Michelle Monaghan: Willow Is 'Getting Ready' to Walk

10/21/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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During a Friday visit to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, actress and first-time mom Michelle Monaghan revealed that daughter Willow Katherine, 11 months, is “almost walking.”

Of course, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind — and baby girl appears to be conflicted about whether or not mobility is something worth pursuing, however! Michelle adds,

“She’s basically getting ready to take those first steps. She’s just teasing us! She gets down and squats and makes sure we’re looking at her and then stands up and decides not to.”

Willow is Michelle’s first child with husband Peter White. Her new film, Trucker, is in theaters now.

Source: Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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shirab on

I love Michelle in all her movies, I think she’s a great actress but has anyone ever caught a glimpse of Willow? Were any pictures released/taken!!! I don’t think she ever showed a picture!! just wondering…either way I’m sure Willow is a gorgeous girl!!

fuzibuni on

oh i want to see this little munchkin… i bet she is beautiful!

FC on

Ha, Willow knows what’s she’s doing: she’s getting attention and making them wait on her walking debut. She’s stretching this attention for all its worth, and I find it adorable! 😀

Posh Expressions on

We have twin girls that are 7 months old and they are starting to crawl already, it’s an amazing feeling. I can’t imagine when they start to take those first steps.

Rach on

Posh,I know what you mean.My son started trying to crawl very very early,so by 8 months he was walking.I am telling you, it is amazing at first,but omg it wears you out so much chasing after them.Now at 10 months, he is trying to climb over the baby gate,so I am so screwed :s !

Sarah M. on

The little girl I nanny for is doing the same thing! She will take 2 or 3 steps by herself and stands up without holding onto anything. She teases us! She’ll stand up and look so excited like she’s going to walk over to us, then she’ll smile and drop down and crawl, laughing the entire time!! Almost like she’s saying ‘You thought I was gonna walk, didn’t ya? I got you!!’

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of Willow, either. I bet she is gorgeous, though!

princis11 on

Oh I have an eight month old and he’ll pull himself up, look over at me and pull the old “look ma no hands trick.” Then he’ll hold himself there for 2 or 3 seconds and plop down on his butt. I’m so not ready for him to be truly mobile!

Jessi on


Anonymous on

happy birthday Michelle. You’re so gorgeous =)