Diane Keaton: Dexter Couldn't Be More Different From Mom

10/22/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
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In the cover story for the November issue of MORE magazine, mom-of-two Diane Keaton talks openly about forgoing a relationship to instead focus on family and career.

“I’m free to do what I want to try to do,” she notes. ‘I don’t have to worry that I’m not living up to some responsibility as a partner to somebody else.”

Daughter Dexter, 13, sees things a bit differently however! “It’s [all about] boys right now,” Diane, 63, shares, asking “Could she be more different from me?”

“She goes to them, talks to them. She makes the dates. It’s refreshing, not waiting for someone to pick you. Which seems to be the story of my life regarding men and being an actress.”

The interview was conducted at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, which coincidentally is the place Diane was first introduced to her son Duke, 8, during the adoption process. “Isn’t it great, that we’re here in this historic place that I love?” she asks the interviewer.

Like most moms, Diane admits that downtime is hard to come by. “I don’t really relax much,” she says.

“I can’t go and nap, ever. I’m not interested in relaxing until I hit the sack, and then it’s like [crash noise]. I wouldn’t know what to do with a week off. Except for one little area, m-e-n, I’m excited, I’m ready to go, sign me up.”

Source: More, November issue

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Courtesy More

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Benigna Marko on

love this picture.

Sarah on

She is so funny; I have always liked her. I find it inspirational that the age of 50, she became a Mom. Shows you how much energy she has!! Fun picture too… 🙂

Forever Moore on

I loved her in Baby Boom, she seems like a great mom!

Brianne on

LOVE Diane Keaton. Great to see an article with her – it’s a rare treat!

Natasha on

I remember reading that she wanted to adopt after her father died and she started thinking about wanting to live on through her children. I think it’s a really sweet story.

Alice on

I just love Diane Keaton. Actually, I have never seen her earlier movies but watch As Good As It Gets or Father of the Bride anytime I see them on TV! She does seem like she’d be a great mother.

ab on

Love her as an actress and as a person! She seems like a fabulous mom, too!

Chelsea on

I’ve always loved Diane. I’m so happy things have worked out so well for her, especially after all that drama with Al Pacino.

Julie on

I have always loved Diane as an actress! It’s cool to see an article about her and her kids! They seem very happy!

All Women Stalker on

What a great photo! I love Diane and her humor. It seems that Dexter is growing up to be one beautiful girl.


momta2 on

I love the name Dexter for a girl. This is the first time I’m hearing it for a girl…quite cool.

There is a very old movie with one of my favorite actress Betty Davis (I’m 37 but love the oldies…my other fave is Joan Crawford)…anyway, in the movie her character’s name is Stanley.

Claire on

I’m in my 30’s and have been single for 4 years..I have a 6 year old son. I applaud Diane for doing it alone because she felt ready to be a mom and had a lot to offer her children. I am planning to have a baby on my own next year via donation and her life is just so inspiring!

michelle on

Claire…me too!

fergette on

What a great family photo!

Liliana on

She seems like such a fun mom! Beautiful children.

Jane on

I love Diane Keaton. Whenever I watch one of her movies, it’s amazing how good she is in them! Love the picture of her and her children, they seem like a sweet family.