Salma Hayek Says No Go On Pregnancy Glow

10/21/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

In her new film Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Salma Hayek sports a beard, and while friends and family assured her she looked “so hot,” the 43-year-old actress tells PARADE she isn’t buying it!

“It’s like when people tell you, ‘You look gorgeous’ when you are pregnant,” she explains. “You are like a swollen whale and never looked worse in your life, and somebody goes, ‘You’re glowing.'” In reality, Salma says, “they don’t have the courage to tell you how bad you look.”

The transformation Salma underwent for the role did not go unnoticed by daughter Valentina Paloma, 2, who was unfazed by what she saw. “[She] seemed to understand it was only makeup,” Salma says “She was only seven months old and she was not freaking out.”

Quite the opposite, Salma recalls that a “fascinated” Valentina would watch for “hours” as assistants put on and then took off the beard. “She knew not to touch it,” Salma says before adding,

“I kept my daughter with me the whole time we were filming because otherwise I don’t see her the whole day. She’s an amazing child. At nine months old she was already walking and talking.”

Valentina is Salma’s daughter with husband François-Henri Pinault. Cirque du Freak opens Friday.

Source: PARADE

— Missy

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Josie on

Salma, just when I thought I couldn’t love you more! Hilarious!

mommaruthsays on

Every woman has their own version of pregnancy. I love how hers is just open and honest and not 100% perfect. She embraced the “ugly” side of pregnancy in a beautiful way and I applaud her for being so open about it!

Sarah Millery on

I have not known one pregnant woman that think she looks good or glows while she is pregnant (even if 100% true), so at the end of the day you have to believe your friends are being honest. Salma will always look like a hottie, pregnant or not.

Jen on

I find it annoying that she talks about her experience of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and talks about it in such general terms, as if her expereince is every woman’s experience.

I loved being pregnant. I felt beautiful the entire time. I’m sorry she didn’t.

lily on

I’m with Salma. I had a textbook pregnancy, but I never felt like I was ‘glowing’. I never got shiny hair, nails that grew more or a flawless complexion (all the wives tales you hear about). Most of the time, pregnancy is a time when women do look their worst. It doesn’t take away from the miracle of pregnancy and the awesome feeling you get just knowing you have a living being inside of you, but it DOES take it’s toll on a woman’s body and looks. Nice of Salma to be honest.

Sarah on

Valentina walking and talking at nine months? The walking I believe, but I am not really believing Valentina was talking real words then.

Sarah on

Ok, I for one think that pregnant women ARE beautiful. And the two times I was pregnant, people told me I was beautiful, and I believed it! I’m sorry she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin while she was pregnant, and I feel bad for those who think that way. Sad… and I thought she was beautiful while pregnant too!

lina on

i think her remarks depressing.

Mariel on

Im with Salma. Being pregnant its such a beautiful thing, and really make you feel beautiful, but cmon, nine months, thats a lot of time… i have a really big bubs and when i was like eight months i really couldnt find a bra for me… that was really sad and i was feeling very uncomfortable… but i mean, that just MY feelings… ALL THE PREGNANCIES ARE DIFFERENT, CAUSE ALL WOMEN WE ARE DIFFERENT

martina on

Yes, all women are different… And yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But no – I didn’t feel the “glow” and didn’t think I looked “great” when I was pregnant. I am so glad that Salma speaks honestly about her experiences. If more celebrity moms did that, the rest of us would feel so much less pressure to be perfect.

Sarah on

I’m currently 6 months pregnant and I feel damn gorgeous! =) I’ve never felt more womanly! I love my curves, stretch marks, everything. It feels amazing even if I am barfing in the sink every other day hahaha

baby carriers backpacks on

You may sometimes feel bad, but you usually look pretty good!

Molly on

I don’t think thats true that no woman glows. I had a great pregnancy, great hair (it’s falling out now), great nails (all broken already) and I never felt more pretty. It depends on a woman, whether she feels pretty or no. It actually comes from the inside, how you feel is how you will look and how others will see you. I also agree that every pregnant woman is beautiful regardless whether she feels it or no

SA girl on

I agree with Jen. I also felt really beautiful when I was pregnant. My hair & skin really had never looked better. Obviously there’s the odd day when you feel sick or whatever but 90% of the time it was amazing.

Morgan on

For those who did enjoy their looks when they were pregnant, you’re not alone. I for one, never felt more beautiful, more sexy or more proud of my body then when I was pregnant. True, I had my days where I was ready to not be pregnant any more, but I definitely felt very attractive. Not sure if I glowed, but my hair/nails/skin have never been healthier and even when my breasts got to be an E cup, I still felt great! Now when the milk came in…different story! lol 🙂

bella mama on

i felt like a big greasy whale when i was pregnant.. but i still felt beautiful 🙂

gianna on

I think a lot of celebrities look great cause they are skinny to begin with and don’t gain much, but the everyday moms I see pregnant don’t have that pretty glow lol. A lot of them get swollen faces, noses, ankles,and look heavily pregnant in the mid of their pregnancies. And even if a pregnant woman tends to look bad,people always say especially towards the end you look great, even if it’s a lie but I mean what are you gonna say, wow your huge or something like that. So for the most part I agree with salma, and let’s not forget the first 4 months where some where puke everyday and look pale from morning sickness. pregnancy is a nice experience, but in my opinion it’s not the sexiest time in a woman’s life. Love salma, she is gorgeous and honest, and valentina is so pretty too.

gianna on

I wanted to add valenina sounds so smart, salma’s hubby and salma both said in different places, that valentina walked at 9 months, and was potty trained fully well before she turned 2, and how she talks everything and knows her abc and counts numbers. Salma is a smart lady and i’m sure the dad is smart too, so not surprised valentina is so smart.

cait5 on

feeling beautiful comes from within?? how patronising is that comment? would YOU feel beautiful if you gained 25kg, your face broke out in horrific scarring acne and you vomited for 5 months? Throw in ante-natal depression (more common that post-natal depression) for good measure.

welcome to how it feels for me to be pregnant… i could visualise rainbows and shooting stars until i was blue in the face… i am NOT going to feel beautiful.

Dee on

I’m also pregnant albeit very early and I feel bloated and gassy and peeing like a horse. I know something amazing and beautiful is being created on the inside but on the outside I do feel like a bloated beluga whale….lol

But thats just me 🙂

Amber Joy on

I didn’t feel beautiful while pregnant until around 5 months gone. Before that, I joked that my “pregnancy glow” was really sweat from vomiting several times a day for 5 months straight. After my morning sickness finally passed, I did feel beautiful and womanly.

And my son also talked quite early. He spoke in full sentances before he was a year old. He is 8 now, and still speaks well… he sounds like a little adult most of the time. However, he walked late, and it is my understanding that it is typical for a child to be early in one stage but a bit “delayed” in others. For example, some kids are early with verbal skills, but late with gross motor skills, like my son.