just don’t think Jason Sehorn is good looking.

Micheley on

I love Angie Harmon! Her daughters are so beautiful! And I love each of their names, so unique.

Robyn on

Beautiful girls, but it just seems like the kids aren’t very happy to be there, overall.

Alex509 on

Their daughters are absolutely stunning! My fave celebrity family! They seem so normal, down-to-earth and madly in love! Angie and Jason are both gorgeous as well.

CelebBabyLover on

I just saw this ad in a magazine (PEOPLE, I think). Anyway, the girls are adordable, and I love how Emery is licking her lips in the picture of just her and Angie. 🙂

Laura on

I thought the girls would have taken more after Angie since she seems to have stronger features than Jason. Oh well, hopefully they will start to look more like her later on!

Erica on

Emery does have some serious eyebrows, lol. Cute family. Considering Angie’s stance on privacy the ad is a bit hypocritical though.

lisa on

ok I love angie -there is somethign very real about her-but I have one complaint.Everytime I see her out -its like she got dressed up but she never dresses the kids up..You’d think with little girls shed have them all decked out.Now you might say…maybe they dont want to dress up ..but come on..a bow in the hair…or a little skirt on..I just dont get it.I just feel like she wants all the focus on her.

kate on

Ummm….Lisa, the baby IS wearing a dress. And the pictures don’t really do it justice, the dress is very nice, my daughter has the same one and wore it to her uncle’s wedding recently. IMHO the girls are dressed quite appropriately!

SBB on

I always get second hand embarrassment from Angie Harmon’s interviews. She is so painfully inarticulate.

I came across a quote she made about President Obama 2 MONTHS,
2 MONTHS I remind you, after he took office… “I’m just not crazy about what he’s doing and I heard all about this, and he’s gonna do that and change and change, so okay … I’m still dressing for a recession over here buddy and we’ve got unemployment at an all-time high and that was his number one thing and that’s the thing I really don’t appreciate.”

Yeah, I’m sure she’s reaallly suffering from the economic downturn. She makes it seem like her family is one unemployment check away from homelessness.

And she has on more than one occassion taken the opportunity to stress how “classy” Republicans are and conversely Democrats aren’t. Here’s a typical quote from her – again about Obama – “… I also think if W or John McCain or Reagan would have gone and done a talk show, the backlash would have been so huge and in his face, and ‘What is our president doing? How unclassy!’ But Obama does it and no one says anything,”

With quotes like that I think if this whole actressing thing doesn’t work out for her, she should consider a career as a professional speech writer or motivational speaker.

She also always insists on acting (no pun intended) as if she’s a martyr for standing up for her conservative beliefs to the evil that is liberal Hollywood. She even talks about her being “blackballed” by Hollywood and implies that she has lost work because of this.

How quaint of her.

Why of course Angie. It really is a huge conspiracy by the Hollywood liberals to keep you unemployed. They have secret backdoor meetings about you, so that they can strategize as a collective on how to deny a D-listed (C-listed in her prime) actress with marginal talent gainful employment.

Yeah OK then..

Whatever it takes to get you through the day, I guess.

Angie W. on

Human milk is for human babies; cow’s milk is for baby cows. To advocate that cow’s milk is healthy for adults, much less children, is irresponsible and uninformed. This kind of advertising merely lines the pockets of the Dairy Industry and ignores the health implications of diets high in animal products. Let’s not even mention the hormones, anti-biotics, mucus, and secretions that come along with that glass of moo-juice. Celebrities, by virtue of being in the public spotlight, should be more thoughtful.

momof4 on

Thank you, Angie W! I was just about to say that.

She seems grossly uneducated about cow’s milk. Let’s just hope she’s feeding them organic milk without rBST at least.

Liliana on

They’re her kids. She can do whatever she wants with them.

Erika on

SBB- lol that’s why I like her! So many celebs have criticized Bush, it’s nice to see one who represents the others in the country!

Cute kids!


Holy eyebrows!!! (all three girls have quite prominant brows)

mommaruthsays on

Wow, all this time I’ve been drinking cow milk and thinking it was somehow doing my body good. I never even thought I should be drinking human milk all these years….hmm, I wonder why? Maybe that’s because COW MILK IS GOOD FOR YOU. Sheesh.

Natasha on

To all the people who say we shouldn’t drink cow’s milk, then DON’T! I will continue to drink milk everyday like doctors suggest and you can go on doing what you think is mightier than what we are.

finais on

So are we now advocating breastmilk for adults?how would that work exactly?

And those are some heavy brows on those girls. I think Angie is okay. Other celebs talk politics all the time, why not her? I don’t ever write someone off for political beliefs alone.

Gabbadoo on

Wow does SBB have some issues with Angie or what..lol…someone who posts something that long has some issues..ITS A CELEBRITY/GOSSIP MAGAZINE..yikes!

Diva on

I am a self proclaimed “milkaholic” and even I know, and have been told repeatedly BY doctors, Natasha, that cow milk is NOT good for you! It’s not by chance that there are so many babies, and adults, allergic to it. It’s not meant for consumption by humans, that’s not what it was made for. If I could give up milk, more than a couple of my health problems would clear up according to my doctors. Now, I know that doesn’t speak well of me or my will power. I love milk, I drink it to excess, and I know it, but the fact is that milk is NOT the “does the body good” drink that the commercials would have you believe.

gianna on

all three girls are so cute and I think favor the dad mostly. Angie is so cute too, she looks like a young ali macgraw and looks awesome for having 3 kids.

Sarah on

The point is that humans don’t *need* milk past the first few years and at that time “human milk” is ideal. Cow’s milk really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and there are plenty of other ways to get calcium.

I think it’s just the angle or something on that first photo, but those brows made me laugh out loud!

momof4 on

oh dear, there are some misinformed folks out there. Adults don’t need to drink breastmilk. Human breastmilk is designed for babies and toddlers and then there is no need for milk at all.

Cow’s milk is for a cow’s newborn.

Protein or other qualities found in cow’s milk are better gotten from other, more healthier and appropriate sources.

Do some research on this and you might learn quite a bit about this topic.

Stella Bella on

The girls are cute but I agree with the others who are annoyed about cows milk. It’s for baby cows, not humans at any age.

mamma mia! on

OMG, Who would ever think Angie Harmon is doing so many things wrong? I’ve never seen these debates raised when other celebs do their “got milk” ads. Some of us think cow’s milk is healthy, others dont. I’ve always thought it was good for getting your calcium, but honestly I don’t think Angie’s killing her kids or being an irresponsible parent.

I dunno know, sometimes things get a lil overkill here.

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, people, are we completely forgetting the fact that cow’s milk provides a lot of calcium? Calcium deficiency is a very real problem, especially among women. That’s why there are so many elderly women walking around with ostoperosis.

Also, if cow’s milk isn’t good for you, then what about cheese, or yogurt, or the dozens of other products made with cow’s milk (excluding ice cream. Obviously we all know that ice cream is not the healthiest food on the planet!)? Are we supposed to stay away from those, too?

Now, all that probably made me sound like a milk lover who is “uneducated” about the problems milk can cause. However, the fact is that I actually rather dislike milk. Not only that, but my father is lactose intolerant. Therefore, I am well aware of the problems that milk can cause.

However, to say that cow’s milk is horrible for you is a bit much, IMO.

Ashleigh on

You can make your kids eat and drink whatever you want but don’t tell other people what to do. It’s none of your business.

Codemo on

I don’t think it is a question of whether or not milk is good for you, but that Ms. Harmon did her “research” by asking the “milk people” what they thought. Their opinion is not objective as it is their goal to sell milk. Further, we have an obesity epidemic in this country and that Ms. Harmon would downplay the effects of sugar is irresponsible. If she is truly interested in promoting a “healthy campaign ,” she may want to rethink promoting a sugary drink in an interview designed to highlight what she considers a public service (re: agreeing to advertise for the National Dairy Council).

computerag on

Codemo, Excellent comment.

momof4 on


Cow’s milk actually inhibits calcium absorption because it contains a relatively high amount of sulphur-based amino acids. Animal proteins create an acid condition in the bloodstream which the body neutralizes by leeching calcium from the bones. Ingesting
calcium-rich (and protein-rich) milk and dairy products
actually creates a negative calcium balance, and this
becomes not the cure, but the CAUSE of osteoporosis.

The dairy industry has done an amazing job of convincing folks that milk is actually good for you, when in fact it causes a lot of ill health.

finais on

Exactly, CelebBabyLover! On point, as usual. I’m 26 and have had osteoporosis since I was 16 due to a misdiagnosis that led to years of being given an overdosage of steroids. I honestly don’t know where else I should be getting my daily allotment of calcium from if not dairy or a vitamin supplement. What other food source provides the same levels? And people have consumed cow’s milk for hundreds of years, well before a “dairy industry” ever existed. Just because some people are lactose intolerant doesn’t mean milk is bad for everyone. That’s like saying wheat is bad because a lot of people are being diagnosed with celiac disease.

computerag on

finais, try foods like almonds, Blackstrap molasses, sesame seeds, kale and oranges.

CelebBabyLover on

Codemo- Well, chocolate milk is techincally healthier for you than a lot of other drinks, such as soda pop and juice. If Angie had to chose a drink to do an ad for, I think milk was actually a pretty good choice.

I mean, if she was going to do an ad for a perfectly healthy drink, it would pretty much have to be an ad for water. Just about every other drink out there is less than ideal in some way. Also, while sugar certainly isn’t the healthiest thing on the planet, it’s not all bad, either. The fact is, everyone needs SOME sugar. Without it, we would actually be in pretty bad shape (basically, everyone would have hypoglycemia, a.k.a. low blood sugar).

Bottomline: Everything in moderation!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I want to point out that even healthy foods, like fruits, have some sugar in them. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

momof4- That’s why it’s also important to get plenty of Vitamin D! Vitamin D helps the body absorb and use calcium. 🙂

christina on

Wow. I just saw the ad on People and I can’t believe someone as seemingly vain as Angie Harmon agreed to that photograph w/her daughter! She (Angie) looks less than ideal…not sure still what the point of having her child(ren) involved really is either.

CelebBabyLover on

christina- Maybe because kids like milk? 🙂

Dyshonda on

WOW! There is a lot of drama over this milk thing. To tell you the truth, I can’t stand the taste of milk myself. My son doesn’t drink milk at home much, but he drinks it at school. And he has an obesity problem. Every one is talking about milk. What about the other foods that are slowly killing us, huh? I hear no one saying anything about that. But the information about milk that I am hearing from some of you is very informative.

agentmom on

mmmmmmmmm chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of Blackstrap molasses

Jessica on

I find it annoying someone above mentioned that Angie Harmon should have dressed up her girls more. Well, as a feminist, and a mother to a 9 month old girl, I find that irritating. I’m not going to dress up my daughter so others will think she looks cute. She’s a kid! Her children are 6, 4, and 10 months- why do they have to look “cute” for the masses? They look “cute” all on their own; they’re kids! And I personally absolutely abhor bows, and pierced ears, and head-to-toe pink. My daughter occasionally wears pink, yes, but only that which was bought for her as a gift; when I shop for her I buy her a variety of colored clothing. I feel that putting a girl in pink clothing and a boy in blue is gendering, of which pierced ears is the most extreme example in young girls. It makes other people feel better to see the appropriate sex in the appropriate color. I have experienced this first hand with my daughter. Not having her in pink clothing, put putting her in the ambiguous green, orange or even blue, people automatically assume she’s a boy! It makes people uncomfortable when they can’t tell outright which sex the baby is, so therefore they can’t say, “She’s so cute” or “he’s so handsome”. I just shake my head at their discomfort. We have to break these persistent molds placed upon our children. I just find it amazing that we must depend upon what a child wears to determine if they’re boy or girl, and that that matters to us to begin with. To a point, I believe we should let them be who they want to be.

momoftwo on

What a cute family! My youngest will only drink “pink” milk so I use the sugar free strawberry mix; my doc said the same thing that it’s fine. I myself prefer chocolate or strawberry most of the time too.

agentmom on

Well said:)

Jessica on

Agentmom, thanks. I feel pretty strongly about that issue!

que cera on

@SBB: Do you post similarly derisive posts about actors and actresses who are outspoken Democrats and/or Bush criticizers? Perhaps it just bothers you that Ms. Harmon holds beliefs that you disagree with. I find nothing offensive about someone standing up for their beliefs in a democracy, Republican or Democrat. If you can’t handle the sight of a Republican, I would suggest that you limit your celebrity website browsing, the internet in general, and all television.

Joan on

I like Angie Harmon and her family. They seem very normal. I don’t think letting your kids drink chocolate milk all day long is good. The only thing kids should be drinking all day long is water. I disagree with most parents and what they give their children to eat and drink on a regular basis, though, JMO.

karen on

The part of this interview that makes me shake my head is this:

“I actually did a lot of research with the milk people… I’ve LEARNT so much through them.”

Really? Even disregarding the fact that Ms. Harmon apparently thinks she is getting unbiased information from ‘the milk people’, it is a pity that they didn’t share the fact that ED (not t) is the proper suffix to use to denote learn in the past tense. Even my class of second graders could tell her that it is learnED, not learnT.

So much for learnED celebrity endorsements…

Nancy on

This whole discussion is hilarious — no wonder little Emery has such a perplexed look on her face (at least, that’s what her eyebrows are telling me). I totally agree that cow’s milk is for baby cows. Those of you who “love” milk might be surprised to taste some of the milk substitutes available these days: soy milk, rice milk and almond milk are all delicious. Rice milk on cereal is the perfect food combination, because they are both made from grains. As for people needing to know the sex of your baby, my youngest son was such a beautiful child he was always mistaken for a little girl, and I never once dressed him in pink. Finally, for those who talked about how they’re her kids and she can do whatever she wants with them. WRONG. Kids are people, too and parents doing “whatever they want with them” is why we have Child Protective Services and millions of children in foster care in this country.

Shannon on

I completely agree with what Jessica said
I also disagree with what SBB . I think that was mean.

I see no reason to criticize Angie.

The only think that confuses me is why each of her daughters’ names are originally male names, the exception being Avery, which is now unisex

Leslie on

I love Angie Harmon…I think she looks exactly like the mother of 3 little girls in her “Got Milk” ad…the girls are adorable. I don’t know why so many people are up in arms over the whole “milk” issue…….I agree with one poster who said other “Got Milk” ads have not warranted such a controversey….gee whiz….drink what you want and get over it.

Rizzoliandisles#1 fan on

people actually have different reactions to milk IDIOTS. all people dont have the same DNA or even allergies…. so what Angie Harmon is a republican some democrates some are hipocrates who cares im muslim ( from bosnia not afghanistan) AGAIN people are different not to mention im 12 proving you all wrong.. Angie your kids look adorable Jason Sehorn is a lucky man also im a Giants fan not Jets.. anyway people get your acts together and dont criticise