Camila Alves and Levi Bundle Up

10/21/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
GSI Media

Her bump has moved off the beach and into the streets!

Camila Alves and son Levi, 15 months, traded in bikinis and waves for long sleeves and a warm hat on a breezy Sunday in Malibu, Calif.

The model, 26, expects her second child with Matthew McConaughey in late December/early January.

Last month, the actor blogged,

“Above and beyond all other news, the most exciting is my lady Camila and I got another baby on the way…not sure if it’s a boy or girl but we have our instincts…what are you thinking?”

Levi wears Old Navy’s Boys Cable-Knit Trapper Hat in Blue Skulls ($10.50).

He also wears Stride Rite’s “Pullet” Soft Motion shoes in Navy ($45; on sale for $29.99), gifted to him in Jewels and Pinstripes “It’s Fun to be One” Birthday Bag.

Camila wears Paulina Maternity’s Falling in Love T-shirt in Light Pink ($79).

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mommaruthsays on

That bump screams GIRL to me! Maybe it’s the way she’s carrying or something – but I’m thinking girl all the way!

Sharon on

im not sure if its a boy or a girl but im hoping girl!!

Natasha on

Just going by the old wives tales I’d say girl too haha 😀 Levi is so so cute!

kendrajoi on

Me too- I say GIRL! Well, Matthew asked!

marlee on


Bancie1031 on

mommaruthsays and kendrajoi – I agree! At first I wasn’t sure but as baby is getting bigger I’m definitely thinking little baby girl!
Camila looks great and like she’s about ready to have this bundle of joy.
Levi is handsome as always …… I love how small he seems 😀 Betcha he going to be a heart-breaker when he gets older (lol he already is, I know I know) 😀

Bancie1031 on

Oh and just for the record my husband is saying boy …… so we will see which one is right here 😉

Benigna Marko on

Beautiful and I am sure the baby will be gorgeous too.
Benigna Marko

Kaylee on

Wow she popped! I am guessing GIRL!

shirab on

Oh, I’m thinking girl.for sure!! don’t know why, but she seems to be carrying different from the last one, Camilla carried Levi much lower!! And I’m guessing they think girl too because I cant remember seeing Camilla wear so much pink since she announced this pregnancy……IMO!!!!
Levi is definitely a heartbreaker and this baby whatever it is wil be absolutely gorgeous!!!

Nelle on

Levi is so cute!!!

mandii on

Awww, so cute! And I just love the way Matthew always refers to Camila as his lady. Such a loving term of endearment!

Josie on

I know Matthew is just having a little fun, but still, why is he still perpetuating the much-disproved belly shape theory? It’s 2009! We should know better, lol.

In other news..Camilla is just too fab for words. She, Halle, Heidi and Kourtney make pregnancy look gorgeous!

urbanadventurertales on

Can I say it again??? She is gorgeous! I love her look and style. If I could trade places with any celeb- it would be her!

Shannon on

Definitely thinking a girl this time around. She looks wonderful, and how cute is Levi?

fuzibuni on

can you really tell what the sex is without an ultrasound just by the way the woman is carrying? Since I don’t know much about it I guess I’ll keep an open mind, but it seems like such a bunch of hooey to me. I always find it slightly ridiculous when everyone postulates their opinions on the sex of an unborn baby… I mean, you have 50-50 odds. Not much different than tossing a coin. But maybe there is something I don’t know about this old wives tale.

Cécile on

Beautiful as usual.Both of them. Even when you can see she’s a little tired,she’s gorgeous.

Viv on


shiv on

i think its a girl.

I♥CBB on

I was just thinking we haven’t seen the Alves-McConaughey clan in a while. Camila looks great! Can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby. I’m thinking another boy!!!

Kinereth on

I think it’s a girl. It would be lovely if they could have a daughter also.

Lynn on

Hey there. I can definitely say that she is having a girl. Various bellies can be different and hard to tell. I believe she is having a girl for sure though. I love that little boy, Levi. He is soo cute!

Renee on

Are her and Matthew married. I saw a picture of him on and he looked like he was wearing a wedding ring. She is not in this picture but her finger looks like it has a white ring around it. Could be to tight since she is pregnant. Anyway I was just wondering.

JMO on


it is all a bunch of “hooey” hehe.

But people like to have fun with it.

There are many old wives tales.

If you carry high, gain more weight, look run down and crave sweets your apparently have a girl.

If you carry low, look radiant(glowing), and crave salty foods apparently your having a boy.

Those are only just a few I’ve heard. And a lot of times they’re not right. But it’s just fun to guess and no harm in doing so.

From this pic I’d go with girl myself but I have a feeling it’s a boy.

jammaj on

I think it will be a boy, but I hope it’s a girl lol. Camilla is so beautiful, pregnant or not; and Levi is just the cutest little boy! I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well for her!

Dana on

I say boy. Levi is super cute!

Liliana on

Levi is such a cutie!

For some reason, I’m thinking girl this time around. Either way, the baby will be adorable just like his or her older brother.

Angellica on

I say GIRL~***

Aimee on

I think it’s a girl because with Levi she was still catwalk thin with just a tiny bumb at the front and this time she seems to have gained a little more weight. Please don’t think I’m calling her fat by any means she still is very tiny but just not as tiny as with Levi.

lily on

Camila is indeed carrying differently than last time around. Her face is already starting to look a bit swollen too. Her baby bump is larger with this baby than she was with Levi. So, I’m going to say that I also think it’s a girl. That light pink shirt she’s wearing isn’t helping anyone think otherwise either. IT’S A GIRL.

Laura on

If you go by the wives tale, she is looking more tired, seems to have gained more weight and is carrying high, so it would lean toward a girl. BUT, she does have another child to care for this time around, so she could be tired from that. She also could have gained more weight, cuz in general you gain more weight and faster the second time around. And i carried the same way for both my girl and boy. But with all that said, I just have a girl vibe from her.

Amy in Oregon on

My son has the same hat! We got it around Springtime at Old Navy, Levi is so cute! I look forward to hearing what they name their next cutie!

J.J. on

I’m gonna say GIRL this time!!! Just b/c they already have a cutsie little man 😀

Mia on

I definitely think girl 🙂 Congrats to them, and Levi is adorable!

Lena on

She does have a tanline on her wedding ring finger!! Aww what a beautiful family.

bella mama on

Camila is so beautiful!

Bancie1031 on

fuzibuni – JMO is pretty much right, I’ve heard pretty much the same wives (I say wise lol) tales. Except I never craved sweets, with my daughter I craved salads. And with the guessing yes it’s true that we have a 50/50 chance of getting it right but it’s just for fun; no harm no foul.

NW Mamma on

With all the pink she has been wearing I say a girl. However, I was told I was having a boy (both pregs) because of the way I carried and the heart beat of the baby. I carried both children completely different one up high one on my lap. In the end I have 2 beautiful daughters!
Levi is so precious and can’t wait to see the new little one.

Chris on

She looks so different with this pregnancy. Girl!

CelebBabyLover on

Renee- I highly doubt it. Matthew has said that they don’t plan to get married any time soon. Also, if they HAD gotten married, or even engaged, wouldn’t we have heard about it?

I have a feeling they wear “comitment rings” like Angelina and Brad do. 🙂

torgster on

Oh that beautiful child! My mind wanders…in the future Levi ends up with Valentina or Honor …their kids would be so otherworldly gorgeous that it would have to be a criminal offense! LOL

Mia on

The heart rate level has nothing to do with it…my brother’s heart rate was in the range where they thought he was a girl, but on the sonogram he was clearly a boy, so it can vary.

Shirelle on

Levi is so cute! I think they will have another boy! I was right that it was a boy when Camila was pregnant with Levi.

Emma on

Girl (:
Camilla looks beautiful.