Trista Sutter: Bikini After Two Babies

10/20/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Trista Sutter can easily run through all the ways in which her second pregnancy was different from her first. For starters, “as I think any woman who has been through multiple pregnancies can attest, your body just knows where the fat goes!” she says.

Then there was having to squeeze gym workouts around her 2-year-old son Maxwell Alston‘s schedule, not to mention “just being exhausted.” By the time daughter Blakesley Grace arrived in April, the 5’2″ Trista had gained 43 lbs., to get her to 153 lbs. “I saw that number,” she says, “and was like, ‘Oh, God – how am I going to lose it?'”

The answer: lots and lots of exercise, including daily 45-minute walks with the kids, as well as strength routines with a personal trainer three times a week. And while the former Bachelorette star didn’t avoid any foods, she kept rigorous track of her portions with Web site, to keep her caloric intake to 1,750 a day.

Now, at 107 lbs., “my stomach is still a little poochy,” she says. “But I am proud of myself!”

Alison Dyer for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Source: PEOPLE, October 26th issue

— Cynthia Wang

Click below for another photo of Trista and her Top 5 Tips!

Alison Dyer for PEOPLE for use on CBB

1. Push that pram!
“Because I had Blakesley via C-section,” Trista says, “I waited for the doctor to give me the go ahead before I got into the groove.”

But when the doctor gave the go-ahead to begin exercising, the former Bachelorette star found a good way to start.

“My double-stroller plus the two kids is about 70 pounds, so pushing that uphill is pretty hard,” she says of her regular 45-minute walks in her Vail, Colo., neighborhood.

2. Turn your house into your gym
Trista’s trainer Brock Fetch showed her how to do dead-lift exercises with paint cans, and she used crates and other objects to simulate a gym workout.

“I would put a ski pole above my head and do lunges across my driveway,” she says. “Max would be napping and I would bring Blakesley out and put her in the back of the minivan. It was great for me to not have the stress of packing up the kids and getting to the gym.”

(See video of Trista’s garage workouts on her Twitter page.)

3. Keep track of calories you consume and burn off

“That’s all it comes down to,” she says. Trista uses the Web site “It gives you menus and you can print out what you need to buy at the grocery store,” she says.

“It’s really helped me because knowing your number and then knowing how much it is to walk, how much you need to strength-train, the number of the calories your burning … It’s so easy.”

4. Get your protein in
Lower your carbs but don’t sacrifice taste, Trista suggests.

“My favorite meal of all time, if I had a last-meal request, would be a cheeseburger and fries. But you’ve got to take out the fries and have the cheeseburgers without the bun. Get rid of the carbs but have a protein in there.”

5. Remember that supplements are just supplements
Although Trista takes a natural supplement (Abdominal Cuts available at to help her lose weight, she says, “I’ve always believed there is no quick fix. A lot of people ask about it and say, ‘Oh, I’ve been taking them for a month and it hasn’t been doing anything,’ and I say, ‘Have you been working out?’ Because it has to be used in conjunction with working out if you are expending energy.”

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Hanna on

She looks like she is in amazing shape. She clearly worked hard so congrats to her.

kmb on

adorable family photo! i’ve watched them ever since the bachelorette and always rooted for them as a couple- beautiful family they should be proud!

Something About Baby on

Good for Trista. She worked very hard to get back into that bikini. I liked reading her tips.

Cassandra on

AW! The little girl looks like her dad and Max looks like his Mom! Too cute. 😛

computerag on

Yeah, her tummy looks really poochy. NOT! 🙂

Me on

I hate stories like these. Ok, we get it – celebrities get personal trainers, nannies to watch the kids, and spend all their time working out to get a fabulous body. Meanwhile, majority of society doesn’t have that luxury. Not saying that I’m jealous, because I’m happy with my post baby body, but come on – how many “moms in bikini” stories do we have to read about? They all say the same thing so it’s really just repetitive. Just a chance for these women to flaunt their bodies. A cry for attention if you ask me.

Natasha on

I feel like she has a really negative image of herself. I don’t know where it’s coming from because she looks great. It seems like she’s saying when she had her baby weight she was extremely disappointed in herself, but then again maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

Jessie on

Natasha, my thoughts exactly.

dearling on

I felt the same way Natasha. I like this story over some of the other ones, though – I think because the pictures don’t look overly airbrushed to me (bags under eyes, stuff like that still there), and she explains how she’s doing it without a nanny (i.e. driveway exercise with B in carseat, etc.). Not to say she doesn’t have help, but her story seemed more “real” to me than others.

Jessicad on

I actually think she looks realistic and not photoshopped, yay! She looks great. I agree though, kinda tired of the post baby bikini bod magazine covers.

txgal on

look at that chunky monkey with the wrinkly legs!!! I love it! I just want to pinch them 🙂

KatieKate on

It bugs me she is always having to discuss the specific weight in number. Do we really need to know at what weight you looked at the scale in disgust? Does it really matter to me that she is now 107 pounds? I understand this is her way of maintaining press, but I think it is a disservice to other women. Instead of giving details on the precise numbers she (and other celebrities) should withhold that information and talk more about being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They should give helpful tips on easy ways to infuse exercise into a busy day and ensuring you as a mother eat well.

felicity on

Great. More Trista in a bikini pics. Oh when will it end? Photos like this only scream one thing to me: narcissism. As someone who hasn’t had a child, I can only imagine how difficult it is to be a woman trying desperately to regain her pre-baby physique. Do images like this help a woman’s esteem? I doubt it. And for many, the results are unattainable.

So much for humility. Then again, this woman’s always annoyed me.

Brigid on

Natasha, agreed. I see her dismay at 153 lbs and her disappointment with her belly pouch at 107 pounds and wonder what sort of self-image lessons she’ll be giving her daughter.

Heather on

KatieKate, I totally agree. It is completely unnecessary for her to be publicizing her weight. Nobody should care how much she weighs, period. IMO, it is articles precisely like these that add to the negative body image many women have, along with the pressure women feel to live up to certain physical standards.

I have never cared for Trista, and this is yet another article to remind me why I haven’t. Su-per-fi-cial.

SBB on

Ummm I see no pooch.

It seems like she won’t be happy until it’s concave.

Jen on

Honestly, a year after the birth of my son, I would REJOICE at 153 on the scale–and I’m only a couple of inches taller than Trista. Also, I could get to 107 and would never get in a bikini again; my tummy has so many stretch marks on it I’m practially disfigured! Good for you Trista, but I will remind others out there: the boat I’m in is the size of a cruise ship whereas her’s is the size of a canoe.

Noelle on

Forget about the body, I’m over all the stars commenting on their post baby bodies. I want to talk about her face and hair. She looks different. I dont like her bangs at all, but her face looks different. I can’t pinpoint what it is. Anyone else notice?

miaow on

Yawn. Whatever.

Michelle on

I don’t see why ‘bikini bodies after baby’ is newsworthy. But, cute family.

SBB on

@ Noelle – I thought the same thing. Something looks off, especially in the first picture.

Lauren on

She is such a show-off it’s ridiculous. If anything I’m usually the one defending celebs in these types of stories against readers who complain about how celebs have access to a trainer, cook, etc, but it’s very clear with Trista that she uses these shoots for two reasons: 1) To keep herself even remotely relevant as a celebrity since she has zero actual work to promote; and 2) to convince herself that she looks good due to poor self esteem for some reason I don’t pretend to know. And really, publicizing your weight like this and then trying to insinuate it’s still not good enough is just tacky, especially when you weigh so little. All-around, a pretty pathetic article to me.

Benigna Marko on

Listen you look abasolutely gorgeous. At 107 you should be totaly in love with yourself. And, the stomack looks flat.
Benigna Marko

elle on

She looks great, to all the haters! Her bikini-bod should be looked upon as motivation and encouragement to others who could stand to be in better in shape, if they tried. Don’t be jealous, ladies, puh-leeze.

Amy in Oregon on

@Noelle and SBB, I agree something is different about Trista, her hair is darker for one, but she may have had some veneers or dental stuff done, she looks great and no offense to her but I am also tired of hearing about post baby bikini-bodies. I am a mom of two and am trying to lose some weight for health reasons right now, I would love to have another baby and would like my weight to be a little lower before going into another pregnancy for HEALTH reasons, to keep mine and my potential baby’s body healthy during a pregnancy, as a mom, one of the last things on my mind would be seeing how I look in a bikini!!! I am more concerned with finding cute swim trunks like Max’s for my son or a cute swimsuit like Blakesly’s for my daughter! They really do have some cute babies!

Christine on

Natasha, Felicity and Noelle – I totally agree with you.
I rolled my eyes when I flipped to this page in my people mag.
VERY cute kids though!

Beverley on

Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with having a few extra pounds after having kids. It’s like a badge of honor.

It also bothers me that she has to brag about being 107 pounds. It’s like she’s rubbing in the noses of all the other women out there, most of whom were never near 107 in the first place. But Trista has always come across to me as extremely looks based. She said some comments during her first pregnancy about feeling like a whale at 140 pounds and I was thinking I would love to get down to that.

I used to be a huge fan of this family, but now I am tired of her comments that put other people down.

Julie on

Well, I may be the only one who sees her point. If before you had children, you had a flat tummy with no extra fluff, it feels uncomfortable after. Most people looking at her would say she looks great. I think she does too! But there is something disheartening when you sit down, look down at your once flat tummy and see that it now has a lumpy texture and it rolls a bit over your pants. It’s uncomfortable. And people can say, oh, but you’ve had 2 kids! That doesn’t make it feel ok. Some women say their tummy pouch is a badge of honor after having kids. What I hear in that statement is a woman trying to convince herself and other people that she’s cool with it. I don’t believe that everyone here bashing her about not being happy with her little pooch can stand in front of a mirror naked and find nothing they don’t like about their bodies. As far as teaching her daughter about self image…I’m sure she doesn’t mope around complaining about how fat she is. In my house, we don’t use the word fat. When we talk about working out and exercising, it’s in the context of staying healthy and feeling good. What my children DON’T see is mommy bummed out about my lumpy tummy. I spare them that, it’s my hang up, not theirs. But I AM bummed about my tummy, and anyone who says, “Oh yeah, really huge gut” seriously minimizes my very real feelings by giving me a weird sarcastic backhanded “compliment”. Lets try and be a little more compassionate and remember that regardless of size, most people have issues with their bodies.

christina on

I agree w/the comments again…I think she has major self esteem/body image issues, and I hope she doesn’t pass them on to her little girl.

Tilly on

Most women (pre and post baby) would love to be 107 pounds with a little pooch:)

Jessica on

I wonder what her husband says through all of this? I remember reading an article after she had given birth to her son (a complicated delivery as I recall), and she hinted that there was pressure from her husband about her body…

Cathryn on

I’m with Julie (#28) on this one – well said!

amy on

She eats a cheese burger with out the bun and chips? Now wheres the fun in that? lol. I think i’ll keep my “little pooch” and my meal thanks!

Brianne on

Yikes. I think the second picture is horrible. Her body looks fine and she’s obviously in great shape, but couldn’t they have fixed her hair? lol It looks like a bad wig from the days of Dallas.

She’s not really relevant anymore in my opinion (and she never really was to begin with) and possibly needs a self esteem boost, but enough of the “Look at me!” bikini spreads.

Their daughter is adorable.

Shelby on

Will she still be unhappy at 85 pounds? Trista is beautiful but I am so tired of her talking about how dissatisfied with her body. It is really sad but what is most disheartening to me is that now she has a daughter who will be looking to her to realize the value and beauty in her body. I hope that by the time Blakesley is older, her mom will have worked through any self esteem issues. All that aside, what a beautiful family!

Liliana on

I congratulate her on losing the weight. Definitely not an easy task.

That said, I’ve always got the impression that she has self-esteem issues. This is in no way a ploy to criticize her; just a general observation. Some people aren’t satisfied regardless of what number they see on the scale.

J on

Elle, the “haters” (man that word is obnoxious and sounds so immature, then again you did say puh-leeze as well) aren’t being negative about her body.

ecl on

ugh. I agree with everyone here. I am so sick of this woman talking about her body. Who cares? Vain and insecure. And I hate pictures where women are obviously sucking in their stomachs and sticking out their ribs.

Jenna Lynn on

I love the fact that she can be 107 lbs and still have that belly sag…now THAT’s realistic. Why is everyone so mad that she’s thin?? I am naturally smaller and hope to stay that way, or get back to that after having kids…and it’s not bad to want to be a natural small size!! She’s not super thin, just average…for a 5’2″ person, she’s totally within normal weight standards. I think it’s great that she’s back down to a small size and still isn’t going for plastic surgery. Some people are naturally big and happy with that, she’s naturally smaller and happy like that! Her body image isn’t that bad–she’s not getting lipo as far as I can tell!!

Carol M. on

Wow, you all are so judgmental about someone setting a good example for her children and others by staying healthy…and not shying away from the work that it takes. I’m 5’4″ and after 3 kids weigh 110 pounds. I can’t stand the looks I get from heavier women. Why judge and hate someone just because they make healthy choices and take care of themselves? My mother had breast cancer…I’ve seen what extra weight hanging around on your body can do…and the toll fighting it takes on your body.

If you’re so insanely jealous that you can’t congratulate someone for working hard and reaching their goal, then skip on to the next article! Or go eat some more fries and pat yourself on the back! Golly!

Momof3girls on

Someone posted a comment that her face looks different……I don’t know if it’s just the pic or what but her eyes look different, maybe some work done around them?? her mouth too……Wasn’t she a physical therapist?? Maybe she should go back to that, part time or something, it might give her a different outlet to feel good about herself…..maybe work with people who have suffered, it might make her realize how blessed she is…..even with a “pooch” lol

Ashley on

“my stomach is still a little poochy”? I don’t see any poochy stomach. Now, that says a lot about how she sees her body.

Liliana on

Carol M., personally, I’m not jealous of her body. I’ve worked hard to lose the baby weight after having two children and I am beyond pleased with my outward appearance. Maybe some women commented out of spite but a good handful of the posts are concerned with her apparent lack of self-esteem.

megan on

I can’t find sympathy for someone who is 107 pounds and fitting into a bikini after baby #2. Either get plastic surgery / or therapy to deal with the (imagined) flaw or hush, Trista.

MontanaMomma on

I too am with Julie (#28). Very well put…

I am a woman able to lose baby weight easily and people comment and it’s great, however, we all have what we don’t feel quite comfortable with in our bodies. For me that is a wrinkly, saggy belly that will never look right in a bikini again and rolls over my pants in an uncomfortable and unattractive way. When I express my feelings about myself I would like to be legitimized with an understanding response. I am very satisfied with my weight, and that is something to feel positive about. I am dissatisfied with my belly and that is just the way it is, not something to dwell on too much, but also not something to discount and try to gloss over by making some flippant comment like “yeah, but you look great…what have you got to complain about.”

While not a fan of Trista Sutter, I get where she’s coming from, although I don’t necessarily think it’s newsworthy…more the material you share with your friends and family.

Nikki on

It always amazes me how much criticism everyone gives a celebrity for losing all their baby weight. No one told all of you that are still overweght to eat for two. You are only required to take in an extra 300 calories per day while pregnant, so dont be mad if your sitting around unhappy with your body. We all have choices. Seems like Trista has taken the time and sacrifice to be healthy for her family. Maybe some of you should do the same.

momof4 on

What makes her relevant is that she is the only Bachlorette (or Bachelor) to actually find love on the show and marry and then go on to have a family. People like the happy endings.

And I understand about being thin post-babies and still being bummed about a bit of a tummy pooch. I don’t criticize her for that. She’s worked hard to get back in shape and get her weight down post-baby and it can be a bit disheartening to see that despite all your hard work you still can’t get back your once flat tummy.

Rachael on

So Trista was on the Bachelorette and what else? Yeah, she’s got two kids and can wear a bikini, she should be so lucky. I also will never get back into a bikini after having (2) 10 lb. children a year apart, but does it bother me?? NO!!!!

Not sure what point she’s trying to make, she needs to work on her self esteem a bit more and realize not everyone cares about her weight or pics of her in little or nothing. Save those for your husband!

acidstars9 on

I appluad her for making an effort to stay in shape, because it seems like most people don’t make the effort and then complain about how they’re fat “because they had a baby” and use that as some sort of excuse. But I’ve got to admit, she seems pretty preoccupied about her weight and appearance. 45 minute walks are good enough for most people, but the 3 trainer workouts and logging in all your calories every day religiously seems ridiculous to me. And she can’t even eat a burger and fries without taking away the fries and the bun? I don’t understand why as women we are told we have to sacrifice these things in order to “look good” according to some crazy standards. I also don’t understand why people still think carbs are bad…they are the main source of energy for our bodies and we need a lot of them.

urbanadventurertales on

There must be a lot of pressure on Hollywood moms to feel like they need to get that “bikini body” after baby and pose for these magazines. I imagine they feel like if they can achieve this they are a “super woman” so to speak.
I like Trista and am happy she found a stable marriage and family life.
She’s also naturally petite, so that probably helps get the body back quickly.

Natasha on

My comment has nothing to do with losing the baby weight. I applaud women who can look amazing after having a baby! It just seems like Trista is overly concerned with her body and constantly thinks negatively not matter what her weight is. Although I agree with you too Julie; who doesn’t have issues with their body?

stephanie on

153 is such a high number!!! Trista is ridiculous. I am 5’4″ and got up to 196 with twins and I didn’t even look that big. She has to get over herself. I agree with other people who commented that not everyone has her luxuries which makes it a lot easier like a personal trainer. Yes she has to work hard, but anyone would if they were going to be in a magazine. They are famous for the dumbest reason also. She needs to have a better self image and not be fixated on number. She should just focus on being healthy and maybe should think about doing it in private and for herself.

Kerri on

Did she do the bikini body photo shoot after her first baby, too? Who would actually pay her for this?

I’m over these stories. Congratulations, you lost the weight, you look great, I really, really don’t care.

Also, discussing the specific numbers of weight comes off like she’s REALLY focused on it.

Liz on

Oh my gosh! The kids are just adorable!!! And Max is getting so big!! They’re one of my favorite celeb families. I wish them all the best!

ecl on

why is everyone’s first response to the criticism of these articles to accuse the writers of being fat and jealous? That’s a major logical leap. Not wanting to hear over and over again about this woman’s weight issues and feeling angry at the pressure placed on women to be thin is NOT the same as being jealous. I’d like someone to actually respond to what posters ar saying rather than jumping to illogical conclusions.

Karen on

Ok, gag me. Yes you have a good body & “perfect” family. I wonder how much she got paid for the article? Yes, she did the same “I’m in a bikini now!” article after her son.

Sharon on

After visiting the calorie counter website, it appears that Trista may a spokesperson for them. Perhaps that’s why she did this story in the first place.

misty on

what is she talking about? you can see her ribs

Electra on

I don’t think she looks that great honestly. Yes she’s thin but just being thin doesn’t mean you look good in a bikini. I usually wouldn’t criticize a persons appearance but when you take pics of yourself for a magazine its fair game.

Amber on

I don’t see a pooch, but I do see ribs. Yuck.
On the flip side, this can be motivation for some…nausea for others.

“Let your haters be your motivaters”.

I guess. I’m hungry.

Jackie on

PEOPLE don’t have jobs out here & she’s worried about her pouch.

Jennifer on

I think that she puts much too much pressure on herself to look good for her husband, as I have heard her say in previous interviews, that that is why she wanted to lose the weight and get back in shape so fast. Which is fine and understandable to a point, but I think that’s kind of sad, too…he obviously loves her for her, she’s had these two amazing babies, and that should be enough. I doubt he cares if she’s lost all the baby weight ASAP…if he does that really makes me sad!

shalay on

She’s obviously sucking in her tummy in photo #1, so yes, I totally believe that she has a little pooch.

People here are so judgmental, it’s ridiculous. Here’s someone who works out, eats healthy, and tells other moms how she’s gotten back into shape, and it’s being met with bashing and accusations. How is getting back into shape after giving birth to two babies a sign that she is suffering from self-esteem issues? I’m 5’2. I weigh 102 lbs. If I ever got up to 153, that would honestly be a lot for me because I’m naturally very tiny. Does that mean that I think 153 is a lot in general? Heck no. It’s a lot on ME.

Why are so many people up in arms about the fact that she talked about her weight? Would you be complaining with the same amount of disgust if she said, “At one point I weighed 230 lbs. I’m finally back down to 160, after a lot of hard work.” I think NOT. She would be a saint to everyone here for being “normal”. Well guess what? “Normal” people come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even some naturally thin “normal” people out there. Why should she have to censor herself from speaking about her own body, just to avoid offending those of you who naturally weigh more? Let’s just accept the fact that we’re all designed differently. It’s what makes this world beautiful.

There are some women who give birth and feel the need to want to look and feel their personal best soon after. Who are we to judge them and their motives? I can see saying something if a woman is neglecting her children and spending 8 hours a day in the gym, or is making herself physically unhealthy by not eating, etc. But if her family is happy, and she’s doing something to help herself be happy, then WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

marfmom on

Julie, I agree, everyone has body issues. Nikki and Carol, I didn’t see anyone bashing her for losing the weight. You made an assumption that really isn’t fair.

I think Trista looks great, and she certainly put in the work to achieve that. I feel like she only ever gives interviews to talk about her weight, except for the spreads when her she had her babies (which I think even talked about weight then, but I could be wrong). It just gets old and a little sad…there have got to be other things to her besides her weight! I’d love to hear more about her FAMILY!

Anna on

She looks good, I just dislike these kind of articles that are only about losing weight, I don’t need to see her in bikini. It’s like all she is focussed on is her appearance.

Liz on

I doubt we’ll hear anything from her unless she is being paid for it. It seems like every “interview” with her has her name dropping some product.

Ryan is cute, though. I’ve always wondered what he thinks of all of these efforts to stay relevant. He never seemed shallow on tv, but he sure does allow himself to be involved in a lot of fluff. Sketchers ads, family “vacation” photo shoots, a very pink wedding, etc…

francine on

I really wish you wouldn’t encourage Trista by continuing to post every time she gets herself published in her bikini. Good for her that she can get so extremely skinny, but I don’t consider that a quality of a good or great mother. There is more to life, more to mothering and more to being a strong woman! Please don’t discount my comments by thinking I am fat and jealous. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, thus I value a healthy eating and a healthy weight.

Christina on

It’s great that she was able to lose the weight, but I wonder: was she nursing? did the supplements and limiting her caloric intake affect that? There was an Army wife on Dr. Oz the other day who lost 50 lbs herself and had great tips that wouldn’t affect a nursing mother’s supply – I’d love to be 107 (I’m 5’1″ and about 155), but not at the risk of having to stop nursing my daughter before she’s ready to quit. Just my 2 cents 🙂

g!na on

I love Blakesley’s chunky legs! i want to eat them! lol.

415mama on

Loved the family pic…the kids are adorable…but I’m so over stories like this..ugh!

Allie-Rose on

While I’m happy for Trista she got her pre-baby body back, I tend to dislike when celebrities do such “look at my new super body” interviews. Simply because they’re not realistic to me. I don’t have children but, like many women, I often find myself dieting and working out to lose those 5 or 10 extra pounds I gained over Christmas or to fit in my bikini in the summer. But I have to do all the cooking and working out plan by myself because I can’t afford a personal trainer to coach me. I reckon such articles can inspire some people to lose weight and work out and live a healthier life, but if I have to read a real, good, inspirational weight loss article, then I’d rather head over to or a personal blog because if I have to find motivation, then I can more easily relate to Mr or Mrs Anybody who works they butt off like I do rather than some celebrity who, pardon my being so frank, pretty much just rubs their financial wellness in everybody’s faces.

mom to 3 boys on

for someone who didn’t want to be in the limelight, why is she exposing her family on her weight loss?

Shannon on

Those kiddos are stinkin adorable, and I just love the little chunky legs on that baby!!!!

Other than that, I have absolutely nothing nice to say about this attention w- never mind. Moving on!

j on

Good? Look at her ribs in the first picture! She looks far too skinny.

Kaylee on

This woman has made a career of talking about her weight loss after pregnancies. Good for her, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

Michelle on

well that made me feel like crap. I’m 5’2″ and 150 lbs… I don’t feel like I’m disgusting, maybe I should think again!?!?

I think she’s TOO skinny and looks tired and run down. I guess I’d rather have a few extra pounds and not look exhausted!

nosoupforyou on

Carol. Do you believe that you are getting “looks” from heavy women?


finais on

I actually have to agree with the women that find this unrealistic and disheartening. I have a 7 month old, and am back to my pre-baby weight and size. I’m very petite, both in height and weight. But, unlike Trista, I didn’t obsess about getting “my body back.” And, frankly, my body is not “back.” Yeah, I’m small again, but I’m also very soft in the abdomen. I don’t have time to do tons of exercise, and I don’t live in a climate that makes outdoor activities easy (or enjoyable). I’m satisfied with the way I look. I don’t care for these bikini shots of moms, talking about how they lost the weight. It’s so superficial, and artificial because regular women can’t relate to this at all. Even those of us who did lose the weight.

mmh on

I was 150 BEFORE getting pregnant — I agree with everyone that talking exact numbers is crazy. It makes “the rest of us” feel crappy. But I never really cared — 150 is about the “right” weight for me (and I’ll admit I am a bit taller than her) — my clothes fit and I am steady there — no yo-yo-ing. I guess in some ways I just feel bad for her — and what does her husband think about this? My hubby would rather I am 150 and feel good about myself than 107 and insecure!!! I think we as “regular” women should feel good that we can be whatever weight we feel good at and not have to worry about the pressures of the media instead of being jealous of celebs’ trainers, cooks, nannies, etc. I would rather spend the time with my kids than with a trainer!! =)

aroundtheywaygirl on

This site is too funny. Now it’s Trista’s fault because some posters are fat and have every excuse in the world for being fat and unhealthy. I love the insinuation by a so-called Weight Watchers coach that she’s a bad mother because she’s skinny. Let’s list the excuses for being fat. I don’t have the time: But you have time to watch Gossip Girl. I don’t have the money: Jumping rope and running and doing a couple of jumping jacks is free. I can’t afford a personalized meal plan or chef: But you can control the size of the portions you put in your mouth. I have a medical condition: Let me guess. Your thyroid. The all-purpose “I’m fat because I have a thyroid condition”.

I do not feel fat people should ever be discriminated against and subject to verbal attacks. Yet, fat people seem to think it’s alright to say equally hateful things to those who are skinny and will attack a skinny celebrity with “guns” blazing.

I think Trista looks good. She has very cute kids and quite the handsome husband. I think it’s great she lost weight and is happy about it. I am also happy about about Jennifer Hudson, who has not lost weight, but is so happy and thrilled with her family. The same Jennifer Hudson that skinny and fat posters dissed up one side and down another about being fat during her pregnancy and her not losing weight.

One thing skinny and fat posters share is our ability to be hypocrites and sanctimonious.

Kristin on

It just strikes me as funny. I had a baby seven months ago, and how snarky would my family and friends be if I e-mailed them a picture of me in my awesome bikini bod! 😛 Ha! One commenter alluded to narcissism, and I couldn’t agree more. “Look at me! Look at me!” These post-baby celebs in bikini covers are laughable. Who cares? No one really cares how you look in a bikini after you’ve had kids (even if it’s great) because you’re too busy worrying about a million more important things.

aroundtheywaygirl on

This is a People magazine article. Those who don’t want to read about Trista or anybody regarding their weight loss have free will not to buy the magazine. And that finger you have on your hand, you know the pointer finger, gives you the ability to scroll right past this post.

Heather on

I’m sorry, but isn’t this story just perpetuating this skin and bones Hollywood “glam” trend going on? Should we really think it’s fab that she’s back down to 107 pounds (a little lean if you ask me-even for her height) after just a few short months after childbirth? The woman’s body normally takes a full year to re-adjust…why are we cheering someone who felt so pressured by our celebrity social mores that she fought nature? And, as a side note, does this couple really consititute celebrity? Other than the Bachelorette, they lead normal lives. Sorry, but it’s true.

Nicole on

Whatever…how are Ryan and the kids doing…I care more about that than her pre baby body…however, I do resent the comment she made about 150 being such a huge number…maybe she should have re-worded that and commented about the large number of weight she gained? Someone mentioned that something looked different about her face, I think her age is just starting to show?

gargoylegurl on

Trista looks good, I’m sure she’s worked hard even with the resources she probably has available to her. While I’m interested in reading about her and her family, not so much about the weight loss stuff. Sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from all the superficial stuff and focus more on what really matters – family!

Carol, I really think you’re being paranoid. I’ve been various sizes throughout my life, currently I’m the smallest I’ve been in years. I don’t notice “looks” from heavier women. If anything, many people have been very supportive of my efforts to be in shape. I think you’re assuming all fat people are jealous of slim people…I don’t agree with that.

deanna on

For some reason I dont think she looks that great she looked better before maybe its a different hair color or the bangs but she looks kinda sickly maybe its the picture ors omething usually she looks pretty healthy

Kaylee on

Carol M. :

Wow!!! Carol dear, As yourself I am a healthy mom of three also, I am 4’11 and currently weigh 100lbs, same weight as I weighed 10 years ago at age 16. I have never recieved any dirty looks or bad comments, only postive comments asking how do I stay in shape, postive questions about weight loss after kids etc… I think if you change your attitude towards women who are differnt sizes then yourself maybe you would not think the looks you are getting from others are jealousy or envy, but maybe it’s motivation. Just a thought…

pam on

my kids are 27, 24 and 21. After the first two – I was back in my pre baby clothes in no time. It was the third one that did me in 🙂
I am still trying to lose that weight.

Melissa Annamarie on

You look incredibly awesome~

Renee on

I don’t care if she is skinny or fat, takes pictures in clothes, bikini or naked. Her baby is cute, her little boy is even cuter, and her husband is hot. Good for her.

Shelly on

The kids and Ryan are cute!! Trista’s stomach is “poochy” because she’s sucking it in so hard and making the bottom part look “bigger”. She should stamp “Look at me” across her forehead. Guess she’d faint dead away if she hit 201 the day before her child was born like I did….. To each their own but I wish the lady would put some dang clothes on.

Michelle on

Man, she looks tired.
Something about her face does look so different. I saw a photo of her just after delivering Blakesley and she looked so much healthier then.

Shelly on

Carol, your attitude comes through loud and clear in your posts and I can 100% guarantee you, as a “heavier than you” female, I am NOT jealous. I might weigh more than you do but I’m not bitter. Maybe you need to lose some weight from your nasty attitude. I’m sorry about your mother.

Terri on

Good lord, you get criticized if you lose weight and you get criticized if you don’t. I have enough to worry about with my own weight to worry about others. If Trista’s happy and healthy, good for her.

I think some of Trista’s weight went to Blakesley’s thighs. So cute, I love chubby little thighs!

acidstars9 on

I am really amazed at some of the things that people think nowadays about thin people. It wasn’t that long ago when the average person actually was thin, and people didn’t act like it was a huge deal. Why are people acting like because you can see a little of her rib that she is grossly thin or something? Apparently if a person doesn’t have layers and layers of fat covering their bones then that is “gross.” And of course, it’s ok to tell thin people that they look disgusting, but if you tell that to a fat person it’s not ok.
And 107 at 5’2 is perfectly NORMAL. There are people thinner than that that are perfectly normal. And for those complaining about her talking about being 150 pounds…if you are 5’2 and weigh 150 and feel great, then good for you. But that is quite a bit overweight in reality, and yet we are picking on her for being “too thin” now, even though she is now at a normal weight.

nosoupforyou on


How on earth are you determining the weights of those who post here? Lol.

We have Carol, who is paranoid about heavy women looking and thinking bad thoughts about her.

Now, we have you determining the weight of people who post here.

Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?

Liliana on

I find it funny that, as some have pointed out, if individuals have negative reactions to these types of stories, some people automatically assume it’s because those people are overweight and are bitter because they can’t lose weight.

Jealousy has nothing to do with an individual’s ability to express their opinion. A person’s thoughts are their thoughts and that won’t change whether that individual is a size 2 or 22.

I just find it extremely immature to say such things. Although a foreign concept to some, it is possible for a woman to be happy with herself no matter what size she is. There’s more to life than what number appears when a person steps on a scale. on

Wow, I wasn’t expecting all of these comments when I clicked on the link. If I had to summarize them all, I think the main takeaway from this post for me is that no matter the size, each woman/mother feels a bit insecure and judged as a woman in America. And it’s sad. It’s sad that women don’t support each other as mothers and individuals…on both sides of the scale.

AmericanExpat on

Wow, what a lot of mean-spirited, jealous women making posts on this story.

I think Trista looks great, the kids are adorable and the hubby looks pretty good, too. And it’s not just all about looks — Trista and her husband project genuine joy with their children. I feel sorry for the catty cynics out there who can’t see the nice, decent family in the photo.

Aimee on

Wow yeah Trista you need to do some sit ups fast because that gut is huge lol. She reminds me of my friend who at 127 pounds whines to me that she is fat when she knows that after my baby I am 158 and trying so hard to loose the weight. It’s just an attention seeking thing.

Diana on

AmericanExpat – If its all about her family then why is this article all about how she got bikini ready and how she lost of the weight. To me Trisha just seems to be worried about her weight and her fame. Just because people don’t care for this article doesn’t mean we are jealous. I went right back to my prebaby weight after my son without any effort so I am completely satisified with myself; Despite being so PROUD of her bikini body she actually seems really insecure. I feel sorry for her actually that she was so obsessed with getting a bikini body.

Christine on

Carol – I am 5’2″, 110lbs and also the mother of 3.
I wear a bikini in the summer and feel good about my body. I worked hard to get healthy and in shape after each baby.
I have never gotten “looks” from anybody.

And jealous of Trista? Umm, no.
Just tired of every article I read about her being focussed on how much she weighs or how much she’s lost.

Glenvia on

Glad she lost her baby weight and she looks great but,if I got paid to lose weight and promote a weightlost product I would look that good too! Check the website…..Just sayin’

Cece on

I love the way her husband is all casual and probably not obsessing about his looks! Men also gain wait during their wives pregnancy, and are most likely not as hard on themselves as women. Women shouldn’t have the same expecations to look like Trista so soon after giving birth – she did have a personal trainer. Of course, in her defense, Colorado is an awesome place for physical activity, and I believe they are a state with one of the lowest rates of obesity.

Jenna on

I agree, Noelle. Trista’s face looks different but I attribute it to the darker hair and bangs. She looks OLDER to me. Some women can pull off going darker with their hair and looking young or the same age, but this color makes her look older to me. I don’t thing the bangs flatter her face at all.

Also, I have nothing against Trista at all. In fact, I am awed that her Bachelorette marriage has lasted so long. That being said, I can’t help but thing her full bikini shot reminds me of Jim Carrey on In Living Color when he played that female body builder. I just don’t find that shot of her attractive. I’m not sure if it is the lighting or shadows, but something doesn’t look right.

imkeh on

OMG, look at the dimples on those thighs! I’m talking about Blakesly! LOL. So adorable. You know, if you were very attractive once, and then you had baby or two, it is a definite point of pride to be able to get back in shape. I don’t begrudge her this attention she’s seeking.

MIssDiva on

Personally, I think she needs to eat. People kill me always being concerned about weight at 153, etc. Im 150 and I look fabulous!!! I got hips, thighs, and a very nice behind! 🙂

Jess on

I just think it’s interesting people are harping on and on about how she wants to maintain so much publicity when time and time again they’ve been offered a reality show, and each time she refuses. It’s amazing to me how judgmental and harsh so many people who post here are. You wonder what kind of body image she’ll be teaching her daughter? Maybe you should wonder what kind of humanity image you’ll be teaching your own children.

Her babies are adorable.

Momof12 on

There is something wrong when you gain 40 pounds during pregnancy and then cry that your fat. Women gain weight when they are pregnant. When you keep yourself very slender to begin with and then get pregnant, don’t be surprised when you gain said 40 pounds.

I was just watching a show about football this morning. In the background you could see cheerleaders and it surprised me how normal they looked. They looked between size 10 to 14. Look at the women now, they are all single digit sizes with their ribs poking out. What have we come to that we think we need to be a stick to be healthy? I’ll take my size 12 curves, thank you. I would rather have some shape to my body and fill out my clothes and even better, be able to eat like a normal human being than look like a 10 year old boy and never eat a real cheeseburger. I don’t know Trista other than seeing her on the mag covers but I think she has let society shape her thinking on how wives and mothers need to look. I feel sad for her really. And we perpetuate this when we actually buy the mags to begin with. Myself included too.

j.wil on

I’m finding it interesting that the pro-skinny posters on here seem to be using “skinny” and “healthy” interchangeably, probably to illustrate their point that fat people are jealous and unhealthy. I’ve known plenty of naturally skinny people who have horrible dietary habits, high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure and early stage heart disease. On the other side of the coin, being underweight brings along a whole host of health issues on its own. Anorexics are way more immediately likely to die of organ failure than an overweight person. Being thin doesn’t make you healthy. Taking care of your body is what makes you healthy.

Yvette on

I am impressed that she looks this good with such a young baby, and I applaud her efforts to exercise and reclaim the figure she is most comfortable with. BUT, I also have a young baby and am disappointed in the media continuing to showcase “perfect” post baby bodies as if that is the only goal a new mother should have. Aren’t we confusing thin with healthy? The terms aren’t interchangeable. If Trista is/was nursing, the practice of limiting calorie intake as well as taking supplements just aren’t safe. I am not a debating the benefits of nursing by any stretch, or trying to take away from her new figure. However, I am tired of everyone glamorizing the post baby body obessession when it isn’t normal, important, or particularly healthy. When are we going to give ourselves a break and just say way to go Mom?

CelebBabyLover on

Shelly- What’s wrong with binkinis? I wear bikinis myself, because I don’t like the way they feel, and, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with a one-piece. However, that doesn’t mean that I think all women should wear one-pieces.

aroundthewaygirl- I normally agree with your comments (and I absolutely LOVE your term “sanctimommies”!)….but I definently do NOT agree with what you said about overweight people. Some overweight people really DO have thyroid problems. I have a friend who does. She has hyopthyrodisim, and she has been battling her weight for years. She bikes (except in the middle of winter, obviously!), swims, watches what she eats, and goes to weight-loss classes….but she still struggles.

Just because someone is overweight doesn’t mean they’re lazy!

All of that said…Blakesly is an adorable little chunky monkey. I want to squeeze those cute little thighs! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I meant to say, “I DON’T wear bikinis myself….”

leonor on

aroundthewaygirl-I totally agree with you!! I’ve always hated the fact that it’s ok for fat people to talk hatefully about thin people. I am thin and always have been and I am constantly hearing comments about how unhealthy it is, or that I must not eat or that I should put on weight, when in reality being fat is unhealthy and something to be worried about. I am from Europe, where the normal thing is for people to be thin because we eat well and we don’t worry so much about what we can or can’t eat. Here in the US, being overweight is the norm and thin people are discriminated against!

CelebBabyLover on

leonor- Being thin can be unhealthy as well…but I get where you’re coming from. 🙂

Mika on

She is in great shape. And her son looks exactly like her.

Jessica on

I have to agree with Julie #12, too, since having my baby girl in January, I’ve stared at my post-baby belly with relative disgust. And I’m a feminist, so I strive against any negative body issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still plague me. I have a pooch to my stomach, and when I sit down, it’s there alright. I have stretch marks, and I know I lost so much weight I weighed less than I did before I was pregnant, but I gained some of it back. After I stopped breast feeding, with those built-in calorie burners, and from stress and late night meals, or fatty meals, I’ve gained some weight. I simply don’t have the energy to work out. Plain and simple. I work 40 hours a week and pick up the baby from daycare at 5 and take care of her. By the time I put her to bed at 8, I’m exhausted and I want to pass out on the couch. So, no workouts for me. But, I know if I want change to happen, I have to make it happen. Until then, I’ll just stare at my flabby belly in the mirror.

Sil on

It’s definitely the teeth. Totally changes her face, and not for the better. Why do people do that? Get a mouth full of fake teeth that don’t fit their face. Odd!

Pamela Webb on

I find Trista annoying because a few years back, we heard all about her struggles with infertility and how she and Ryan tried to conceive for 2 years before they succeeded. However, as soon as the first baby arrived, her focus seemed to shift to how much baby weight she gained and lost. I have been trying to get pregnant for a long, long time now. If I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a baby, I promise that I won’t worry about how good I look in a bikini.

Brandi on

All I am going to say is, it’s difficult for some people to hear how successful other’s are with weight loss when they struggle every day to lose weight. It doesn’t come easily to everyone. I have two young children, I’m 5 foot and I weight 160 lbs. I’ve been trying to lose the weight since my second was born, but it’s just been a steady weight since his birth. Plus, it’s hard to loose weight and keep track of your calorie intake when you’re breastfeeding and lacking sleep! Sleep deprivation isn’t good when exercising, that’s when you risk harming yourself. I’m desperate to get my pre-baby body back, but my son’s nutrition is far more important to me than my self esteem issues. I have plenty of time to lose the weight, yes, I would like it to come off quicker, but I’d rather enjoy my children while they’re young since they grow up so quickly.

Sarah on

I agree with Elle and Julie.

Trista looks good for recently having had a baby. I think this story should be MOTIVATION (not criticism) for women to not accept the ‘baby weight, ‘getting older’, ‘its in the genes’ excuses to not look their best. All the women who are ‘tired’ of reading about celebrity post baby bodies are the same ones sitting on the couch watching reality shows, eating fried chicken and pizza, super sizing their kids McDonald’s lunch and dinners. Most can’t wear a bikini themselves and have no clue how to decipher nutrition labels when doing their grocery shopping…probably too busy eating donuts out of the box. The same people who are eating crap and feeding their kids crap can’t teach their kids to eat right and exercise and so the ‘fat genes’ pass on.

A person can be at any weight and still have flab so I think it’s okay for Trista to be human and dissatisfied with a little pooch. It all comes down to muscle tone, not your weight. If you are willing to eat right and work out, there is no reason to not be able to lose the baby weight or any weight. I see women with ‘baby weight’ when their kids are 3, 4, or 5 years old or even older. Everybody likes to use the ‘they have a personal trainer and nannies’ excuse to NOT be able to work out but truth is you can buy some weights and create exercises at home and either have your kids participate with you if they are old enough or you can split up your workout into 15 minutes in the afternoon and evening when kids are playing, sleeping, etc. Still, nobody wants to find the time. Everywhere I go overweight people overwhelmingly outnumber your average or in-shape person. In this age of microwave dinners, fast food, Krispy Kremes, the majority of people have no will power to not super size, to stay away from cheeseburgers and fries, ice cream, sodas, cookies and even less will power to work out. And whenever they can’t get into a bikini or do something active that others can do, they just have something to eat instead and watch. The reason there are more people criticizing this story than there are supporting it is because the number of overweight people is much higher. And for the woman who was 196 with twins, who thought she wasn’t that big, well she weighed more than many UFC fighters and a good majority of men. It is OK to not ever be a 107 but it is not OK to be overweight and not do anything about it. As long as you are trying and are eating right and working out, that’s all you can do BUT most don’t do anything at all. For those of us who are in shape, we don’t have to bash it because we can just live it…a healthier life. My friend just had a baby and is unhappy with her baby weight. When she has free time, she drinks beer all day, eats Taco Bell, McDonalds and chili cheese fries, and her idea of eating healthy is broccoli topped with mounds of cheese. She is not doing anything right but at least she would never bash people who could. She admires them and she would admire Trista.

My two cents on

I feel people are being too hard on Trista. For someone who is only 5’2 and has a small bone structure 153 pounds is alot of weight. She knows what size feels good to her (107 pounds) and not only that who wants to carry the extra baggage when she has two kids to chase after.

suburbanmummyuk on

You can see her stomach isn’t quite that great in the first picture. But kudos my stomach looks like a wet paper bag lol

monabear on

Look, if you don’t like her or the story, then ignore it and move on! You’re putting her down for seeking fame and celebrity status yet you comment on her so they will keep on writing stories about her.

The point is, she looks fabulous! She’s had 2 kids and worked really hard to get where she is. Let’s use her story for motivation as the article was intended for… Keep it up, Trista!

Julia on

Her husband’s hot!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah- Wow, just wow! Way to generalize!

Mommy of 2 on

Wow! I think that Trista looks fabulous. I’m sorry there are so many haters out there that are clearly jealous of her post-baby body. I am a proud bikini-wearing-mommy-of-2 and she is really inspirational to mommy’s like me that are able to juggle a career, kids, and still maintain the ideal physique. Way to go Trista!

Katie on

People are so concerned with numbers it’s insane. I’ve been dieting since January and dropped about 60 pounds. I have 4 kids at home with me and have to squeeze in workouts first thing in the morning before all the kids wake up and want oatmeal! I count calories and exercise. I had a goal weight in mind when I started, then I looked at weight charts. Man was that a kick to the ego! I’m about 5’9 and some of the charts were telling me that I need to be around 125! I started thinking about how much I’d have to diet and how many limbs I’d have to cut off to be that weight until I realized that while a very small framed person at 5’9 might be able to weigh 125, I can’t! 153 on her is probably heavy but on another person, it’s not. People should stop obsessing over the scale, myself included, and find a happy weight. If your pant size is normal and your ribs don’t stick out, then you’re probably cool. Good for Trista. She looks awesome. It probably rocks to have a personal trainer and nanny! I wouldn’t know.
Cute family though!

Melanie on

I agree that the media focuses so much on this. HOWEVER! When you say things like, “She has all this help and most people don’t have that luxury,” you are obviously making excuses for yourself. Come on. I have a 19 month old and a 4 month old. I am a stay at home mom, and I take my kids jogging EVERY DAY in a double stroller. And on days where it rains or is too cold, I do a video while they nap. I have NO HELP until my husband gets home after work. So if you want to get back in shape…you can. Simple as that. You either choose to make a change or you choose not to. Stop making excuses.

Alisha on

I think these two are wonderful and have a beautiful family. She looks awesome! Of course, he’s nothing to sneeze at himself! It’s funny how people feel better picking apart folks that genuinely look amazing. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself! Good article, thank you!

Alaskan Annie on

Perhaps Trista talks about her body because magazines, like People, contact her. Obviously, discussions about post-baby bodies sell magazines because they keep having them. I would hazard a guess that Trista did not self-promote and volunteer to take bikini pictures. She is a mother who worked hard, without going to a gym, and was successful. Who wouldn’t want to know some more helpful tips? I have three kids and every little idea helps me. I thought her pictures looked great (granted, I wish I had her “pooch.”) Don’t take the haters to heart, Trista.

kvp on

ok people she is not too skinny!! She looks perfectly healthy and in shape!! She probably says that she has a pooch because the skin didn’t stretch back all the way yet – not noticeable when she stands, but probably when she sits. Not a fat pooch!! But she has great abs and the skin will stretch back on its own in a few weeks. And she is not too self-absorbed!! For the haters out there, you wish you loved your body like that. A little self-criticism helps keep you on track. Good job, Trista!! Stay healthy, young and hot!! With your beautiful kids and hot husband!!

kvp on

Melanie – good for you!! Everybody should have this attitude – no excuses!! I also know plenty of people who have babies AND a full-time job with no help + look amazing. And those who are making excuses, put down the donut!!

CelebBabyLover on

kvp- Uh, the people you know who have full-time jobs DO have help (unless the kids are school-aged and the mom gets home from work at the same time the kids get home from school). It’s called daycare, or a nanny, or a relative who watches the kids. I mean, I doubt they leave their kids home alone.

Cindy on

If she thinks she has a pouch she has a problem !!! Yes she looks great and good for her for working hard but lets just leave it at that and not try to get any more compliments by saying something so lame like that !

CelebBabyLover on

Cindy- Just because she doesn’t appear to have a pouch in these pictures doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one!

lindsa on

Her husband is so hot! What great motivation!

Stephanie on

Nope cutting out carbs seals the fate of gaining the weight back. I am a CPT and most of our daily calories should come from carbs NOT protein!!

really on

OMG – Good for her but lets be real here – she clearly does not work or if she does it is not real everyday gotta be at the office at 8 am work – so she can focus on her body.
The rest of us fat asses just have too much to do and not enough time.

CelebBabyLover on

really- Uh, just because someone doesn’t have an “everday, gotta be at the office at 8 a.m.” job doesn’t mean they don’t have a “real” job. My mother, for example, works from home, and her work days don’t begin until 10 a.m. She also doesn’t work everyday. She has two days off each week. However, her job is certainly a “real” job!

As for Trista…she’s probably a SAHM. What’s so wrong with that?

kvp on

CelebBabyLover – by “no help” I mean no full-time or live-in nanny. Daycare is hardly help because the only time the baby is in daycare is when you are at work. Still gotta find time to work out AFTER you pick up the baby. Plus some people work from home full-time AND watch the baby. You know what I mean.

maude rosenblatt on

Whoever said she looks different hit the nail on the head. Total nose job and ear to ear tooth veneers. Sad. Check out a close-up of her “before.”

aly on

she does not look too skinny at all!

Marcy on

OK good for her body, but what up with that hair, she needs help in that department.

W. Hardesty on

Ya know! From where I sit, if there are those who are so sick of hearing about Mom loosing weight and so forth, then why do they thrive on reading and watching TV on this stuff. You are promoting it by being so interested in it so as to keep with every little thing. Tired of hearing it? Don’t read it. If no one paid any attention to all these publications and so forth, there would not be a market for it. You are creating the market by “demand and supply”!! The more it sells, the more ya are going to see of it. Everyone bashes the “National Enquirer”, but it seems “Informed Minds” want to know! It is one of the largest “National Publications” sold in the entire world, but yet no one reads it, hummmmm, yeah, right!!!!!! So, I think a lot of people thrive on talking out of both sides of their mouth. Otherwise how would you even know who this gal is. I never heard of her bacause I am a man and could care less who she is, what she does, or what kind of “Bod” she has. Maybe my level of understanding is just not that high or I have a low IQ one. Now there is a novel thought! Oh, well!!

Cynthia on

I have a full time job M-f and have four boys and do not have a nanny I lost over 100lbs if you really want to do it you do and extercise is only half of it the other half is what you eat.

Bev Jansen on

Beautiful couple, gorgeous kids. She looks as good as she does cause she took care of herself from day one and continues too. All the negative comments here are simply jealousy and envy. Most will use the excuse of pregnancy for why they got heavy and out of shape, no it’s called discipline. There are no excuses!!

Joanne on

I’m so tired of hearing about these two. I’m happy they found eachother, been able to last, and now have a beautiful family. But, that was a long time ago and it seems like they try to cash in anytime there’s a significant life event; wedding (paid $1MM), multiple photo shoots of her losing the baby weigth with both kids, sponsored birthday parties and have press there? By doing these type of things is their attempt to stay relevant and continue to cash in on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. What I don’t get is that Ryan is supposed to be so ‘down to earth’, so why does he continue to go along with these photo shoots, in gossip rags no less, with his two young children? I just don’t get it. I recentely had my first baby and I still need to lose all the weight I gained. I’m not jealous that she’s worked hard to lose the weight, good for her. But, to go on the record saying that being 156lbs or so is terrible is an insult to women. I understand weight issues are all relevant, but alot of women got pregnant at 156lbs, so her saying that number is horrible isn’t saying much about her consideration for other mothers. Also, why is she so consumed about losing all the weight so quickly? I think she’s putting way too much pressure on herself, but again maybe her husband has something to do with it, who knows. Oh, and btw, she had some type of work done on her face and her hair looks awful, so kudos that you’re able to get into a bikini (high up in the middle of the CO mountains LOL),but whoever did her hair should be fired.

Lisa on

Sounds like an eating disorder? I sure don’t want to live my life counting every stinking calorie I put into my mouth and then figure out the amount of exercise I need to do burn it all off….. no, thank you. I’d rather have a little pooch and enjoy my hamburger bun and fries. Please! This article is ridiculous, who really cares?

Kat on

I watched THE Bachelorette when she met Ryan. I’m glad that they got married and I like the articles about their family. I don’t care about Trista’s weight…..and I’d rather not read about it, but I am proud that she had the will power to get back in shape. Don’t criticize her for wanting to be thin like she was before……if that is what makes her feel good, be happy for her. If she felt fat at 153, that is her reality, if another person feels thin at 153 that is her reality. Everyone sees them self differently. Trista is not telling everyone to be 107 pounds or they are FAT…that is simply how she feels about herself. Why does that make everyone so defensive? I am not thin (5’4″ 165 pounds. I am proud of Trista for having the will power to lose weight and getting to her goal. I would love to lose 20 pounds, but I can’t seem to find the will power. It is my fault that I still have baby weight after 30 years. Stop bashing Trista that she lost her weight and you & I didn’t. She is NOT TELLING US WE ARE FAT. She is not saying we are less in her eyes because we weight more, she is just doing what she wants to do with her body. I like to hear about her and Ryan because I was there at the beginning. If you don’t like to read about them or see the pictures, skip over them then. No one is making you read them! I don’t think she seeks out the “limelight”. I think she has done a good job of trying to be lowkey and normal. If she had bad self-esteem, I don’t think she would pose in the magazine with bags under her eyes and brown hair for any amount of money. She definitely looked better as a blonde. I think she just wants to be viewed as NORMAL and THIN. Let her be and just deal with your own issues!!

Skylar's Mommy on

I think everybody needs to stop being hateful and jealous…If she’s hard on herself so what? She’s hard on HERSELF. That’s HER goal…not HER DAUGHTER’s or OURS. I think she looks good and it takes hard work to lose. I did it. I know. And she was approached by People to do the article—she didnt call and say look at me!!!. The bikini bod after baby is positive reinforcement and encouragement for you to lose—not being nasty. Use it as inspiration…GEEZ! Women need to to stop cutting each other down so much. If SHE thinks her stomach is still poochy, then thats HER opinion…agree to disagree and move on people…

Jaime on

Trista looks great!! I remember when she picked Ryan on the show, she said she sees lots of babies in their future. This is such a cute family 🙂

mlit65 on

you look great, Trista – you’re an inspiration to all us mommies!

nik on

love her tips and trying to do the same. at least i know there is hope if you put in the effort. had a baby 6 months ago and still up. I would like to be a nice 115 for my 5 foot frame. not much to ask. here’s to hoping, but not going to be depresed. my baby makes me sooooo happy.

Cat on

She looks fantastic. It’s incredible how good she looks after two kids. But just to comfort all you “normal mums” out there, a lot of the Hollywood mums never do anything to get rid of their baby-weight. They just have their C-section and a lipo + tummy tuck all in one OP. It is true. Once the baby is out they just cut and saw and reshape the whole thing. That’s why Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum etc. are red carpet-ready after just a couple of weeks after giving birth. It is not healthy for neither mum nor baby, so be proud of your healthy, normal bodies. Trista is the exception to the rule, guess she just have good genes and willpower + personal trainer of steel 🙂